Iris ID Systems, Inc.
Iris ID Systems, Inc.
Product Info
IrisID Software iData Card Management Application
Iris ID Systems, Inc.
Region: United States
Update: 2019/10/07
Key Specifications
The IrisAccess CardiD Management System (CMS) is a part of the world’s number one deployed iris recognition platform. Increased versatility and flexibility makes card configuration, iris enrollment and verification easier than ever. An intuitive visual user interface combined with audible prompts enables users to quickly enroll and verify either one or two eyes virtually simultaneously. The IrisAccess auto-tilt camera adjusts to the user’s preferred height and angle immediately after the smarcard is presented to further increase speed and convenience.

When it comes to dual-factor authentication, the IrisAccess CardiD Management System is extraordinarily flexible. The combination of iData CardiD Management Application (CMA) and IrisAccess iCAM4010V-H1 with a device-embedded smartcard reader from the world’s leading card reader producer HID, allows seamless integration with HID iClass smartcard solutions all around the world.

iData CardiD Management Application (CMA) software incorporates a unique functionality called iDentityCheck that performs a “one-to-many” search using iris against a database of enrollees to prevent duplicate enrollments. This feature is automatically activated during the enrollment process of the iData CardiD Management Application.


  • Iris Recognition – Non Contact Biometric
  • Highly Accurate Access Control
  • Fraud Screen de-Duplication
  • Works with Smart Cards
  • Secure Credential Issuance
  • Easy Re-Issuance Process
  • Multi Format – Corporate 1000 Compatible
  • Easy Administrative Interface