Iris ID Systems, Inc.
Iris ID Systems, Inc.
Product Info
IrisID Hardware OU75
Iris ID Systems, Inc.
Region: United States
Update: 2019/10/07
Key Specifications
Iris ID has been producing commercial iris recognition systems since 1997. In thousands of locations, IrisAccess authenticates the iris identity of more persons than all other iris platforms combined. Iris ID’s rich experience in iris recognition is exemplified in the OU75.

The iris recognition camera system does not require significant cooperation from the subject to capture high-quality iris images. Iris ID has developed a series of algorithms which provide the capability to capture iris images in virtually any environment.


  • Large Volume Iris Capture in a compact package
  • National ID Quality Iris Image – Standards Compliant
  • Intuitive Mirror User Interface
  • Comfortable Capture Distance 75 +/- 25 cm (~30 +/- 10 inches )
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • 12 VDC Power