Product Info
FIBARO Walli Switch
Region: Poland
Update: 2019/08/21
Key Specifications
FIBARO Walli Double Switch is a smart wall switch designed to control one or two light sources via Z-Wave network.

It measures active power and energy consumed by the controlled load.

You can install it with provided cover plate and switch button or other compatible.


  • Can be used with:

    • conventional incandescent and halogen light sources,LED lamps,
    • fluorescent lamps,
    • electronic transformers (for ELV halogen lamps and LED bulbs),
    • ferromagnetic transformers (for MLV halogen lamps).

  • Can be used with FIBARO Walli covers or other compatible:

    • GIRA – System 55 (Standard 55, E2, Event, Event Clear),
    • Legrand – Céliane,
    • Schneider – Odace.

  • Active power and energy consumption metering.
  • Supports Z-Wave network Security Modes: S0 with AES-128 encryption and S2 Authenticated with PRNG-based encryption.
  • Works as a Z-Wave signal repeater (all non-battery operated devices within the network will act as repeaters to increase reliability of the network).
  • May be used with all devices certified with the Z-Wave Plus certificate and should be compatible with such devices produced by other manufacturers