Digital Watchdog
Digital Watchdog
Product Info
Digital Watchdog Spectrum IPVMS v4.0
Digital Watchdog
Region: United States
Update: 2019/10/17
Key Specifications
It includes a whole new SDK for rapid integration of 3rd party devices designed for AI and deep-learning driven computer vision applications.  While at the same time introducing a new framework to integrate dozens of 3rd party devices.

New features

  • H.265 for ONVIF devices.
  • Layout-as-an-action - a predefined layout can be opened when an
  • event occurs.
  • Secure export - .exe, .nov exported files can be protected by a password.
  • Failover on storage failure - failover now also occurs when all designated storage drives fail on a server.
  • Virtual camera - users can now import offline video files (wearable cameras, action cams, drones, etc.), into archive and associate with a virtual camera, which can be used like other cameras in a system.
  • RTSP / HTTP dual-stream support - users can now add two streams when creating an RTSP/HTTP camera which enables dual streaming and adaptive scaling. When a secondary stream is added, the primary stream also becomes modifiable.
  • Webcam support - webcams (built-in and USB) are now supported. Great for demos, operator response recording and more.
  • Metadata SDK and plugins - a software development kit (SDK) for rapid integration of intelligent 3rd party systems and devices. Includes a comprehensive feature set designed for AI and deep learning-driven computer vision applications, focused on object recognition and automation.
  • Encrypted Video and HTTPS Communications.
  • C2P integration - Convergence to Pixels (aka C2P,, integrates a wide variety of 3rd party solutions.
  • Custom watermark over videos
  • DW Cloud connected systems can now be merged together.
  • Redesigned system update process.
  • Updates to the desktop client user interface - comprehensive revamp of UI / UX for improved usability.
  • Action parameters placeholders for the “Do HTTP request” action - source, caption or description placeholders can be added to the HTTP POST request body to be automatically replaced by the corresponding values from generic event query parameters.
  • Desktop client CLI launch - the desktop client can be launched with a command line parameter to define the initial layout. This allows programming pop-up like behavior.