CohuHD Costar
CohuHD Costar
Product Info
CohuHD OCTIMA 3430HD Series
CohuHD Costar
Region: United States
Update: 2019/09/19
Key Specifications
CohuHD Costar’s Octima series 3430HD fixed camera system combines crystal clear HD image quality, bandwidth efficient H.264 compression and IP67 protection delivering the CohuHD quality and performance you expect! The 3430HD provides full 1080p imaging with 30x optical zoom, delivering full frame rate HD images over the entire zoom range for cost-effective surveillance applications. True day/night technology using a removable IR cut filter produces exceptional low-light sensitivity down to 0.00025 fc.

The 3430HD includes advanced imaging processing capabilities such as 3D noise reduction, flexible exposure mode settings, wide dynamic range, white balance along with defog/dehaze image processing, which enhances video performance in foggy and hazy conditions encountered in surveillance and traffic monitoring applications.

The 3430HD delivers up to three video streams with configurable settings, including H.264 or MJPEG codec, image resolution, frame rate, bit rate and mode (CBR or VBR). The 3430HD provides a full-function web server interface, allowing complete administrative and operator control capabilities. Administrative features include configuring network settings, user password assignments, setting video streaming properties, configuring camera imaging properties, assigning camera ID labels and much more.

The 3430HD is designed to operate in harsh environments with an IP68 purged and pressurized enclosure system. This eliminates the effects of water intrusion, pollutants and corrosives. CohuHD Costar delivers years of clean, reliable images and backs it.