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Biodit Inside WBLS
BIODIT Global Technology
Region: Bulgaria
Update: 2019/08/29
Key Specifications
Inside WBLS is a wireless biometric device for access control. It provides quick and easy access of users to different rooms through fingerprint identification. Inside WBLS is designed for integrated mounting and through relay allows the control of electronic locks, automatic doors, parking barriers, turnstiles and others.

Inside WBLS is connecting to the Biodit Management Software through the Gateway WBLS. The used Wireless Biometric Locking System (WLBS) technology is based on Zigbee platform and it provides secure encrypted with 128-bit connection.

The device can control electrical locking mechanisms using its integrated swich and can use wireless communication with the rest of the network devices. It can operate ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Inside WBLS has low consumption – the device will remain on standby and the sensor will activate when you get near it.

  • Biometric access control device to be embedded
  • Embedded in universal mechanism box, easy installation
  • WBLS wireless communication (Wireless biometric locking system)
  • Exchangeable frames in different colours (series LS, LS PLUS and FD by JUNG)