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Biodit Olock WBLS
BIODIT Global Technology
Region: Bulgaria
Update: 2019/08/29
Key Specifications
Olock is an innovative wireless biometric device for access control. It provides quick and easy access of users to different rooms through accurate identification of a fingerprint, without the need for keys, magnetic cards, passwords, etc., which can be stolen, lost, broken or forgotten.

Olock is connected to the management software control and other network devices using the Wireless Biometric Locking System (WLBS), based on a Zigbee platform.

This connectivity simplifies installations, taking advantage of common computing resources and facilitating the installation of the product without any need for building works or wiring.

  • Biometric access control lock
  • WBLS wireless communication (Wireless biometric locking system)
  • Autonomous by battery
  • Easy installation, without any kind of building work or cabling
  • Valid for new installations or replacements