TRASSIR provides security for Selgros Cash & Carry Romania
Date: 2019/08/26
TRASSIR video surveillance solution is the security choice for the Selgros Cash & Carry SRL. It is the Romanian retail arm of the Swiss company TransGourmet Holding SE.

Being among the leaders of the Romanian wholesalers, Selgros Cash & Carry Romania is one of the most important players in the Romanian retail. It has 19 major stores in Romania.

TRASSIR is installed in 17 retail stores. Each of the stores features 220 surveillance cameras, 6 NVRs and 2 powerful TRASSIR servers for video data processing. The area covered by the video cameras is 35,000 m2 for each store. That is the area of 600,000 m2 in total.

This complex, integrated project was implemented by our partners, AZITREND Distribution. The global task was to provide the holistic solution of the problem of access control and security services. TRASSIR VMS platform was used to create a unitary system for monitoring the activity in the retail stores and outside territory. The customer needed the solution that could allow for both local and centralized dispatching.

TRASSIR VMS, which acts as the central security hub for the entire solution, controls the access systems for vehicles, loading ramps as well as the system of detection of anti-theft gates.

Many routine procedures were automated using the powerful and flexible TRASSIR scripts mechanics that allowed for total customization of the functionality according to the customers’ needs.

The following video analytics were used for this project:

- Auto TRASSIR LPR: automatically identifies all the vehicles entering the SELGROS parking lots or the supply areas.

- For the perimeter protection AziGUARD solution was used. It is an electronic guard system that uses TRASSIR Neuro Detector to detect people and cars. The newly released version of this sophisticated video analytic based on neural networks provides high quality object recognition.

- Face Analitycs: performs face recognition taks in retail stores. It creates reports needed for marketing and sales departments that feature the number of unique visitors and demographic reports for the given time period and other data. The information gathered by video analytics provides valuable business insights for the retailer.

The provided solution helps to arrange active monitoring of the events of interest. It allows to perform this task without having to monitor more than 5,000 live CCTV cameras by operators in real time. The powerful TRASSIR video analytics takes the hassle out of this job.

As a result, the operator’s attention is drawn only in situations when video analytics sends the alarm or notification. Such approach allows to focus on the really important tasks without having to be distracted by false alarms.

Such approach allowed to eliminate the human guard posts and significantly reduce the number of operators. Which in turn allowed the retailer to cut the costs and start to return the investments.
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