【SOYAL】 AR-721E-V2 Smart Parking Management System
Date: 2019/09/02
Living in a populated city where road is full of people, building, and cars, we will realize how precious it is to have a space, for example parking space. To maximize the function of parking space, shared parking spaces for multiple vehicles has become more and more demanding function to have in parking management system.
Therefore, Soyal AR-721E-V2 is designed to meet the requirement for multiple vehicles and parking spaces.
The application is listed as follows:
-Car parking counting independently, does not relying on PC to operate
- Flexible setting: shared parking space for 5 cars (1-4 parking spaces) or 10 cars (1-9 parking space)
- Support access by ETAG, controller, or remote control for enter and exit record verification
-Record on enter and exit, preventing from copying or borrowing the same vehicles plate licenses
-When the system is shared with Soyal software, can detect on-site vehicles’ information and manually modify enter and exit status
-Support external LED display board to show information about the status of parking space; i.e if it shows FULL driver will not be able to enter the parking space, if there is space available, it will show the number of space available
-Support external LED display board to show enter and exit vehicles plate licenses through surveillance camera
-With LED display board or software, it can show statistic number of vehicles entering parking space
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