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Quanmax Inc.
Intel® Skylake / Kaby Lake Based Mini Digital Signage Player: An affordable ultra small platform to play 4K content
Source: Quanmax
Date: 2016/12/12
To satisfy demands for pursuing the state-of-the-art small media playbacks, Quanmax is proud to announce the release of a new mini digital signage player, named QDSP-400 Series, with 6th / 7th generation Intel? Skylake / Kaby Lake processors inside.

Ultra Small Size
Small size is a considerable criterion in deciding on a media player to used in digital signage deployment because space is precious in many commercial applications and sometimes players have even to be mounted in the space behind the displays for the sake of a specious environment or a pleasing atmosphere. QDSP-400 Series is housed within an about 0.5-liter rugged aluminum chassis. The ultra small size, lying completely within your palm area, makes it flexible enough to fit any space. You may feel that it sacrifices functionality for small volume. Well, in fact, not at all. QDSP-400 Series has most demanding peripheral interfaces, such as a HDMI port and a DP port for 4K video output support, a LAN port to receive data from digital signage content management system, a RS-232/422/585 serial port for display or other hardware control, and four UDB3.0 for additional peripherals such as touch screen, camera, speaker, storage, printer, keyboard, mouse or other input devices.

Smooth 4K UHD Content Playback
QDSP-400 Series is powered by 6th / 7th Generation Intel? Skylake / Kaby Lake ULT Series processors and thus it can deliver stunning 3D graphics and 4K video content. Kaby Lake model boasts in particular to play 4K UHD and VR content at a double-digit performance improvement. You may think whether it is necessary to upgrade your players to such high-end ones. People never end pursuing higher-definition contents to enjoy a more life-like viewing experience. In recent years, 4K contents have become more and more popular. Imagine what it would be like if a 4K advertisement runs on a playback not sufficient enough to stream it at full quality. Thus, a higher end player is a worthy investment to attract more attention from consumers from a commercial perspective.

IR Remote Control
IP-based remote control allows administrators to schedule and distribute contents anytime and anywhere. However, an IR remote control may be a flexible and fast way to adjust contents to fit on-site customers and shoppers on the shop floor. QDSP-400 Series has an IR receiver on the front panel and allows users to effortlessly control the content that shows on connected displays via a remote controller from a comfortable location. No additional IR receiver device is required. Another application is in intelligent shopping cart with a small display mounted on the cart handle. In such an intelligent system, QDSP-400 Series can be easily embedded into or mounted under the display device thanks to its ultra small size. Retailers can deploy IR transmitters around their stores. Then, shoppers can read the designated advertising content on the display when the cart passes by a specific IR transmitter located in a specific floor area.

Affordable Platform
Will it cost a lot to have such a high performance player? Don’t worry! You needn’t dig deep in your pocket. Integrated an U series processor within a miniature form factor, you can enjoy an affordable rate to play 4K UHD content on QDSP-400 Series without discounting performance and functionality.
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