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4 Gen Industrial Revolution Industry 4.0
Source: Jeffery Huang
Date: 2017/11/16
Industry 4.0 the fourth industrial revolution, it appeared Hannover Industrial Fair 2011. It was a high technology plan initiated by Germany. The main three purposes are digitized, computerized and wisdom to integrate all the process for technology, sales, and after-service.

Different the past, the industrial revolution is focused on the development of technology, and it ignores the sales and the after-service, but the Industry 4.0 integrated with the three items. It let the sales not only for selling products, but also offer technical support and after-service of products. Through the integration of big data, people can understand the customer’s needs first and to realize the “customized”; The Second, the company can integrate with IoT to send their products to the customers quickly. The third, by the big data, the maintenance information and purchase behavior can be predicted. This can let the storage of factory be managed exactly to decrease the cost of storage.

The technology and manufacturing are not key points, and products are only carriers. It means the key point is the after services come with the product. This is concerning the deep think ways of business and business models— Senior Vice President of SAP Internet of Things—Thomas Kaiser said. From mentioned the Industry 4.0 and realizing it, just a few years, the global industrial ecology has revolutionized. Its core value is digitized and integration of information, so we need a stability products which can adapt harsh environments.

For many years, kingdy technology makes deeply effort to develop the various industrial computer to meet the industrial needs. Our products line can also combine with the M2M system and built IoT network. By using our products, it can save your money and let your budget be used accurately
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