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CP5300 ambient light sensor was released by ClairPixel
Source: Clairpixel Co., Ltd.
Date: 2014/08/05
 ClairPixel, a company specialized in image sensors, has recently released a new product.

 ClairPixel has released CP5300, a new ambient light sensor TDN (ALS), last June. As a sensor used to measure the brightness of ambient lights, the ambient light sensor can detect the wavelength ranges similar to those detected by the human eye and is being used mainly in CCTV’s, mobile phones, etc.

 CP5300 is an eco-friendly ambient light sensor in the photodiode type developed to use as a substitute for a CdS sensor that has been the main cause of environment pollution.

 CdS (Cadmium Sulfide) is a hazardous substance strictly forbidden to use across European Union since Directive on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) was published in 2006 but CP5300 ambient light sensor in the photodiode form does not contain any prohibited substance.

 CP5300 blocks infrared light (IR) not to be affected by it. It is also specially treated to respond only to the characteristics of visible rays with a wavelength shorter than 700nm and the value of ambient light does not vary even IR is turned on at night. Therefore, it does not need to install a tube to block IR rays separately.

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