Big orders for EU projects with Automatic Pay Station, entrance and exit parking management system
Source: AMSEN
Date: 2014/12/31
During May 2014, we gain big demand for 15pcs smart auto pay station AM-APS2000,Parking management system equipment 30pcs AM-PMS3000. These equipment will be applied for a big government project by end of July. These robust products have been customized to work under extreme cold weather in Russia, say even minus 40 degree and have been applied in more than 900 projects covering whole Russia and CIS region.

AM-APS200 auto pay station adopts state of the art technology,with more than 20 years of system design,development and project running experience. Such robust system also been applied in super big project like airport parking, highway toll gates which need to handle with large tolling transactions,ticket dispense, collecting,etc.that need very robust technologies and system durability.

Meanwhile, with such robust system, we are now looking forward to more and more cooperation globally to help share this innovative technology to achieve a completely automation in Parking industry. Now it is open for global win-win distributorships,for more info, please contact us by

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