AirLive (OvisLink Corp.)
AirLive (OvisLink Corp.)

AirLive Cloud Viewing Home Solution to advance family safety with Etisalat

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Date: 2013/07/26
Home Safety demands are increasing around the world. Having continuous eyes on your home should be part of an overall whold-home security strategy includes: secured entrance, a monitored alarm system, fire and carbon monitoring and personal safety awareness (elder & baby homecare). Since AirLive, one of the advanced IP surveillance Networking Company joined Etisalat, one of the top 3 telecom service company in UAE to provide home surveillance package for Egypt family Safety this year. AirLive presents Cloud Viewing Home Solution which provides a mobile application to allow users to monitor home though their iPhone, iPad, and Android Phone (nearly future) called AirLive Campro Mobile.
What does it all mean? You can easily download "AirLive CamPro Mobile” from Google Play (Android) or from Apple Store( iPhone & iPad). Than connect with internet and make sure enable ipcam and router’s UpnP function. After connect IP cam to router, users will be able to do the auto search on their home ipcam by one simple click on “LAN” bottom, users can see the choices and select the camera they settle. Then users are ready to monitor in your room, house, garage or shop where your Airlive IP cameras are installed by mobile device.
About AirLive
With nearly twenty-year networking expertise since 1993, AirLive stands for the high performance and top value to Government, Banking, Telco/ISP/WISP, Education, Hotel, system integrators(SI), distributors in the world. “Simple yet powerful networking”, AirLive provides high quality / performance and reliable total solutions to AirLive partners and continuously devotes itself to provide the innovative products and solution to connect people’s lives across the globe as “AirLive is in your Life”. For more information, please visit our website:
About Etisalat
Since 1976, Etisalat has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s technological revolution and over the last forty years, the company has developed and grown to become one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.
Etisalat focuses on delivering innovative solutions to transform the communities in which it operates and accelerate social development and economic growth. This has been underpinned by its commitment to actively developing and engineering the platforms for growth within each of the local markets in which it operates. This approach has helped Etisalat achieve significant success in 15 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia leading to a market value of approximately $23 billion and annual revenue topping $8.5 billion and a customer base of 125 million.
For more information, please visit the website:
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