debuts new program to provide smart home solutions debuts new program to provide smart home solutions
Date: 2018/06/26
Source: Elvina Yang, a security service provider, has launched a new home builder program, which aims to provide smart home solutions for newly-built homes.

The program, which includes hardware and service plans, is designed to allow homebuilders to deploy full-range of smart home solutions fast in new model homes and communities.

Since will provide full-range installation and ongoing customer support, homebuilders can save some efforts to take care of the technologies themselves. has designed various packages for homebuilders, from free model home kits, discounted hardware to full security solutions.

Homebuilders can manage all connected gadgets of specific and model homes from an enterprise dashboard in one single interface. It provides information such as unattended access for maintenance and water leaks. Thermostat parameters management can also be accessed to save energy. claims that the new program will help service providers find a new revenue-generating opportunity “with minimal support or training requirement.”

“We designed our builder program to give Alarm service providers a flexible and cost-effective pathway for working with home builders. New home buyers are highly interested in a range of smart home solutions, and we’re excited about expanding the opportunity for our service providers to engage these customers with a differentiated solution,” said Shawn Barry, vice president of Strategic Sales at, in a statement.

“Alarm and our service provider partners offer home builders a single point of entry for introducing smart home solutions that will help drive new home sales while minimizing these complexities,” said Barry. platform is installed in more than 5.5 million properties globally, said the company.

Toll Brothers, a Pennsylvania-based home construction company specialized in luxury homes, has already adopted’s solutions to power its smart communities.

In addition to DIY gadgets and individual plans rolled out by service providers, the smart home field is expanding through home builders and their newly built homes. For instance, Ecobee has worked directly with North American home builder Mattamy to pre-install thermostats in new homes; and Axius has partnered with some home builders to have its security and management home hub installed in homes.