LoRa takes Netvox’s intelligence one step further
LoRa takes Netvox’s intelligence one step further
Date: 2017/10/06
Source: John Liu
Netvox, a developer and manufacturer of smart home products and solutions based on Zigbee for 13 years, recently announced that its product line is extended with LoRaWAN-based devices to meet the market demand.

The development of Low Power Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) products signifies that smart home products are no longer confined at home, while the communication range has been expanded to cover a floor or even a building, Netvox said.

Netvox has more than 250 Zigbee products in the fields of smart home, smart industry, smart building, smart agriculture and environmental monitoring. These devices can be converted to be LoRaWAN-based soon.

Netvox products that are LoRaWAN-compatible include door/window sensor, light sensor, temperature/humidity sensor, and occupancy/light/temperature sensor.

Upcoming LoRaWAN products include RA07A – Wireless Indoor PM2.5/Temperature/Humidity Sensor, R726 series – Wireless Solar-powered Sensor Hub (based on RS-485), R801A – Wireless Temperature Sensor with a Thermocouple, and R311W – Wireless Water Sensor.

LoRa wireless transmission solves the problems of wiring installation and maintenance in complex environments like a building. With high sensitivity, the transmission distance of LoRa is twice as long and the network coverage is twice as wide as conventional communication systems. LoRa also has stable communication and strong anti-interference ability, and super-low power consumption and long battery life.

Some may ask, “How about Zigbee? Does LoRa take the place of Zigbee?” In fact, their roles are different. Zigbee applies for low power and low data rate communication between various electronic devices within a short distance as well as applications with periodic, intermittent and low latency data transmission. In short, Zigbee is more than enough if you want to use smart home products at home, but for the entire community, LoRa will be the best choice.

Xiamen-based Netvox specializes in ZigBee smart energy and home automation application and products. It is a OEM technology partner with many product supplier companies globally.