Vivint debuts smart home solution for rental properties
Vivint debuts smart home solution for rental properties
Date: 2017/06/23
Source: Elvina Yang
U.S. smart home company Vivint Smart Home has introduced a new service called Vivint Smart Properties targeting on providing solutions to rental homes.

It’s no secret that the rental market is growing as more and more people would rather rent a house than actually buy one. According to a research by the NAA and NMHC, the United States will add 4.6 million households to domestic apartments by 2030.

It is easier for people who own a house to decide whether to install smart home devices than those who live in rental apartments. Homeowners own the property and will live in the place longer. For apartment renters, their often-moving state could stop them from investing in smart home solutions.

Vivint aims to solve this problem and taps into the market’s opportunity. Vivint Smart Properties includes a suite of professionally installed smart home products available for property managers to choose from. The devices include smart locks, lights, doorbell, security cameras and thermostats.

The solution has a dashboard called Vivint Site Manager, which lets property managers handle tenant service requests and vacant units remotely. For example, the manager can grant technicians access to an empty apartments by remotely opening up a smart lock, instead of handing them physical keys.

Once new residents move in, property managers can transfer the control of a smart home system by unit. In such case, the manager can only access the smart lock and will only gain back full control of the smart home system after the unit is vacated.

Vivint will also offer always-on cellular connection to link smart home devices regardless of the reliability of existing Wi-Fi connection. Its smart assistant Sky will utilize artificial intelligence and learn the tenant’s lifestyle rhythms to streamline home automation experience for its users.

“We anticipate smart home technology will rapidly become a staple for rental properties throughout the country,” said Tom Few, vice president of business development at Vivint Smart Home. “With Vivint Smart Properties, property managers can enhance property value to attract residents, while residents get instant access to a smart home experience they can manage from a single app.”