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Key Specifications
Instek Digital’s NVR Failover server (FO)

Instek Digital’s NVR Failover server is a redundant NVR server - which automatically takes over operation of the NVR server in case of a malfunction. Ensuring non-stop NVR recording - Instek Digital’s designed the NVR Failover server.

The NVR FO server eliminates risk of malfunction of the NVR server. The redundant NVR will continuously detect whether the NVR is still functional and immediately takes over Instek Digital NVR Failover server’s operations. Instek Digital NVR Failover server can monitor multiple NVR’s and take over recording responsibilities in case of a malfunction at any given time.

A NVR FO server can also monitor other NVR FO servers in the group and take over the operations in case of failing NVR FO server. The NVR FO will record 24/7 for all subscribed channels when taking over - regardless what the original configuration (event-triggered or scheduled)

You do not need to manually detect the video-data - whether this is stored on the original NVR or NVR FO server. Instek Digital’s VMS - Command Center Series allows you to view video-data seamlessly.

Instek Digital NVR FO is the perfect solution for preventing video-loss.


• Distributed architecture

• No single point of failure

• NVR FO server can monitor unlimited NVRs

• NVR FO server automatically takes over NVR operations

• Manageable by Instek Digital’s VMS - Command Center Series

• Setup using local web page

• Multiple NVR FO servers can monitor each other

• NVR FO server will take over the operating of a failing NVR FO server

• Stitching playback

• 24/7 recording for all subscribed channel when taking over

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