Scaling New ‘Highs' in Security? Not So Fast…

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Higher resolution yields more data and requires more powerful VMS. Remote monitoring functions are being developed, enabling users to monitor their assets through smart phones or computers, said Jeremy Mauppin, European Sales for Acumen International.

Megapixel or HD cameras are typically deployed for wide-area surveillance applications, which can be large and complex. "A city surveillance system should be built on a testable and open platform, and is scalable," said Charles Cousins, MD of APAC, Genetec. Managing many cameras to work together as one is the ideal of effective VMS.

As IP emerged as the next step from analog, HD-SDI is now providing a third option. If combining IP and analog resulted in hybrid solutions, adding HD to the mix yields a new "tribrid" category. While no such products are commercially available to date, a number of makers are considering triple-play solutions.

PC-based models will likely come to market first, although stand-alone models are expected to roll out next year.
Charles Cousins, MD of Asia Pacific, Genetec
"The ‘power struggle' between analog, IP and HD-SDI/HDcctv will not be as clear-cut as that between VCRs and DVRs," Chen said. "The need for seamless transitions and effective surveillance means that there is definitely demand for tribrid products with onboard analytics."

For now, existing solutions combine two of the three options. "Instead of busily carving out IP and HD-SDI market shares, we should first think about vertical-specific requirements and the enhancements we could do over existing infrastructure or various boxes," said Fengguo Yang, Director of Security and Surveillance Solutions, Digital Media Management, Hisilicon Technologies. "We are launching hybrid-camera reference designs: HD-SDI and IP, or HD-SDI and traditional analog."

Increased dialogue between component suppliers and end users could mean HD discussions evolve beyond mere pixel counts to power consumption and capital/ operational expenditure considerations, added Yang.

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