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EverFocus unveils 16CH universal DVR for HD-SDI and analog video inputs

EverFocus unveils 16CH universal DVR for HD-SDI and analog video inputs

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by EverFocus | Updated: 6/16/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

In the security market, cost is the major concern when it comes to transition from analog to HD. As the HD-SDI cost has dramatically decreased to an acceptable price-level, demand of the HD-SDI, on the other hand, has been increasing and reflecting the market boom. Regarding the ease of installation and outstanding image clarity, HD-SDI technology has absolutely been widely accepted by the market. Owing to this, EverFocus has never given up hope on the HD-SDI market; on the contrary, gearing up for further development and outlining market strategies for the HD-SDI products.

EverFocus UHDR16, a Linux-embedded universal DVR, comes with 16-channel HD-SDI and analog video inputs. This product supports video signals ranging from D1, 960H, 720P to 1080P in one single DVR and also features triple streams for live view, playback and recording.

The UHDR16 supports recording 480 (NTSP) / 400 (PAL) frames per second at 1080P, and can play back 16 channels of HD-SDI recordings simultaneously. The model also supports RS-485 serial interface, 2 USB interfaces and 1 RJ45 (10/100/1000) Base-T Ethernet interface. Other than that, the UHDR16 can be expanded up to 7 SATA devices (6 SATA HDDs and 1 eSATA), ensuring large capacity of the HD-SDI video recordings.

According to Aska Liu, Deputy Project Manager of EverFocus, “since EverFocus has already provided a comprehensive product lineup, including IP, HD-SDI and analog hardware devices, we also look into universal devices for mutual-beneficial purpose. The UHDR16 can take all signals – no matter it is HD-SDI, 960H, or D1.”

Moreover, EverFocus provides mobile apps, allowing users to view the HD-SDI camera streams via their mobile devices (iOS or Android platforms). The ease of high-quality and high-definition video is the most important piece. Users can take the HD-SDI video and record it in 1080P, and watch the HD-SDI video remotely or locally – EverFocus makes it easy and cost-effective. Everyone can benefit from this beautiful resolution in HD-SDI. EverFocus expects a substantial portion of our revenues to be attributed to HD-SDI going forward.

Since EverFocus has made the acceptable HD-SDI products to the market, applications of the HD-SDI solutions is no longer exclusive to the high-end markets, but can be widely applied in different sectors. In the early 2014, EverFocus built up the HD-SDI systems, including 20 DVRs (EPHD04+) and 50 outdoor IR dome cameras (EHH5101) on the NEXCO-West (West Nippon Expressway Company) highway toll booths located in Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Japan. According to the customer, the toll booths require a system that is reliable and can produce clear images both on the staff or the POS machine. Moreover, cameras with anti-raining/snowing and small-in-size features are considered as the key considerations in this case. Therefore, they chose EverFocus' HD-SDI DVR and outdoor IR dome camera.

At present, HD-SDI product lineup that EverFocus offers includes HD-SDI DVRs up to 8-channel, and HD-SDI cameras with variable types, including mini metal, bullet, dome, and box types. The outdoor HD-SDI cameras are also IP66-rated for weather resistance. Furthermore, EverFocus also provide HD-SDI accessories, including HD-SDI to HDMI converter, HD-SDI to fiber transmitter/receiver and HD-SDI repeater. The UHDR16 universal DVR will be soon released to the market in June, 2014. With the announcement of the UHDR16 universal DVR, users can benefit from its low latency, best-live-view HD-SDI signals over hundreds of meters of coaxial or Cat5e/Cat6 cables and easy installation with an affordable price.

EverFocus is committed to delivering powerful security solutions to the customers worldwide. Not just manufacturing reliable products to the market, EverFocus has been developing the enterprise-level central management system, Genie-XMS, which can support any IP-based devices and of course, all EverFocus' products.

The Genie-XMS is designed with an open and flexible architecture that is able to offer large-scale integration scalability. This surveillance management system is able to connect with any IP-based devices or systems including DVRs, access control, and LPR systems. Web pages or messages can also be displayed on the live view screen. The live view layout can be arranged in any form the end users desired.

With the full range of product lineup, plus the hardware manufacturing and software integration, there will be no gap among the IP, HD-SDI and Analog systems anymore. EverFocus has always been holding one concept to the security market, to focus on excellence, reliability and integration in our products.

Counting on intelligence: Retail wises up

Counting on intelligence: Retail wises up

Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom, a&s International | Updated: 6/16/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

In 2012 the aggregate retail revenue of the world's top 250 retailers amounted to approximately US$4.3 trillion, a composite year-over-year revenue growth rate of 4.9 percent, according to the Global Powers of Retailing 2014 report by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Although economic conditions that year were a bit rough, leading retailers across the globe continued to grow. However, with growth comes the desire to not just sustain it, but capitalize on it. The benefits of intelligent solutions in the retail sphere are helping global retailers do just that.

As more and more retailers are starting to realize the benefits not only for security, but for marketing, efficiency, and management as well, the number of retailers adopting intelligent solutions such as “smart” cameras is growing. In fact, the global intelligent video surveillance market in the retail industry is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 27.1 percent over the period of 2012 to 2016, according to an October 2013 report by Infiniti Research. This increase in retail adoption of analytics is also obvious in the number of security providers coming out with retail-targeted analytics solutions.

Sales and return on investment (ROI) have become increasingly important for brick-and-mortar retailers who are now competing with the convenience of online shopping thanks to the Internet. In an age where the click of a button can deliver anything ranging from clothing to furniture to groceries on one's doorstep, brick-and-mortar retailers are even more conscious of the importance of good marketing, loss prevention, and operational efficiency to name a few. According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer published in October 2013, shrinkage due to shoplifting, employee fraud/ theft, etc., cost the global retail market $112 billion in 2012. That is where intelligent solutions come in. Where old security systems failed to prevent shrinkage and optimize marketing strategies, intelligent solutions are picking up the slack and proving their worth.

Benefiting From Intelligence
The retail market is not known to have a lot of extra money laying around to throw at fancy technology; however, as the price for intelligent solutions come down, some retailers are realizing the investment is worth the price tag. While retailers in the more high-end luxury market are more likely to be able to afford such intelligent solutions, those in the middle market looking to boost sales are also starting to look towards intelligence. Furthermore, not every intelligent system is created equal. Different stores need different functions, and since the price often depends on the features needed, it is possibly for mid-end retailers to find intelligent solutions that fit their budgetary scope. Retailers in the middle range not needing as many or as advanced functions may opt for a more cost-effective solution comprised of a NVR and camera with only basic intelligent features. This solution gives the retailers some of the benefits of intelligence without breaking the bank.

Regardless of the degree of intelligence a retailer chooses to deploy, the ability to improve space optimization, stock monitoring, shop floor tracking, shopper behavior, bottlenecks, queue lengths, staffing levels, etc., are just some of the benefits retailers can expect from an intelligent video solution. With a wide range of features, video content analysis (VCA) software, also known as video analytics, has much to offer retailers in terms of business intelligence (BI). Whether on the edge or integrated into a video management system (VMS), the BI data gathered from VCA features such as face recognition, heat mapping, people counting, and dwell time provide businesses with immediate ROI. But how does it do this? The Beginner's Guide to Video Business Intelligence by 3xLOGIC puts it this way, “Technologies that aggregate the vast amount of disparate data — video data, transactional data, structured and unstructured data — that is generated today, and distils that data into relevant business intelligence that can be easily understood and acted upon; that's video business intelligence.” The idea of actionable intelligence, turning video data into more than just images on a screen, giving that data value, that is how analytics transforms a retailer's security camera system into more than just video surveillance.

ase Study: Analytics Optimizes Croatian Retailer's Marketing
While the benefits of analytics is easy to talk about, actually seeing it might be harder; however, Croatian retailer Pevec not only saw the benefits, they utilized and made the most of it. As a retail chain store, Pevec has always taken security seriously, installing video surveillance cameras in each of their 13 stores since their opening. Having heard of the benefits analytics could add to their marketing, Pevec installed a number of RIVA cameras with onboard analytics. The intelligent cameras would not only extend the retailer's existing security system, the onboard people-counting filter would count customers, which would help the marketing department optimize marketing activities and plan sales space. The built-in people-counting filter provided the retailer with important and invaluable data. By counting the number of customers, the marketing department was able to determine the number of visitors during a promotion period and whether the number of customers increased, which if it did was considered short-term success. This success could then be measured in long-term success by seeing if after the promotion ended, whether those acquired customers continued to return to the store.

People-counting data also helped the retailer determine how many of the customers entering were actually making purchases, which was done by comparing the data with the cash desk data. With the data, the marketing department was able to deduce the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. If the majority of customers do not turn into buyers, this indicates that the product range, product presentation, and/or product placement needs to be changed. If the number of customers drops but the majority are buyers, this indicates that the company should pursue more marketing activities. Also, comparing the peoplecounting data of the different stores within the chain gave the retailer better insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each of its branches.

In addition to marketing optimization, people-counting data also helped the retailer increase operational efficiency. By analyzing data for customer traffic during specific times — daytime, weekends, holidays, seasonal periods, etc. — Pevec was able to better utilize their manpower by adjusting the number of employees on staff according to customer traffic. The use of real-time data also helped the stores manage queue lengths and diffuse bottlenecks during peak hours.

Graduating to Smarter Operations
Although price remains a deciding factor for many retailers regarding the feasibility of deploying an intelligent solution, the price of such solutions is going down, meaning soon enough price will no longer be a viable excuse. Combine declining prices with the obvious ROI provided by analytics in terms of business intelligence and it seems that intelligence should be able to find a comfortable home in the retail area sometime in the future.

FLIR layered security approach

FLIR layered security approach

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by FLIR | Updated: 6/16/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

FLIR believes that a layered approach to wide area surveillance and perimeter intrusion detection is necessary to provide advanced warning of potential threats – before they cross a perimeter. Security solutions should not only monitor and protect a physical barrier but also extend beyond the fence to sense, detect, and identify threats, which is especially the case with critical infrastructure, allowing security operators sufficient response time to protect people and facilities.

FLIR offers combinations of uncooled fixed / pan-tilt thermal imaging cameras, ground surveillance radars and long-range multi-sensor imaging systems working together to provide a significantly “hardened” perimeter that will serve to enhance overall security.

Perimeter technology that goes beyond the fence
FLIR multi-sensor systems and integrated solutions for surveillance security are now available for critical infrastructures. All of these systems may be operated independently or in a fully integrated radar/sensor network.

FLIR uncooled fixed thermal imaging cameras can be positioned to cover fence lines, creating a “thermal fence” by leveraging the excellent detection capabilities of thermal imaging cameras coupled to the built in video analytics , that can provide true edge detection of potential intruders on the fence line area.

FLIR medium and long range pan / tilt multi-sensor systems can be deployed to receive alarms from fence line layer of cameras with slew-to-cue integration for security operators to assess the alarm.

FLIR ground-based radars, high resolution radars that accurately detect and track vehicles, small vessels, people, and crawlers, swimmers in virtually any climate, weather, or lighting condition completing a “persistent surveillance solution” to continuously monitor a perimeter and other designated areas using rules-based detection methods; eliminating the need for constant human monitoring of video screens. Upon detection of an intrusion attempt, multi-sensor imaging systems will slew-to-cue to provide target assessment and visual tracking.

With FLIR integrated thermal imaging cameras and radar systems, layered security solutions can truly begin beyond the physical fence and/or virtual fence at sea. Understanding the nature of a threat is critical to intercepting and defeating it. For any effective security system, it is a key requirement of knowing where the threat is coming from, its current location and where it is going. FLIR ground surveillance radars (detection), paired with slew-to-cue ‘ready' FLIR Pan Tilt medium and long range thermal/daylight cameras (assessment), which effectively monitor and control real fence/perimeter breaches, enable security personnel to monitor and control the security zone by intercepting threats before they can complete their mission.

-give lowest cost per km of protection
-robust all weather, night & day performance
-scan,classify and track multiple targets at the same time
-slew to cue and target tracking integration.

No matter what the complexity of the installation is, from a small substation to a 40- km perimeter, users still need to detect, assess, and respond (see video). Our free site planning tool allows you to build and extend your protection both on fence lines and beyond; Click here for immediate experience.

Where are FlIR solutions applied?
– Airports
– Dams
– Manufacturing plants and R/D complexes
– National Labs and sites
– Petrochemical
– Ports, Power plants (nuclear and conventional)
– Prisons
– Residence/Palace
– Water Treatment

With more than 40 years of experience for land-based, man-portable, maritime and airborne applications, FLIR Systems continues to develop technologies that fulfill customer needs. From long range detection to wide area surveillance, using millimeter-wave radar, short-, mid-, and long-wave infrared, cooled and uncooled technologies, FLIR Systems offers a full spectrum of solutions for any security solution.

Click here to get more Flir application stories!


Raytec IR illuminators deployed in Macedonia Airport with PTZ speed dome

Raytec IR illuminators deployed in Macedonia Airport with PTZ speed dome

Editor / Provider: Raytec | Updated: 6/16/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Raymax Infra-Red illuminators from Raytec have been deployed to secure the main perimeter of Alexander the Great Airport in Skopje, Macedonia. Working in conjunction with Turkish System Integrator, Sensormatic, and distributor Y3K, the Raymax Platinum long range Infra-Red illuminators were installed alongside HD PTZ Speed Dome cameras to provide excellent night time surveillance for Macedonia’s largest airport.

The Raymax Platinum range can deliver Infra-Red illumination up to 700m from a single unit, making it the suitable solution for remote perimeter applications where cameras need additional lighting during the hours of darkness. For the widest angle CCTV applications, 180 degree Raymax Platinum units can also deliver distances beyond 100m; when PTZ domes need to deliver high performance images.

“The customer chose Raytec for this project as they provide quality products that guarantee successful long range distance and coverage” said Yucel Simitci, Product Manager for Y3K. “The Raytec products performed exactly as expected and the Airport management are happy with the results”

Hikvision video surveillance safeguards Montreal schools with Milestone

Hikvision video surveillance safeguards Montreal schools with Milestone

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 6/13/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision, the global provider of video surveillance products and solutions, and Milestone Systems, an industry provider in open platform IP video management software (VMS), announce the successful implementation of a large-scale project that aims to provide secure environments for hundreds of schools throughout Montreal. Almost nine hundred Hikvision IP cameras were installed utilizing Milestone VMS and archiving. This integration allowed the Commission Scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board to significantly elevate safety and security for the students, faculty and staff members.

"The video quality provided by Hikvision cameras has been truly superb," said Rémi Asselin, IT services director, Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board. "Both Hikvision and Milestone products demonstrated outstanding functionality for educational facilities. We are very happy with the outcome."

Alpha TSi, a leading Canadian integrator specializing in the network security architecture sector has been at the forefront of implementing this critical project. Hikvision cameras which the company installed included fixed domes for indoors and outdoors: 1.3MP domes with true WDR (wide dynamic range), true Day/Night, superior low-light performance, motorized lens for remote focus and remote zoom, and POE/High POE. Both camera types are fully integrated with the Milestone software including SD edge storage support.

"Hikvision cameras have great image quality, impressive true WDR, motorized lenses that are easy to adjust using the Milestone VMS, and the edge storage precisely meets the client's needs," said Philippe E Bergeron, vice president, Alpha TSi. Sébastien Céré, president of Alpha TSi, added, "We were really impressed with Hikvision's prompt customization for putting together a special firmware required by the scale of this project. This is the kind of service we just don't see from everyone."

Hikvision operates in a diverse set of verticals including educational campuses and offers a wide range of best-in-class IP and analog camera products and video recording products, ranging from SMB sectors to professional enterprise applications. As a commitment to its customers, Hikvision annually reinvests seven percent of its revenue into R&D for continued product innovation and improvement. The company has been experiencing tremendous growth in the North American market over the past several years and is looking to expand further into new verticals.

Jeffrey He, president Hikvision USA commented: "We are very pleased to be a part of this successful implementation. Our products have been proven time after time to be truly innovative and adaptable.” He went on to say, “We look forward to expanded cooperation with Milestone and our other technology partners with the goal to exceed our customers' expectations in delivering best-in-class video surveillance products and solutions to the North American market."

The Milestone XProtect software provides three flexible client interfaces in 27 languages for the efficient administration of the system, the users, and the cameras that are distributed across the multiple sites. Live video is also recorded for fast searching in case of incidents, and easy sharing or export to authorities.

"Milestone has a special focus on the education sector, to support the future of our world through knowledge by helping to ensure that its environments are safe today. This large implementation in the schools of Quebec also attests to our strong relationship with Hikvision as one of our fastest growing Manufacturer Alliance Partners,” Peter Lintzeris, sales manager/directeur des ventes, Canada for Milestone Systems.

TVT launches TVI, ready for the huge potential in Asia markets

TVT launches TVI, ready for the huge potential in Asia markets

Editor / Provider: a&s Asia | Updated: 6/13/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

TVT Digital Technology, having accumulated 15 years in R&D of video surveillance technologies, launched TVI, another new HD-over-coaxial solution on the market. The company claims that this one-of-a-kind technology has successfully solved the limitations of HD-SDI solutions, as well as offers an even more economical and easy-toinstall/ use solution. TVT is one of the very few companies able to provide two different types of HD-over-coaxial solutions and has also developed a complete IP surveillance product line. With 15-years experience in international business, TVT sees tremendous potential in Asia.

TVT Digital Technology, a leading Chinese video surveillance manufacturer, just launched a brand new HD-over-coaxial solution — TVI — in May, which is able to compete with other similar solutions on the market via an even more cost-efficient and easy-to-install method. The company is not new to the security industry; since 1999, the company has been focusing on developing video surveillance technologies. TVT is a technologydriven company, and its R&D investment accounts for almost 20 percent of their annual sales turnover. Now, the company has approximately 1,000 employees of which 30 percent work for R&D. To fulfill their customers' requirements in various market sectors, TVT concentrates on developing a complete product portfolio with IP, HD-SDI, and now TVI technologies. According to a report from IMS Research (an IHS company) in 2013, TVT was ranked number one in the world in terms of global shipment of HD-SDI products. With TVI, the new HD-over-coaxial solution, TVT is able to provide their customers different types of HD video surveillance products. According to Joe Qiu, Sales Director of TVT Digital Technology, TVT is one of the very fewcompanies that can offer such a wide range of video surveillance products. Currently, there are about 100 million coaxial cables being deployed in the world and each one of them is connected to an analog camera. In the next three to five years, they will all be replaced by HD cameras. However, a certain group of users, who have big concerns with the cost of re-cabling, installation, and extra network devices, will be more likely to select a more economical and easy-to-install solution to upgrade to HD, instead of adopting IP cameras directly. That is where HD-SDI and TVI really stand out. “The replacement market is huge. I don't think analog products will have any chances here since HD-SDI and TVI will quickly dominate this market by offering much more extra advantages,” said Qiu.

What is TVI?
TVI and HD-SDI both are HD-over-coaxial solutions. However, bottlenecks for HD-SDI still remain, such as transmission distance, storage, and total cost. “Fortunately, now, we've successfully developed the TVI solution, which is able to solve HD-SDI's previous problems by acquiring 90 percent of HD-SDI technology but conducting analog transmission via coaxial cable,” he said. Because TVI can convert the digital signals to analog ones, it extends the transmission distance, reduces the total cost, and takes less storage capacity. Its distance can reach from 300 to 500 meters via coaxial cables. Furthermore, TVI transmits CVBS 75ohm analog signals, with resolution in 1080P and 720P at 30 frames per second, which is hard to be achieved by other HD-over-coaxial solutions, according to Qiu. Users even can just change their old analog cameras and DVRs to TVI cameras and DVRs to get a brand new 1080p surveillance system, which doesn't require any other special knowledge or extra labor cost.
Many people might have some doubts before choosing a new technology, such as its future compatibility and availability. Qiu explained the overall benefits of using TVI to clarify these doubts in the following:
First, TVI comes from a US-based company that does not supply chips to a sole manufacturer, but eventually will also provide chipsets to other manufacturers all over the world. Customers, in the future, can freely choose their TVI suppliers due to the wide-range of supply chains for TVI on the market. Therefore, TVI is more likely to become an industry standard, not a proprietary technology/solution. As an open solution, TVI is a future-proof technology, which has high interoperability and compatibility with other video surveillance products. For example, TVI DVRs can be compatible with 720p and 1080p cameras from other brands simultaneously. These facts provide many advantages for TVT's customers, especially to reduce inventory. After all, TVI offers a very cost-efficient solution for customers, targeting the middle-to-low-end markets using coaxial cables. HD-SDI, instead, will concentrate onhigh-end markets.
TVT believes that Asia will be the first market to adopt this technology and followed by the rest of the world. In Asia, unstable bandwidth is still a headache for systems integrators to build up a reliable IP system. Meanwhile, many of them still lack sufficient IP knowledge. Both of these factors hinder the wide adoption of IP in Asia. As as result, Qiu believes around 50 percent of the installers in Asia will be more likely to find TVI easier to use. Because of the huge business potential of TVI, TVT aims to develop comprehensive TVI product portfolios. The company has already completed their TVI product line, which includes 4-,8-, and 16-channel DVRs and cameras, ranging from speed domes and box cameras, categorized by price range from high, middle, to entry-level ones, and by resolutions in 1080p and 720p.

TVT develops HD solutions of IP, HD-SDI and TVI
Because customers may have either new or retrofit projects, it is nearly impossible for them to abandon the existing analog systems or coaxial cables completely. Therefore, “as a total solution provider, we aim to provide our customers a variety of products/methods to migrate to full IP — a combination of IP, HD-SDI, and TVI products, which offer a more practical and cost effective solution,” Qiu emphasized. On another note, TVT has also established a smart home product center. Aiming to secure SOHOs, SMBs, and residential clients; the first product launch can be expected in the second half of this year.

TVT: professional OEM partner of global buyers
TVT really differs from other big names in China in that the company has focused on servicing global clients since the first day it was established. Right now, TVT has exported over 50 percent of their products to overseas markets. TVT has built strong manufacturing power through OEM, providing professional services and products to support its global clients. “Later this year, we will establish three new factories to start mass production of DVRs, cameras, and others. By which we can largely improve our lead time but increase our overall quality and fulfill our customers' requests in a timely manner. Plus, TVT's R&D team now is reorganized according to product lines, which, of course, makes the team much more market-oriented,” Qiu said. Recently, TVT has started to expand its market share in their domestic market, China, with its own brand. “Eventually, TVT will also promote our own brand in overseas markets, too,” he added.

Focusing on Asian markets
In recent years, TVT has been eyeing many business opportunities in Asia even though Asian markets are more price sensitive, compared to other markets. “TVT is able to educate and guide these Asian clients to select the proper solutions, with reasonable cost, at good timing since we have a complete range of products,” said Qiu. “More importantly, TVT finds ways to maintain quality and affordability. First, TVT will introduce some entry-level products to the Asian market. Second, we endeavor to make our products easy to install and use; therefore, we provide plug-&-play, POE NVRs, and cloud service. The TVI product line is also another example. Using TVI, installers won't meet too many difficulties because TVI works with the coaxial cables.” For TVT, Asia is quite an important market. Therefore, the company has started to prepare for its first overseas branch office in Asia. Qiu continued, the second step should be deployment of TVT's sales teams, with the ultimate goal to provide localized services and marketing.

TVT possesses competitive business propositions
From customers' perspective, choosing the ideal manufacturer usually requires meeting several criteria. First, they will evaluate how fast the manufacturer can keep up with the current technologies and the variety of products they can offer. Second, they will focus on the ratio of their products' cost versus performance. Without a doubt, Chinese manufacturers, especially, have the advantage here, compared with companies from other regions. “I would say, TVT has met all these criteria. Beyond that, the company really stands out from others since it is always taking the right approach at the right time by offering the most pertinent solutions for the market,” concluded Qiu.

TVT: Global number one HD-SDI Supplier
According to a report by IMS Research (an IHS company) in 2013, TVT was ranked number one in the world in terms of global shipment of HD-SDI products. Traditional video surveillance installers and systems integrators from Europe and the U.S. are the major clients of HD-SDI. Compared to TVI, HD-SDI targets high-end markets using coaxial cables. These clients need HD high resolution, but are restricted by their budget and previous experience, product features, and certain institutional policies in video surveillance performance, such as minimum to no latency, and high confidentiality.


LILIN presents professional security solutions for gaming industry

LILIN presents professional security solutions for gaming industry

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 6/16/2014 | Article type: Tech Corner

Casinos require absolute innovative video surveillance
Casino security surveillance system requires the ability to respond rapidly to incidents at diverse level of lighting. The gaming industry, one of the early adopters of video monitoring solutions, fully understood the need to guard property, people, and most importantly the integrity of its gaming operations. With several casino surveillance projects in the pipeline, LILIN leads casino security technology trends.

Gaming facilities and entertainment operations definitely need surveillance tools and software that are able to meet the most demanding requirements. Gaming video surveillance has to focus on the activities at the gaming tables and slot machines in order to prevent cheating,settle disputes and protect the casino from dishonest employees. It is difficult to secure and monitor due to the nature of the environment – fast moving chips/cards as well as flashing lights.

What casinos surveillance need
Gaming is primarily about surveillance, so real-time video viewing and effectively suspect tracing are vital in the gaming world. Also, the surveillance applications for casinos and gaming entertainment environments need to meet local, state, or national gaming regulations.

Video solutions for gaming & casinos
LILIN Ultra series cameras are available now. Casino operations have the option to adopt 120 fps IP-based cameras, UFG1122, and 4K Ultra High Definition cameras, UHG1182, and analytics software into their surveillance systems. LILIN advanced network cameras are able to distinguish the color of chips and record high resolution picture videos. Casinos also need panoramic 360-degree technologies, LILIN FD2452 – fisheye panoramic cameras can cover more area more efficiently with less staff.

When high rollers have arrived at the casino, License Plate Recognition technology can help to identify and flag. Point-of-Sale analytics technology can help to monitor employees. With LILIN advanced network cameras, gamblers, and dealers could enhance casinos' security management for a secured business operation.

Unparalleled clarity and picture quality
LILIN cameras with enhanced wide dynamic range for unparalleled clarity and picture quality, even in low light conditions / in variable light conditions. Scalable CMX solutions from LILIN can be expanded to support hundreds of IP cameras. LILIN's HD image quality allows operators to see the greatest level of details. With advanced features, including real-time face, motion, alarm detection, LILIN systems give you critical, high-definition coverage intelligence. LILIN end-to-end surveillance solutions can provide you the security intelligence you need to protect your house and players.

LILIN progressing with advanced gaming monitoring technology
LILIN has been developing new products to meet the diverse requirements of the gaming industry. LILIN video management systems is designed for around-the-clock monitoring. Operators can easily extract details of recordings minute by minute from footages because LILIN high definition IP cameras support absolute magnification. Such high degree of resolution is able to capture subtle movements such as hand gestures even under the low-light conditions All gaming activities can be well-monitored at all times by LILIN solutions.

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LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

Samsung Techwin introduces new products for retail

Samsung Techwin introduces new products for retail

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 6/12/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Just in time for the summer sales, Samsung Techwin has simultaneously launched a compact vandal-resistant dome camera and a small footprint PoE network video recorder (NVR). Together the 2MP Full HD SNV-6013 and 4 channel ‘zero configuration' SRN-472S provide an ideal solution for retailers looking to deter and detect shoplifting and other criminal activity.

SNV-6013 dome camera
With a diameter of less than 113mm and a height of just 64mm, the SNV-6013 vandal-resistant dome is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. It is designed to provide an aesthetically attractive, as well as competitively priced option, for retail applications. It is also likely to appeal to installers and end-users who are looking for a discreet camera for office, healthcare, hotels and transport environments or where there may be limited space such as in lifts, entrance lobbies and stair wells.

The SNV-6013, which is able to capture 2MP Full HD (1920 x 1080) images, is equipped with Samsung Techwin's open platform WiseNetIII DSP chipset which provides users with complete freedom to choose their perfect combination of video analytics and video management software (VMS), which best matches their individual requirements.

An enhanced Wide Dynamic Range feature, with performance greater than 120dB, enables the SNV-6013 to overcome the challenge of monitoring areas such as shop entrances, where there may be strong external lighting and large amounts of glass. Suitable for both internal and external use, the SNV-6013 is vandal-resistant to IK10 and weatherproof to IP66 and benefits from a Digital Image Stabilisation feature which compensates for any camera shake.

The SRN-472S is ideal for those with limited experience of IP. With a built-in PoE switch and ‘zero configuration' requirements, it truly is a case of Plug & Play. Installation time and cost is minimised by the PoE (Power over Ethernet) feature which removes the need for separate cables to each of the cameras for power and image transmission purposes.

The small footprint of just 370x44x320mm of the SRN-472S is likely to attract the attention of space conscious retailers who may wish to locate it under a checkout desk or in a small security cupboard.

With an additional HDD installed alongside the 4TB capacity HDD which is supplied as standard, and through a recording bandwidth of 32Mbts, the SRN-472S can record Full HD images in real-time across all of its four channels and store them on-board for up to two months. With both HDMI and VGA outputs, the SRN-472S also provides retailers with the option of demonstrating to customers, via an ‘in-store' monitor, that they are being observed and protected by a high performance video surveillance system. This also negates the need for a PC to locally monitor the system.

Samsung Techwin's license-free SmartViewer and iPOLiS Mobile monitoring software provides operational and security personnel with the option to remotely view live or recorded video from a PC or any Android or IOS supported smartphone or tablet.

As is the case with all Samsung Techwin video surveillance solutions, the SNV-6013 and SRN-472S are offered with full support services from Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, including free system design, free technical support and a full 3-year warranty.

Verint presents expanded intelligence solutions for retail sector

Verint presents expanded intelligence solutions for retail sector

Editor / Provider: Verint | Updated: 6/12/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Verint Systems has newly expanded its portfolio of security and business intelligence solutions for the retail sector to continue delivering advanced technologies to help reduce fraud and loss, boost operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

At the upcoming NRF Loss Prevention event this week, Verint will highlight a variety of intelligent solutions designed to reduce shrinkage and theft, according to Alex Johnson, senior director of retail, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions. “At Verint, we're committed to providing technologies that limit and negate vulnerabilities in loss prevention operations and reach beyond traditional security uses by integrating with common retail platforms through open standards and interfaces,” he added.

To help reduce shrinkage and achieve a significant return on investment, Verint provides retailers with Verint solutions, which include a comprehensive portfolio designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of retailers—from enterprise-class to specialty stores.

Advancements to Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Verint's comprehensive NVR platform, the EdgeVR, is designed to deliver scalable and enterprise-class video monitoring and recording capabilities. The NVR platform enhances security and streamlines investigations for retailers, allowing them to close cases quickly and proactively minimize losses. The latest version delivers all the benefits of an embedded NVR, including bandwidth optimization, remote access and robust surveillance analytics. It easily scales to support up to 64 IP and analog cameras, providing a path to migration for budget-conscious retailers.

Additional features include H.264 and MPEG-4 compression options and scalable storage options up to 16 terabytes. Consistent with the EdgeVR's open platform design, it integrates with various edge devices helping retailers leverage current infrastructures and expand to meet future system demands.

Further updates to the EdgeVR include advanced investigation tools, such as face detection, license plate recognition and a variety of surveillance analytics, providing retailers new levels of situation awareness. Other capabilities include:

Surveillance Analytics-- it  provides loitering detection, directional movement, line crossing, object left behind and missing item identification. Once the system identifies a predefined movement, it can send emails or SMS to the appropriate personnel, or relay messages to associated systems.

Mobile Client--it  allows security operators to remotely access video and view live and recorded video from multiple cameras simultaneously. Accessible from Apple iOS devices, the application delivers 10 pre-defined screen layout options, zoom capabilities and the ability to access recent camera views.

IP Camera Integrations--they  include supportfor the new economic line of Verint V3300 IP cameras, the Oncam Grandeye 360 camera when larger fields of view are required, and a Height Strip Camera for store entrances and exits.

Nedap to collaborate with security professionals at IFSEC 2014

Nedap to collaborate with security professionals at IFSEC 2014

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 6/11/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Nedap Security Management, developer and manufacturer of the software-based security management platform – AEOS, is collaborating with different security professionals at IFSEC to solve security challenges that IFSEC visitors are facing. Security experts such as prominent security consultants and Physical Security Managers from leading organisations, collaborate with Nedap to share their knowledge and experience with visitors during IFSEC. Visitors are invited to discuss and find answers to their security challenges at Nedap's social hub: stand E1450 in the London ExCeL.

“IFSEC is a social event for security professionals to meet, find new ideas and solve challenges - and that's exactly what we'll be offering”, says Daryn Flynn, Nedap's country manager for the UK. At IFSEC 2014 Nedap are collaborating with experienced security professionals to discuss, debate and offer solutions to your challenges.

Besides answering questions and sharing knowledge, prominent security experts from Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International, Atkins Consultants, CHQ Consultants, Canon and Assa Abloy are hosting seminars on the stand to discuss challenges that are current in the industry, e.g. the convergence of IT and physical security and the value of security to the business.

At IFSEC, Nedap Security Management will demonstrate the software-based security management platform: AEOS. AEOS uses generic controllers which can accommodate functionality for access control, intrusion detection, video management and locker management via software. This unique AEOS architecture allows for one truly integrated, flexible platform instead of drivers linking separate servers and systems.

The new AEOS 3.1 application builds on the usability of AEOS, giving a unified design, while keeping in mind the different users. From the Configuration & Maintenance application to the Identity & Authorisation interface – AEOS maps to the way people actually work. This also applies to AEOS Surveillance, this renewed web application gives users a clear overview at all times. This clarity reduces the chance of mistakes, while increasing security and responsiveness.

“The response to AEOS 3.0 has been incredible, and we're excited for clients to experience the new AEOS 3.1 with a clear and consistent design for all applications, “said Arjan Bouter, Nedap's director of sales. “Our clients need to protect their people, property, intellectual assets and reputation. And with AEOS 3.1 we believe customers can focus on what is most important – a secure environment.”

The new 3.1 application will be demonstrated at IFSEC, showing visitors the possibilities for managing access control, intrusion detection, video management, and locker management on one single platform, within one single application. A team of Nedap experts will be available on stand E1450 to meet with visitors and answer any questions.

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