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SCATI provides surveillance solution controlling 300 bank branches in Venezuela

SCATI provides surveillance solution controlling 300 bank branches in Venezuela

Editor / Provider: SCATI | Updated: 7/3/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The video-surveillance solution implemented by SCATI has the capacity to control 300 bank branches and more than 1,000 ATMs distributed throughout the country

The facility houses the corporate headquarters of a large financial institution and is located in the fifth highest skyscraper in Venezuela. The building, which is 159 metres tall, was inaugurated in 1982 and has 32 floors, including 4 for parking. The purpose of the project is to offer the company a complete security solution for its network of banking branches and ATMs as well as other special installations.

The solution to provide security for BBVA headquarters consists of more than 20 SCATI VISION IP video recorders able to record more than 700 IP and analogue cameras installed, with enough storage to capture high-definition images. SCATI's security platform can manage multiple CCTV systems in 3 special facilities, 300 bank branches and more than 1,000 ATMs distributed throughout Venezuela from a single control centre.

The video recorders are managed by three SCATI WATCHER management workstations with hardware redundancy, located in the control centre of the building and with support from the AMC (Advanced Management Centre). This powerful software has been designed for easy remote administration of the complete plant of video recorders and offers multiple functionalities to cover the needs of bank operators: video display, equipment configuration, alarm management, advanced search functions, map management and the generation of groups of devices, among others.

The main control centre is also equipped with the powerful SCATI WALL management and monitoring tool for professional monitoring of a large number of cameras. This application offers high response capacity in the event of incidents thanks to automatic display of video associated with alarms.

Users can manage and view all the cameras installed in the building from a single station and set up the scenarios that best match their distribution and critical video surveillance areas.

The control centre consists of two virtual matrices with two SCATI WALL operator workstations, each covering four monitors and capable of managing up to 64 cameras and viewing scenarios from up to 36 cameras simultaneously at 300 IPS and up to HDTV resolution, or 4CIF in the case of analogue cameras.

The 20 latest-generation video recorders installed are equipped with redundant power supplies, hard discs (Raid6) and network cards (teaming). In addition, 40 encoders are installed to convert analogue signals to IP.

The project also entails the design and installation of a dedicated fibre network, with redundancy between control centres through a 20Gb/s LAN backbone and a latest generation network infrastructure that enables optimum CCTV system performance, ensuring availability of the video and future growth.

The hybrid solution for video management provided by SCATI allows scalable migration to an IP system using the existing cameras without over-dimensioning the recording equipment. This is a comprehensive and flexible solution to manage and monitor a large number of geographically dispersed unattended systems: bank agencies, ATMs and corporate offices.

The implemented solution offers high image-quality and availability for the identification of offences in real time. It is based on state-of-the-art compression formats that optimize and adapt to available bandwidth.

SCATI SUITE's powerful tools make it easy to customize and automate video recorder plant maintenance and supervision tasks and reduce the management resources required.

Among the solutions implemented is SCATI HUB, from which users can perform advanced management of alarms triggered in any security facility. It is characterized by easy integration with all the security systems of the facility: access control, anti-intrusion systems, physical sensors, etc., thereby enabling centralized management of all the alarms from a single control centre. Minimum incident response times are ensured by its wide range of customized parameters and the possibility to program automatic actions in the event of alarms.

The institution thereby benefits from automatic supervision and management of its large number of remote devices and has considerably reduced ATM fraud. At the same time, this flexible platform optimizes all the resources by generating automated tasks.

Military police of Salvador da Bahia deployed SCATI on-board video system on patrols

Military police of Salvador da Bahia deployed SCATI on-board video system on patrols

Editor / Provider: Editorial Dept. | Updated: 7/3/2015 | Article type: Government & Public Services

On the occasion of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, the Secretaria da Segurança Publica do Estado da Bahia (Public Security Bureau) decided to create an Integrated Emergency Management Centre (IEMC) in Salvador da Bahia, which includes radio communications and video surveillance systems. This centre employs 70 operators and manages 200 Police patrols, which makes it one of the most important emergency management centres in South America.

These 200 patrols have two cameras available to record the inside and outside of the patrol car along with a system integrating communications and video recording and transmission in a single device which is adapted to the specific conditions of an on-board system. A single interface is used for video and communications management, accessed through an on-board touch screen.

The most vital challenge of this project is real-time video transmission from the patrols to the IEMC over a 3G network which, due to the movement of the vehicles, offers a narrow and variable bandwidth.

Another key aspect is the integration between the communications and video technologies in both the on-board application and the IEMC. This integration simplifies system operation and provides improved efficiency and increased capabilities.

The SCATI technical staff selected 2 SCATI EYE On-Board Mini-dome cameras for each vehicle with the key specifications to provide high-quality video in this environment. These cameras comply with the EN-50155 standard on vibration resistance and their ruggedised design includes IP66 and IK08 protection and PoE power supply, which simplifies the installation.

Each vehicle has an on-board ruggedised video recorder, which includes a GPS module, a TETRA transceiver, a 3G module and a Wi-Fi module, forming an integral vehicle solution for video surveillance and communications. SCATI VISION OnBoard and the MVC-6000 vehicle console are installed on this unique compact hardware platform, providing a significant cost, space and installation-time reduction.

SCATI VISION On-Board recording software can be managed remotely from the IEMC with the suite of SCATI applications, or locally by the police agents via the touch screen installed in the patrol vehicles. SCATI CAR offers the agents access to realtime video not only from the vehicle's own cameras but also from the cameras in other vehicles.

SCATI CAR also offers the option of manually marking the recordings, capturing snapshots or increasing the quality of the recording, plus the possibility to access and download the recorded video to a USB storage device. SCATI CAR is embedded in the interface of the vehicle console, providing the possibility to manage all kinds of communications, remotely access the databases, browse the Internet and monitor the video feed from a single interface.

The state-of-the-art SCATI LINKER application prioritises and combines video requests to utilize the available bandwidth more efficiently in order to optimise video access in emergency situations, in which several vehicles and IEMC operators are all trying to access the same video.

SCATI WATCHER workstations are installed in the IEMC in order to manage on-board video recorders remotely, search video footage, monitor real-time video and perform all kinds of management operations. The SCATI ROUND automatic maintenance application remotely monitors the status of the on-board recorders and performs mass operations, such as software or configuration updates, over the entire installed plant.

Operators can also access the video from the Communications System applications thanks to the tight integration between both systems. The operators can check the recorded video and access the real-time feed from the vehicles via an interactive map. Additionally, they can quickly access the video contents associated with geo-located calls and pop-up windows with video associated with alarms, and they can send video from other vehicles to the units.

The full integration between SCATI VISION video recording software with SCATI CAR on-board user interface and the communications management vehicle console enables both technologies to function on the same hardware unit and provides access to them via a single interface. This considerably simplifies police agents' tasks and reduces the costs and time spent by system administrators.

The implementation of video in the applications of the communications Control Centre enables better fleet coordination thanks to real-time video, as the IEMC can give more specific instructions to the units.

And lastly, the system installed by SCATI has satisfactorily solved the critical aspect of the project: real-time video service over a narrow bandwidth network. The powerful SCATI LINKER application has provided optimum performance managing the variable bandwidth of the network, streaming video effectively in response to as many client requests as needed.

QNAP surveillance system successfully launched in Telekom Malaysia Berhad

QNAP surveillance system successfully launched in Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by QNAP | Updated: 7/2/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Telekom Malaysia is the No. 1 provider of information communication technologies in Malaysia. Their strength not only lies in their products and services, but also in various aspects of the industry including research and development as well as value added innovations.

With its business continually expanding, Telekom Malaysia has invested in a few subsidiary companies like VADS Berhad (VADS), which is one of Malaysia's leading Managed ICT service providers; Multimedia University (MMU), a tertiary education institution, The Yellow Pages group business directory company, and others.

Telekom Malaysia's business and personnel has mushroomed in recent years to about 30,000 employees located in several office buildings, and TM continues to expand its office facilities in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Telekom decided to upgrade facility security and deploy a new video surveillance system that would bring high scalability and integrated monitoring features to on-site security personnel. Based on the thousands of employees located throughout the offices in Kuala Lumpur and taking into consideration its already existing network structure, Malaysia Telekom's IT Manager decided a network-based surveillance solution with high integration flexibility and centralized management would best suit the company's needs. Implementation of this type of solution would simplify cable runs and eliminate reliance on CCTV type cameras, which usually have lower resolution and are more costly than modern IP cameras – and ultimately reduce costs while delivering superior video surveillance.

After consideration from various brands, the environmental conditions and specifications of this project, Telekom Malaysia narrowed its selection of 322 IP camera models from 3 reliable brands. To record the video surveillance, TM selected the standalone QNAP VioStor VS-8140U-RP NVR for its compatibility with cameras, six easy steps to set up and connect, along with the configuration that allows each camera to be supported by the VioStor's eight 6TB hard drives with RAID 5 redundancy, guaranteeing reliable video surveillance to protect TM's staff and facilities.

The Sony outdoor speed domes supported by QNAP VioStor NVR are mainly used to monitor the building's exterior surroundings, such the parking lot, opposite street and courtyard. The indoor speed dome is primarily used for the main lobby entrance and emergency exits as it supports a number of PTZ and audio features that allow real-time warning and help calls from some of the building corners. The MOBOTIX 360-degree Panorama, suitable for the filing rooms, indoor parking garages, and general office areas. It covers a wide range of surveillance, eliminating the need for any additional IP cameras, saving additional cost.

Another noteworthy feature is the advanced event management features built into the VioStor NVR. The initial configuration of motion detection, alarm input, connection failure, and recording failure can all be set for after-work hours. If any irregularity is detected, an alarm notification can be sent to Telekom Tower's security office. The guarding staff can then make the necessary protective measures accordingly. In terms of storage, each VS-8140U-RP can be linked with up to 40 IP cameras. With up to 48GB of highly reliable storage mated with H.264 video compression to save hard drive space, TM security personnel can reliably record and monitor all IP cameras installed around the facilities with ease.

SCATI provides centralized security in 300 ATMs in Colombia

SCATI provides centralized security in 300 ATMs in Colombia

Editor / Provider: SCATI | Updated: 7/1/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

SCATI reduces ATM fraud thanks to its SCATI CASH solution, which ensures transaction traceability in ATMs by associating ATM transactions with video.

The financial institution has more than 400 branches in the Andean country, proof of its solid leadership in the market and its strong international footprint. The purpose of the project was to equip its network of over 300 ATMs throughout the country with the latest fraud prevention measures. The application of state-of-the-art technology is one of the entity's commitments and differentiates it from its competitors.

SCATI CASH is a specific solution used to reduce fraud in branch and remote ATMs by associating transactions with video and improving transaction traceability. SCATI CASH makes it easier to detect frauds in real time, checks good practices in users and their cards and improves preventive security by activating automatic protocols if suspicious behaviour is detected. The entity has implemented other SCATI SUITE tools that are fully integrated with the rest of the applications and devices installed throughout the plant of video recorders (corporate buildings, offices, etc.) and therefore facilitate comprehensive security management from the control centre. SCATI software tools can be integrated with the bank's alarm panel so the user receives information in real time as to whether the branch is open or closed, thereby reducing possible robberies or intrusions.

The SCATI ROUND tool provides automated and remote maintenance of all the equipment, thereby facilitating preventive fault detection in devices. It is also a key element in the management of a scalable system thanks to its capability to program bulk operations on groups of recorders, such as configurations, updates, etc.

This software manages preventive maintenance by carrying out remote problem diagnosis and constant monitoring of equipment status. It also enhances task execution on recorders, such as time zone synchronisation or automatic bulk downloads. Its web interface can be used for searches and to obtain statistics, as well as to generate reports.

The SCATI platform automates the search and query processes in stored video for multiple cameras, as well as real-time monitoring. The purpose is to eliminate manual operation and improve incident response times. These tools give operators the capacity to program alerts generated by ATM transactions with a card number and amount, and POS transactions, without needing to stop the recording and then associate them with the video from the more than 1,000 cameras installed in the ATM plant.

The incorporation of video-monitoring reduces fraud committed in the financial institution by identifying criminal groups and suspicious activities in its ATMs. This is used to activate protocols that ensure rapid and efficient management of any incident that may occur.

Forensic security is one the most notable advantages of the SCATI VISION solution. SCATI VISION's image processing tools and the option of associating external events to the video via physical ports enables the software to perform advanced video searches, thereby saving operator time and streamlining investigations.

In overall terms, the SCATI video-surveillance solution can adapt to the needs of the financial institution to provide a speedy and effective response to any events or incidents that may arise in the more than 300 ATMs distributed throughout the country.

In addition, the flexible nature of the platform and its high capability to adapt to the needs of the bank and the legal and technological changes that the future holds makes it even more advantageous for the institution. Additional benefits are resource optimisation by generating automated tasks, fraud reduction and the automatic remote supervision and management of a large number of distributed devices.

EtherWAN certified as a network solution partner with Milestone

EtherWAN certified as a network solution partner with Milestone

Editor / Provider: EtherWAN Systems | Updated: 6/30/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

EtherWAN Systems, a leading manufacturer and provider of industrial network solutions, announces the endorsement of Solution Partner by Milestone Systems, the leader in open platform IP surveillance video management software (VMS). EtherWAN has proven successful network integration of IT infrastructure components, access control and Milestone VMS in the large-scale IP surveillance scenario.

In an IP surveillance project in South East Asia, EtherWAN's EX17242 24-port Power over Ethernet switches have formed a steady IP network with CAT6 and fiber optic connections; As a result, the PoE cameras, SCADA and access control systems on site communicate seamlessly through EtherWAN's Ethernet transmission equipment. The surveillance data is collected and sent to the control center for further event and alarm notifications processed by XProtect® Professional, a comprehensive open platform VMS by Milestone. Such integration is made possible in consequence of the implementation of Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK).

“EtherWAN is glad to join Milestone's Solution Partners in light of shaping reliable network transmission, minimizing installation and maintenance time of IP surveillance systems,” states Ben Chiang, Business Development Manager of EtherWAN, “We will continue to accumulate and share outstanding integration experience with our global partners and distribution channels in order to provide the most reliable network solutions for both Milestone and EtherWAN users. In order to fulfill this mission, we will make long-term efforts to work with all partners from different application fields.”

IDIS completes successful integration with Gallagher and Paxton

IDIS completes successful integration with Gallagher and Paxton

Editor / Provider: IDIS | Updated: 6/30/2015 | Article type: Security 50

IDIS announces that is has completed the successful integration of its flagship end-to-end surveillance solution, DirectIP, with Gallagher Command Centre and Paxton's Net2 access control, with both integrated solutions featured on the IDIS stand at this year's IFSEC International in London.

The Gallagher Command Centre provides a critical business platform, delivering organisational security and operational continuity. The platform goes beyond conventional access control, enforcing business policies, allowing the management of multiple clearances, licenses and competences for cardholders to ensure duty of care, and health and safety obligations are met. Key functions include visitor management, time and attendance, monitoring and tracking, intruder alarm detection and emergency management.

The IDIS integration with DirectIP DR 2/4/6000 Series of NVRs and Gallagher Command Centre Version 7.2, enables powerful and seamless functionality through the Gallagher interface.

Core features include live full-HD video streaming and the ability to easily search and instantaneously retrieve recorded images of incidents Alarms can be used to trigger cameras to turn to pre-set positions or tours and initiate a real-time operator response, as well as giving users complete PTZ control.

Paxton's Net2 is an advanced PC-based access control solution offering centralised and scalable administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors for up to 50,000 users. Net2 perfectly tailors access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes Net2 a perfect combination with IDIS DirectIP surveillance, as both solutions combine high performance with simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance to ensure a low cost of ownership.

The new integration of Net2 Version 5.1 and DirectIP enables simple plug-and-play installation of the IDIS DR 2/4/6000 Series of NVRs using auto detect technology through Net2's interface. Features include full-HD live streaming, easily retrieval and play back of time selected footage and the ability to use two-way audio from the control room to camera locations. DirectIP NVRs provide the video recording linking site incidents and alarms to corresponding video. Pre and post event recording options ensure video evidence of events, such as a forced door, is captured from numerous angles in full-HD, while operators have full PTZ control to verify alarms in real time.

Brian Song, Managing Director of IDIS Europe, commented: "Since the launch of DirectIP two years ago, we've focussed on working with best-of-breed technology partners in order to deliver truly integrated security solutions. By integrating with Gallagher and Paxton, we are enabling customers to close security gaps caused by disparate security systems, improve operator effectiveness and efficiency, while improving situational awareness and the ability for organisations to better respond to threats and incidents"

GKB optimizes security system in Imperial Hotel Cebu in the Philippines

GKB optimizes security system in Imperial Hotel Cebu in the Philippines

Editor / Provider: GKB | Updated: 6/29/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Imperial Palace Hotel and Resort is one of the luxury hotels located in Cebu which was rated by Times Magazine as the best hotel in Asia. The requirements for this project is to monitor the facility, providing high resolution image, allowing multiple view among cameras, requiring sufficient recoding retention days, and an unified alarm platform for CCTV and various sensors.

Firstly, GKB provides two separated NVRs GKB D3622TIR and GKB D3631TIR to meet the retention recording 30 days. Secondly, in order to deploy a unified video alarm platform with existing fire and smoke sensors, GKB chose to install IVAST (Integrated Video Alarm& Surveillance Technology) which receives alarm triggering signals directly from cameras which acting as an independent station from NVR. As for screen display, Imperial hotel uses Viewer11 which allows several security guards to access different NVRs to obtain live recording and playback. Such authorized accessing management is under privacy protection so that customers can not only manage with great convenience but also worry free from recording being hacked.

Products Installed
In this project, the Imperial hotel has installed GKB D3631TIR and GKB D3622TIR.

The greatest benefit would be an IVAST platform which enables fire and smoke detecting sensors being alarmed and notified on the monitoring screen. Such function brings easiness of operation and instant notification of fire and smoke emergency events. Moreover, GKB provides exclusive solutions and the most cost effective pricing with great warranted products duration and reliable installation service.

Splendor Hotel uses Axis' video surveillance system to further strengthen service quality

Splendor Hotel uses Axis' video surveillance system to further strengthen service quality

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 6/29/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Splendor Hotel Taichung, the only Taiwanese winner of the 2013 World Luxury Hotel Award, implemented a new generation video surveillance system for its guestroom floors, banquet function rooms, lobby, kitchens, and parking area to provide privacy and safety for customers and staff.

An Axis partner proposed Axis network cameras to the hotel. The Axis IP system, supported by Milestone's XProtect video management platform is easy to operate and ensures security throughout the hotel. More than 300 Axis HDTV network cameras were deployed, including AXIS M3004-V, AXIS M3005-V, AXIS P3354, AXIS P3364, AXIS Q1604, and AXIS M3007.

With Axis IP surveillance technology, the Splendor Hotel Taichung benefits from high-quality images with easily identifiable colors. In case of any contingency, the hotel can effectively reconstruct what has happened to provide valid evidence. By doing so, the hotel is able to effectively clarify the responsibilities involved and better resolve customer concerns.


'After we had our Axis HDTV surveillance cameras implemented, we could immediately access clear and easily identifiable video images as evidences to active clarify the responsibilities involved in case of any contingency. Now we are better able to strengthen our overall service quality,'

- Jerry Kao, Executive Engineer of The Splendor Hotel in Taichung

Synology introduces VisualStation VS360HD

Synology introduces VisualStation VS360HD

Editor / Provider: Synology | Updated: 6/29/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Synology VisualStation VS360HD is a compact, durable, and high-performance surveillance companion. It supports showing video feeds from up to 36 network cameras within a network when each camera is configured at 720p/10FPS, and dual Full HD mirrored display output via HDMI and VGA.

Live View & Playback at Your Choice
Synology VS360HD makes surveillance monitoring and playback simple. When paired with a Synology NAS running Surveillance Station 7 or later, VS360HD provides Full HD HDMI and VGA simultaneously mirrored display Live View output for up to 36 network cameras configured at 720p/10FPS within a network. Without requiring any costly computer, VS360HD is a powerful all-in-one solution for monitoring live feeds, browsing stored video footage, or capturing screenshots and saving them to an external USB drive.

Easy-to-Use Interface and USB Compatibility
Thanks to the versatile features of Surveillance Station, VS360HD is suitable for both beginner and advanced users. The intuitive interface ensures easy access to the most common functions, such as Live View, Timeline, and Recording List, which allows you to browse through recordings and export high-quality video clips or snapshots to an external USB drive. With the USB 3.0 port, users can connect a USB drive on VS360HD and reduce the time it takes to download video recording from Synology NAS to a USB drive. With a total of three USB ports on the VS360HD, users can also connect a mouse, keyboard, or even a joystick to easily operate specific IP cameras with PTZ (Pan-TiltZoom) control. With a few simple mouse-clicks, useful camera angles can be saved and grouped together to form “Patrol” cycles, while optimized Live View layouts are fully customizable with a quick drag-and-drop.

VESA Mount Compliance and Durable Design
With the included VESA mounting kit, users can mount VS360HD on the back of any VESA compliant monitors. The small footprint design of VS360HD easily hides behind the monitor, reducing clutter and providing maximum working space. Compared to a traditional PC, VS360HD not only saves a large amount of space, but also consumes less power and boasts tough durability. VS360HD can endure industrial temperatures from -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F), so there is no need to worry about overheating when installing VS360HD on the back of monitors or in harsh environments.

24/7 Security Solution for Everyone
Synology Surveillance Station offers a centralized interface to manage and monitor IP cameras in your shop, office, or home. In addition to its intuitive setup and hassle-free user experience, Surveillance Station features an optimized Live View panel with on-screen operations, smart analytics tools like motion detection, and an alert system that sends instant notifications through DS cam, SMS, and E-mail, when any suspicious behavior is detected. When paired with VS360HD, shop or business owners can ensure greater security by positioning VS360HD higher risk areas, such as a front desks or checkout counter, while storing the main recording server in a locked closet or dedicated server room.

Thanks to its fan-less design, VS360HD is completely silent and requires only 4.76W when operating with 36 channels, and even lowers power usage down to only 3.61W when idle.

Wallet-Friendly Energy-Efficient
As a PC-less surveillance solution, VS360HD economizes on both equipment and energy costs in the long-run. All Synology products are produced with RoHS compliant parts and packed with recyclable packing materials. Synology acknowledges the responsibility as a global citizen to continually work to reduce the environmental impact of every product produced.

Macro trends driving global demand for network security solutions

Macro trends driving global demand for network security solutions

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 6/29/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

The global market for network cameras is expected to grow by between 16 to 22 percent annually in the next three to four years, according to reports by market research companies TSR and IHS. A large part of the growth is expected to be in the Asian and Latin American markets. The Chinese market for CCTV and video surveillance equipment, which also includes analogue cameras, amounted to 33 percent of the total global market in 2013, which was then worth USD 13.5 billion.

Axis has an indirect distribution model and a network of more than 75,000 partners in 179 countries. Axis' sales are made to distributors, who in turn sell to system integrators and resellers, who sell to the end customer. Axis offers a broad portfolio of network-based products and solutions to enterprise, medium and small customers in nine different customer segments: transportation, retail, bank & finance, city surveillance, critical infrastructure, education, manufacturing, healthcare and public sector.

Axis' competitors are large international vendors as well as small niched companies, in total over 400 competitors globally. Mature markets are characterized by competiveness around quality and new technology while some emerging markets are instead characterized more by price competitiveness.

Urbanization and rapid developments in IP-connectivity are driving the continuously growing demand for network security solutions

The latest World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report identifies failure of critical infrastructure and severe social unrest as two main global risks during 2015. The need to create a safer and more secure society continues to be the overarching driving force behind continued strong growth in the global video surveillance market.

The demand for IP-based security solutions continue to grow in all market regions and the most prominent driving forces for this are urbanization and technology development,
both global in nature.

On the one hand, continued strong market demand is tied to dynamic macroeconomic factors having to do with social- and economic development, especially rapid urbanization. On the other hand, rapid developments in IP-technology and the rise of hyper-connectivity, often referred to as the Internet of Things, are creating new areas of use for network video in areas not typically associated with video surveillance, namely visual and business intelligence.

Urbanization drives the need for intelligent security solutions
With ongoing rapid expansion of urban areas in Asia, Africa and other areas, pressure on transportation and other critical infrastructure is mounting. The latest World Economic Forum's Global Risks Report identifies failure of critical infrastructure and severe social unrest as two main global risks during 2015.

Prevents and solves crime
Growing population density in urban areas across the world increases the need to build smarter cities that can meet the security needs of its citizens, who have a right to feel safe. Surveillance camera technology is increasingly viewed as a critical component for law enforcement's ability to solve and prevent crime. There is growing public acceptance for video surveillance and mounting societal willingness in general to use technology to help ensure the safety of citizens.

Innovations in network video technology have led to a number of advanced privacy protection solutions that can be used to ensure that cameras only record what's necessary and that the material is protected and safely stored. For example, functions such as privacy masks that automatically blur faces or configurable pan, tilt and zoom limits can provide additional privacy protection while encryption and IP address filtering enable increased data protection.

Developing cities require more intelligence
Large scale investments in infrastructure such as public transportation systems, new housing developments, energy infrastructure and industries are all driving global demand for smart and effective security solutions.

Network solutions for smart cities
Intelligent security solutions are crucial building blocks for constructing the environmentally and socially sustainable cities of the future. Network camera solutions can for example measure traffic flows and provide real-time intelligence to traffic controllers, carefully monitor large areas around power plants, ports and other critical infrastructure to help protect against sabotage and terrorist attacks, help protect passengers and employees of public transportation systems, prevent vandalization and protect government buildings and schools.

The hyper-connected world/Developments in IP-based technology
New technology and the rise of the hyper-connected world is another main driving force for the global network video market. Increasingly sophisticated network camera technologies are allowing cameras to be integrated with physical access control systems and used together with software solutions, mobile devices and cloud technology. Integrated security systems that combine network cameras with physical access control systems and software solutions, are now used to heighten security in for example schools, hospitals and government buildings.

The development of advanced video analytics solutions has created a new area of use, namely around video as visual intelligence, commonly referred to as business intelligence. Network camera end-users who want to optimize their business processes are increasingly looking to surveillance solutions for answers. Whether it is to optimize cost, functionality, efficiency or security, customers are increasingly relying on network video and thus demanding various new innovative solutions.

Today, customers in both private and public sector segments request solutions that are tailored for their specific needs. Whether it is to enable people to create a smarter, safer world or to find new business opportunities through visual intelligence, innovations combining network camera and IP-technology have opened the door for highly advanced and specialized solutions.

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