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Axis introduces Q3709-PVE with multiple 4K sensors and panoramic overview

Axis introduces Q3709-PVE with multiple 4K sensors and panoramic overview

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 4/25/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, introduces the first camera in the new AXIS Q37 Series. AXIS Q3709-PVE provides situational awareness of a large area, making the camera ideal for city surveillance applications, as well as in installations in logistic centers, airports and train stations.

“An effective one-camera installation providing overview and image detail at the same time is an efficient way to ensure that surveillance needs are met in large open areas,” Erik Frännlid, Axis' Director of Product Management explains. “Multi-sensor cameras are also well-suited in applications such as squares, stadiums, parking lots and perimeter surveillance, where large areas need to be monitored in high image detail in order to ensure complete situational awareness.”

Installation is easy, reliable and cost-efficient. No focusing is required since the lenses are factory-focused. The camera comes in a stylish and discreet design with an easily repaintable and removable weather shield that protects against rain, snow and sunlight and allows for easy blending in with the environment.

The camera provides a perfect 180° overview in up to 33 megapixel resolution. It offers a video streaming performance of 3 × 4K at 30 fps or 3 × 11 megapixels at 20 fps.

Further features of AXIS Q3709-PVE include: ·
* The camera is outdoor-ready with IP66 and NEMA 4X ratings. ·
* It is vandal-resistant with IK10 rating. ·
* It can operate in a wide temperature range with standard Power over Ethernet (PoE+). ·
* The camera offers video motion detection and tampering alarm.

The camera is supported by the industry's largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, and AXIS Camera Station. The camera also includes support for edge storage, AXIS Camera Application Platform, AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration and for application developers to provide the camera with intelligent capabilities.

AXIS Q3709-PVE is planned to be available in Q2 2015.

VIVOTEK and Hyperion Integrators provide IP surveillance systems to Ag Processing's ever-growing business

VIVOTEK and Hyperion Integrators provide IP surveillance systems to Ag Processing's ever-growing business

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 4/25/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Ag Processing: Agricultural Cooperative at the Forefront of the Global Economy
Ag Processing Inc a cooperative (AGP) has more experiences than almost any other company in the procurement, processing, marketing, and transportation of oilseeds, grains, and related products. Since 1983, AGP has expanded not only its experience, but also the extent of its vast network which now includes 172 cooperatives representing more than 250,000 farmers across the Mid West United States, and additional regional cooperatives in the US and in Canada. AGP also serves as the largest Cooperative Soybean processing company in the world and is a leading provider of soybean meal and refined vegetable oils. Despite this complex network, AGP's mission is simple: help local producers earn more from their crops by linking them to markets around the globe.

The Challenge: Updating Old Analog Surveillance Systems
Agriculture is an old business, but AGP knows that the old ways of doing things aren't always the best. To continue its remarkable growth, AGP has always striven to find the latest techniques and technology in order to serve its producers and customers around the world. In 2012, AGP had to acknowledge that its old surveillance systems were no longer meeting the requirements of AGP's growing business. Throughout many of AGP's plants and facilities, analog video systems were still being used- the time was ripe to update to a digital, IP based system that could be developed and installed across all of AGP's many facilities. The acquisition of a new facility at Algona Iowa, presented an excellent opportunity to bring its surveillance system up to date, so AGP reached out to system integrators Hyperion, who set about looking for the best possible surveillance system to suit AGP's needs.

The Solution: VIVOTEK and AGP, a Growing Relationship
AGP's search for the best possible IP based video surveillance system let it to the VIVOTEK brand. Working closely with Hyperion, AGP developed a total-surveillance system for the Algona facility that incorporated high quality components delivered at a cost effective price. With this first step, the seed of a long term business relationship had been planted. Since 2012, AGP has installed VIVOTEK IP surveillance systems across twelve of its facilities, including its corporate office in Nebraska, four facilities in Iowa, two in Texas, and more across Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and other locations. AGP, a cooperative that loves to see good things grow, now sees a future in which further VIVOTEK systems are added as opportunities arise.

Sandy Mason, Director of Labor Relations and Security for AGP, doesn't mind spilling the beans about his appreciation for VIVOTEK: “With the help of VIVOTEK and Hyperion, AGP has been able to build and maintain an ever growing system which we are able to control from a centralized location. VIVOTEK Management, Sales and Tech services are very attentive to our concerns and needs and understand that each of our locations has diverse, specific requirements.”

The right tools for the right Job - AGP Adopts a Wide Range of VIVOTEK's IP Cameras
Covering such a wide range of facilities across a network as large as AGP's, requires an equally wide range of surveillance solutions. One of the factors that led AGP to work with VIVOTEK, was VIVOTEK's diverse range of IP Network Cameras, which together allowed AGP to meet all of its surveillance needs. AGP has to date installed over 500 cameras across its facilities, and will continue to add further cameras. Cameras already installed include the SD8363E Speed-dome Network Camera with 20x Zoom and extreme weatherproofing; the SD8364E, with built in defog function; and the IP8362 network bullet camera with focus assist and WDR, allowing high quality and highly usable images even in difficult lighting conditions. Other models installed include the vandal-proof Day & Night fixed dome network camera FD8151V, and the low-profile, but-wide range fisheye FE8174 with 360 degree surround view and local dewarp to allow any section of an image to be viewed more naturally. VIVOTEK's latest innovative and market leading IR fisheye FE8181 and FE8181V were also installed in this project. Both cameras are furnished with a removable IR-cut filter for Day & Night functionality, and a built-in 10 meter IR Illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360° surround view, guaranteeing the image quality throughout the entire day. Few more cameras with superior image process capability and WDR Pro technology are also adopted, such as FD8137HV, FD8365EHV and IP8165HP.

Top of the Line Technology – Top Notch Support. VIVOTEK becomes AGP's Total IP Surveillance Provider
AGP's business is complicated. Its commitment to producers and customers around the world relies on the smooth cooperation of an enormous network of farmers and other cooperatives. In committing to upgrade its surveillance systems to the very latest technology, AGP needed to be sure that this wouldn't require time consuming installation or complicated ongoing maintenance. Thankfully, VIVOTEK's IP network camera systems are easy to install, and VIVOTEK's after sales service ensured that AGP was able to concentrate on growing its own business. Mr. Mason praised this aspect of VIVOTEK's service: “The biggest selling point VIVOTEK has, beyond its top-of-the-line-equipment, is its knowledgeable, service-oriented personnel who go above and beyond to insure we are happy with the product and that the product works as described. VIVOTEK has become a total IP Surveillance company for AGP.” Mr. Mason went on to say: “VIVOTEK's philosophy states Integrity, Care, and Innovation. VIVOTEK lives up to that philosophy and they are the company I refer to before any other.” So now, the cooperative can concentrate on fulfilling its mission and serving its customers and producers, secure in the knowledge that VIVOTEK is there, working alongside AGP and helping it fulfill this mission.

Vietnam bank safeguards patrons with QNAP IP surveillance system

Vietnam bank safeguards patrons with QNAP IP surveillance system

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by QNAP | Updated: 4/27/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Vietcombank, formerly known as JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, currently has almost 14,000 employees, more than 400 branches and offices in Vietnam and abroad. Vietcombank has many advantages of applying advanced technology into the automatic banking system, products development, e-banking services, based on its high technology foundation.

The Vietcombank offers comprehensive banking services and handles numerous foreign exchange transactions every day. As their existing surveillance system found itself increasingly inadequate for their needs, the Vietcombank sought a digital solution to safeguard their customers and staff. In order to meet Vietcombank policies, each branch also needs to retain surveillance recordings for at least 183 days. The existing system was insufficient at meeting their heavy surveillance recording requirements, and as the Vietcombank was expecting to implement an IP-based solution they would need storage expansion requirements to store this massive amount of recording data.

The Vietcombank decided to replace their existing analog surveillance system with an upgradable digital system and chose the QNAP NVR solution. In their first stage of implementation they installed QNAP VS-8100U-RP Pro+ series NVR in eight of their branches. They then upgraded their surveillance infrastructure to an all-IP solution featuring network cameras and network-attached storage.

The Vietcombank was satisfied with the quality service and reliability from QNAP Security. The VS-8100U-RP Pro+ series NVRs runs with high stability and enhanced compatibility & performance with the chosen cameras. After easily deploying QNAP NVRs, the storage expansion solution fulfills the requirements of high-quality surveillance recording and video data storing at the same time. QNAP NVRs, with the comprehensive functions of central management, live-view, recording, playback, and event management, make surveillance solution simple and effective, enabling the Vietcombank to offer a safer environment for its customers and staff.

Dahua introduces Starlight series network cameras

Dahua introduces Starlight series network cameras

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by Dahua Technology | Updated: 4/22/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China brings new levels of security to transportation, retail and parking management with the introduction of the Starlight Network Series Cameras.

Outstanding performance
As the name implies, starlight series camera is an ideal device for low light condition monitoring with its 0.005Lux/ F1.65 (Color) of light- illumination. The camera features 2-megapixel, 1/1.9”progressivescan CMOS image sensor for capturing full color images, as well as supports up to maximum 50/60fps@1080P encoding. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) features 120dB and offers high performance in extremely bright, dark areas or in backlight.

Moreover, Dahua in-house Smart Scene Adaptive (SSA) supports automatic switchover between different scenes, enabling users to experience the cameras' excellent low light performance. To speak of PTZ Dome Camera, the IR distance of DH-SD6AL230F-HNI is up to 500 meters and its IP67 provides more high-level of water- and dust-proof capabilities.

Smart features
Starlight series camera not only shows excellent performance in difficult lighting conditions but also features a wide range of smart detections such as tamper detection, smart video detection and intelligent analysis. Tamper detection can be subdivided into video mask detection, defocus detection and scene change detection. Smart video detection includes tripwire detection and intrusion detection. Its image analysis function provides an integrated and simple way to perform analysis on the images.

Furthermore, the starlight cameras support people counting and heat map. Heat maps enable users to identify the hot spots and dead areas in the low light. As for PTZ Dome Camera, it supports automatic tracking which can be activated manually or by scheduling. Smart detections give users the confidence to securely protect their property day & night.

Dahua Starlight series camera can go perfectly with multi-brand NVRs via ONVIF Profile S. Meanwhile with Dahua super 4K NVR, NVR608-128-4K, it offers max 18-channel IP cameras inputs and its incoming bandwidth is up to 384Mbps. And it supports 12 megapixel resolution preview and playback.

Dahua Starlight series features a cost-effective, flexible and future-proof solution for poor low lighting conditions.

Recommended models:
DH-IPC-HF8281E—2MP Starlight Ultra-smart Network Camera
DH-IPC-HFW8281E-Z—2Mp Starlight Ultra-smart Network Camera (supports motorized lens)
DH-IPC-HDB(W)8281-Z—2Mp Starlight Ultra-smart Network (IR) Dome Camera (supports motorized lens)
DH-SD6AE230F-HNI—2Mp Full HD 30x Starlight Network IR PTZ Dome Camera
DH-SD6AL230F-HNI—2Mp Full HD 30x Starlight Network Laser IR PTZ Dome Camera

Bosch delivers networked security solution for award winning shopping center in Turkey

Bosch delivers networked security solution for award winning shopping center in Turkey

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 4/21/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Bosch Security Systems was chosen as the central supplier for the security systems at Marmara Park Shopping Center in Istanbul, one of the largest of its kind in Turkey. The shopping center is completely designed in a galaxy-theme. Space-related lighting, planet models and a theme park for visitors form the individual identity of the shopping center. The networked and integrated security solution from Bosch comprises fire and voice evacuation systems, video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection. All of these systems are centrally managed and operated via Bosch's Building Integration System.

With a total floor space of 100,000 square meters, 250 individual shops and restaurants, a hypermarket, a cinema complex and parking for 4,000 cars, Marmara Park serves approximately 40,000 customers per day. More than 2,400 jobs were created within the shopping center developed by ECE Türkiye. In 2013 it was awarded the MIPIM award in the shopping center category, one of the world's most prestigious awards in real estate development.

To enable the highest security level for customers, employees and suppliers of Marmara Park, local Bosch partner Entegre designed a highly modular and scalable security system that meets all the standards as set in norm EN54. The Bosch fire alarm system consists of four networked Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series with 59 loops supporting more than 5,000 fire detectors. It is tightly integrated with the Bosch PRAESIDEO voice evacuation system which can also be used for announcements and background music in normal operations. This system with 64 amplifiers supports 140 independent zones, allowing targeted messaging in case of an evacuation.

Video surveillance of the entire premises has been realized using almost 300 cameras and 18 digital video recorders. In addition, Entegre installed a comprehensive access control system for non-public areas within the centre as well as the addressable intrusion detection system Modular Alarm Platform MAP 5000 from Bosch with more than 1,000 detectors. This allows the operator to exactly locate every alarm in real time, enabling fast response to any incident. The same holds true for the panic buttons which have been installed in all of the shops.

Being a tightly integrated solution, the entire security system can be configured and operated very efficiently from one central location or distributed consoles. The open architecture makes it highly scalable and adaptable to future additions or changing requirements.

EtherWAN is appointed as the sole sponsor for ethernet connectivity for Secutech Awards 2015

EtherWAN is appointed as the sole sponsor for ethernet connectivity for Secutech Awards 2015

Editor / Provider: EtherWAN Systems | Updated: 4/21/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

EtherWAN Systems, a global Ethernet connectivity solution provider, announced its consecutive 5th year of sponsorship to the Secutech Excellence Awards in Secutech International during 28-30 April, 2015. EtherWAN will setup Ethernet Switches for the live demonstration as well as provide technical support on site. The switches will connect with 7 NVRs and 47 IP cameras, including those with ultra HD, IR bullet, and panorama features. The audience will see the live performance results of the surveillance equipment from each contestant.

EtherWAN's PoE Solution products have been tested compliant with world-leading IP camera manufacturers such as Axis, BOSCH, Brickcom, Dahua, EverFocus, Hikvision, Hunt, Merit LILIN, Raylios, Sunell, TVT Digital, Tyco, Ingrasys, Shany, Panasonic, Sony and VIVOTEK etc. with smooth transmission result. Other than the sponsorship in the IP camera award, EtherWAN's Ethernet Switches also support the NVR award site, which is co-located to Secutech Award, with approximate 10 different NVR brands in the contest to display the best storage performance.

The official network topology for this event will utilize EtherWAN's 8-port and 16-port PoE Managed Ethernet Switch with dual Gigabit uplink ports connecting to another 24-port full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch to shape the best network traffic. EtherWAN's equipment will be running non-stop together with all devices from each contestant. “We are very much pleased to be once again appointed as the Ethernet equipment sponsorship to this event. It is also the 1st time that Secutech International highlights the subject of Network Transmission being technically-exclusive of other exhibition categories. With almost two decades' experiences in Ethernet technology, we are confident that our support can make the event another success, just like all we did in previous years.” said Maggie Chao, VP of Sales & Marketing in EtherWAN Systems.

EtherWAN has proven its technology know-how in network solutions and case-proven product quality in both indoor and outdoor environments. EtherWAN will continue to serve a sound role in the industry of network, especially when connectivity is crucial.

CompoSec – the key to differentiate your product from component design

CompoSec – the key to differentiate your product from component design

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by Secutech | Updated: 4/24/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

CompoSec Forum, one of the four concurrent events at Secutech, is an exclusive platform designed for component suppliers to present cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and latest products to security insiders. Held alongside with the show, CompoSec Forum 2015 will take place on the first and second day with 12 sessions at Room 404, featuring 3 trending topics: IP Ultra HD Solutions; Storage Management for Video; Ultra HD Digital Video Design.

On 28 April, representative from LILIN will kick off the forum by discussing new trends regarding H.265, 4K codec designs for IP cameras and NVR. Other sessions covering CMOS design, noise and heat reduction, CPU benchmark and efficiency, ISP and lens selection for fisheye cameras will be presented by big names such as EYENIX and Toshiba.

The second day of the forum will be focusing on Storage Management for NVR and Ultra HD Digital Video Design. Experts from top providers, namely Toshiba, Western Digital, EMC, ITE, Ubiquity, and Dahua, will share their ideas about hard disk products (especially those related to mega storage and encrypted storage), cloud storage, HD-over-coaxial, and ccHDtv for surveillance systems.

To register and see the full agenda, please go to:


GDSF Asia: A place to upgrade your knowledge on security solutions

GDSF Asia: A place to upgrade your knowledge on security solutions

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by Secutech | Updated: 4/20/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Focusing on the latest solutions and applications in both commercial and public sectors, GDSF Asia 2015 is expected to spark discussions and innovations in the field. Located at R400, the event will take place throughout the first and the second days of Secutech with 10 sessions in total, featuring speakers from global security big names as well as premium solution providers from Asia.

Speakers on the first day (28th April) includes Panasonic, VIVOTEK, and FLIR, presenting their latest product and system innovation. Sessions on the Day 2 (29th April) will be focusing on the latest applications and case studies on banking, retail, city surveillance and transportation sectors. Speakers include representatives from Milestone, Pacom, and VMSOFT.

For more details, please check the agenda and register online at:


What kinds of projects need ccHDtv only?

What kinds of projects need ccHDtv only?

Editor / Provider: Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 4/17/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

ccHDtv can be the only solution in some special occasions. For example, “If you want to have over 16 daisy-chain surveillance cameras on one coaxial cable, ccHDtv is the only solution. If you have a coaxial cable that is over 1,000-meters long in your installation site and you wish to use it to carry multiple full HD video, with 1080p at 30 frames per second, ccHDtv is the only solution. If your installation has room for only one coaxial cable but you want video, audio, control, and power simultaneously, ccHDtv is the only solution. If you have very poor cabling but you still want crystal clear HD video, ccHDtv is the only solution,” H.Y. Lin, President of ITE Technologies emphasized.


Current ccHDtv Projects at a Glance

1. A molding factory in China uses 16 ccHDtv cameras with the requirement for a transmission distance over 250 meters. The ccHDtv system provides better image quality, compared to IP video surveillance, with long-distance transmission.

2. A mechanical parts factory in China uses 16 ccHDtv cameras with the requirement for a transmission distance over 150 meters to replace its existing analog system.

3. A commercial building in Taiwan uses 16 ccHDtv cameras with the requirement for a transmission distance over 100 meters. 16 ccHDtv cameras are connected with four coaxial cables to replace its existing IP video surveillance system

4. An elementary school in Los Angeles, U.S., uses 12 ccHDtv cameras with 120-meter transmission distance. This is a new project with 12 ccHDtv cameras connected into one coaxial cable.

5. Bank of Shanghai in China uses 12 ccHDtv cameras with the requirement for a 120-meter transmission distance. Based on its existing analog video surveillance system, the bank added 12 extra ccHDtv cameras.


ccHDtv Cameras Connected in Different Types of Topologies







Unifying ccHDtv Suppliers Through an Alliance
With ccHDtv technologies and products getting more mature, ITE is also able to include more partners and suppliers of ccHDtv products. The company, then, established the ccHDtv Alliance this January to consolidate its marketing and sales strategies. ccHDtv standards and specifications were first announced to the market in Nov. 2012. Now, the company has over 10 qualified Taiwanese manufacturers that have adopted these specifications to develop their individual product series. “ITE provides allied companies with full support and services, including tests, certificates, and system integration, to help them manufacture a next-generation HD digital surveillance system with high quality and efficiency,” said Lin. Through the alliance, ITE hopes to bring ccHDtv to another new level, by collaborating and consolidating the resources from all the members, especially when exploring international markets.

ccHDtv now is still in the early technology introduction phase of its product life cycle. It needs more partnerships from security suppliers and recognition from global systems integrators in order to expand its market shares. ccHDtv provides systems integrators another option when implementing a video surveillance project, which is especially beneficial for both sales channels and end users alike. With this, we hope to see a significant growth for ccHDtv in the near future.




What makes ccHDtv unique is its “transmission technology,” according to Lin. Based on DTV technology, ccHDtv uses COFDM and radio frequency (RF) transmission technologies, which bring many benefits to the whole system, such as high noise resistance and bandwidth. He further explained that current IP video surveillance system use TCP/IP transmission technologies to transmit digital signals over Ethernet cables. Therefore, an IP video surveillance system usually has image latency problems. It goes without saying that these problems might get worse when transmitting 4K video. However, ccHDtv is different from IP because of the COFDM and RF transmission technologies...... Read On

ITE presents ccHDtv: future-proof technology for video surveillance

ITE presents ccHDtv: future-proof technology for video surveillance

Editor / Provider: Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 4/17/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

4K resolution video coupled with advanced analytics is more than just buzz words — it will eventually become a future standard for security. In the meantime, thanks to the increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) in different industries, more and more high-quality video will be put on the Internet. Then, data storage and transmissions will soon become a major issue for a video surveillance system. H.Y. Lin, President of ITE Technologies, a well-known IC design company and the solution provider of ccHDtv, further emphasized, “The solution which is able to stand out in transmission technologies will define the best video surveillance system in the future.”

The company, therefore, invented the ccHDtv solution to address future transmission problems in a video surveillance system. ccHDtv is an industry-first, pure digital HD video surveillance solution, based on DTV (Digital TV) technology, and is able to transmit video and audio data over coaxial cables. ccHDtv leverages the AV transmission capability of DTV technology, featuring high noise resistance and high bandwidth, so it can easily overcome some common transmission challenges of current IP video surveillance and analog technologies.

Unique Transmission Technologies
What makes ccHDtv unique is its “transmission technology,” according to Lin. Based on DTV technology, ccHDtv uses COFDM and radio frequency (RF) transmission technologies, which bring many benefits to the whole system, such as high noise resistance and bandwidth. He further explained that current IP video surveillance system use TCP/IP transmission technologies to transmit digital signals over Ethernet cables. Therefore, an IP video surveillance system usually has image latency problems. It goes without saying that these problems might get worse when transmitting 4K video. However, ccHDtv is different from IP because of the COFDM and RF transmission technologies, which are able to provide high bandwidth at 31.6Mb/s per channel. Using one single coaxial cable, ccHDtv can connect 16 to 32 cameras in total and transmit signals between 500 meters and one kilometer without using amplifiers or repeaters. Most importantly, “ccHDtv is the one of the kind solution that can transmit 4K video simultaneously via multiple channels,” Lin highlighted.

Furthermore, because ccHDtv is a pure digital HD technology it can deliver superior image quality and high noise resistance, regardless of the quality of coaxial cables and the limitation of a 200-meter transmission distance, compared to other HD-over-coax solutions. Because most HD-over-coaxial technologies are analog based, they might encounter problems with bad image quality as the legacy coaxial cables age or image distortion when transmitting more than 200 meters, according to Lin. He also noted that re-cabling may cause hefty fees and problems in public safety, so users of HD analog products might need to take precautions of its future expansion. Instead, ccHDtv gives users ease of mind in the usage of coaxial cables.

Flexibility and Cost Effectiveness for Project Implementation
Due to ccHDtv's unique transmission technologies and the above-mentioned advantages, ccHDtv is suitable for middle- to large-scale projects. Lin further explained, “For a new-installation project, we hope to provide an alternative digital solution, besides IP. What ccHDtv focuses on is the project within eight to 16 cameras. In such a project scale, using ccHDtv system is very cost-effective in terms of the total cost of ownership, compared with using a total IP video surveillance system.” Again, using one single coaxial cable to connect multiple cameras saves high cost in cabling, and could be even more beneficial to a retrofit project, too.

On the other hand, ccHDtv could also be a complement for an existing IP video surveillance project too. According to the company, if the end users would like to expand their installation base, they can choose the ccHDtv solution. By using a ccHDtv ONVIF-compatible gateway, it can connect to their existing back-end IP systems, such as NVRs or CMS systems. “From our company's point of view, the system which utilizes both IP and ccHDtv technologies should be regarded as the most robust surveillance system. We should not put everything on the Internet, since it might cause problems in transmission and also bring future cyber security concerns. With this system, we provide a new concept of ‘IoT' and guarantee high performance and efficiency for a video surveillance system,” Lin explained.

Unique Selling Propositions for Projects
ccHDtv provides the security industry an alternative HD video surveillance solution, in addition to IP and analog technologies. However, what might intrigue systems integrators and installers the most might be its business potential. Lin explained that the security industry is now facing a major problem due to product standardization, which results in price competition and then low profit margin, even though the global market demand for security products is still increasing every year. In light of that, “since ccHDtv is so unique in its transmission technologies, we [ITE] ensure ccHDtv can provide systems integrators unique technologies for a project and most importantly, good profit margin,” said Lin.

In addition, particularly for some traditional “CCTV” installers, ccHDtv makes it very easy to install a camera without complex set-up procedures and cabling. So, even for an installer, who doesn't know much about network, they can still easily install ccHDtv products. “ccHDtv is a DTV technology, so it is very similar to a plug-and-play solution and provides a very flexible and cost-effective method to deploy a video surveillance system, which totally changes the mind-set of current project installation,” Lin emphasized.

This year, ccHDtv products are ready for market, with cameras, DVRs, gateways, and other accessories. “We will start the international marketing this year, targeting European market and then U.S., and Japan, who are the early adopters of DTV technologies in the world. We think those countries have a better understanding about DTV; therefore, ccHDtv would have a better opportunity there,” he added.

What Kinds of Projects Need ccHDtv Only?
ccHDtv can be the only solution in some special occasions. For example, “If you want to have over 16 daisy-chain surveillance cameras on one coaxial cable, ccHDtv is the only solution. If you have a coaxial cable that is over 1,000-meters ....... Read On

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