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SCATI provides surveillance solution controlling 300 bank branches in Venezuela

SCATI provides surveillance solution controlling 300 bank branches in Venezuela

Editor / Provider: SCATI | Updated: 7/3/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The video-surveillance solution implemented by SCATI has the capacity to control 300 bank branches and more than 1,000 ATMs distributed throughout the country

The facility houses the corporate headquarters of a large financial institution and is located in the fifth highest skyscraper in Venezuela. The building, which is 159 metres tall, was inaugurated in 1982 and has 32 floors, including 4 for parking. The purpose of the project is to offer the company a complete security solution for its network of banking branches and ATMs as well as other special installations.

The solution to provide security for BBVA headquarters consists of more than 20 SCATI VISION IP video recorders able to record more than 700 IP and analogue cameras installed, with enough storage to capture high-definition images. SCATI's security platform can manage multiple CCTV systems in 3 special facilities, 300 bank branches and more than 1,000 ATMs distributed throughout Venezuela from a single control centre.

The video recorders are managed by three SCATI WATCHER management workstations with hardware redundancy, located in the control centre of the building and with support from the AMC (Advanced Management Centre). This powerful software has been designed for easy remote administration of the complete plant of video recorders and offers multiple functionalities to cover the needs of bank operators: video display, equipment configuration, alarm management, advanced search functions, map management and the generation of groups of devices, among others.

The main control centre is also equipped with the powerful SCATI WALL management and monitoring tool for professional monitoring of a large number of cameras. This application offers high response capacity in the event of incidents thanks to automatic display of video associated with alarms.

Users can manage and view all the cameras installed in the building from a single station and set up the scenarios that best match their distribution and critical video surveillance areas.

The control centre consists of two virtual matrices with two SCATI WALL operator workstations, each covering four monitors and capable of managing up to 64 cameras and viewing scenarios from up to 36 cameras simultaneously at 300 IPS and up to HDTV resolution, or 4CIF in the case of analogue cameras.

The 20 latest-generation video recorders installed are equipped with redundant power supplies, hard discs (Raid6) and network cards (teaming). In addition, 40 encoders are installed to convert analogue signals to IP.

The project also entails the design and installation of a dedicated fibre network, with redundancy between control centres through a 20Gb/s LAN backbone and a latest generation network infrastructure that enables optimum CCTV system performance, ensuring availability of the video and future growth.

The hybrid solution for video management provided by SCATI allows scalable migration to an IP system using the existing cameras without over-dimensioning the recording equipment. This is a comprehensive and flexible solution to manage and monitor a large number of geographically dispersed unattended systems: bank agencies, ATMs and corporate offices.

The implemented solution offers high image-quality and availability for the identification of offences in real time. It is based on state-of-the-art compression formats that optimize and adapt to available bandwidth.

SCATI SUITE's powerful tools make it easy to customize and automate video recorder plant maintenance and supervision tasks and reduce the management resources required.

Among the solutions implemented is SCATI HUB, from which users can perform advanced management of alarms triggered in any security facility. It is characterized by easy integration with all the security systems of the facility: access control, anti-intrusion systems, physical sensors, etc., thereby enabling centralized management of all the alarms from a single control centre. Minimum incident response times are ensured by its wide range of customized parameters and the possibility to program automatic actions in the event of alarms.

The institution thereby benefits from automatic supervision and management of its large number of remote devices and has considerably reduced ATM fraud. At the same time, this flexible platform optimizes all the resources by generating automated tasks.

Military police of Salvador da Bahia deployed SCATI on-board video system on patrols

Military police of Salvador da Bahia deployed SCATI on-board video system on patrols

Editor / Provider: Editorial Dept. | Updated: 7/3/2015 | Article type: Government & Public Services

On the occasion of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, the Secretaria da Segurança Publica do Estado da Bahia (Public Security Bureau) decided to create an Integrated Emergency Management Centre (IEMC) in Salvador da Bahia, which includes radio communications and video surveillance systems. This centre employs 70 operators and manages 200 Police patrols, which makes it one of the most important emergency management centres in South America.

These 200 patrols have two cameras available to record the inside and outside of the patrol car along with a system integrating communications and video recording and transmission in a single device which is adapted to the specific conditions of an on-board system. A single interface is used for video and communications management, accessed through an on-board touch screen.

The most vital challenge of this project is real-time video transmission from the patrols to the IEMC over a 3G network which, due to the movement of the vehicles, offers a narrow and variable bandwidth.

Another key aspect is the integration between the communications and video technologies in both the on-board application and the IEMC. This integration simplifies system operation and provides improved efficiency and increased capabilities.

The SCATI technical staff selected 2 SCATI EYE On-Board Mini-dome cameras for each vehicle with the key specifications to provide high-quality video in this environment. These cameras comply with the EN-50155 standard on vibration resistance and their ruggedised design includes IP66 and IK08 protection and PoE power supply, which simplifies the installation.

Each vehicle has an on-board ruggedised video recorder, which includes a GPS module, a TETRA transceiver, a 3G module and a Wi-Fi module, forming an integral vehicle solution for video surveillance and communications. SCATI VISION OnBoard and the MVC-6000 vehicle console are installed on this unique compact hardware platform, providing a significant cost, space and installation-time reduction.

SCATI VISION On-Board recording software can be managed remotely from the IEMC with the suite of SCATI applications, or locally by the police agents via the touch screen installed in the patrol vehicles. SCATI CAR offers the agents access to realtime video not only from the vehicle's own cameras but also from the cameras in other vehicles.

SCATI CAR also offers the option of manually marking the recordings, capturing snapshots or increasing the quality of the recording, plus the possibility to access and download the recorded video to a USB storage device. SCATI CAR is embedded in the interface of the vehicle console, providing the possibility to manage all kinds of communications, remotely access the databases, browse the Internet and monitor the video feed from a single interface.

The state-of-the-art SCATI LINKER application prioritises and combines video requests to utilize the available bandwidth more efficiently in order to optimise video access in emergency situations, in which several vehicles and IEMC operators are all trying to access the same video.

SCATI WATCHER workstations are installed in the IEMC in order to manage on-board video recorders remotely, search video footage, monitor real-time video and perform all kinds of management operations. The SCATI ROUND automatic maintenance application remotely monitors the status of the on-board recorders and performs mass operations, such as software or configuration updates, over the entire installed plant.

Operators can also access the video from the Communications System applications thanks to the tight integration between both systems. The operators can check the recorded video and access the real-time feed from the vehicles via an interactive map. Additionally, they can quickly access the video contents associated with geo-located calls and pop-up windows with video associated with alarms, and they can send video from other vehicles to the units.

The full integration between SCATI VISION video recording software with SCATI CAR on-board user interface and the communications management vehicle console enables both technologies to function on the same hardware unit and provides access to them via a single interface. This considerably simplifies police agents' tasks and reduces the costs and time spent by system administrators.

The implementation of video in the applications of the communications Control Centre enables better fleet coordination thanks to real-time video, as the IEMC can give more specific instructions to the units.

And lastly, the system installed by SCATI has satisfactorily solved the critical aspect of the project: real-time video service over a narrow bandwidth network. The powerful SCATI LINKER application has provided optimum performance managing the variable bandwidth of the network, streaming video effectively in response to as many client requests as needed.

Seagate wireless creates space for mobile devices

Seagate wireless creates space for mobile devices

Editor / Provider: Seagate | Updated: 7/2/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Seagate Technology, the pioneer in wireless storage, continues to grow its family of wireless storage solutions with the debut of Seagate Wireless, a 500GB portable wireless drive designed for streaming and offloading of media from mobile devices.

The new Seagate Wireless offers more space to carry everything consumers want on their mobile devices and alleviates the challenge of running out of storage space on smartphones and tablets.

Seagate Wireless provides a solution to stream your favorite HD video on your Android Tablet or Smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows 8 computers and Windows RT tablets.

The new Seagate Wireless drive comes in a range of vibrant colors. There is a color to coordinate with one's wardrobe, mood, or mobile accessories. Available Seagate Wireless color options include lime green, cool blue, slate grey, fire-engine red and white.

With space for up to 200 HD movies, people will never be without entertainment, even when on the road without Internet access. By freeing up precious space on people's tablets and smart phones, the Seagate Wireless drive will become a mobile devices' favorite companion. Enjoying saved content is now a social activity when using Seagate Wireless, which provides the capability to share the contents of the drive with streams for up to three connected devices simultaneously.

“Seagate pioneered the product category of wireless storage devices and is pleased at how the category has grown over the years,” said Patrick Connolly, vice president of Seagate branded innovations. “The latest generation of Seagate Wireless extends that legacy and makes the wireless streaming experience broadly available to far more consumers.”

Seagate Wireless storage is accessed through the free mobile Seagate Media app for Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire HD, Windows 8 tablets. Mobile devices connect to Seagate Wireless over a Wi-Fi connection, which the battery-powered drive emits once powered on. Simply connect to the drive by searching for Seagate Wireless in available Wi-Fi networks from any device. The drive emits its own Wi-Fi signal, eliminating the need to be within range of an existing network connection.

QNAP surveillance system successfully launched in Telekom Malaysia Berhad

QNAP surveillance system successfully launched in Telekom Malaysia Berhad

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by QNAP | Updated: 7/2/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Telekom Malaysia is the No. 1 provider of information communication technologies in Malaysia. Their strength not only lies in their products and services, but also in various aspects of the industry including research and development as well as value added innovations.

With its business continually expanding, Telekom Malaysia has invested in a few subsidiary companies like VADS Berhad (VADS), which is one of Malaysia's leading Managed ICT service providers; Multimedia University (MMU), a tertiary education institution, The Yellow Pages group business directory company, and others.

Telekom Malaysia's business and personnel has mushroomed in recent years to about 30,000 employees located in several office buildings, and TM continues to expand its office facilities in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia Telekom decided to upgrade facility security and deploy a new video surveillance system that would bring high scalability and integrated monitoring features to on-site security personnel. Based on the thousands of employees located throughout the offices in Kuala Lumpur and taking into consideration its already existing network structure, Malaysia Telekom's IT Manager decided a network-based surveillance solution with high integration flexibility and centralized management would best suit the company's needs. Implementation of this type of solution would simplify cable runs and eliminate reliance on CCTV type cameras, which usually have lower resolution and are more costly than modern IP cameras – and ultimately reduce costs while delivering superior video surveillance.

After consideration from various brands, the environmental conditions and specifications of this project, Telekom Malaysia narrowed its selection of 322 IP camera models from 3 reliable brands. To record the video surveillance, TM selected the standalone QNAP VioStor VS-8140U-RP NVR for its compatibility with cameras, six easy steps to set up and connect, along with the configuration that allows each camera to be supported by the VioStor's eight 6TB hard drives with RAID 5 redundancy, guaranteeing reliable video surveillance to protect TM's staff and facilities.

The Sony outdoor speed domes supported by QNAP VioStor NVR are mainly used to monitor the building's exterior surroundings, such the parking lot, opposite street and courtyard. The indoor speed dome is primarily used for the main lobby entrance and emergency exits as it supports a number of PTZ and audio features that allow real-time warning and help calls from some of the building corners. The MOBOTIX 360-degree Panorama, suitable for the filing rooms, indoor parking garages, and general office areas. It covers a wide range of surveillance, eliminating the need for any additional IP cameras, saving additional cost.

Another noteworthy feature is the advanced event management features built into the VioStor NVR. The initial configuration of motion detection, alarm input, connection failure, and recording failure can all be set for after-work hours. If any irregularity is detected, an alarm notification can be sent to Telekom Tower's security office. The guarding staff can then make the necessary protective measures accordingly. In terms of storage, each VS-8140U-RP can be linked with up to 40 IP cameras. With up to 48GB of highly reliable storage mated with H.264 video compression to save hard drive space, TM security personnel can reliably record and monitor all IP cameras installed around the facilities with ease.

IHS report on CCTV and video surveillance equipment market in Oceania region

IHS report on CCTV and video surveillance equipment market in Oceania region

Editor / Provider: Sandeep Nayak, IHS analyst | Updated: 6/25/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

The Oceania market for CCTV and video surveillance equipment, which is estimated to have been worth $190 million in 2014, is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% until 2019.

IHS forecasts that the market will experience a continued shift towards network video surveillance solutions. The Australian market is expected to account for most revenues across the forecast period, with an increasing number of government funded public surveillance projects being implemented.

Other key findings of the report include:

* The market in Oceania is not price sensitive and more emphasis has been provided on the specification of video surveillance equipment.

* Video management software solutions and cloud-based storage solutions are being incorporated into the enterprise surveillance solutions to provide better and easier management of the surveillance cameras and other peripherals.

* The Oceania market is a strong adopter of analytics. Particularly in the retail market as business intelligence applications are enabling end-users to monitor customer behaviour.

* Tourism has been experiencing a boost across Oceania region. With increasing number of tourists visiting the country, there is a need for advanced surveillance solutions to be incorporated into the region which is leading to the growth of the market.

VIVOTEK's total surveillance systems deployed by casino in North Cyprus

VIVOTEK's total surveillance systems deployed by casino in North Cyprus

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by VIVOTEK | Updated: 6/30/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Acapulco Resort, North Cyprus: Cyprus Tradition Meets Western Comfort
Located on the sparkling white sands of one of Northern Cyprus's most naturally beautiful beaches, and looking out over the shallow, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean sea, the Acapulco Resort (North Cyprus) is not just a place to relax and have fun, it is a place to be seen. As well as a long, 1km stretch of golden sand beach, offering a wide range of water-sports, the resort also features the biggest pool complex in Northern Cyprus, replete with a waterfall and a sunken bar. And in the evening, as the sun melts into the ocean, the Acapulco Resort creates its own bright lights, with an extensive array of restaurants, an open air disco and bar, and the stylish, high-class Pasha casino.

The Challenge: A New Security System, Stylish and State of the Art, was Needed for the Casino
In any luxurious holiday resort, the safety of the guests and their personal belongings is of utmost importance and the Acapulco Resort spares no expense in this department. However, one area of the Resort has always posed the greatest challenge for any security system – that is the extensive and stylish Pasha Casino. While the casino is built for the comfort and entertainment of the Resort's high-rolling guests and thus must present an elegant face, the gaming area also needs to be monitored closely to ensure fair-play. Until this year the casino management had attempted to carry out this surveillance with an old analog surveillance system, but in 2015, they finally reached out to distributors ONCU to help them bring the casino's security system up to speed, as well as into style.

One of the great things about the Acapulco Resort is that there's such a wide variety of facilities available. However, the diverse range of facilities at the Pasha Casino presented a diverse range of security challenges. The surveillance system needed to be stylish and with a small footprint, it also needed to provide coverage of a range of areas, some brightly light and subject to glare, some with less light than most IP cameras could cope with. Perhaps most demanding was the casino floor, where precision focus was required to monitor the gaming activities.

The Solution: What Challenge? VIVOTEK's Wide Range of IP Cameras See More but Show Less
Thankfully, VIVOTEK, no stranger to diversity, or to challenges, provides such a wide range of IP cameras and surveillance solutions that the Pasha Casino could be covered without difficulty or fuss. Particularly well matched to the job were VIVOTEK's FE8181 and FE8181V fisheye network cameras which both offer 360-degree surround coverage while keeping out of sight, and Smart IR illumination to bring dark areas into view. The FD8135H fixed dome camera took care of the other end of the spectrum, with its WDR Pro enabling the camera to provide crystal clear imagery even in areas of high contrast light. The IP8371E bullet network camera played its part too, incorporating Smart Stream technology, which can be used to optimize resolution on a desired object or area to maximize bandwidth usage. Joining this already impressive team, VIVOTEK's SD8364E was chosen for its superb image quality, sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism, patrol function, auto detection and tracking modes, making the camera able to easily keep track of the busy action on the casino floor.

One hundred and thirty FD8168 ultra-mini fixed dome network cameras were also chosen for their unique ability to provide surveillance of the highest quality, while blending into even the most stylish interiors. Knowing how important it is to avoid down-time in a casino, VIVOTEK has also made the FD8168 extremely simple to install with compact housing and standard PoE power input design, as well as a MicroSD card slot for local storage use.

A casino presents another challenge for surveillance systems. While visibility is vitally important, not every area can be brightly lit. VIVOTEK's FD8169 fixed dome camera, equipped with 15 meter infrared and 3D Noise Reduction technology, is specifically designed to produce crystal clear images even when the lighting is set low to enhance the atmosphere of the casino.

With adopting the comprehensive surveillance solution of VIVOTEK, the full coverage is ensured as the games goes on. Even in the busy and constantly changing environment of the casino gaming floor, security operators can remotely monitor every flip of a card and every spin of a roulette wheel from their high-tech control room.

Making Total Surveillance Simple: VIVOTEK's VAST Central Management Software
As is clear, VIVOTEK has provided a broad range of IP cameras to meet the needs of the Pasha Casino. However, just because the network of cameras is diverse, doesn't mean managing them needs to be complicated or difficult. Thanks to VIVOTEK's self developed VMS VAST central management software, the whole system can be intuitively managed remotely. VAST supports hundreds of cameras and stations in a hierarchical structure of system for monitoring, recording, playback and event trigger management with ease-of-use and efficient control. Moreover, VAST also offers a video wall solution, VAST Matrix, allowing the live monitoring of hundred of cameras. Serving as the brains of this diverse team of IP cameras, VIVOTEK's VAST software ensures that this diverse range of VIVOTEK cameras all work in perfect harmony to ensure the safety of the guests of the Pasha Casino at the Acapulco Resort, North Cyprus.

Dean Drako purchases Brivo – What does this mean for the industry?

Dean Drako purchases Brivo – What does this mean for the industry?

Editor / Provider: Blake Kozak, IHS analyst | Updated: 6/17/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

The purchase of Brivo by Mr. Drako is yet another example of the deepening integration between access control and video. Although the entities will remain separate, the level of integration and offering will likely escalate. What makes this a unique case is that the owner of a cloud-based video provider is expanding into cloud-based access control. While we have seen acquisitions of providers of cloud-services, e.g. Kaba and Keyscan and Avigilon with RedCloud, this is a first. The access control as a service (ACaaS) market is estimated to top $200 million in the Americas by the end of 2015. This equates to more than 350,000 existing doors of hosted, managed or hybrid doors in 2015. For video surveillance as a service (VSaaS), IHS estimated the global market will be worth more than $900 million in 2015.

For VSaaS, this purchase will allow Dean Drako to build upon his current stake in the VSaaS market, a market that IHS forecast's to reach nearly $1.3 billion globally by 2017 and is currently receiving renewed interest from the video surveillance industry. However, the true value in the acquisition is unlikely to come from Eagle Eye Networks' ability to further penetrate the VSaaS market, although an initial surge is expected, rather in strengthening its ability to provide a more complete cloud based security offering.

For the ACaaS market, although more end-users are accepting the cloud as a secure option to meet their needs, integration in the cloud has not been seen yet, to any great extent. Integration of video and access control remains a mega trend for traditional deployments. However, integrating these systems in the cloud remains difficult and few suppliers offer of this. Most systems claim remote management and viewing of access control and video events; however, storage is typically local.

IHS expects integration in the cloud will reduce risk to the system by limiting cross firewall activity. The first test of this theory will come to pass in the coming months as Brivo and Eagle Eye Networks utilize their cloud infrastructure and open APIs

While there has been limited cloud integration of video and access control, the residential security market is making big strides in the direction of cloud based security – where decisions are made and devices talk in the cloud rather than at a hardware level in the home. Although Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo are have a limited presence in the residential space, IHS expects that the access control and video markets will see integration in the cloud in the coming years, especially as more end-users demand a unified solution, e.g. using one software to manage the access control and video solutions. So what does this mean for the access control industry? IHS believes the access control industry will continue to move closer to open standards and cloud-based solutions; however, the process will remain slow as the larger suppliers look to remain proprietary and create closed ecosystems to protect market share. This purchase is interesting since it brings together two companies which are focused on open API and the cloud; as a result, this could be a blueprint and a preview of things to come.

The new FLEXIDOME IP 4000/5000 cameras make professional video surveillance easy for everyone

The new FLEXIDOME IP 4000/5000 cameras make professional video surveillance easy for everyone

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 6/17/2015 | Article type: Security 50

With the launch of its next generation FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras, Bosch updates its comprehensive portfolio of IP cameras to make it easy for small and medium-sized organizations to set up professional video surveillance solutions.

The new FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras offer an excellent price-performance ratio and again raise the bar and set new standards in image quality, ease of installation and data management.

All FLEXIDOME IP cameras are ideal for everyday video surveillance situations, including schools, hospitality sites, retail shops, commercial buildings and more.

Ensuring highest image quality and lowest network strain
The new FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 families offer a comprehensive range of dome cameras, ranging from the FLEXIDOME IP indoor 4000 HD model offering 720p resolution right up to the FLEXIDOME IP outdoor 5000 IR model. This model offers five megapixel resolution, Automatic Varifocal (AVF) and integrated infrared illumination.

High resolutions make it easy to distinguish individuals or minute details, significantly increasing the effectiveness of live video and retrospective analysis. All FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras feature built-in technologies such as Intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) and Intelligent Defog. These technologies ensure captured images are tailored to the content of the scene and bandwidth is used only when needed. IDNR reduces bitrates by up to 50 percent to significantly reduce storage costs and network strain. Since excess noise is reduced at the source during image capture, lower bitrates do not compromise video quality. Intelligent Defog considerably improves the camera's visibility when viewing foggy or other low contrast scenes.

Ease of installation
The new FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras are designed for extremely easy installation and configuration. All cameras, for example, offer the same Graphical User Interface (GUI) substantially simplifying set-up and configuration of the cameras. The FLEXIDOME IP 5000 models feature Automatic Varifocal (AVF) ensuring simple remote commissioning. A complete redesign of this range of cameras makes complicated cabling a thing of the past and can reduce installation time by up to 60 percent.

Safe data storage and data management
All FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 models offer multiple solutions for easy back-up and safe storage of relevant video data. Video data can be safely stored in the cloud, on a network video recorder such as the DIVAR IP 2000 from Bosch or on the built-in SD card (depending on camera model). When required, users can easily access their video data and control their cameras using one of the free viewing clients, such as the Video Security app for iOS or Android devices or the Video Security Client software. This software enables to view multiple sites or camera streams simultaneously and supports all devices running Windows 8, for example desktops, 2-in-1 laptops and mobile devices. The Video Security Client software offers intuitive control via touch screen or mouse and keyboard operation to ensure maximum user friendliness.

24/7 access and control from anywhere
Since users or security managers cannot be everywhere all the time, all FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras fully support Dynamic Transcoding technology from Bosch. In combination with the Bosch Video Security app or Video Security Client software it provides 24/7 remote access to camera controls, live video streams, recordings and HD still images, regardless of available bandwidth. Dynamic Transcoding automatically adjusts the bitrate to the available bandwidth on a network to ensure smooth video streaming, when the video is paused at an incident, a full HD still image is shown. To gain all benefits of Dynamic Transcoding, simply expand the IP video surveillance system with either a DIVAR IP recording solution or VIDEOJET XTC from Bosch.

All FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras integrate seamlessly with software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other leading vendors. This is backed by ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) conformance and the Integration Partner Program (IPP). This program gives developers immediate access to software development tools so they can easily integrate Bosch products with third-party systems. Further details of the Bosch Integration Partner Program are available at

The FLEXIDOME IP 4000 and FLEXIDOME IP 5000 cameras are available worldwide from July 2015 onwards.

Seagate announces Seagate Seven – the world's slimmest portable hard drive

Seagate announces Seagate Seven – the world's slimmest portable hard drive

Editor / Provider: Seagate | Updated: 6/16/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Seagate Technology, a world leader in storage solutions, unveiled a high-design ultra-slim external drive that evokes the legacy form factor of 2.5-inch internal hard drives.

The new Seagate Seven drive is the slimmest way to carry 500GB of data, with the name representing the 7mm depth of the 500GB drive.

The simplicity of the industrial design of the Seagate Seven pays tribute to the roots of computer storage while simultaneously celebrating the latest advancements in storage innovation. The premium all-metal enclosure highlights the essence of a bare hard drive, Seagate's core competency for over 35 years.

“Seagate has been providing the world with storage since the modern origins of computing history,” said Mark Whitby, senior vice president of Seagate Branded Group. “Seagate Seven is designed to speak to this history, while looking forward to the future of where storage technology is headed. We believe that Seagate Seven will resonate with those who want the latest trend in mechanical design while inspiring the user to create great experiences and memories.”

The stunning Seagate Seven portable drive celebrates over 35 years of storage expertise and innovation. This statement product combines advanced storage research and development with world-class industrial design to create the slimmest way to carry 500GB of data. The Seagate Seven enclosure is made entirely of steel, not only to achieve the thinnest external drive, but also for a premium appearance inspired by a bare drive, the very essence of storage.

Seagate leveraged the latest of the company's drive technologies and manufacturing processes to create the world's thinnest external hard drive. The deep draw process allows for the all steel enclosure to be shaped in a method that the material could not be any thinner and still hold the structural integrity needed to perform as an external portable storage device. The steel encasing also provides a rigidity, which allows for the incredibly thin design to be functional. The low profile motor technologies used in the bare drive are designed to include extreme Gyro handling capabilities with tablets and thin computing in mind. This is a true benefit when considering that Seagate Seven is a storage device that people will carry with them in their bags or pockets.

Pricing and Availability:
Seagate Seven is a 500GB portable hard drive that is available at selected retailers in Taiwan, with suggested retail price 3,499NTD.

Grundig protects the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates

Grundig protects the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates

Editor / Provider: Grundig Security | Updated: 6/16/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates was established in 1968, at the request of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan. The National Archives is a collection of valuable, historical material of public and scientific relevance, housed in a purpose-built site in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is imperative that a building and archive of such national and regional significance is well-protected. Many of the items stored are irreplaceable, including maps, photographs, documents and books.

Telectron, a well-respected and experienced security integrator, with offices in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, was chosen to design and install a new, networked security and CCTV system to protect the building, its contents and staff. Telectron, established in 1974, just three years after the UAE itself was formed, has a long-standing reputation in UAE security.

The brief was to install an intelligent CCTV security system that provided alarm notifications of significant events, from a change in scene to active intrusion; provided 24/7 visual surveillance; and recorded and stored all video data. The system also had to be viewed from a number of remote locations, as well as be monitored centrally from a dedicated facility.

Telectron installed 140 Grundig IP cameras; 95x GCI-K1523D, 2 megapixel (2MP) indoor dome cameras positioned within the building; 20x GCI-K1585V, 2MP, vandal-resistant, external dome cameras around the building exterior and site perimeter; a 5x GCI-K1812W cameras in the elevator and an additional 20x 3MP, GCI-F0505B box cameras for high resolution images and recording. The cameras were positioned around the entire site, including the museum areas, entrances, public areas and server room. All the cameras offer exceptional image quality and reliability. A Milestone Corporate Level VMS system, using CISCO network switches, managed and controlled the system.

Mr Mazen Minawi of Telectron commented, “We have used Grundig cameras in a number of applications and have always been impressed by their exceptional image quality and reliability. In a high–end application like this one, it is essential that no cameras fail, compromising site security and putting priceless, irreplaceable artefacts at risk.”

Grundig offers a full support service to customers in the Middle East region, headed up by Yalcin Demirak. Services include project and sales support, technical certification for Grundig Security installers and post-sales support.

The National Archives are so important to the UAE, that their existence and practices became law in 2008. UAE president, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, officially designated the centre the ‘National Archives of the UAE' under the name ‘National Centre for Documentation and Research' (NCDR). The name was changed in 2014 to National Archives.

The National Archive is responsible for collecting, preserving, researching and documenting the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region in general. It also has an educational role, promoting cultural and historical awareness. In the light of current events in the region, its importance is hugely significant and its effective protection is mission-critical.

The state-of-the-art building includes a museum-style exhibition that can be viewed by the public; a 600 seat auditorium for lectures and educational purposes; a 3-D Reality Hall; and vast archive storage areas. Many of the items in the collections are rescued, then restored and preserved in highly controlled environments and atmospheres to ensure they remain intact.

The new security system is a success. Mr Fadi El Khoury, Head of Technical Support at the National Archives commented, ”We monitor all key areas of the site from our central control room. The facility has eight work stations with dual monitors for tracking anything of concern in real time. The VMS is installed onto three management servers, plus a failover server for additional backup. We also have a remote viewing facility for the Vice President and General Manager, if required. The National Archive is exceptionally well-protected and any incident or potential risk can be addressed appropriately and immediately.”

Grundig is proud to be protecting the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates, a site of such historical and global significance.

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