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Arecont Vision 5MP compact camera captures images of speeding vehicles

Arecont Vision 5MP compact camera captures images of speeding vehicles

Editor / Provider: Arecont Vision | Updated: 3/20/2015 | Article type: Infrastructure

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America. The city of Buenos Aires is an autonomous district, and the separate province of Buenos Aires is the largest and most populous province in Argentina.

The local governments in Argentina needed a portable mobile solution to monitor and document speed limit violations.

In a unique integrated solution, Arecont Vision 5-megapixel cameras are used in conjunction with a radar speed gun. The camera's small size and excellent performance provided the perfect imaging solution for this specialized law enforcement application.

The system consists of a radar speed gun, a central processing unit (CPU) module, an Arecont Vision AV5115 5-megapixel camera and a laptop computer for programming and monitoring. The CPU controls and administers all functions of the system. The Arecont Vision camera connects to the CPU through an Ethernet connection, and the radar pistol communicates with the CPU via an RS-232 port. When measuring a vehicle's speed, the CPU analyzes whether the speed is in excess of the speed limit. If it is, the Arecont Vision camera takes a high-resolution digital image of the vehicle for license plate identification and fine processing. The information is then correlated to Argentina's vehicle registration database and the speed, operator's name, speed limit and location are superimposed on the picture and saved in memory on an SD card housed in the unit. A single SD card can store more than 1,000 files. Local monitoring is performed using a laptop computer, which is connected using a Wi-Fi network. The system also communicates via Wi-Fi to a desktop computer for remote monitoring.

The AV5115 camera is part of Arecont Vision's MegaVideo® Compact series of IP cameras. It features H.264/MJPEG dual encoding and up to 32-times the resolution of a VGA camera. Forty of the radar/video speed gun units were built, and the first units have been working uninterrupted since 2009.

The handheld radar speed gun system was designed and installed by Dyna Group, Buenos Aires, a customer-oriented company providing high-quality technical and environmental engineering services to its clients, according to Hector H. Zino, manager. Dyna Group's goal is to exceed every client's expectations with outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. Dyna Group specified the Arecont Vision camera for the radar speed gun application in Buenos Aires.

The high resolution of the Arecont Vision camera provides clear images for identification and the ability to read license plates. Megapixel-quality images include greater detail at an affordable price. Value drives the market, and less-expensive systems with higher resolution and better system performance provide the best value. During the design phase, several solutions were tried, but the Arecont Vision camera was chosen as the preferred solution because of performance, small size and easy operation. The system has been well received because of the high-resolution of the images and the small size of the complete device.

Better images ensure more revenue from speeding fines, which yields return on investment (ROI) for the new system. The radar/video guns have more than paid for themselves based on increased safety and collection of speeding fines. In one block in Buenos Aires, for example, 98 vehicles in one hour were each fined up to $480 for speeding violations. In another example, there were approximately 200 tickets issued in a single four-hour shift. Residents can request police to provide speed controls in their neighborhoods based on concerns about the safety of pedestrians.

“The solution has worked well, and Arecont Vision has been responsive to the customer's needs,” says Mr. Zino of Dyna Group. “The Arecont Vision megapixel camera provides a very compact and lightweight product at a reasonable price.”

Specialized selects MOBOTIX CCTV and access control solution to protect UK head office

Specialized selects MOBOTIX CCTV and access control solution to protect UK head office

Editor / Provider: MOBOTIX | Updated: 3/19/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

MOBOTIX AG, a leading manufacturer of digital high-resolution, network-based video security systems has released details of a project at Specialized Bicycle Components in the UK to secure access to its headquarters, workshop and showroom protecting high value engineering tools and concept models.

Specialized is one of the most famous cycling brands in the world, with its iconic ‘S' favoured by professional road cyclists and mountain bikers the world over. With headquarters and design teams in California, the company's UK head office in Chessington includes extensive workshop and engineering expertise as well as a collection of high end models and concept designs within its showroom.

As part of a continual assessment of its security and procedures, in late 2014, Operations and Logistics Manager Ken Butler began a process to strengthen its general security and access control. “Although our UK headquarters are within a secured business park, we felt that with the prominence of our brand and value of some of the items within the showroom, our security could do with improvement.”

The UK site includes finances, sales and HR departments alongside a showroom and engineering workshop. The site also has extensive car parking and welcomes high profile figures from the cycling world for meetings within its well-equipped boardroom. “As an engineering focussed company, we are very conscious of using the right technology for any task and this ethos also extended to our choice of access control and CCTV system.”

Butler sought recommendations from another trusted supplier for a specialist able to advise it on strengthening its security posture. “Switchnet Systems came to us highly recommended as knowledgeable and highly skilled security specialists and at our initial meeting introduced us to the MOBOTIX technology which fitted well with our requirements for a powerful system without the complexity, maintenance or reliability issues that legacy CCTV has traditionally experienced.”

Switchnet Systems proposed using a MOBOTIX decentralised CCTV and access control system across its headquarters building.

The system removes the need for a central control room and allowed Specialized to set up flexible access control and monitoring options at multiple location as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Working closely with MOBOTIX Award Winning distributor NBM, Switchnet Systems undertook a site survey and rapid implementation project over a 6 week period. Using the existing local area network with the addition of just a single additional network switch and NAS for archiving video footage, Switchnet Systems installed 11 MOBOTIX CCTV cameras, providing 13 individual video streams plus a T25 video door station. The system is also integrated with multimedia phones at several places in the building with handsets to allow rapid verification of visitors and remote door opening. The majority of the system comprises of MOBOTIX Q25 cameras offering a 360° all-round view to capture an entire room, a panorama function and a quad view to show images from four different angles simultaneously.

“The solution proposed by Switchnet Systems uses far fewer cameras than we expected while still monitoring every inch of our ground floor and entrances with exceptionally high quality video,” says Butler, “We were also impressed by the attention to detail and ability to meet some of our technical requirements demonstrated by Switchnet Systems and the MOBOTIX technology.”

Butler points to one example where the front door is connected to the MOBOTIX T25 and sensors provide an alert sent to the multimedia handsets to warn that a door has been wedged or left open for an extended period of time. “The CCTV cameras are virtually undetectable and the functionality and features of the system are simple to operate yet extremely powerful without requiring a dedicated security guard.” The system has performed flawlessly since installation and Butler is now evaluating the use of MOBOTIX to upgrade its 35,000 sq/ft equipment warehouse. “This has been a successful project that matches our ethos of innovation and engineering excellence while protecting our staff and visitors without obtrusive cameras or obstructive access controls.”

IDIS releases four and eight channel encoders

IDIS releases four and eight channel encoders

Editor / Provider: IDIS | Updated: 3/17/2015 | Article type: Security 50

IDIS, an established surveillance leader, has extended its surveillance line up to include four and eight channel video encoders allowing customers to integrate DirectIP with their existing analogue systems.

The video encoders enable customers to add IP cameras, Network Video Recorders, video management software as well as analogue cameras to expand and update their surveillance capability, and benefit from all the power and flexibility of DirectIP High-Definition and network surveillance.

The units support four audio inputs and have the ability to connect to existing PTZ cameras using 87x RS485 telemetry protocols. Featuring highly efficient H.264 video compression, the encoders also drastically reduce bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising image quality.

Martin Cowley, Channel Manager, noted, “The encoders are proving to be an effective migration path from analogue to network surveillance, particularly for customers looking for an affordable and phased approach. It allows customer to easily add HD and IP cameras exactly where they are needed most. The units allow customers to operate their entire surveillance system through DirectIP delivering immediate benefits in terms of ease of operation and plug-and-play simplicity.”

Packaged as an end-to-end solution, comprising a range of cameras, monitors, network video recorders (NVR) and comprehensive video management software, DirectIP solutions deliver unrivalled plug-and-play simplicity, combined with highest-quality performance and reliability.

VIVOTEK's comprehensive surveillance solution fortifies renowned German hypermarket EDEKA Voth

VIVOTEK's comprehensive surveillance solution fortifies renowned German hypermarket EDEKA Voth

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by VIVOTEK | Updated: 4/6/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Building an impermeable security infrastructure for protecting consumers and employees
The EDEKA Group is one of Germany's most successful companies, with success attributed to the seamless collaboration between the three levels of the Group - management, wholesale, and retail. EDEKA Voth in Lemgo is one branch among several EDEKA's retailers. EDEKA HQ is located in Hamburg, where strategies are formulated to create and maintain smooth IT structures throughout the entire organization. The wholesale level, comprising seven regional wholesale businesses, is to supply top-quality goods to 4,000 subsidiary, self-employed retailers nationwide, and support management in terms of distribution and expansion. The retailers provide not only top-class products, but also friendly and professional customer service. The EDEKA Voth management acknowledges that the security plays a crucial role influencing the stability and sustainability of operations. From this aspect, EDEKA Voth places considerable effort in building an impermeable security infrastructure for protecting consumers and employees. EDEKA Voth has reviewed its security options in 2013.

A comprehensive solution is designed for encompassing the entire branch
SECOMP, a German-based distributor of VIVOTEK products, is widely known in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors for providing quality services in Germany. Therefore, SECOMP was commissioned to revamp the security system in EDEKA Voth. Following careful planning and cooperation with CNS in Lemgo, a comprehensive solution was designed that encompassed both indoor and outdoor surveillance throughout the entire complex. Twenty-four VIVOTEK's cameras were installed throughout the complex, comprising a combination of FD8166, FD8335H, IP7361, and MD7560.

FD8166, regarding its ultra-mini size, low-profile design and the excellent quality, was specifically selected for monitoring grocery aisle activity. Twenty FD8166 cameras, one between two aisles, were installed throughout the complex. This model features a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing 1920x1080 resolution video at 15 FPS. Additionally, the camera supports the industrial-standard H.264 compression technology, which drastically reduces file size and conserves network bandwidth. This technology is essential in this context due to the number of cameras installed.

The fixed dome network camera FD8335H, featuring WDR Pro, removable IR-cut filter, and built-in IR illuminators, was selected for monitoring back door activity around the clock. Designed with 1-megapixel CMOS sensor, the camera is capable of capturing 720p HD at 30 FPS. Additionally, the IK10- and IP66-rated housing renders this model ideal for outdoor applications.

The bullet style IP7361 was selected to monitor the warehouse loading area. The IP7361 is equipped with a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor (1600x1200) with a 6 to 9 mm vari-focal, auto-iris lens that enables the camera to deliver extremely detailed images at 6 times the coverage of conventional VGA cameras without sacrificing storage space or network bandwidth. Similar to the FD8335H model, the IP7361 features the IP66-rated housing, removable IR-cut filter, and built-in IR illuminators, making this model perfect for outdoor surveillance.

For the entrance of the complex, fixed dome network camera MD7560 was opted. The MD7560 features an advanced 2-megapixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing 1600x1200 resolution video. It also supports a wide-angle lens, making this camera ideal for areas with high volumes of activity, such as store entrances. The IP67-rated tamper- and vandal-proof housing further increases the robustness of the camera, enabling it to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Achievement: Fully satisfaction with the performance and highly confidence in future cooperation
Overall stringency in surveillance has increased significantly since the employment of the solution in November 2013 while maintaining the ease of use and seamless operations. The customer is fully satisfied with the performance of the solution and expresses confidence in future collaboration.

The strategic advantages of reinforcing the security of an organization from the bottom of the structural pyramid are countless. At a consumer level, the tangible sense of security throughout the shopping experience elevates consumers' loyalty, satisfaction, and repurchase intention, generating positive word-of-mouth. At a management level, a sound security infrastructure frees decision-makers to tackle other aspects of management, formulating decisions with greater value for the company. At an organizational level, consumers' positive word-of-mouth and managers' favorable decisions created in the previous levels reinforce investor confidence in the organization, ultimately increasing market size. Therefore, the state-of-the-art solutions developed by VIVOTEK not only explicitly satisfy security and surveillance demands, but also implicitly promote organizational progress.

Sony IP cameras chosen by Virsig in New York City Marathon

Sony IP cameras chosen by Virsig in New York City Marathon

Editor / Provider: Sony | Updated: 3/12/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The New York City Marathon is a tradition held sacred not only by New Yorkers, but by people from around the globe who come to take part in the yearly event. Participants from more than 130 countries vie for a select number of spots to run the 26.2 mile course. Meanwhile, the whole city unites as spectators to cheer on those undertaking one of the most grueling feats of physical stamina and endurance, which in 2014 took an average of 4 hours and 35 minutes to complete.

The 2014 TCS New York City Marathon — held November 2, 2014 — was completed by more than 50,000 runners who ran through all five boroughs ending in the scenic embrace of Central Park. Furthermore, over one million spectators crowded the length of the course for hours to cheer on runners on.

When large crowds gather in confined areas for many hours, the topic naturally turns to security. As a result of this spotlight on safety issues at large-scale and widespread events, like a marathon, a comprehensive plan is put in place to keep the race runners and spectators secure. This year, the New York Road Runners (NYRR), the running club who organizes the annual race and their medical team chose New York City-based networked technology and systems integrator, Virsig, LLC to spearhead and execute their security plans, and to provide technological assistance and direction to increase safety.

Sony was chosen by Virsig to be the IP camera of choice to securely monitor the world's largest marathon, along with support from several other global technology partners including: Firetide, Inc.—a Division of UNICOM Global; Milestone Systems and Network Video Technologies. Sony's cameras were required to perform multiple functions ranging from situational awareness at all entrances and exits, to threat assessment, and personnel management. In excess of 50 Sony security cameras were installed along the route, including SNC-HM662, SNC-XM632, SNC-WR632C, SNC-CH260 and SNC-CH280; which includes fixed cameras with on-board video analytics, dome, bullet, 360 degree and pan-tilt-zoom style cameras.

“To help ensure the safety of the biggest marathon in the world is no small task. Sony is pleased that we were able to be an integral part of the security process for the second year in a row,” said Phil Coppola, Northeast Security Manager, Sony Electronics' Security Systems Division. “Virsig worked day and night to get their system up and running and they had to contend with some terrible weather leading up to the race. With their experience in wireless transmission and video surveillance system design and installation, Virsig allowed the Sony cameras to operate to their fullest potential and play a pivotal role in helping to secure the marathon participants and spectators.”

Although the marathon takes place during the day, the setup occurs over the course of several preceding day, and Sony's cameras needed to be able to perform reliably during daytime and nighttime hours. The Sony high-definition bullet cameras that were used come equipped with infrared illuminators that provided race coordinators with uninterrupted views, regardless of lighting conditions.

Sony's IPELA ENGINE security cameras, which were also installed at the 2013 New York City Marathon, were coordinated through Milestone Systems XProtect Corporate, a powerful IP video management software (VMS) designed for large-scale and high-security deployments. Meanwhile, Sony's new, ultra wide dynamic range IP surveillance cameras were placed throughout the last mile of the race in Central Park and around the finish line.

The innovative SNC-XM632 IPELA ENGINE camera was used in multiple locations for a broad overview of the areas around the entrance and exit points at the race. The camera has a 113-degree wide angle field-of-view and a hi-res, full HD imager, allowing for images that were far more detailed and expansive than anything used in the past.

Additionally, the marathon coordinators required a camera that would provide situational awareness to monitor the activities inside the emergency and medical tents. Because these were temporary structures, they were unable to take advantage of multiple camera views. For those areas, the SNC-HM662, a 5MP camera capable of providing 360 degree views from a single sensor, was selected. From this one camera, race organizers were able to know exactly what was going on in each tent, at all times.


“We selected Sony for multiple reasons; first and foremost because of the quality of the picture, and secondly because of the ease of installation,” said Glenn Taylor, Executive Director, Virsig. “We have a very short window to get the equipment up and running and we don't have a lot of direct access to the cameras during the actual marathon. This is particularly why we relied on the photo framing and auto focus that's built into the electronics of the Sony camera.”

The weather leading up to the marathon was very challenging, including freezing cold temperatures and rain, so it was important for Virsig to use cameras that were durable, reliable and self-sufficient. Sony's security cameras automatically adjust to meet requirements in lighting and environment, and hold up to the unpredictable demands of the weather. This ensures that race managers can deal with unforeseen circumstances and medical emergencies and rest assured that the cameras will perform their functions without the attention of a team.

The casual observer may not have noticed Sony's cameras or seen them on the front lines of the marathon, but according to all involved, it was a job well done. Runners were able to focus on their exhausting task while race organizers could concentrate on logistical issues and medical matters, without worrying themselves with the overall safety. Sony's end goal of maintaining a secure and worry-free environment for the over one million people involved in the world's largest race was met, for the second year in a row.

Synectics partners with Vemotion Technology

Synectics partners with Vemotion Technology

Editor / Provider: Synectics | Updated: 3/12/2015 | Article type: Security 50

Synectics' Synergy command and control platform - including Synergy 3 - is now fully integrated with Vemotion's video acquisition and streaming solutions.

The announcement is good news for councils and other public space bodies looking to benefit from wireless and deployable surveillance solutions that were previously impossible or costly to implement due to non-existent or poor fibre network provision.

Vemotion's encoding and streaming products enable live video streams to be transmitted wirelessly from surveillance cameras over any network, without the need for costly infrastructure or equipment. The technology also allows recorded footage to be transmitted from remote devices, whether hard-wired or mobile; ideal for councils and agencies in need of temporary or re-deployable solutions to extend and enhance their public space surveillance networks.

Synectics has extensive experience in developing and delivering security solutions for public space applications. Its surveillance systems, many of which incorporate Synectics' proven command and control platform Synergy, are already deployed in towns and cities throughout the UK.

The Vemotion integration enables any council, police force or other public body using Synergy, to view and control Vemotion connected devices - alongside data from other third party systems - within a single environment. This removes the need for multiple systems and improves overall ‘system visibility' for more efficient and effective monitoring and control.

David Aindow, Product and Technology Director at Synectics, said: “Our surveillance solutions are developed with open architecture as the starting point, not an afterthought. We know how important flexibility and interoperability are to our customers and are pleased to add integration with Vemotion's advanced cellular technology to our portfolio.

“Re-deployable cameras that can be moved to address ‘hot spot' problem areas are increasingly viable solutions, as is the ability to view footage from remote locations and mobile deployments. Against a backdrop of budget cuts, achieving these objectives where the right infrastructure is not already in place is tough. Vemotion solutions provide an ideal and cost effective answer to this issue and through integration with Synergy, operators can capitalize on this while still being able to monitor and control all data within a single environment.”

Wakefield council is one of the first to benefit from the integration. It identified hot spot areas not covered by the existing fibre network and is using Vemotion to facilitate wireless rapid deployment in these target locations, with transmissions feeding directly into its Synergy platform.

The Synergy/Vemotion integration is also enabling the council to look at other opportunities such as analyzing traffic flow and identifying issues which can then be used to advise Wakefield motorists via traffic management notices.

Stewart McCone, Managing Director of Vemotion, said: “Partnerships with globally recognized, like-minded, forward thinking organizations such as Synectics are important to us, particularly where it helps make life easier for our customers. Integration with Synergy means that our customers like Wakefield MDC can benefit from true system flexibility that can be managed within a single, industry-leading platform.”

Suprema unveils new IP access control platform BioStar2

Suprema unveils new IP access control platform BioStar2

Editor / Provider: Suprema | Updated: 3/11/2015 | Article type: Security 50

Suprema, a global provider of biometrics and security technology, launches BioStar 2, a web-based IP access control platform. BioStar 2 seamlessly integrates Suprema's award winning biometric technology with an enhanced security solution to offer simplicity, convenience and performance.

BioStar 2 is built with a new design style that focuses on enhancing user experience. All of the functions and features of the system can be used with only a few simple clicks. The system is accessible via web browsers, making the system independent from operating systems or device platforms.

The convenience of the system is driven by a number of automations throughout installation and maintenance. Automatic device discovery avoids tedious manual data input and detection processes. The feature allows the installer to simply select and configure the device from the list of connected devices within the network. Additionally, all future updates for BioStar 2 will be made available from a cloud-based resource. The optional automatic update feature will ensure that the system is up-to-date with the latest versions of firmware made available.

BioStar 2 offers uncompromising performance with the ability to handle large system capacities. The system can accommodate up to 1,000 devices. The data transfer to large numbersof devices is processed via Hyper Data Transfer to reduce the system downtime during maintenance. The system also allows unlimited time schedules and advanced user group settings to support complex access control setups.

“Suprema is excited to introduce the next generation access control solution that is fitting for the current technological environment” said Young S. Moon, Vice President of Suprema Inc. “We believe that the current technological environment is progressing in such a dynamic way, that securing flexibility and versatility to the new system was one of the key objectives. The system is developed to be web-friendly using the latest web standards and is not dependent on any specific operating system or client device unlike a number of different solutions in the market. With the newly found versatility, we expect BioStar 2 to serve as a foundation that we develop and expand to satisfy our customers' growing needs.”

Pelco HD Video upgrade at Black Oak Casino

Pelco HD Video upgrade at Black Oak Casino

Editor / Provider: Pelco | Updated: 3/11/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

In beautiful Tuolumne, California, set in the scenic Sierra Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, sits the Black Oak Casino Resort, owned and operated by the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians. Greeting guests with the traditional native welcome of “M-Chucksus!”, the Black Oak Casino Resort provides 164,000+ square feet of gaming and entertainment options: a conference event center, real and video slot machines, table games, poker, nine restaurants and bars, a bowling center, players club, gift shop, and a kids' arcade. In addition, the entertainment venue, the Willow Creek Lounge, hosts live entertainment three nights a week. The casino also features the state's largest smoke-free gaming area. “We aim to offer our guests a resort destination for the whole family,” says Edewaa Ti Foster, the Commissioner and Vice Chair of the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribal Gaming Agency.

Providing an environment where there are activities for all age levels, protecting the physical safety of its patrons, employees and others in the gaming facility as well safeguarding assets that are associated with the facility is not an easy task. Therefore the type of surveillance security employed at the Black Oak Casino Resort becomes a top priority. “With a property as large as the Black Oak Casino Resort and with so many various activities, keeping an eye on assets and balancing that with creating a safe environment is definitely a challenge,” said Todd Flowers, President of Surveillance Systems Integration (SSI), based out of Roseville, California, the company selected to manage the project. The Black Oak Casino Resort, operating in Tuolumne since 2001, recently decided that it was time to upgrade its existing surveillance system to keep up with the changing needs of its facilities. “The surveillance system we had just felt dated, and we kept hearing about newer technologies, like full virtual matrix systems that could handle the volume of network traffic that is usually associated with such high resolution images that the latest security surveillance cameras provide,” Foster said. “We selected SSI because we knew we needed a partner that could help guide us through the new technology, make recommendations, and work on our project in phases to avoid causing any disruptions in the services.”

“Working with the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribal Gaming Agency, we could immediately see how the property could benefit from an upgrade that would include a new video management system as well as cameras, servers and a new control center to be more efficient in covering the onsite casino hotel and gaming floor, and eventually expanding to the exterior sites, such as the parking lots,” added Flowers.

The primary goals for Black Oak Casino Resort were to switch to high definition cameras, enhance the virtual matrix capability, provide a migration strategy and the equipment to upgrade to a full internet protocol (IP)-based system, and transition in a way that would be easy for the security staff to adopt. The initial project was to be done in phases over a period of 15 months.

“We started with replacing the existing standard definition analog cameras with over 400 new high definition (HD) fixed cameras, along with HD, 1080P PTZ dome cameras,” said Flowers.

High definition cameras offer security surveillance employees and law enforcement officers superior access and use of video surveillance, with more detail and wider coverage, especially helpful for video review and identification purposes. Although HD images are larger and would naturally take more bandwidth, and possibly clog up the IT infrastructure, there have been advancements in the handling of IP-based data streams. Unique data routing protocols and advanced codecs, like H.264, are able to compress the video and audio for transmission with significantly less bandwidth burden.

In addition to the new cameras, SSI also removed the existing legacy analog video matrix that provided live video and control of the existing analog pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras and replaced it with the latest Pelco Endura 2.0 Video Management System (VMS). The change was made to allow full virtual matrix capabilities suitable for live surveillance applications (one of the property's primary goals) as well as leverage the existing analog cameras, wiring, and control in a complete network environment. This upgrade provided a seamless migration to the new system while allowing the security staff to maintain full control on the existing legacy analog cameras; more importantly, it created an expandable platform that would allow the addition of any number of new high definition IP cameras and operator stations without losing the responsive control and reliability of the virtual matrix.

As part of the upgrade, the Black Oak Casino Resort also had to consider how the new IP-based HD video would impact their storage of the surveillance footage. In the phased migration, new Pelco 36 TB network storage managers were installed to replace the legacy network video recorders (NVR). “By replacing the existing storage with a new NSM5200-36 network storage manager, we allowed existing MPEG4 encoded video streams from analog cameras in the system to be recorded on the same platform as the new high definition cameras that stream using the more efficient H.264 protocol. In addition, the inherent distributed architecture of the Endura IP VMS system allowed us to eliminate the potential of single points of failure so that the system could operate without interruption. "The NSM5200's multicast recording capability further streamlined the impact of HD cameras on the IT network,” and allow the recording of multicast data streams,” said Flowers.

“Despite the challenges that we knew the upgrades would present, we were extremely pleased with the advanced awareness of retrofit needs and knowledge of new technologies, not to mention the professional way that SSI exceeded our expectations in their service,” Foster commented.

In concluding the current project, Foster had one last thing to say: “We are proud of all the work our surveillance and security staff members do, and we know that technology plays a big part in it. While security surveillance is usually recognized as the dome cameras you see in businesses, these systems go well beyond the walls of the facility and are critical in helping us provide our guests with a safe and consistent experience while they are at our property. It took a “power team” to produce a power system and I am very proud of the end result! Thank you SSI, Pelco, Avaya and our TGA surveillance and surveillance tech teams.”

Axis and Genetec enhance casino security in California

Axis and Genetec enhance casino security in California

Editor / Provider: Axis | Updated: 3/10/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Opened in 2014, Stones Gambling Hall is a card house in Citrus Heights, California offering poker, blackjack, baccarat, Pai Gow and other card games. The casino prides itself on its commitment to customer experience and its saloon-style atmosphere. So when it was planning its video surveillance system, it needed an option that could blend with the design while still providing the highest degree of protection.

Stones hired Los Angeles, CA-based systems integrator and Axis partner CCS to design a system that would maintain the casino's aesthetics. CCS assigned Ryan Gleason as the Project Manager, and he was immediately tasked to working with the architect on systems selection and planning. Gleason and the design team selected Axis network cameras for the job, as the deep product portfolio would allow them flexibility with a variety of options for each part of the casino. CCS installed a range of cameras offering high definition resolution, discrete installation and options for remote maintenance and control. The system is managed through Genetec Security Center, the unified security platform which includes the Omnicast IP video management system (VMS), and runs on Dell PowerEdge servers.

The Axis cameras provide critical support for the Stones security team. The high definition video provides full detail of card games and money-counting areas. Because the cameras can be adjusted remotely, the casino can quickly change views to monitor specific areas, such as a popular game. CCS was also able to integrate a custom application they developed to take snapshots with a touch of a button in order to help the casino streamline tax reporting on transactions over $10,000.

A wealth of options for security
A casino is an environment where the details matter: dealers and players trade palm-sized chips and cards during fast-moving, high stakes games. When the owners of Stones Gambling Hall began constructing their card house, they needed a responsive surveillance solution that could capture the action in high definition video. Furthermore, the casino distinguishes itself in the emphasis it places on customer experience. It is a non-smoking facility with a gourmet restaurant and is designed to evoke a frontier-era California saloon. As such, the owners wanted cameras that could blend in with the aesthetics and maintain the casino's trademark atmosphere. To accomplish this, Stones asked Los Angeles, CA based systems integrator and Axis partner CCS to get creative and build a robust, yet unobtrusive, system.

The breadth and flexibility of Axis' portfolio let Gleason's team use an assortment of models and mounting options. For example, the card tavern section has a 30-foot vaulted ceiling with exposed trusses. Originally, Gleason planned to install cameras at the top of the ceiling to keep them hidden and out of plain view. Because of the height, CCS originally selected a model with interchangeable lens options. However, due to the 24/7 environment, Gleason decided a camera with remote focus and zoom was ultimately the best choice. After testing, the CCS team found a way to mount the camera eight feet lower than originally planned. This allowed them to upgrade to an HDTV 1080p AXIS P3346-V Dome Network Camera despite the fact it had a narrower focal length. Because it was a lower height, they were able to capture the same area with greater resolution and avoid dropping the cameras from a truss using conduit.

AXIS P3384 Dome Network Cameras with Wide Dynamic Range-Dynamic Capture were used near the entrances and exits to balance out the contrast between indoor and outdoor lighting. CCS installed discrete AXIS P12 Series Network Cameras at facility choke points and certain high limit tables. Various customized mounting methods conceal the cameras, including inside the games' displays to provide a “dealer's eye view” of the table.

“One of the benefits of using Axis is that it offers a product portfolio with dozens of different types of cameras, attachments, mounting assemblies, etc.,” Gleason said. “We could choose the best model number to use in a particular instance given the aesthetics, the location and what we were trying to see.”

Fast adjustments for the perfect view
The cameras are monitored at all times through a Genetec Omnicast VMS, and the extra eyes provide critical support for security personnel on the card room floor. Using AXIS Q6045 pan/tilt/zoom PTZ Network Cameras, the IT team can quickly change views if one game draws a large crowd or an incident occurs somewhere in the facility. Furthermore, if the casino adds a new game, they can make remote adjustments to the focus and digital PTZ of existing cameras to ensure all views comply with local, state and federal regulations.

“I work closely with all the managers to get the views that they need on a daily basis to make sure that they can do their jobs,” said David Gray, IT manager, Stones Gambling Hall.

Easy, inventive regulatory compliance
The open nature of Axis and Genetec products let Gleason find unique solutions to help the casino comply with regulations while maintaining its commitment to customer experience. By law, every casino and gambling facility must provide the IRS with detailed information on all transactions over $10,000.00. Often, this is accomplished by having the customer fill out a form. However, CCS integrated a button-activated trigger into the I/O port of the AXIS P3364 Network Camera, which tells the camera to snap a series of photos and create an event in Genetec Security Center. Security personnel can then use the images to record the required information while minimizing inconvenience to the customer.

“Everything we do is based around customer service here, and it really reflects in our casino's integrity and our day-to-day operations,” Gray said. “As long as the customers are happy, we know that they'll come back.”

VIVOTEK launches embedded plug & play NVR ND8322P

VIVOTEK launches embedded plug & play NVR ND8322P

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 3/10/2015 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK brings its state-of-the-art technology to an even wider circle of users, with the launch of the ND8322P, Embedded Plug & Play NVR, allowing even small-scale operations to enjoy the benefits of VIVOTEK’s advanced systems.

The VIVOTEK ND8322P, while accessible to a wide range of users, is an extremely very powerful NVR. The Linux embedded ND8322P is an 8 channel stand alone NVR with 8-port 802.3at/af complaint PoE, allowing connection with PoE cameras for a maximum 80 W power supply. VIVOTEK believes that smart technology should still be easy to operate, so the ND8322P comes equipped with “One Button Setup,” which allows plug-&-play and auto-setup functionality, making this advanced unit surprisingly simple to install.

With supporting HDMI, VGA local video output, and USB port, the ND8322P can be connected with the display screen and users can control the GUI OSD interface via mouse and keyboard, eliminating the need for a separate PC to search through, or playback video from the NVR. Making this NVR even easier to use, the new local display design – Auto Adaptive Stream modifies the resolution of the camera to match the display layout, resulting in an efficient display while maintaining unbeatable image quality. The ND8322P features various I/O ports, such as eSATA port, alarm input/output, RS232, and RS485 and provides users amazing flexibility, so the NVR is perfect for a variety application such as convenience stores, restaurants, clothing stores, or supermarkets. With VAST CMS, users can manage multiple ND8322P and set up their IP surveillance system quickly and easily.

In order to make the installation simpler and faster, the ND8322P will be fully compatible with VIVOTEK’s EZConnect P2P service soon in the near future. With EZConnect, there is no need to configure IP port on the router or set up a DDNS address for the NVR. In fact, the user doesn’t even need to know the IP address of the NVR. EZConnect will automatically manage all the network parameters needed to connect your network. What’s more, by simply scanning an on-screen QR code, business owners can access and manage their surveillance system from any iOS or Android device, from any location, and at anytime.

Making the ND8322P even more accessible, from March 2015, VIVOTEK will launch the perfect bundle for small businesses. Convenient and flexible, this package pairs the ND8322P with a four IP network cameras. Users can choose either the 2 MP bullet-style IR camera IB8369 for outdoor use, or the dome-style IR camera FD8169 for indoor use, depending on the needs of their business. The bundle also includes a USB mouse, power adapter, and a 2-year warranty – everything a customer needs to set up their VIVOTEK IP camera surveillance network. With this package, VIVOTEK brings its customers the future of surveillance in one handy package.

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