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Online tech training added to Arecont Vision 'University'

Online tech training added to Arecont Vision 'University'

Editor / Provider: Arecont Vision | Updated: 11/23/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Arecont Vision, a provider for IP-based megapixel camera technology, announced that “Arecont Vision University” has advanced to now provide an online portal for reseller partner education. Responding to the demand for the company's popular Channel Partner Certification Programs (CPCP), Arecont has developed an online learning center to make educational courses available on demand. The program, CPCP TEC, consists of online product training and tips to help systems integrators more easily install Arecont multi-megapixel cameras. CPCP TEC is one component of the company's CPCP, including general certification and advanced certification courses held regionally as one-day training sessions.

“This exciting new portal further demonstrates Arecont Vision's educational leadership in the security industry. The CPCP TEC courses provide another way for Arecont Vision to support the needs of technicians installing our cameras,” said Jason Schimpf, Director of Partner Relations, Arecont Vision. “Through a series of short video clips technicians can view lessons on the proper installation, configuration and servicing of our megapixel cameras. Since the courses are delivered via the web, we will continue to add new content to enable our certified partners to meet their ongoing education needs.”

Lessons in CPCP TEC are 5-10 minutes in length and are broken into segments for easy comprehension. Topics include:

- Setup and Installation of each camera family.
- Camera web settings tutorial.
- Setting a custom exposure reference.
- Camera “Troubleshooting 101.
- Updating camera firmware.

Bosch adds features and support for more storage solutions

Bosch adds features and support for more storage solutions

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 11/21/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Bosch Security Systems announces the latest release of its viewing client and storage software. Video Client 1.4 (BVC) from Bosch offers a number of enhancements — including improved search and support for advanced features of IP cameras from Bosch — to give customers more control over their video systems. The new version also adds support for ONVIF conformant cameras and an expanded range of storage solutions.

With version 1.4, customers can conduct forensic and event contextual searching for Bosch’s Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) and benefit from the new automated tracking feature for AutoDome 700 and 800 series cameras. Intelligent tracking uses AutoDome’s built-in IVA to constantly monitor scenes for motion and automatically track objects moving within the camera range. Customers can stipulate conditions that will instantly activate tracking or click on a moving target within live video to trigger tracking.

The software also adds support for the regions of interest feature for live and recorded video. This allows the user to zoom in to a specific area of an image and transmit it in a separate stream, so both the overview and detail can be seen at the same time.

Customers can use dual monitors for easier viewing and assign live camera streams to cameos on the second monitor. BVC displays live video from up to 20 standard definition, HD or megapixel cameras simultaneously and features visual adaptive cameo tiles that dynamically change to support the HD 16:9 aspect ratio. Live camera streams can also be displayed on a monitor wall.

The software supports IP cameras from Bosch and ONVIF 1.02 profile S conformant cameras from other manufacturers when used with DLA Series IP video storage appliances and the video streaming gateway from Bosch. It is also compatible with a range of storage solutions to meet varying budget and retention needs. Customers can combine BVC with IP cameras from Bosch or edge devices with secure digital or compact flash cards for a very affordable IP video system. Other solutions include recording station, the 400, 600 and 700 series recorders, DLA Series IP video storage appliances, DiBos DVRs, and Video Recording Manager 2.30 which allows the use of DSA E-Series iSCSI Disk Arrays. Customers can also activate on demand recording to the local PC hard drive for easy export of video to any media, including network locations.

The software from Bosch is simple to install, easy to configure and intuitive to use. A simple configuration manager wizard takes users through set-up one step at a time. Cameras can be quickly configured for most common lighting conditions, while allowing individual settings to be adjusted to obtain optimized results for a specific scene. Favorite views can be defined and named by each user and are easily accessible, offering one-click display of related camera images.

The software allows control of PTZ cameras with a mouse, console and with IntuiKey series keyboards simultaneously. Low bandwidth streaming with pan-tilt-zoom control has also been added to the new version.

BVC is delivered free-of-charge for up to 16 IP camera or encoder channels, while a license can be bought for additional channels up to a maximum of 128. It is ideal for small to medium surveillance applications, including retail, banking, transportation, and commercial buildings.

Vivotek releases 5-megapixel box cams

Vivotek releases 5-megapixel box cams

Editor / Provider: Vivotek | Updated: 11/20/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Vivotek announced its first 5-megapixel box cameras IP8172 and IP8172P (with P-iris lens). The 5-megapixel box cameras deliver 1080p Full HD video to meet the requirements of even the most demanding surveillance applications. With its introduction of the IP8172 and IP8172P, Vivotek now fields a comprehensive lineup of 5-megapixel security cameras, which also includes fisheye, fixed dome, and bullet models.

In addition to their high-resolution video capabilities, Vivotek's new cameras offer a full complement of other features to enhance picture quality and extend functionality. Built-in focus assist allows users to adjust focus precisely, while the IP8172P's P-iris lens utilizes a built-in stepper motor to maintain the lens iris at an optimal aperture even when lighting conditions change, for superior clarity and depth of field. Both models provide WDR enhancement to ensure detail is captured throughout the field of view even when both bright and dimly illuminated areas are present. Multiple streams support, SD/SDHC/SDXC card storage, and bundled 32-channel recording software add further to these cameras' appeal.

Director of Brand Business at Vivotek, William Ku, stated, "We're extremely pleased to offer our customers these new cameras. The incredible Full HD picture quality will make challenging surveillance applications like monitoring crowds in wide-open spaces such as train stations or shopping malls much easier and reliable. And we're equally happy that the IP8172 and IP8172P now make our lineup of 5-megapixel security solutions complete."

Avigilon extends management capability to S2 access control features

Avigilon extends management capability to S2 access control features

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 11/20/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon, a provider for high-definition and megapixel video surveillance solutions, announced that its high-definition video surveillance software solution, Avigilon control center, integrates with S2 Security's S2 NetBox, a 100 percent browser-delivered security management system that offers integrated access control, alarm and temperature monitoring. The integration of the S2 NetBox and Avigilon's high-definition surveillance solutions provides end-users, from small, single site facilities to globally distributed organizations, with a single platform to unite access control and high-definition video surveillance.

“S2 Security and Avigilon share the philosophy of creating open products that support integration,” said John L. Moss, CEO of S2 Security. “Integrations such as this streamline security management for end users and create valuable new opportunities for our integrators.”

The integration of S2 NetBox into the enterprise edition of ACC seamlessly unites the management functions of access control, smart card authentication and high-definition video surveillance for enhanced security. Companies can improve security and their return on investment, while balancing the needs of employees, IT and security departments by linking video and events with credential authentication, alarm and temperature monitoring. Through this integration, companies can improve response times to security events and provide enhanced protection for critical resources. Avigilon control center enterprise NVMS includes a number of integration options, which enable the exchange of high-definition, IP-based, and analog surveillance video with additional physical security systems to improve decision-making and reduce costs.

“The integration of access control and high-definition video surveillance is an effective security strategy for organizations small and large,” said Keith Marett, VP of Marketing and Communications at Avigilon. “Partners like S2 Security appreciate the openness and ease of use of our solutions.”

Geutebruck's re_porter_bank+ is the ideal IP video security solution for bank networks

Geutebruck's re_porter_bank+ is the ideal IP video security solution for bank networks

Editor / Provider: Geutebruck | Updated: 11/19/2012 | Article type: Security 50

As the popularity of internet banking increases and the demand for conventional bank counter activity reduces there is increased reliance on ATMs and other transaction devices. Making the appropriate infrastructure adaptations represents a big challenge for banks and for their security. The increasing number of unmanned areas mean that security, especially CCTV, is needed more than ever. In fact wherever cash is handled, CCTV is vital: at conventional teller counters and ATMs, at cash centres and at every step along the cash logistics chain, as well as at data centres and other data infrastructure sites.

Meantime banks have also been migrating from analogue video systems to IP ones, and adding HD or megapixel video. Generally in this situation their initial requirement is for hybrid solutions which can replace a mixture of different system types with one common system while incorporating their existing (predominantly analogue) cameras. Geutebrucks's re_porter_bank+ was conceived as the ideal platform to meet this need. Essentially it is an entry level ‘omnibrid' business surveillance solution specifically designed and configured for the banking environment which can be used with analogue and/or IP cameras.

* Flexibility
The re_porter_bank+ is intended for dealing with the variety of situations, components and peripherals found in a large existing network of branches and locations. It comes with 4, 8, 12, or 16 analog inputs which can be expanded up to 19 Geutebruck channels with three IP sources and supports the use of many different brands of IP cameras. With 1Gbit onboard Ethernet the re_porter_bank+ offers TCP/IP-based digital matrix functionality and unlimited (LAN/WAN) integration potential. Each unit can take up to 4 hard disks for video database storage.

The re_porter_bank+ has camera position analysis and motion detection features to trigger alarms if there is any tampering with the video system itself or if an intruder is detected in any sensitive areas of the site. It can of course be integrated with existing branch alarm, access control and ATM systems. So at night and out of hours it protects against break-ins and vandalism by detecting intruders, forwarding alarms to a remote control centre, carrying out guard tours and documenting events.

* ‘Omnibrid' technology
Geutebruck's ‘omnibrid' technology allows the use of all current compression algorithms and standards – H.264, H264CCTV, MPEG4CCTV, M JPEG and ONVIF compliance – as well as audio recording, for analogue and IP cameras. It supports H264CCTV, H.264 and MJPEG formats with freely configurable resolutions. In addition, it can transcode M-JPEG streams from IP cameras into MPEG4CCTV or MPEG4CCTV/MP (megapixel) CCTV-optimized formats. This has the advantage of enabling the user to use highly advantageous specialist CCTV processes like dual channel streaming (DCS) and dynamic live streaming (DLS) which deliver large network and storage savings.

Geutebruck's video sensors and intelligent video analysis software are well-known for their reliability, while its own specialist, CCTV-friendly, standard-compliant compression processes retain fluid motion, and consequently valuable detail, in situations where the vast majority of other H.264 implementations hesitate and shudder. A key advantage of this new omnibrid technology is that it enables video streams from third-party image sources to be processed using Geutebruck's proven video analysis software. It therefore provides more scope for intelligent data management, enabling different compression formats to be used for different purposes, and gives system designers much more scope to achieve optimum customisations.

* An all-in-one banking solution
Conceived as an all-in-one banking solution, the re_porter_bank+ more than meets the specifications of the BVG, the body which regulates video security systems in German banks and other cash-handling institutions. Its regulations cover details such as the location of cameras, picture resolutions, recording rates, the format of pre- and post-incident histories, evidential security and even the system maintenance regime – all with a view to deterring hold-ups, or failing that, to obtaining useful evidence of events.

As a consequence of this German regulation Geutebruck has extensive experience of exchanging metadata with other systems (e.g. ATMs, access control, building management systems and others) and the capabilities of the re_porter_bank+ include some specialist functions which are now of increasing relevance and interest internationally. For example, the re_porter_bank+ was designed to fulfil the legal requirement that all German financial institutions should document all cash withdrawals at ATM machines, whether these are on their own premises or in public areas. So where ATMs are located in foyers secured by access control systems, the re_porter can record card data when the customer presents his card to the card reader at the foyer door; video as he enters the foyer; video as he approaches the ATM; a portrait from the portrait camera as the customer's cash card is read by the ATM; account data as the transaction is processed; video of the customer's hand taking the cash from the ATM and then video of the scene as he leaves the foyer. In short it provides a comprehensive package of readily available, water-tight evidence on each ‘event' which avoids the enormous costs which could otherwise be involved in investigating card fraud or vandalism.

* Securing banks is a company tradition
Geutebruck is no newcomer to the banking sector. It owes its very existence to supplying banks with the latest security solutions. In the 1970s it was the development of an unconventional film camera which helped solve German bank robberies and brought early success to the company. Later the long-running Multiscope range of digital video platforms were used in their thousands in banks worldwide. Now Geutebruck's GeViScope+ is the obvious choice for central banks and major institutions and the re_porter_bank+ the trusty workhorse for high street branch networks.

Samsung upgrades a series of 3-megapixel network cameras and domes

Samsung upgrades a series of 3-megapixel network cameras and domes

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 11/16/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Samsung introduced a new series of 3-megapixel network cameras and domes. The models in the 7002 professional series, which are upgraded versions of previous high definition megapixel Samsung cameras and domes, include a long list of new innovative features and functions.

All models are able to capture images at a broad range of resolutions from 320 x 180 to 2048 x 1536 and include Full HD 1080p resolution displayed in 16:9 format. An advanced WDR feature ensures that everything in a scene can be clearly seen, even when images contain both very bright and very dark areas, whilst progressive scan technology negates motion blur and ensures sharp edges on moving subjects and vehicles.

“The specifications for the new 7002 professional series take into account the requirements of end-users who want a lot more from a high definition camera other than evidence grade images, and they also reflect the needs of installers,” said Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager of Samsung Techwin Europe. “A Simple Focus feature, for example, automatically focuses the camera. All that is needed is one simple push of a button on the back of the camera to achieve optical focus. This will obviously result in reduced installation time. However, there is an additional advantage offered by this very clever feature in that when the camera mode changes from color to monochrome with the help of the camera's true day/night function, the simple focus automatically optimizes the back focus required for clear sharp images.”

The 7002 professional series is supported by many of the VMS platforms. Other key features which are common to all models include facial detection and audio detection with the use of an external microphone. Also included is Intelligent video analytics which provides motion detection, appear/disappear, virtual line/enter/exit detection and a camera tampering alarm function.

The new cameras and domes support multi-streaming of video using either H.264 and MJPEG compression and can therefore be simultaneously used for real-time monitoring, mobile monitoring, high quality or high-efficiency recording, SD memory recording and for E-mail notification purposes.

“With the launch of the 7002 Professional series and our LiteNet range of ‘affordable' megapixel and HD cameras and domes earlier in the year, we can now truly claim to be able to offer customers a high definition video surveillance solution for virtually any type of project,” said Biddulph. “Customers can also take advantage of the fact that both series are compatible with our recently introduced SRN-1000 NVR which has been designed to offer a ‘building block' approach to the process of specifying a video storage solution.”

The new models in the 7002 Professional series are:
SNB-7002 box camera with built-in microphone
SND-7082 dome camera
SND-7082F flush dome camera
SNV-7082 vandal resistant dome camera
SNO-7082R weatherproof IR camera

Hardware veteran reinvents itself with new soft powers

Hardware veteran reinvents itself with new soft powers

Editor / Provider: LILIN | Updated: 11/12/2012 | Article type: Tech Corner

LILIN, a global CCTV and IP-based surveillance solutions provider, is pleased to announce that it has entered into technology partnerships with management platform developers icomply, Control 4, HeiTel, Axxonsoft, Genetec, Synology and Avigilon, and passed respective compatibility tests with flying colors

Under the new technology partnership with icomply, a software developer for integrated security applications, LILIN's full range of DVRs and HD IP cameras will be integrated into the VTAS Pro PSIM platform, enabling seamless control.

Michael Gallagher, Director of Business Development for icomply, stated, “As LILIN was the first CCTV manufacturer in the world to release ONVIF-conformant products, we feel that its products compliment the open platform integration that we actively promote. We are already seeing brilliant results.” The VTAS software meets all the regulations stipulated by the UK government and councils, meaning the LILIN product range will feature in city centers, as well as health care and education applications.

Steve Liddiard, LILIN's Sales Manager, commented on the partnership, “This is a great opportunity for us to actively work with an established software company and effectively integrate our products with a new platform. Not only is this good for customers who will undoubtedly see benefits, it also gives us access into new markets and channels.”

Integration effort with Control4, a developer of personalized automation and control solutions, has also been fruitful, with users being able to control LILIN IP products from the same software platform that controls other appliances in their home or business.

The entire LILIN IP product range, from megapixel cameras to NVRs, can now be used with and controlled by Control4 systems. “Our products and their features are perfectly suited for the integration with Control4,” Liddiard added. Home automation systems have matured over the last few years and are offering clear benefits to end users/homeowners. With this new integration, LILIN is able to further extend its presence on different software platforms and augment user experience — smart, convenient and efficient.

Additionally, the entire LILIN IP camera range can now be used with HeiTel Video Gateway series of digital video transmission and recording systems, for enhanced video and alarm management, all from the HeiTel Video interface. Christian Busch, LILIN's Sales Manager, commented on the new integration, “Our products and their features are perfectly married for new opportunities and markets. ” LILIN has provided quality IP and analog solutions to the market for more than 30 years, offering clear benefits for end users, especially in terms of operational simplicity.

HeiTel′s core competence, digital video transmission and recording, is reflected in the hardware Video Gateway series with the product families CamServer, CamTel, CamDisc, Cam4mobile and CamDisc HNVR. While all of them are hybrid DVRs, the CamDisc HNVR is especially tailored for use with megapixel cameras. HeiTel also offers a range of software solutions from single-user software (CamControl Lite/Pro) for easy remote control, configuration and transmission, to sophisticated CMS solutions either as built-in video alarm management or as add-on components to third-party alarm management products.

More than Meets the Eye
LILIN's open-standard IP cameras can also be easily configured, in just minutes, on popular VMS platforms Axxonsoft, Genetec, Synology and Avigilon. Here is how:
* Step by step with Axxonsoft V2.1.5.272
* Step by step with Genetec Omnicast V4.8.2201.19
* Step by step with Synology V6.0-2337
* Step by step with Avigilon Control Center 4 Enterprise Client V4.10.0.48

Sponsored by:
LILIN, dedicated to innovation, creativity, progress and excellence, is a global developer and provider of IP video solutions with more than 30 years of experience.

German logistics specialist's UK hub reinforces security operation with IP platform

German logistics specialist's UK hub reinforces security operation with IP platform

Editor / Provider: Milestone Systems | Updated: 11/9/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Milestone XProtect open platform IP VMS is the basis for an updated and expanded surveillance solution at Movianto, a comprehensive logistics and transportation service provider for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The move from analog to HD network cameras also includes Milestone analytics.

Movianto's UK hub at Bedford operates around-the-clock five days a week, storing and managing the daily distribution of healthcare products, handling 40 percent of all domestic pharmaceutical products. With a total of three UK warehouses and five trans-shipment centers, they deliver to every hospital and pharmaceutical wholesaler. Next-day delivery of cooled medicines uses the company's own fleet of dual-temperature vehicles. Movianto also offers cold-chain management, and delivery of life-critical medicines direct to patients at home, making 50,000 cold chain deliveries per month.

In late 2010, Operations Director of Movianto, Robin Edwards, consulted with Centra Security to update and extend their surveillance. Movianto previously had two analog CCTV systems in warehouse buildings from 2002 that were showing their age: 23 analog CCTV cameras streamed low resolution black and white images to different DVR systems with poor image quality and significant gaps in surveillance coverage. Movianto wanted new HD surveillance cameras.

Raj Garcha, Facilities and Security Manager at Movianto, says: "Centra understood immediately that the priority must be to improve coverage in the loading bay areas both inside and out, and their design recommendations focused on this."

The new surveillance system is based on Milestone VMS to manage, archive and export video from the latest multi-megapixel HD quality IP cameras. Milestone XProtect smart client is the interface that provides viewing, recording and retrieval of the high resolution, HD-quality images configured at up to 18 frames per second from a total of 40 Axis and Mobotix IP cameras. Movianto has further extended its upgrade to include Milestone analytics with ALPR in two cameras and XProtectTransact software. The cameras using analytics are positioned at the main entrance and record all vehicle movements in and out of the site thereby creating a full audit trail. The combined system on the Milestone platform records, stores and enables viewing and management of video images set to archive for 30 days.

The IP cameras with the fiber optic ring around the perimeter installed by Centra ensure key areas of security risk including loading bays, chillers, rear fire exits and the main entrance. The external cameras were fitted on poles looking back into the loading bays to provide total coverage in this sensitive area.

A range of internal cameras from Axis and Mobotix were fitted on vertical columns which support the roof of the warehouse. Discreet network cameras including the Axis M3014 were also fitted in some high traffic areas like the staff canteen and in some corridors for health and safety reasons. Milestone provides Movianto UK with a scalable, future-proof IP surveillance system which will be able to offer additional security functionality as Movianto's facilities management and security team decide to invest in more. The fiber optic infrastructure combined with the Milestone open platform forms the bedrock of a security system which will be able to grow and extend its functionality as Movianto places increased demands on it.

"Milestone has proved to be the future-proof platform which we were looking for at Movianto UK. With Centra's help we now know that we can extend the surveillance system through adding additional Milestone software modules and integrating with other facilities management systems," said Garcha.

The new system has enabled Movianto to move easily from a CCTV system - which prevented the facilities and security management teams from capturing images of sufficient quality - to a modern IP surveillance system which can help identify individuals and vehicles travelling in and out of the site.

The first phase of the new installation will be complete when two more fixed IP cameras have been fitted on 2.5 meter poles and configured to pick up the number plates of vehicles as they enter and leave the site. Milestone analytics ALPR software enables Movianto to log all vehicle plates and check these off against a known database of registrations automatically. This provides a greater level of protection against unauthorized vehicles entering the site.

Avigilon partners with UK distributor Mayflex

Avigilon partners with UK distributor Mayflex

Editor / Provider: Mayflex | Updated: 11/9/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Mayflex, the cabling infrastructure, networking and electronic security solutions distributor, has been appointed as a distributor for Avigilon, a provider for high-definition and megapixel video surveillance solutions. The agreement will see Mayflex become the UK's distribution partner for the entire range of Avigilon solutions, which will become exclusive effective April 1, 2013.

Gary Harmer, Director of Sales for Electronic Security at Mayflex commented, “This is a fantastic appointment for Mayflex. We firmly believe that we should provide our customers with a choice of 'best of breed' products in any given market sector. Avigilon is an exciting company that has incredible drive and passion for what they do and have produced a complete end-to-end surveillance solution that is unrivalled in the industry.'

Harmer continued, “Our aim is to become and remain our customers' business partner of choice. We know that our success comes from our customer's success, so we've listened carefully to what they need and are continually developing our business to exceed their expectations. Our security team has been fully trained on the Avigilon range and with their extensive knowledge of IP security they are well placed to advise customers on the best solutions for their requirements.”

“Avigilon's philosophy is to work with the best partners and distributors in our industry,” said Bryan Schmode, Executive VP of global sales at Avigilon. “By partnering with Mayflex we're ensuring that their customers have the best technology, support and solutions to be successful in business.”

Milestone platform to include AMG-Panogenics dewarping plug-in

Milestone platform to include AMG-Panogenics dewarping plug-in

Editor / Provider: AMG-Panogenics | Updated: 11/7/2012 | Article type: Security 50

AMG-Panogenics, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 megapixel cameras, announces that their integration of PanoCam360 with Milestone's XProtect VMS has been completed and the camera is now fully working with Milestone.  

Christian Bohn, VP of Corporate Marketing & Alliances at Milestone Systems, said, “I don't think we have ever seen such a fast integration by a manufacturer using our MIP SDK and ONVIF driver. I must credit AMG-Panogenics: the plug-in to our XProtect smart client interface with the device was done in record time. This means that the camera's on-board dewarping facility is now fully available in the Milestone XProtect smart client.”
 “PanoCam360 streams 12.5 frames per second and the on-board de-warping reduces the processing requirement back in the control room. Offering up to 14 de-warped video streams/independent camera views simultaneously alongside the full-resolution fish-eye view makes PanoCam360 the most powerful and versatile 360 degree camera range available. The camera is completely developed and manufactured in the UK and works on an open software platform, which makes it very easy to integrate. As you might expect from the global leader in open platform IP VMS, the Milestone XProtect software is the perfect partner technology for the AMG-Panogenics 360 degree camera. The Milestone integration platform SDK is a pleasure to work with and has enabled us to develop a plug-in module which adds our own dewarping technology into the Milestone XProtect smart client. We also tested the camera's ONVIF features together with the Milestone XProtect ONVIF driver and this worked perfectly, first time.” said David Myers, CTO of AMG-Panogenics.

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