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Clay Platte Family Medicine clinic upgrades access control system with Axis

Clay Platte Family Medicine clinic upgrades access control system with Axis

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 1/16/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Clay Platte Family Medicine is an all-in-one medical clinic offering a wide range of services for residents of suburban Kansas City, MO. With more than 100 staff members and 250 to 450 patients visiting a day, control over entry-way security is essential to protect patients, records, medicine, and potentially dangerous medical equipment.

The clinic needed to upgrade their manual lock-and-key system to better accommodate their security requirements. They also wanted a system that could grow with them as they expanded.

Axis partner Wachter recommended that the clinic install an IP-based access control system to meet all of their needs. AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller with AXIS Entry Manager software offered a simple, scalable and secure solution with all the benefits of IP-based technology. Unique, color-coded wiring diagrams streamlined the installation process. New units can be dropped in with ease, and the intuitive software gives the administrator complete control over the system.

Clay Platte Family Medicine has been able to establish full control over who can access their facility and when. They are able to set schedules, groups and clearance levels by dragging and dropping names in the software. They can feel safe knowing doors are locked at night, and the administrator has the ability to grant temporary access from home in case of an emergency. The cost savings they realized with the IP system has allowed them to explore incorporating video surveillance with the access control system.

Non-stop activity
The level of service means the clinic is a constant buzz of activity. “Essentially, once 8 o'clock hits, our phones start ringing, our doors start opening and our patients start visiting,” Delaney said. The clinic employs more than 100 people, and a steady stream of couriers, pharmaceutical representatives, patient's families and others pass in and out all day long. “Once those doors open, it is non-stop busy,” he said. In such a bustling environment, maintaining control over who goes where is critical. In addition to protecting its patients and staff, the clinic also needs to secure sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and patient records. “It's not uncommon in medicine for people to try to sneak in the backdoors to get what they need,” said Head Clinical Nurse, Patty Jean As a medical facility, many of the items inside are extremely dangerous, such as scalpels, drugs and electro-cardio tools. “It's not just that people are taking our stuff,” she said. “They are taking stuff they don't know how to use.”

The network advantage
Before installing Axis' Physical Access Control solution, Clay Platte relied on manual lock and key security. However, the clinic wanted to enhance their access control beyond what those locks could provide. “As an integrator, one of the key things we look at when choosing an IP system over an analog system is the scalability,” said Wachter Solutions Engineer/Architect, Mario Palmietto. “We try to find a solution that will allow the system to grow with the customer.”

Quick and easy installation
The Axis network door controllers are independent units that operate on a non-proprietary, open IP-based platform. New units can be added to the network individually, and the installation process is a breeze. Palmietto and his team were able to pre-configure the system on their in-house computers before starting the physical installation. After pre-configuration, AXIS Entry Manager software produced a unique color-coded wiring diagram that corresponded to the connectors on the back of the unit to help streamline installation time and reduce complexity.

Analog systems are more complex, said Wachter Field Engineer Mathew Fritzemeier. They often require a service manual and leave it up to the installer to determine where the wires go. The Axis software, however, “walks you right through it.” Additionally, because the Axis units support Power-over-Ethernet, Wachter was able to eliminate the need for expensive composite cables. This significantly reduced costs and allowed Clay Platte to invest in more security for the future.

Intuitive and feature-rich software
Wachter also recommended AXIS Entry Manager because the user-friendly interface makes it easy for Clay Platte to administer the system themselves. “It just tells you what to do intuitively,” Jean said. As administrator, she can drag and drop staff into groups to create access schedules based on shifts and set specific clearance levels for various parts of the building. “It gives me the flexibility of actually setting schedules, so when people are supposed to be here, they can get in, and when they aren't, they can't.” The software also allows Jean to control the system remotely. If, in an emergency, someone needed to get in afterhours, she can grant immediate access from home for a specific amount of time. “If they need to be there for an hour, I can literally pin down an hour,” she said.

As Clay Platte expands, they plan to install the Axis system at their new locations. “Because it is on our network, and our network shares everything…it is another system we can drop into place,” Jean said. “That is a huge plus and a huge cost savings.” In fact, the cost savings are allowing Clay Platte to explore integrating IP surveillance cameras into the system. They also hope to add alarm functions and even payroll tracking support.

Complete control
AXIS A1001 and the AXIS Entry Manager system has given Clay Platte Family Medicine Clinic complete control over the entrances to their facility. The doors are guaranteed to be locked and secure at night, and they are protected from any unauthorized access to the back of the facility.

“Since we have installed the system, I haven't had to worry about people walking in uninvited,” said physician- owner Dr. Nathan Granger. While the Axis system blocks out those who don't belong, it doesn't impede the work of the clinic. “Accessing the system has been quite easy for me and my staff,” Granger said. “It has not affected our workflow at all.” “I think everybody is excited to have it in place,” Dr. Delaney said. “The improved security provides a real peace of mind

VIVOTEK releases fisheye network cams FE8174 and FE8174V

VIVOTEK releases fisheye network cams FE8174 and FE8174V

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 1/14/2014 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK announced the launch of the 5MP 360° surround view pixel counter fisheye network cameras FE8174 and FE8174V. Featuring 5-megapixel sensors and 1.1 mm fisheye lenses for 180° panoramic view and 360° surround view, both camera are able to provide clear and detailed coverage of wide, open areas like airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores, offices, restaurant, classroom and more.

Panoramic fisheye cameras, which deliver complete, surrounding views of an area, have been recognized as an ideal solution for comprehensive and seamless surveillance with a lower total cost of ownership. Images captured by VIVOTEK's FE8174 and FE8174V are hemispherical, but with the latest cutting-edge image processing capabilities, hemispherical images can be converted into conventional rectilinear projection for viewing and analysis via commercially available software applications either at client or local viewer. A wide range of display layouts are available, including original surround view, panoramic view, and regional view for various mounting applications. In both the panoramic as well as regional viewing modes, users can utilize the ultra-smooth ePTZ function to easily zoom in and focus on a region of interest (ROI). For superior image quality in a diverse set of lighting environments, VIVOTEK has designed FE8174 and FE8174V with WDR Enhancement and a removable IR-cut filter. The new Pixel Counter feature also aids the installer in determining the level of detail (or Pixel-Per-Foot) required at different distances for objects of interest or in any intelligent analysis applications.

Compared to FE8174, FE8174V is equipped with an IP66 weatherproof and IK-10 vandal-proof housing so that the camera can not only withstand rain and dust, but also effectively provide robust protection against physical damage. In addition, in compliance with full EN50155 standards, the camera can resist shock and vibration, maintaining stable and reliable video during movement.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, stated, “As technology evolved, the fisheye lens was introduced to the security market in recent years, and allows for an increase in capture area with multiple viewing options. We are pleased to provide the market with our latest high megapixel fisheye camera, which exceeds the expectations of diverse applications and monitoring requirements, enabling flexibility of viewing multiple objects from the same camera.”

Avaya secured with Avigilon HD surveillance system

Avaya secured with Avigilon HD surveillance system

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 1/7/2014 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

To secure the perimeter of its corporate headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Avaya deployed the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system to monitor employees and visitors as they enter and exit the parking lots while maintaining an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Avaya installed 15 Avigilon 5 MP cameras, which are mounted strategically around the campus to monitor traffic. With two workstations set up to display both front and back views of the parking lots, security officers manage the system using the Avigilon Control Center software with High-Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology and store five terabytes of surveillance data using the Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR).

The Avigilon system provides a high level view of Avaya's parking lots but can easily zoom in up to 150 feet to see clear details, with an estimated 300% improvement in the ability to see image detail at night. The Avigilon system saved Avaya 75% in costs and security guards can now also work more efficiently and quickly investigate a potential issue to increase response times and deliver improved overall protection.
* 75% cost savings
* 150 foot zoom capability
* Increased campus safety

Avaya Secures Workplace Environment with Avigilon High-Definition Surveillance System
With a focus on product quality and technology innovation, Avaya has developed a reputation for high performing, reliable, and “bulletproof” enterprise communication solutions, including unified communications, contact center, and IP telephony technologies. To secure the workplace and ensure asset protection, Avaya has taken the same approach to security – investing in an equally reliable and ‘bulletproof” surveillance solution to secure the perimeter of its corporate headquarters. To this end, Avaya chose the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system to improve visibility into the company's parking lot around the clock.

Securing an Open Landscape
The Avaya headquarters sits on 25 acres of land in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and is backed by both a wooded tree line and a cemetery. To secure the company's 4 parking lots, Avaya considered a couple of options, including installing gates at all entrances and exits to ensure only authorized access. However, Avaya quickly realized that the cost of hardware, installation, and maintenance was prohibitive. In addition, the company felt that gates would create an unwelcoming look that would detract from the facility's open and friendly atmosphere.

After much thought, Avaya's security team agreed that visibility into the parking lots was the main goal and could be more effectively achieved with a megapixel surveillance solution like the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system.

Improving Visibility of Entire Campus
To help with the selection process and deployment, Avaya turned to the security experts at Advanced Video Surveillance, Inc. (AVS) of Fairfield, New Jersey, who introduced Bill Parkin, senior manager, physical security at Avaya, to the power of Avigilon's HD and megapixel surveillance cameras. AVS and Avigilon set up a demo to illustrate the performance, image clarity, and outstanding functionality of the high-definition surveillance system. But AVS helped Avaya strategically place the cameras throughout the lots for maximum coverage.

To increase visibility of the entire campus, Avaya installed 15 Avigilon 5 megapixel cameras, which are strategically placed to monitor vehicles and individuals who enter and exit the parking lots. AVS consulted Avigilon to ensure all critical areas were covered. With 2 workstations set up to display views of the parking lots, security officers manage the system using Avigilon Control Center software with High-Definition Stream Management and store 5TB of surveillance data using the Avigilon Network Video Recorder. According to security guards, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is also very easy to use, with an incredibly friendly user interface.

Detailed Images Day or Night
The new surveillance system had to deliver a wide field of view and provide the ability to digitally zoom in on very specific details to ensure the most identifiable images possible.

The Avaya security team has been extremely impressed with Avigilon's zooming capabilities, as demonstrated by the Avigilon 5 megapixel cameras. The security officers have significantly increased their visibility of the parking lots at night, which allows for more efficient use of patrols.

With a focus on developing reliable, performance-driven communication solutions that improve business processes, Avaya is equally focused on creating an open, yet highly secure work environment for its employees.

Avigilon Helps Solve Hit and Run
“Just five days after installing the system, we received a report of damage to an employee's vehicle,” explains Bill Parkin. “The police were called since our initial investigation indicated that there was a possibility the vehicle was damaged on company property.”

The police officer investigating the incident could match the paint color on the damaged car to the color of another vehicle in the vicinity, but didn't have concrete proof one way or the other,” Parkin searched through saved footage and was able to clearly determine that the damage did not occur on company property. On the Friday before the alleged incident, the plaintiff's car was not damaged, but video of the vehicle entering the parking lot on Monday morning showed the damage – proving that the accident did not occur in the Avaya parking lot. Parkin showed the evidence to the employee and police officer, and the issue was quickly put to rest.

A Cost-effective Surveillance Solution
“The initial investment and installation costs for the gates would have been about 75 % more than the Avigilon solution,” says Parkin. According to Parkin, the gates required many ongoing costs, including coverage for potential damage to employee cars due to possible gate malfunctions. In addition, Parkin believes that employees and visitors would have soon tired of the gates. For Parkin, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is a more suitable, less obtrusive, long-term solution.

The Avigilon high-definition surveillance solution has delivered other key benefits as well, including a general improvement in security and better overall protection for employees and visitors. Avaya security guards can also work more efficiently than before. “If we get a call about a possible incident in the parking lot, the guard can zoom into the image for more information and dispatch a mobile guard immediately to check out the situation,” explains Parkin.

A Brighter Future
According to Parkin, deploying the Avigilon solution was also a lot of fun, in fact, Parkin would like to deploy the Avigilon high-definition surveillance solution at other company locations. “With its advanced functionality and superior image quality, I believe Avigilon is in for a lot of growth and a very bright future,” adds Parkin. With a focus on developing reliable, performance-driven communication solutions that improve business processes, Avaya is equally focused on creating an open, yet highly secure work environment for its employees. “With the Avigilon system in place, I am confident we have complete coverage of our parking lots for maximum security,” concludes Parkin.

EverFocus is expected to present the new XMS at Intersec 2014

EverFocus is expected to present the new XMS at Intersec 2014

Editor / Provider: EverFocus | Updated: 12/30/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Intersec, one of the biggest trading events for Security and Safety industries serving the wider Middle East and North Africa region, will take place from January 19 to January 21, 2014. EverFocus is expected to highlight their latest developments at intersec 2014, showcasing the innovations in IP Cameras, NVRs, HD-SDI products and Mobile Solutions with different vertical market scenarios.

Moreover, EverFocus will also present their New Solutions, including XMS, eZ.IP Connect, Mobile solutions and HS-SDI solution.

XMS is a high performance management system that enables you to connect, work, and control all the surveillance products easily including cameras, portable devices and also connect with ATMs, POS machine, LPR systems, access control and alarms.

Experience the Plug & Play Surveillance through eZ.IP
eZ.IP Solution is another highlight of EverFocus during intersec 2014. eZ.IP Connect Solution is the ideal solution for small and medium houses and business offices as well as various occasions that needs the applications of remote monitoring and network video transmission. It provides Plug & Play Surveillance for users to simply connect with cameras and NVRs with smart-phones and start to operate the IP system without any hassle setting.

Mobile-specific IP cameras for transportation applications
Mobile has always been one of the EverFocus' focuses, EverFocus launched EMN mobile-specific IP cameras for transportation applications in 2013 and they are expected to present it at intersec this time. EMN series mini mobile IP dome comes with three models, 1.3 MP, 2 MP, and 3 MP, providing up to 15 fps at 2048 x 1536 viewing resolution. With full EN50155 compliance, IK10 Vandal proof housing and IP67-rated design, the camera can withstand shock, vibration, humidity, dust, and fluctuations, maintaining stable and reliable video during vehicle movement.

A whole new EverFocus HD-SDI through your coaxial cable
EverFocus will also lead their customers to experience the 0 latency HD quality images with its versatile and high performing HD-SDI solutions. Different from IP based structure, the coaxial cable works with no lag on the signal. EverFocus HD-SDI Solutions allows users to monitor their true “real time” HD recording images.

SiTime paired with Telit to produce new wave of ultra-miniature tracking and navigation devices

SiTime paired with Telit to produce new wave of ultra-miniature tracking and navigation devices

Editor / Provider: Telit | Updated: 12/19/2013 | Article type: Component

Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services and Sunnyvale, California based SiTime Corporation, an analog semiconductor company that is revolutionizing the timing market, announced that together - Telit's Jupiter SE880 and SiTime's SiT15xx oscillators - have enabled a small and low power GPS receiver with extended hibernation periods at 15μA while maintaining Snap Start to less than one second. SiTime's SiT15xx family of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) silicon oscillators overcomes the limitations of crystal quartz-based devices in several ways. SiTime's devices offer area savings of 85%, cut power by 50% and are 15 times more reliable, all of which enable smaller, lower power and longer lasting tracking and navigation devices together with Telit's Jupiter SE880 miniature GPS receiver.

Battery powered electronic devices like trackers and personal navigation systems use hibernation techniques to extend battery life which entail shutting down the functional blocks with the highest current drain and switching them to the lowest power suspend/sleep state whenever possible. However, during the low-power state, the system's always-ON 32 kHz Lo-clock continues to draw battery power. The low 750 nA core current and unique power saving features of the 32 kHz SiT15xx family, such as programmable output frequency and output drive swing level, can dramatically lower system power consumption compared to traditional crystal clocks.

Additionally, crystal clocks drift over time and over temperature requiring systems to wake up more frequently to correct system clocks and maintain systems in hot start conditions. With ± 100 PPM over the entire industrial temperature range, SiT15xx devices are 2 to 3 times more stable than crystal devices. This reduces the need for systems to wake up and further lowers power consumption. The SiT15xx family operates from 1.2V to 3.63V for regulated power supplies or from 2.7 to 4.5V for unregulated Li-Ion batteries. SiT15xx oscillators offer the smallest footprint in 1.5x0.8 mm chip-scale package (CSP) and eliminate the need for external capacitors.

Telit's miniature 4.7x4.7mm LGA (Land Grid Array), SiRFstarIV-based Jupiter SE880 receiver module not only employs leading heterogeneous 3D integration technology, but also provides ways and means for utilizing the latest star products in the fast evolving TCXO and 32kHz technologies. This enables receiver designs that are best in class in performance and all other dimensions critical for regular or size-constrained GPS applications.

Its state of the art RF front-end employs spatially calibrated waveguide-quality radio paths inside the three-dimensional space of its architecture drastically reducing system noises and parasitic impedances characteristic of traditional 2-D RF designs. Inside, a multi-filter system includes not only the traditional SAW filters typical in GPS receiver designs but also a 2.4 GHz notch-filter capable of nullifying the jamming effects of high-energy radio devices such as Wi-Fi hot-spots, Bluetooth systems, cordless phones, and others, which affect a GPS receiver's ability to resolve timid satellite signals in the hostile radio environment where they need to operate.

“SiTime has re-invented the timing industry with silicon MEMS timing solutions that overcome the limitations of quartz and dramatically improve customers' designs with higher performance, lower power and smaller size. Our ultra-stable SiT15xx family of 32 kHz oscillators is extending these benefits to the fast-growing mobile market” said Piyush Sevalia, executive vice president of marketing at SiTime. “which allows more precise control of hibernation and standby modes, and greatly improves system power consumption. This is one more example of how SiTime's MEMS and analog leadership is making it possible for our customers to deliver unprecedented performance.”

American Dynamics introduces new series IP HD cameras

American Dynamics introduces new series IP HD cameras

Editor / Provider: Tyco Security Products | Updated: 12/10/2013 | Article type: Security 50

American Dynamics, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduces the Illustra Flex Series of IP cameras, providing affordable, high-definition 1MP and 3MP video with excellent low light performance. These cameras give businesses cost-effective camera options without sacrificing image quality.

The high-resolution Illustra Flex box, bullet, and mini-domes (indoor and outdoor) include premium features such as true day/night, 3D dynamic noise reduction (3D DNR), varifocal lenses and triple video streaming to provide high quality video at all light levels while reducing low light storage requirements. Illustra Flex cameras reduce storage costs by consuming 25 to 75% less storage than many competing models at low light levels. The combination of true day/night, 3D DNR and auto shutter/frame control work to improve the image quality of low light video while minimizing the creation of storage intensive noise.

The Flex Series features motion detection for instant alerts of intruders, making the cameras ideal for retail stores, K-12 schools, small bank branches, and other businesses concerned with maintaining a very secure environment while meeting tight budget requirements. The bullet and outdoor mini-dome, with IP66-rated enclosures, ensure the durability necessary for outdoor applications.

All Illustra Flex cameras are compatible with VideoEdge VMS and exacqVision VMS. Plus, the entire portfolio is ONVIF-compliant – earning its 'Flex' name by offering compatibility with a number of third-party video management systems (VMS). Illustra Flex cameras can produce up to three simultaneous video streams for complete flexibility in video storage and display in VMS.

Sanyu Elementary School adopts VIVOTEK surveillance solutions

Sanyu Elementary School adopts VIVOTEK surveillance solutions

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 12/6/2013 | Article type: Education

A Safer Campus Where Children Can Learn and Grow
Schools are places for students to learn and acquire professional and social skills. For children and young adults, school is also a place that shapes their personality, integrity and self-respect. However, schools often double as public places that are open to communities, making the safety and security on campus exceptionally important. Issues that may compromise campus security are diverse, ranging from trespassing and theft, to bullying, vandalism and injury. School-aged children are vulnerable and lack awareness when it comes to confronting danger. Thus, an integrated security mechanism with advanced and seamless surveillance should be installed on campus, securing a safe learning environment for children. With an advanced surveillance system, school staff can perform security networking right on campus, and police or security can do so remotely. If a suspicious person or object is detected, the alarm will trigger, mobilizing real-time assistance. Early detection of a dangerous situation on campus significantly increases the likelihood of prevention.

Enhanced Infrastructure, Strengthened Security
Sanyu Elementary School, located in the Tienmu area of Shihlin District, Taipei, Taiwan was founded in 1993. With a strong commitment to education, Sanyu Elementary School has executed a series of initiatives for building up a safe campus for its 1,500 students from grades 1 to 6. The school prioritizes healthy development and quality education, which can be seen in various academic courses, dynamic and multifaceted extracurricular activities, vigorous physical education programs and events, and a comprehensive tutorial system. However, solid security is needed for all these initiatives to operate smoothly, and to ensure parents that their children are learning in a safe environment. Sanyu Elementary School has put lots of effort and resources into security infrastructure enhancement and renovation. The surveillance system, as the pivotal mechanism for security on campus, also got an overhaul. After seeing the insufficient image quality of the existing analog cameras, the school decided to upgrade to an IP-based surveillance system. With VIVOTEK's local distributor Zero One Technology's professional advice and support, 48 VIVOTEK network cameras were chosen for the project. The two major reasons that Sanyu Elementary School go with VIVOTEK were: First, VIVOTEK is a leading brand in Taiwan. Second, VIVOTEK provides quality solutions, which have been also well recognized by other schools.

Unparalleled Visibility, Seamless Monitoring
48 network cameras have been installed in hallways, stairways, and around sports grounds, creating a seamless shield of protection for children wherever they are on campus.

Hallways and stairways, which are semi-outdoor areas, are places with high contrast lighting conditions. Capturing fine details while maintaining superb image quality can be challenging under such circumstances, only cameras with excellent image processing capability are adequate. VIVOTEK's IP8332-C, a 1MP bullet-style network camera, features a removable IR-cut filter and IR illuminators, effective up to 15M. This camera captures video with exceptional image quality and resolution around the clock. As for harsh outdoor environments, the IP8332-C is encased in weather-proof casing to withstand rain and dust, ensuring stable operation and monitoring under any weather condition. The IP8332-C is also an ideal option for monitoring hallways and stairways.

Apart from the indoors, children have physical education classes and play around outside on the sports grounds. However, monitoring this area can be challenging considering the openness of the premises. VIVOTEK's speed dome network camera SD8312E, with its sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism, was installed for sports ground surveillance. The SD8312E is capable of fast, precise movements with continuous 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt. Designed with WDR Pro technology and a removable IR-cut filter, the camera is able to deliver unparalleled visibility day and night, clearly capturing every move on the ground. VIVOTEK's IP8130, a 1MP small-sized and elegant designed cube network camera, was installed in the security office at the school entrance. Any activity around the security office, such as intrusion or vandalism, can be monitored, protecting not only the security guard staff, but also school children. With a supporting smart phone application, VIVOTEK's iViewer, security guards can access live video off-site in real time through iPhone or Android platforms.

VIVOTEK is the Best Choice for Cementing Campus Security
Kelly Huang , Director of General Affairs at Sanyu Elementary School stated: “Ever since the establishment of Sanyu Elementary School 20 years ago, our top priorities have been the children's safety, positive growth and excellent scholarship. The school has put great effort into making the environment safer and friendlier. After VIVOTEK's cameras were installed, our surveillance quality improved significantly. The clarity and fine details in the footage delivered by VIVOTEK network cameras have exceeded our expectation. We are convinced that VIVOTEK is the best choice for campus security.”

William Ku, Vice President of VIVOTEK's International Business Division, stated: “Campus safety always needs to be stressed. Providing our children with a safe and enjoyable learning space ensures sound development. In recent years there have been several devastating attacks on schools around the world. There have been heartbreaking tragedies and innocent children have suffered, there have been incidents in the U.S, China and South America. Sometimes attacks are unpredictable, but precautionary measures, like a comprehensive security mechanism with advanced surveillance capacity, can minimize the possibility of tragedies and irreversible loss.”

Milestone addresses the value of selling open platform IP VMS

Milestone addresses the value of selling open platform IP VMS

Editor / Provider: Milestone | Updated: 12/4/2013 | Article type: Security 50

In a complex marketplace, to compete on something other than price, the focus should be on HOW to sell product adds value to the buyer. Customer value does not reside in the product or service but rather in the manner in which they are sold and acquired and utilized over time.

To develop this visionary approach in the company's global network of authorized partners, Milestone has been working with Connex International, providers of training and certification services on IP video surveillance, to develop a comprehensive course on Value Selling for its network of global partners. The course includes seven themes that make up the ‘backbone' of knowledge that is imparted when educating Milestone dealers and integrators:

Informing prospective customers how an open platform provides value over time is illustrated by the Return on Investment (ROI) being retrieved many times over through a long system lifecycle, increasing its worth. More choices become available when a company is not put in "proprietary jail" - the term to describe choosing a limited solution with the constraints of one hardware-oriented provider.

An open platform Video Management Software (VMS) choice, on the other hand, provides freedom through the ability to continue to expand the system limitlessly, incorporating new innovations as they become available. This eliminates the need to 'forklift': the term to describe changing a video surveillance system from the ground up.

The concepts in focus are: Best-in-Class Solutions: how to match the most effective technology with the most important operations for the customer Extensibility: good architecture provides a road map for the portion of the road yet to be built Lower TCO: single manufacturer offerings result in overall higher prices so teach the customers about Total Cost of Ownership in the long run Interoperability: a true open platform VMS is the core of device and system interoperability that engenders maximum end user choice Scalability: one size does not fit all, so the customer must be able to scale up or down as needs change over time

A salesperson must cover four main approaches:
1) Product – the features and comparisons to competition,
2) Functionality – relating to the buyers and users of the system,
3) Future – talking about product maintenance and new capabilities,
4) Price – how the costs are segmented, supported and serviced.

The open platform advantage is defined as a bottom-up approach to building a lasting foundation for the future. Long-term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is protected through the ability to add new features with software upgrades and standards-based solutions. Hardware from the widest choice of camera manufacturers must be available, with ongoing support for new models and brands.

Open platform IP video is scalable and future-proof as buyers needs expand. Another critical sales point is the Graphical User Interface, which should have the ability to provide documented ease-of-use in multiple languages, customizable operator skill levels and other best-in-class technological advances including support for HD and megapixel cameras. It is a big advantage to present documented third-party integration capabilities with many other systems such as access control, analytics, Point-of-Sale or building automation, as well.

Salespeople can educate prospective customers and demonstrate that they are the subject matter experts with the answers they can trust: solve industry "super problems", especially those that currently exist in the transition from analog to IP technology.

“Define challenges that commonly occur, affecting real-world installations,” explains Fullerton. “This can include core infrastructure input and output, pre/during/post-install support issues, user interface friendliness and training requirements, security and other systems interoperability, potential scalability and flexibility scenarios, etc. Salespeople should learn how to ‘do the math' and illustrate examples of how such problems are met and solved by the open platform approach. It is helpful to identify unexpected design issues and build consensus among the decision makers.”

Credibility comes from being respected, likable and competent. Client focus is essential:
Articulation plays a strong role - it is not just what you are saying but how you say it that is equally important.
Leadership qualities influence a sales situation: the only way to command attention is to have a presence and be confident in knowing the subject and addressing it with the customer's perspectives in mind Knowledge is power and educating the customers teaches them to conclude solutions that the open platform provides.
Informed customers make better buying decisions which results in more successful implementations and greater loyalty: word of mouth goes a long way towards building the customer database, and attracting new prospects.

UTILIZING THE ECOSYSTEM Another value selling parameter includes presenting a global ecosystem of hardware and integration partners who encompass a full circle of multiple choices in value-adding video surveillance solutions from access control, building automation and sensor systems to all kinds of analytics, retail transactions, ERP, RFID, PSIM and GIS, among many others. Open platform solutions are infinitely flexible, allowing interoperability with the installed systems – and the ones that can be applicable in the future that are not yet known.

Fullerton lists key ingredients affecting the surveillance technology ecosystem:
The microprocessor is the main agent of change in the market.
Operating systems are very important.
Commercially off-the-shelf hardware equipment is becoming more widely utilized and cost effective
Network camera devices comprise the fastest growing segment of the industry.
Video Management Software (VMS) has become the key middleware of solutions.
Solution partners represent significant growth opportunities through interoperability.

Knowing and understanding a customer's needs is one of the most important aspects when selling value. What are the specifications, management issues and realistic project timelines? It is important to agree with the prospects on clearly defined expectations, especially since industry hype cultivates unrealistic customer expectations – salespeople must manage this by educating the customer on system capabilities.

Ensuring that customers' perceived challenges are understood is necessary in order to offer their ideal solution – this is what shapes the final steps in selling open platform IP video. Salespeople must analyze the audience, where there can be different people influencing the sale throughout the sales process. Determine their interests and goals, positioning specific features based on what they need.

Knowing the buyers is all-important to closing a sale: a security operator wants optimized live video for fast response, security directors want remote access, a company director watches the bottom line and wants return on the system investment. There may also be a risk prevention executive who is looking to cut shrinkage or improve employee safety, and an IT professional maintaining the network who is concerned about bandwidth or controlling user access with the ease of Active Directory. Stakeholders have their own area of responsibility and focus; if these are not addressed to the appropriate person, the entire deal may be lost. Uncover the customer's pain through interactive listening and empathy.

By showing the absolute value in the open platform, and doing the math for a prospective customer makes a huge difference. At its simplest, it can be defined by the equation: Value = Benefits minus the Costs. The objective is to shape the situations, problems and implications with the pay-off of the solution to the customer's functional requirements.

Milestone Value Selling is designed for sales executives looking to strengthen their ability to sell to IT professionals working with security directors on networked surveillance projects. Within the framework structure, selling strategies address both IT and Security demographics in a consultative-based way. The course targets skill improvements in open platform concepts, positioning tactics, key concepts of network surveillance, sales practices and success factors of sales leadership decisions. The benefits of attending a networked security industry-based sales strategy course are that attendees learn how to excel in the sales field, able to demonstrate situational, interactive and competitive differences that lead to more project and client wins in a shorter amount of time.

Dahua introduces new Eco-Savvy 2MP IP mini speed dome series

Dahua introduces new Eco-Savvy 2MP IP mini speed dome series

Editor / Provider: Dahua Technology | Updated: 11/27/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Dahua introduced the new Eco-Savvy 2Mp full-HD 12x network mini speed dome series, maintaining the Eco-Savvy three “low's” functionalities and also providing impressive surveillance effects.

As mentioned, this mini speed dome series consists of the three “Low”s — low streaming, low consumption and ultra-low-lux as it is based on Ambarella platform. From the test report, it is noticeable that the bit rate is less than 4Mb/s during encoding@1080p, and less than 2Mb/s@720p; its frame rate can reach 60fps@720p, making it easier focus on every movement and detail of the object in high-speed motions. In addition, compared with the previous generation camera, the cameras are able to save over 50kW/h energy annually.

The mini speed dome series employs in-house block cameras, which has all-in-one design, namely video, audio, alarm, network and SD card interfaces embedded. In addition, this mini speed dome series has realistic color reproduction capability, and as for the night vision effect, “revolutionary” should be the word as the image is quite clear and sharp with less noise, no matter in color or the B/W mode.

The mini speed dome series supports 12x optical zoom, the angle ranges from 4.64 degrees to 51.3 degrees, managing to cover wider domains. Also worth mentioning is the “smart eye”, which picks up instant focus with zero latency, enabling quick response and better intelligent functionality. The dome series also support a maximum of 300 °/s pan speed and PoE+. All Dahua network products conform to ONVIF protocol.

Dahua SD40/42/42C212S-HN mini speed domes series is suitable for stations, airports, malls, hotels, boutiques and etc. The series provides various installations, such as wall-, pendant-, ceiling- as well as in-ceiling-mounting depending individual needs.

Magal S3 receives $2.5 million order to secure power substation sites

Magal S3 receives $2.5 million order to secure power substation sites

Editor / Provider: Magal Security systems | Updated: 11/26/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Magal Security Systems, announced that it received a repeat order, to secure 13 power transmission substations for a large power company in Eastern Europe for $2.5 million. The order includes the supply and installation of intrusion detection systems

Eitan Livneh, President and CEO of Magal S3, commented: “We are pleased with this repeat order and the increased momentum we have seen in the past few weeks. A follow on order is a sign of a satisfied customer. It also demonstrates how our past efforts and success with customers, as well as our investment in maintaining long-term relationships with them continue to yield fruits over many years.”

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