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Cisco releases new VMS version based on medianet architecture

Cisco releases new VMS version based on medianet architecture

Editor / Provider: Submitted by Cisco Systems | Updated: 9/7/2012 | Article type: Tech Corner

Cisco announced Video Surveillance Manager 7.0, the industry's first solution built from the ground-up and certified to run in Cisco's virtualized Unified Computing System (UCS) environments. These new solutions now make it possible for customers in healthcare, public sector and retail to move beyond traditional basic safety and security surveillance deployments and use video to transform the way they run their businesses through hyper-scalability and ease of configuration.

The announcement also includes introducing a complete new line of medianet-enabled high definition IP video surveillance cameras, an extension of its medianet strategy, and remote management services. All of these are designed to help IT and security teams partner to implement very-large scale video deployments.

This next-generation of intelligent network-integrated video surveillance and IT applications offer unrivaled ease of use and speed of deployment. As IT departments are tasked with dealing with increasingly large amounts of data - particularly video- the ease of migration of video surveillance to IP continues to accelerate.

Analysts estimate that by 2013, more than 50 percent of all video surveillance deployments will be managed by IT on the IP network in order to support this deluge of bandwidth-heavy video data. These new technologies offer economies of scale to enable video-based innovations, all with unprecedented ease of implementation. This will give applications of video beyond security include remote patient observation solutions for healthcare, dramatically reducing shrinkage in retail and warehousing, and allowing urban video protection initiatives as well increasing the efficiency in providing enhanced citizen services.

Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 7.0 and new versions of Cisco's related end-to-end Connected Physical Security Solutions, including Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration Solution 4.5.2, Cisco Physical Security Operations Manager 6.0 and Cisco Physical Access Manager 1.4.1 are now available for deployment with Cisco's industry award-winning Unified Computing Systems platforms. These integrated solutions help to extend Cisco's medianet strategy by providing robust scalability, network aware intelligence, streamlined implementation and simplified management.

Key Facts:
Introducing Video Surveillance Manager 7.0
- Network-integrated video surveillance supports open cloud-ready web and IT applications through APIs and SDKs, and is purpose-built to virtualize security operations on Cisco UCS B-Series, C-Series and UCS Express.
- VSM 7.0 is designed for applications such as video recording and provides streaming support for video-enabled locations such as; customer contact centers, integrated oil and gas applications, inventory and warehouse management operations and many others.
- VSM 7.0 scales to support up to 10,000 IP Video Surveillance cameras per single Video Surveillance Manager instance, and up to 100,000 cameras when combined with Cisco Physical Security Operations Manager (PSOM).

Extending Cisco's medianet strategy
- New medianet phase 3 capabilities support IP Video Surveillance cameras that work together with embedded medianet services in Video Surveillance Manager 7.0 and across Cisco's medianet enabled switches and routers on the network, enabling rapid automatic configuration to simplify large scale deployments.
- Cisco Media Services Proxy (MSP) enables users to prioritize traffic based on business policies for optimal quality, reduced integration costs and easy deployment and management of video endpoints. MSP uses lightweight packet inspection techniques on standards-based signaling protocols including DNS, RTSP, SIP, H.323 and H.245.

New Cisco Video Surveillance 6000 Series IP Cameras
- A new line of medianet-enabled IP Cameras support better imaging with low-light, feature on-board SD cards with flash memory, IP66 rating and come in four form factors including Box IP Camera, dome IP Camera, indoor/surface and flush and outdoor IP dome.
- All of the new Cisco cameras support High Definition and 2.1 megapixel resolutions, best-in-class industry standards and medianet services allowing for rapid auto-configuration, registration, auto-provisioning, troubleshooting and IP Video Surveillance bandwidth policy management.
- Additional features include n+1 redundancy, high availability on a camera-by-camera basis to optimize IT, network, storage, security and related network resources.

Remote Management Services
- Cisco is introducing Remote Management Services to help customers ensure the 24x7 reliable uptime needed across their Unified Computing Systems platforms and network-integrated Connected Physical Security deployments for Video Surveillance, Unified Incident Management, and Access Control and Security Operations Manager applications solutions.

Honeywell Security releases professional NVR for banking, health care, education sectors

Honeywell Security releases professional NVR for banking, health care, education sectors

Editor / Provider: Honeywell Security | Updated: 9/7/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Honeywell has introduced a new network video recorder (NVR) that can help large organizations comply with stringent regulations that require them to retain video for longer periods of time and more-effectively protect their surveillance data. The MAXPRO NVR Professional Edition (PE) is ideal for facilities in industries such as education, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, banking and manufacturing, among others.

MAXPRO NVR PE is the latest addition to Honeywell's MAXPRO line of technology designed to help organizations – ranging from small to large businesses – transition from analog to IP-based video surveillance systems in a progressive and cost-effective manner. With its ability to comply with open integration standards such as ONVIF and PSIA, MAXPRO NVR PE can accommodate IP cameras from multiple vendors and allow end users to easily add cameras to their systems as needs change and operations expand.

“Some of the biggest concerns end users have about IP video are interoperability with other cameras, scalability to accommodate business growth, and data reliability,” said Shannon Wilson, marketing manager, Honeywell. “MAXPRO NVR PE has many features designed specifically to address those challenges, including pre-installed software and redundant storage capabilities. All of them point to an easier path to a user-friendly IP video network.”

MAXPRO NVR PE currently offers 32 channels and future releases will include a 64-channel option, as well as up to 20 terabytes of storage and redundant storage options to protect data. These capabilities are crucial for businesses that need to retain video files for longer periods of time to, for example, assist with investigations.

The family of MAXPRO NVRs (PE, SE and XE) also offers a cost-effective software-only solution that allows end users to implement these capabilities onto their existing hardware. Because the technology is based on a single platform, end users only need to learn one system to use the entire range of technology.

“There's no licensing to mess with onsite to get the cameras working, and MAXPRO NVR PE has the same look and feel as the rest of the MAXPRO NVR lineup,” said Doug Peterson, chief technology officer for Advantech, Inc., a Dover, Del.-based systems integrator. “MAXPRO NVR PE is the last link to making a superb, easy-to-configure IP solution.”

Aside from NVRs, Honeywell's MAXPRO portfolio of IP video products includes MAXPRO VMS, the company's main video management system that allows organizations to centrally manage all video surveillance from multiple data points. The line also features MAXPRO Cloud, which offers flexible storage options using cloud event storage through Honeywell's secure storage facility, and MAXPRO Mobile, an app that offers remote video surveillance for the full line of MAXPRO products.

PureTech provides perimeter surveillance for Texas water utilities

PureTech provides perimeter surveillance for Texas water utilities

Editor / Provider: PureTech Systems | Updated: 9/6/2012 | Article type: Infrastructure

PureTech Systems, specializing in wide-area surveillance software, announced two completed installations of its PureActiv system for a major undisclosed Texas water utility. The recent installations for perimeter protection were performed by Schneider Electric and include video analytics, thermal and visible light cameras, access control integration, mega-pixel cameras and the PureActiv geospatial (map-based) command and control.

For security reasons, the city cannot be disclosed. Their distribution system consists of treatment facilities, pump stations, reservoirs, elevated tanks and transmission lines. The utility serves multiple communities and its ability to maintain a secure water supply for its customers is critical to its mission. Integral to this is maintaining the integrity of its facilities' perimeters, which was the objective of these installations.

"This was a major undertaking with many unique aspects," explained Shawn Hanrahan, senior security account manager of Schneider Electric, the security integrator hired to perform the installations."The PSIM needed to manage many sensor types, including thermal cameras, deterrent spot lights, Andover Continuum access control integration and video analytics. All this needed to be accomplished within the existing facility and landscaping. It was a significant undertaking, but everyone involved combined to make it a successful project."

The system protecting the facilities includes the latest in surveillance technology. PureActiv's map based command and control will provide the water department with user friendly situational awareness that allows the ability to control sensors and view intrusion details directly on the map. The installation also includes intelligent video analytic capabilities, providing both intruder detection and subsequent tracking. PureTech Systems' President, Larry Bowe, said "We are delighted to have been selected to provide protection for these facilities. We have a long history in the protection of water resources, and we are glad we were able to apply our expertise to the protection of these facilities." Both systems are now operational and have already been successful in detecting an actual intrusion shortly after being commissioned.

Axis helps monitor Chinese hydropower stations with IP capability

Axis helps monitor Chinese hydropower stations with IP capability

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 9/5/2012 | Article type: Infrastructure

Located at western edge of the Sichuan Basin, the 144km-long Baoxing River has a water energy reserve of 1.555 million KW, and features 19 cascade power stations reaching an annual production of 5 billion KWH. Sichuan Baoxinghe Power Corporation was looking for a solution to manage the cascade hydropower stations centrally from its head office, that would integrate easily with the existing IT infrastructure and fire alarm system.

Analog cameras were already installed at the power stations, which showed limitation in terms of integration and remote access possibilities. In order to protect existing analog investments while meeting the requirements for new capabilities, Sichuan Baoxinghe Power Corporation decided to upgrade its analog CCTV system to IP using Axis video encoders.

By integrating easily with the IP network and the fire alarm system, Axis video encoders have provided the company with powerful centralized management of all surveillance points, thus enabling smooth remote management and quick response to any incident that may happen in the hydropower stations. Sichuan Baoxinghe Power Corporation can now remotely monitor the power stations from any connected computer anytime, anywhere, and scale the system easily in the future.

Axis introduces miniature HDTV cameras for discreet surveillance

Axis introduces miniature HDTV cameras for discreet surveillance

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 9/5/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications introduces AXIS P12 Network Cameras, a series of uniquely designed cameras for exceptionally discreet indoor and outdoor surveillance. The cameras' form factor and small size enable easy integration into very limited spaces, making them ideal for discreet or covert surveillance in stores, banks and ATMs, architectural buildings, hotels and offices.

AXIS P12 Network Cameras are designed for discreet surveillance “These new cameras offer excessive flexibility with its unique design concept, comprising a main unit and a separate sensor unit, enabling them to be mounted up to 8 meters (26ft.) apart,” says Erik Frannlid, Axis' Director of Product Management. “The cameras' small size and functional design allow them to easily blend in to a variety of environments where space is constricted or a covert installation is required”.

AXIS P12 Series comprises three models; two pinhole models, AXIS P1204 and AXIS P1214, which are ideal for indoor environments, and AXIS P1214-E which is an IP66-rated model suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. Each one of the products consists of a small sensor unit with a lens and image sensor, a main unit with electronics and corresponding mounting accessories.

AXIS P12 Series offers high-performance covert cameras providing HDTV 720p video at full frame rate. The cameras provide multiple, individually configurable video streams in H.264 compression, which greatly optimizes bandwidth and storage without compromising image quality. Motion JPEG is also supported for increased flexibility.

Additionally, the cameras can be powered either over Ethernet, or by external power supply. Edge storage is supported and recordings can be saved to an optional microSD/microSDHC card or a Network Attached Storage (NAS). Furthermore, the cameras provide powerful event management capabilities with AXIS Camera Application Platform and embedded intelligent video features such as motion detection, tampering alarm and I/O ports for connecting external devices.

AXIS P12 Series is supported by the industry's largest base of video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program and AXIS Camera Station. The cameras include support for AXIS Camera Companion,Hosted Video, and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.

From guarding with eyes, to guarding with systems

From guarding with eyes, to guarding with systems

Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu | Updated: 9/5/2012 | Article type: Hot Topics

Security services, and providers of such, in Thailand have come a long way. Back in the 1980s, there were only foreign companies (such as Chubb and Secom) operating locally. We started as a guarding services company with less than 100 people, and have grown to be a force of more than 15,000 (thanks to assistance and support from our friends at Certis Cisco in Singapore), encompassing guards, personal protection and investigation teams, and system distribution, integration and installation. We expect to double our revenue from systems in the next five years. Our target verticals would be the ones where we are already strong with our physical presence, such as industrial and military sites. Spurred by legally mandated increases in guards' minimum wages, we will see a rapid switch to electronic security systems and solutions in these and other sectors.

Having a national presence is pivotal, especially when we are moving toward system- and service-based models. Our four monitoring stations and 10 solid dealers throughout the country put us ahead of our competition (more than 2,500 security distribution, integration, installation and consultation companies). City surveillance is a national directive, and we, together with our partners, will focus on the increased funding in the north, northeast and south.

At the same time, we are trying to improve the quality and service standards of the entire security community (from technology, solutions and services to the people and companies providing them), through legislation and associations. We are also in talks with the Royal Thai Police and the cabinet to ensure that the necessary changes are effected, to guarantee a minimum CAGR of 10 percent in the next few years as we integrate into the larger ASEAN Economic Community and become the leader and know-how disseminator of it.

Mobotix solutions in deeper integration with OnSSI platform

Mobotix solutions in deeper integration with OnSSI platform

Editor / Provider: OnSSI | Updated: 9/3/2012 | Article type: Security 50

OnSSI, announces enhanced integration of its flagship Ocularis IP video and security platform with the full line of Mobotix high-resolution video surveillance cameras. The heightened integration will provide smoother, full-frame-rate live and recorded playback of Mobotix video, lower bandwidth and storage requirements, and improved management of Mobotix video streams with Ocularis features such as the Kinetic Timeline and export of full-frame rate video.

The closer integration and improved functionality will benefit existing OnSSI customers who use Ocularis software with Mobotix megapixel surveillance cameras. Unlike other systems, the decentralized Mobotix concept incorporates a high-speed computer into every camera to reduce network bandwidth because video is processed on the camera itself and images do not have to be transferred continuously. The enhanced integration between OnSSI and Mobotix will open the door for more customers to combine the high-resolution and decentralized storage benefits of Mobotix with the ability of Ocularis to deliver open architecture, scalability and automation of security processes at reduced operating costs.

“Close technical partnerships and proven levels of integration are critical to providing customers with seamless security solutions,” said Steve Gorski, General Manager, Americas, Mobotix Corp. “Our collaboration with OnSSI demonstrates our commitment to providing open IP video solutions that deliver unmatched video quality, ease of management and integration, and cost effectiveness.”

“This new integration with Mobotix is another way we are responding to customer needs,” said Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “Mobotix has a large and growing customer base, and many of those customers also use Ocularis. As an open-platform product, Ocularis can combine Mobotix cameras and multiple additional technologies into a single, user-friendly platform to provide greater functionality.”

Ocularis solutions by OnSSI include video management software and physical security information management (VMS/PSIM) systems for server-based and software as a service (SaaS) applications to increase security and lower operational costs. Ocularis innovations include fusion, push video, client/video wall, event monitoring and video delivery.

IT background helps in physical, electronic security

IT background helps in physical, electronic security

Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu | Updated: 9/3/2012 | Article type: Hot Topics

Here is another success story from a Thai value-added distributor and system integrator.

When Advance Integrated Technology (AIT) was established in 1993, the company started as an IT system integrator, providing customized hardware, software, solutions and services. In 1997 as the Asian financial crisis hit, we shifted our focus to digital surveillance, working with Korean and Taiwanese DVR brands. One of the first prominent projects during the transition was a national bank with 600 branches, paving our way and reputation for the next 10 years.

In 2009, global recession, fierce competition, low margins and heavy service loading pushed us to think and do something differently. We began to focus on one brand, Mobotix, because of its pure IP approach and durable, reliable products. What Mobotix provides are turnkey solutions, not simple box cameras, so we took the time to educate the integrator and installer community on overall TCO and ROI through road shows. Soon after, we won a 128-channel university project, and everything went uphill from there: growth in IT integration partners and large-scale installs such as city surveillance, government and commercial buildings, hospitals and more universities.

From our experience, the combined IP-based video/audio capability and cost savings (free software upgrades and low maintenance needs) that Mobotix offers will see us through for another 10 years, at least.

Change or Perish

Change or Perish

Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu | Updated: 8/30/2012 | Article type: Hot Topics

We started in the 1970s, selling office automation products (hence the company name). About 15 years ago, we began to dabble in physical security, with Samsung Techwin cameras. It was not easy selling the security surveillance concept and breaking into new market segments, so we approached hotels and condominiums with existing, old equipment (mostly European, American and Japanese brands) and looking to replace or upgrade.

Then came an opportunity for change; the Bank of Thailand issued a mandate requiring all commercial banks to install security cameras and systems. We won two projects, each with about 900 branches nationwide, and became known as a system integration specialist in physical, electronic security. The success stories helped Bangkok OA secure other prominent retail accounts with national presence, and the boost of extra cash flow also allowed the company to extend its reach into neighboring countries Laos, Vietnam and Bangladesh in 2000.

Three years ago, another change came as Samsung restructured internally; we transformed from a system integrator to a value-added distributor, by providing even better project support, knowledge transfer and profit-sharing models. We will also be working closely with Vantech from Vietnam, to promote the brand throughout the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC, Thailand and Indonesia first). The partnership can even go beyond security, to other home appliances and electronics.

Chinese brands have significant penetration rates in AEC, but we believe it’s a very high-potential market that can fuel the emergence of local brands like Vantech. We have the upper hand in local knowledge, connections and credibility. Thailand comes first, but the region is for us to grab and grow.

HID Global Announces New Dual-Frequency Reader

HID Global Announces New Dual-Frequency Reader

Editor / Provider: HID Global | Updated: 8/31/2012 | Article type: Security 50

HID Global announced its OMNIKEY 5427CK Chip Card Interface Device and keyboard wedge reader, which eliminates complex software lifecycle management issues in the field by allowing integrators to design contactless solutions without having to install or maintain drivers. These contactless readers are commonly used for secure print authentication applications in printers and copiers, for SSO solutions, and for access control systems and networks.

Using the keyboard wedge functionality, users of the OMNIKEY 5427CK can easily retrieve data from a credential that is presented to the reader and directly input the card data into anapplication using keystrokes emulation. This eliminates the need for customers to manually enter credential data into an application. For embedded applications, HID Global also offers an OMNIKEY 5127CK reader board that enables the same functionality.

For quick and easy integration support for both housed and reader board versions, HID Global provides an OMNIKEY Developer Tool Kit (DTK) that helps shorten integration cycles and decrease time-to-market for finished products.

“Enterprise customers are increasingly using their credentials for more than just access control, and they are now demanding additional applications such as secure print authentication and SSO solutions,” said Helmut Dansachmüller, senior director of product marketing with HID Global. “The new OMNIKEY 5427CK not only supports these converged applications, its features also help accelerate product integration for our partners, enabling them to bring finished products to market more rapidly.”

The OMNIKEY 5427CK supports low-frequency standards as well as high-frequency standards such as iCLASS, iCLASS SE, HID PROX, MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire EV1. This provides users with a seamless migration path for their credentials and enables mixed credential technology scenarios.

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