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Bosch Advantage cameras now compatible with EMC/Iomega storage

Bosch Advantage cameras now compatible with EMC/Iomega storage

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 1/10/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Following a period of intensive collaboration with Iomega, Bosch Security Systems announces that its Advantage Line cameras are now fully compatible with the manufacturer's StorCenter range. Iomega, owned by EMC, is a supplier of storage solutions.

The Advantage Line IP Camera 200 Series from Bosch is a range of stand-alone solutions that represent cost-effective, easy-to-operate systems. Ready for use straight out of the box and requiring no special training, the cameras offer professional video surveillance for small to medium applications, such as retail or offices. Now these cameras are fully supported by Iomega recording solutions.

Iomega's StorCenter network storage family is a series of video surveillance storage and management solutions designed to meet the needs of small to medium business and distributed enterprises. They make use of IP cameras and popular VMS for high-capacity, reliable network storage at an affordable price.

“Previously, those customers who only required a few cameras to secure their business, such as convenience stores, gas stations, and boutiques, had to use analog devices as the most cost-effective solution. By working with Iomega, we can deliver attractively priced IP-based surveillance systems that provide more flexibility, better images, and are easy to install and operate,” comments David Lenot, Business Development Manager EMEA at Bosch Security Systems.

As with all the IP products supplied by Bosch, the Advantage Line IP Camera 200 Series is fully compatible with the ONVIF specification for seamless interoperability. This standard was first introduced by a consortium of companies, including founding member Bosch, in 2008 and allows the simple and efficient integration of VMS or storage devices, such as Iomega's StorCenter.

The Advantage Line IP 200 cameras from Bosch are available for indoor and outdoor surveillance with compact housings or discrete domes. The range of options allows customers to choose between standard and HD resolution, wireless, and integrated IR models for day/night use. Both manufacturers, Bosch and Iomega, provide a three-year warranty on their products, which are supplied by numerous distributors worldwide, making this combined solution easy to source for system integrators and installers.

Shell liquefied gas plant in Qatar requires surveillance uptime to be  99.99%

Shell liquefied gas plant in Qatar requires surveillance uptime to be 99.99%

Editor / Provider: Synectics | Updated: 1/9/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Integrated security and surveillance technology specialist, Synectics Industrial Systems, has developed a bespoke CCTV solution to protect the world's largest ‘Gas to Liquids' (GTL) plant in Ras Laffan Industrial City, Qatar.

About Pearl GTL
The $18 – 19 billion Pearl GTL Project, located in Ras Laffan Industrial City, is a joint development between Qatar Petroleum and Shell. It spans 2.5 square kilometres – roughly the size of New York's Central Park. Around 52,000 personnel from over 50 countries helped construct the plant, which is dedicated to converting natural gas into valuable cleaner-burning liquid fuels and products such as GTL gasoil, naptha, kerosene, normal paraffins and base oils. Securing this world-class energy project was of vital importance.

For Page Europa, the telecommunications project contractor with responsibility for security system specification, there were several core challenges for the CCTV system provider to meet.

The sheer size of the Pearl GTL Project presented a significant challenge. Page Europa needed a fully digital CCTV solution that would not only protect the plant area, consisting of office complexes and the vast perimeter fence (measuring 1620m x 2100m), but also onshore process areas and the unmanned offshore platforms. High end H.264 IP encoding capability was a key requirement to enable this level of functionality for such a large site.

While two separate CCTV systems were required, one to cover the plant and the other to monitor process areas, these systems needed to be integrated to allow full access (with appropriate clearance levels) to all cameras, at any time, from any of the CCTV Operator Stations. Additionally, all cameras needed to be fully integrated with the site Access Control System and Intruder Detection System.

The plant's location meant that technology had to withstand temperatures of -10°C to +50°C (83°C taking into account solar radiation) and varying light conditions. Ensuring maximum coverage of key process areas also meant that surveillance equipment needed to be able to operate in potentially hazardous industrial conditions. Because it was emergency, safety and production critical, the specified system could not drop below 99.99% availability or have a possible single point of failure.

Low power/network impact
Onshore camera stations needed to operate at 230V AC, offshore at 24V AC. The digital CCTV system would be fully dependent on the capability of the Telecoms LAN for transporting video streams without losing maximum resolution, real time viewing, recording and storage capabilities.

Because of its extensive experience of providing CCTV solutions for large scale projects in the Oil and Gas industry, and of working on previous projects in Ras Laffan, it was Synectics Industrial Systems that Page Europa turned to for a solution that would fulfil the complex brief.

Toni Partipilo, Sales & Proposals Manager from Page Europa, explained: “Very few organisations have the range and quality of products, combined with system integration capabilities and expertise to develop an industrial solution for a project of this scale. That's why we were keen to work with Synectics to provide security CCTV system at Pearl GTL plant.”

The solution
The solution developed by Synectics Industrial Systems enables over 300 COEX camera stations, protecting onshore/offshore critical process areas and equipment, as well as key locations such as site access points, office buildings, warehouse space and the entire perimeter fence, to be viewed and controlled from any of the nine specified control centre workstations. Any camera station can also be viewed on the 42” wall display monitor connected to the Synergy XPro Video Management System and controlled using Synergy EX250 CCTV control keyboards.

All cameras, a combination of fixed and PTZ COEXMECH4, Pressurised Dome and COEXFECH3 (for hazardous areas), are connected using single fibre operation to a Synectics e100 video encoder within marshalling cabinets. These enable footage to be streamed via the LAN system to the central PSN servers where all footage is recorded. The H.264 encoding technology provides high quality CCTV footage whilst utilising the minimum amount of network storage (PSN). This in conjunction with a multicasting network solution, ensures valuable bandwidth is available for other essential site security solutions.

Certified to ATEX Standards and designed to withstand the harshest industrial and hazardous conditions, the CCTV camera stations utilise a range of technologies to ensure that plant and security protection is both effective and efficient. Day/night capability, up to 18x Optical Zoom, IR enhancement technology, Autofocus, Adaptive Noise Reduction (to eliminate streaking), and Low Light technology all ensure that the clearest picture is possible whatever the conditions.

Pearl GTL CCTV solution developed by Synectics Industrial Systems is fully integrated with the third party ACS and IDS systems, a critical component for such a maximum security site. Any incident detected by these systems generates an audio and visual alarm on the control monitors. This alarm automatically triggers a switch in the recording profile which increases the resolution and bit rate allowing real-time recording for mission-critical incidents which is then logged in a separate Incident Locker for later retrieval and review.

Raytec/Optex launches network-based illuminators

Raytec/Optex launches network-based illuminators

Editor / Provider: Raytec/Optex | Updated: 1/9/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Raytec are launching a brand new category in CCTV lighting – VARIO IP Network Illuminators.

VARIO IP is available in both Infra-Red and White-Light and provides dedicated IP lighting allowing for full remote set up, commissioning and adjustment. With its DiscoLight Web Interface, VARIO IP truly delivers full control and access at anytime from anywhere on the network. An API is also available for easy platform integration. Users can easily and instantly tailor their lighting to maximise the security and safety of their site 24/7.

Business transformation in tough times

Business transformation in tough times

Editor / Provider: By Hayden Hsu, | Updated: 1/9/2013 | Article type: Hot Topics

Since its founding in 1995, North American Video (NAV) has grown its business based on long-term relationships and commitments; this applies equally to customers, employees and suppliers. Additionally, NAV has continued to expand its portfolio of technology solutions to provide its clientele with a strategic balance of high performance, functionality and cost-effectiveness. This combination of assets has proven to be a winning formula for the continued development and growth of the company and its partners, and will help the ecosystem better withstand and overcome the challenges coming at them in 2013.

In January 2008, a majority share of North American Video (NAV) was purchased by The Halifax Group, a private equity firm specializing in providing growth capital to leading midmarket companies. NAV's leadership position in the gaming market provided a powerful leverage point to drive growth into new vertical and geographic markets, and the acquisition by Halifax provided the capital for NAV to aggressively pursue this strategy. Since then, NAV has expanded into new vertical and geographic markets, established a thriving service business, and added new technology offerings to the company's core video portfolio.

In August 2011, NAV acquired Nexus Technology Group; as a result, NAV now ranks as one of the top commercial security integrators in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut) and provides security technology and services to more than 1,000 different client locations across the region.

NAV has its origins in serving the gaming surveillance market, which demands operational excellence and strict attention to detail, said Jason Oakley, President and CEO. “By nurturing long-term customer relationships with Native American and corporate gaming clients, NAV is widely recognized as the largest and most well-regarded security systems integrator in the market.”

The gaming business is subject to stringent regulations enforced by regional and tribal gaming commissions. In order to do business with casinos, all potential suppliers are required to undergo a rigorous licensing process. This ensures that only qualified businesses and individuals are allowed to operate in the gaming market. Today, NAV holds gaming licenses with close to 100 jurisdictions globally.

NAV's expertise in designing and building integrated networked video surveillance and security systems has enabled the company to capitalize on new business opportunities that also integrate adjacent technology offerings to these core video projects. The company now routinely offers access control, perimeter security, license plate recognition, car counting, people counting and retail POS integration. “In fact, more than 70 percent of NAV's current projects include multiple integrated technology offerings,” Oakley boasted.

Accession to Excellence
Being asked to lead a successful business like NAV and partner with The Halifax Group was the chance of a lifetime, Oakley said. “Our strategic premise from Day 1 was to further expand our position in the gaming market while developing business opportunities in new markets and technologies. Our goal at NAV is to build a unique business with a long-term value proposition, and be a trusted technology and service partner to our clients.”

Throughout some very tough economic times, NAV has added new clients in the gaming market, introduced new technologies, and, as a result, grown its market share. “It is vital to our long-term success that we maintain our reputation as the preeminent systems integrator for the gaming market. Additionally, the diversification strategy we have executed has successfully repositioned our business from a niche gaming video provider to a diversified systems integration business.” In 2012, almost 50 percent of the company's business originated from outside the gaming market, and the majority of its projects contain multiple technology offerings. “In doing so, NAV has built repeat customer relationships in new markets that rival those we enjoy in the gaming market. Key vertical markets for us now include corporate clients with a particular focus on banking and retail, as well as higher education, critical infrastructure, transportation and local government.”

Riding the Tide of Change
The market is changing, and end users are getting better informed; in particular, there is more influence from IT professionals. Systems integrators such as NAV help bridge the gap between the client's internal staff and technology providers by identifying critical issues and designing a solution that meets the needs of both groups.

“Our challenges mainly arise from fluctuating market demand, lack of industry standards, a highly competitive marketplace and nonstop technology introductions.” The cumulative effect has created a situation wherein systems integrators must consider redesigning their organizational structure and focus in order to compete.

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Security giants preview 2013 (Part 1)

Security giants preview 2013 (Part 1)

Editor / Provider: Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 12/30/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Everything about 2013 seems uncertain. a&s asks how industry heavyweights see the year will unfold.






Consumer Market Drives Professional Market
Johan Paulsson, CTO of Axis Communications

The consumer market is a fundamental driver for the professional security market. As people get used to smart devices in their homes, they are likely to want to use it in their work as well. There will be greater usage of smart devices in security installations. Retail owners, for instance, can access their business surveillance from their smart devices anywhere and drive their businesses to be more efficient.

We can also assume that smart technology that looks after itself will reduce system crashes and downtime in the future. Just like cars are getting smarter, new surveillance cameras will be able to self diagnose, automatically reboot and install software updates, and carry out image optimization without the need for an administrator to get involved.

Analog to IP
Gert van Iperen, President of Bosch Security Systems

In 2012, world markets continued to develop on an uneven course. China, Latin America, Eastern Europe and APAC regions remained the main drivers for growth. As the fourth largest global market, Germany occupies a midfield position in terms of growth, whereas various countries in Southern Europe suffer under the financial crisis.

We are seeing a move away from proprietary, analog-based systems toward network-based systems, which can offer unlimited scalability, efficient use of resources, remote verification and control, and will enable services that will enhance security and safety. We are also seeing an influx of new competitors in the market, which is also driving forward the speed of innovation and differentiation.

Business Optimization
Eric Fullerton, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems sees a number of vertical applications that have developed strong focus on business process optimization, such as RFID integration for manufacturing, shipping overview and control, and integration with POS transaction systems and people counting for retail setting improvements.

All of these illustrate how IP video is still driving the convergence of digital systems across multiple areas. It has improved the speed of innovation across diverse applications, such as access control, human resources, finance, production and logistics. Open-platform IP video is enabling business optimizations on a larger scale, handling more than just security matters, adding measurable long-term ROIs and lowering TCOs.

New Demand and Customers
Renae Leary, Senior Director for Global Accounts, Tyco International

Ten years ago, our customers started standardizing and centralizing their access control systems. Recently, we have begun to see a trend forming in regard to the standardization of video surveillance on a global scale. This shift is due, in part, to the evolution of IP-based video surveillance technology and more intelligent video systems.

Another trend we are seeing is within the actual business structure of our global customers. Not only are IT and security departments coming together, but we are also seeing real estate and procurement come together with security. This helps our customers make centralized decisions in an effort to build a security management system in a more cost-effective manner.

In recent years, Tyco Global Accounts has seen an influx of customers from the IT industry. These companies are asking for enterprise-level security for data centers, and they are making more holistic decisions in procurement. Large oil and gas companies are also some of our largest clients. The financial sector is another growing market, as banks are looking to centralize their security operations and technologies. In Asia, the transportation sector is growing at a rapid pace.

In some new emerging markets, such as Africa, the large security demand comes from the oil and gas industry, but there is growing interest from the food and beverage industries in these regions as well.

US MVaaS solution provider seals $1.3M city surveillance deal with Taipei

US MVaaS solution provider seals $1.3M city surveillance deal with Taipei

Editor / Provider: Iveda Solutions | Updated: 12/25/2012 | Article type: Government & Public Services

Iveda Solutions, the provider in cloud video surveillance services, is pleased to announce that its Taiwan-based subsidiary MEGAsys has just won an approximately US$1.3 million contract from the New Taipei City government, to further assist the metropolis' police department.

In 2011, MEGAsys and Iveda Solutions, under their SafeCiti program, engineered New Taipei City's state-of-the-art, centrally managed video surveillance network for the department.

MEGAsys' Chairman I.H. Shiau viewed this new contract as “a tremendous vote of confidence in Iveda Solutions' SafeCiti approach. I am humbled that my home, New Taipei City, has led the way in adopting this cutting edge approach.”

“There is not a city in the world that could not improve its security with Iveda Solutions' SafeCiti program, and we are pleased that New Taipei City officials recognize that. With taxpayer dollars limited all over the world, our cloud-based video surveillance systems offer communities both large and small, the most possible bang for the buck,” said President and CEO of Iveda Solutions, David Ly.

In the SafeCiti project completed for New Taipei City last year, Iveda Solutions and MEGAsys set up an extensive network for remote video surveillance monitoring of vehicle and foot traffic, other public areas and sensitive installations—providing feeds to 16 department branches and 157 sub-stations to enable police to more efficiently deploy their resources.

An additional $2.2 million expansion to the SafeCiti project, which started the beginning of this year, is in its completion phase. The system provides easy-to-use tools for law enforcement personnel to access both live and archived video on-demand throughout the department's jurisdiction. The project included integration of existing cameras with new cameras enabling the city to build upon, rather than scrapping its existing camera deployments. The effort covered the Wugu, Sanchong, Tamsui, Luzhou, Tucheng, Xindian, Xinzhuang, Ruifang, Linkou District areas. MEGAsys created a secure private cloud to centrally manage the system.

Iveda Solutions and MEGAsys designed this system to be capable of incorporating many thousands of cameras as needed. The new project just announced represents an expansion of the current New Taipei City network in the Linkou District—and will integrate approximately 227 new cameras and fiber network with the existing system.

This new project will be overseen by the city's Land Administration Department on behalf of the police department.

“We are honored that New Taipei City views our SafeCiti approach as the way to meet their needs and look forward to assisting them with the challenges that the future may hold,” Ly concluded.

State of video affairs in 2013

State of video affairs in 2013

Editor / Provider: Schneider Electric | Updated: 12/20/2012 | Article type: Hot Topics

As we finish out the year, it seems the worst of the global downturn is finally behind us. The security market is energized and upbeat, and there is a lot of positive momentum happening within the Schneider Electric buildings business, especially with Pelco video surveillance products. Now more than ever, the market is demanding technologies and solutions that will take security and building management to the next level.

With video being integrated with access control and other building management functions, the industry is looking for the ability to blend multiple tools and technologies into powerful integrated solutions, and this is where the strengths of the Schneider Electric buildings business really shine.

We have had many video security accomplishments this year. As always, we keep our focus on delivering to security professionals the best image quality possible. In support of this focus, we have delivered a number of technological advancements and product updates and releases. Just to name one, we now offer powerful thermal imaging systems at an affordable price for mainstream security applications. The added business potential of this new product is huge, especially with its ease of integration, advanced image quality and affordability.

There are many significant new product technologies on the horizon that will have a large impact on our industry. Most notably, we are now working diligently to design the next generation of video management systems, which will also involve cloud-based services for public and private video security networks.

A big issue for the future design of VMS's is scalability. Where we used to worry almost exclusively about the number of cameras and monitors within a system, we now see scalability in terms of the number of simultaneous (and separate) operators interacting with the system. Video system users no longer reside exclusively within the security department. Other business functions are requiring system access as well. And while this expansion of users and stakeholders helps make the ROI case for video systems more attractive, the number of users, their familiarity with the system, and their unique needs introduce new challenges for system architecture and secure administration.

Another motivating factor for our industry is the increased demand for mobile access. For the first time this year, iPads outshipped laptops. As the tablet sector continues to grow and dominate the market, more of the applications we use daily are moving onto these mobile devices. We are challenged to design mobile apps that can do much more than simply view video from a camera on an iPad. The challenge is in how will we incorporate mobile technologies to solve real security problems. Over the next couple of years, we will see VMS systems become more intuitive and easier to use, and we'll see the designations between hardware, software, mobile apps and the cloud blur into comprehensive systems.

And no doubt a new generation of intelligent video and video analytics products will add additional capabilities. Designed to help security professionals do more with less, intelligent video systems are evolving into powerful tools that can be relied upon for providing continuous monitoring of scenes and assets 24/7. The next generation of intelligent video systems will exhibit significant advancements in accuracy, reliability and usability. From tracking and counting behaviors, to character and object recognition, these powerful tools will continue to become more closely integrated into cameras, edge devices and VMS's.

Increasing Commoditization
Commoditization is indeed a trend. As products continue to become smaller, more powerful, and less expensive, we will continue to provide competitively priced, feature-rich products that meet the needs of security professionals. I am proud to say that in early 2013, we will introduce a couple new families of general purpose, IP-based cameras. We wll share more information when the time is right, but these new, general purpose IP cameras are based on our popular Sarix camera technology, and bring a very unique new function and form to this segment of affordable cameras.

And yes, as touched on above in the VMS discussion, cloud recording is an upcoming trend. Cloud recording, cloud-based storage, cloud-based video management and SaaS applications are all tools that will no doubt have much influence on the future of our industry. Cloud products will certainly address the needs of some of our customers, will enhance the systems of others, and may not be appropriate for the security needs of others, but it is our goal to utilize these powerful new capabilities to provide the best, most flexible, and most secure end-to-end solutions possible.

It is easy to get swept up into the possibilities of technology, but no matter how smart or advanced a security system may be, without excellent image quality, it is almost useless. From continuing to offer the best in analog camera performance, to digital systems that perform with excellent bandwidth efficiency, to now-affordable thermal imaging that brings a completely new dimension of video system possibilities, we must stay true to what security professionals really need, a great image to make good decisions.

Growth Pockets
As you know, video security applies to all vertical markets, all around the world. And with the explosion of new digital and IP-based technologies, and a migration toward network integration systems, we have seen big interest in all areas. As products become smaller, less expensive and easier to use, their implementation continues to rise. But there are a number of vertical market hot spots, if you will, that we seem to be continuously working within and developing new business.

With that said, we continue to see excellent growth in key regions such as China, India, and South America. North America is now making a positive turn, and it has been interesting to watch how fully EMEA has embraced IP video and has really become a leading region for deploying sophisticated IP-based video systems.

To focus on one topic of significant interest, much is happening within the area of “smart cities”. Cities currently house 50 percent of the world's population, and more than 300 million people are predicted to move to cities over the next 10 years. This explosive growth will place great demands on resources and mobility. Video security offers a unique solution for protecting people and property within countless applications – from bridges to airports, refineries to pipelines, seaports to highways, city centers to country borders, schools to prisons.

Advances in technology are driving dramatic change, as video platforms migrate from analog to digital and to network-based solutions. IP-based video surveillance has made it cost-effective to deploy video cameras and recording solutions in more places than ever before, while allowing the integration of video security systems with access control and other building automation systems.

Customers First
As segments of the video security market continue to become more commoditized, it is important that integrators work to differentiate themselves and add customer value by offering unique services and expertise. As successful integrators know, the revenue from the product sale is just one part of the entire “sale” and the long-term service and support for that client is very important. Pre- and post-sale activities are critical. Integrators have experience, knowledge and expertise that are very valuable. From technical system design and security consulting, to updates and expansion, and service and support, there are many ways for integrators to extend their customer relationships, and provide long-term services that are beneficial to all involved.

Being the manufacturer, we go to great lengths to make sure we understand our customers' business challenges and opportunities. As markets and technologies evolve, so should our services and policies. It is our mission to provide technology innovations, a wide range of products, and service and support for our customers, who in turn can leverage our products and services for the advancement of their business.

For example, there is nothing more important for security installers and integrators than being able to accurately plan and manage their business while having the confidence to provide solid commitments to their customers. With our new 24/90 guarantees, we are helping our customers do just that. On-demand product availability is critical for security professionals. Understanding their need to accurately plan and control inventory, and react to changing business demands at a moment's notice, we have made significant investments in our supply chain to ensure that our top-selling and most popular Pelco products and systems are always available for shipment within one business day of order confirmation.

We have a long history of offering high-quality, innovative video security products and exceptional customer service. Immediate availability of products and no-questions-asked returns provides a real business advantage for our dealers, integrators, and distributors. We have made significant investments in order to meet our customers' needs and to get Pelco products into their hands quickly.

Products and technologies are extremely important, and so are the policies, services and support systems that stand behind the products. We very much keep in mind that our customers have business of their own to manage, and we do everything we can to help make that business a success.

London luxury residential development gets 360-degree protection

London luxury residential development gets 360-degree protection

Editor / Provider: Oncam Grandeye | Updated: 12/18/2012 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

Oncam Grandeye announced an integration partnership with Milestone Systems giving customers around the world an interoperable surveillance solution and providing them access to the patented 360-degree technology.

Oncam has developed a plug-in using the Milestone integration SDK and has added its client-side dewarping into the Milestone XProtect Smart Client interface.

With the Oncam plug-In, customers are now able to get the 360-degree experience with their Evolution and Halocam IP cameras, from the Milestone XProtect Smart Client, for both live and recorded video.

Henrik Friborg Jacobsen, cofounder and Executive VP at Milestone Systems, said, "We've worked with Oncam for more than 10 years now as a Milestone Manufacturer Alliance partner, and we're excited about the growing partnership with them as they continue to drive 360-degree technology into the future."

The solution was installed at the London Landmark, where Oncam provides threat profiling and high-tech security solutions for this luxury residential development.

Greg Alcorn, Director of Sales for Oncam, said, “This is a leading solution for our customers. We already deployed the integration at the Landmark, and although there are other options out there, none of them provide the user with this kind of result. We have also been working with many large-box retailers in the U.S. that have wanted the Oncam experience, and we are now able to provide it for them with the Milestone open platform."

The Oncam plug-In is compatible with Milestone XProtect Smart Client 7.0b, running with XProtect Corporate 5.0, XProtec Enterprise 8.0, XProtect Professional 8.0, or XProtect Express 1.0 and later versions of these products.

HID Global names Swedish physical-logical implementation partner

HID Global names Swedish physical-logical implementation partner

Editor / Provider: HID Global | Updated: 12/18/2012 | Article type: Security 50

HID Global, a worldwide provider for secure identity solutions, announced it has accredited Cygate, a Swedish IT infrastructure integration company as the first Northern European implementation partner in its Identity Assurance Implementation Partner Program (IPP). The Implementation partner program is an exclusive certification program for partners that provide best in class professional services for identity assurance solutions offered by HID Global. This accreditation recognizes Cygate's expertise and experience in managing the successful deployment of HID Global's multi-layer strong authentication and credential management solutions.

Organizations worldwide see the need to implement strong authentication to secure access of corporate information for users on internal networks and from mobile device or cloud-based applications. These evolving businesses have made versatile strong authentication and credential management solutions increasingly critical to ensure that only legitimate users can access confidential and proprietary information quickly and effectively.

“Cygate has a strong track record of delivering complex authentication and credential management solutions,” said Hilding Arrehed, Director of worldwide professional services and technology partner programs, Identity Assurance, with HID Global. “Cygate's technical expertise and thorough understanding of business needs, along with HID Global's scalable and versatile security platforms, allows for the delivery of a total IT solution with the highest possible security.”

Cygate offers tailored IT infrastructure solutions for medium and large-size companies and organizations, where security represents a vital part of these solutions. Cygate's in-depth technical knowledge of HID Global's Identity Assurance solutions can bring immeasurable security confidence to any IT solution they implement.

With this accreditation, Cygate is now authorized to undertake professional service engagements that follow “Project Assurance” methodology developed by HID Global's Identity Assurance Professional Services team. The Cygate accreditation applies to the company's expertise with the ActivID Card Management System. Future expansion to HID Global's 4TRESS Authentication Appliance is also anticipated. Cygate has already completed a number of projects that include Identity Assurance products from HID Global, such as a credential management solution recently delivered to a large Swedish financial institution.

“Through our enhanced cooperation and expanded consulting capabilities, Cygate will now deliver increased implementation services for HID Global smart cards and card management solutions,” said Anders Jagermo, Business Manager Security at Cygate. “In our work as a systems integrator, where the demand for strong identification increases significantly, we see Identity Management as an increasingly important piece of customer solutions moving forward.”

Hikvision expands HiWatch IP portfolio

Hikvision expands HiWatch IP portfolio

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 12/14/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision, the global provider of video surveillance products and solutions, is proud to unveil three new HD network products into its expanding HiWatch product portfolio. These include Hikvision's DS-2CD2012-I 1.3MP IR mini bullet camera, DS-2CD2112-I 1.3MP IR mini outdoor dome camera, as well as a recording device – Hikvision's DS-7600NI-SE(/P) plug & play embedded NVR. Hikvision's HiWatch series is geared towards a broad portfolio of surveillance solutions for small-to-medium-sized enterprises. These newly introduced HiWatch IP products are cost-effective, yet still benefit users with high-quality monitoring, ease of use, and ease of installation – a perfect choice for home and business monitoring.

Both cameras, the DS-2CD2012-I and DS-2CD2112-I, feature compact designs, enhanced low-light performance and efficient encoding capability. Equipped with 30 IR LEDs, both cameras are able to deliver outstanding video images with long-range visibility of up-to 30 meters in a completely dark environment. Images are further enhanced with 3D DNR, which works to greatly reduce noise and motion blur, as well as WDR functionality to ensure image clarity in strong lighting contrast environments. Additionally, these two new IP models are developed based on Hikvision's latest platform for network cameras that offer higher compression efficiency (approximately 30 percent to 50 percent above traditional network cameras). This significantly reduces the transmission burden for both video information and storage on IP surveillance systems. In addition, these two new cameras are both IP66 rated for outdoor applications, while the DS-2CD2112-I also incorporates vandal-proof housing.

These two new HiWatch IP cameras are both PoE equipped, while the DS-7600NI-SE(/P) NVR supports up-to four independent PoE network interfaces and auto-discover the connected IP cameras for IP address auto-allocation. Through the simple act of plugging a cable into a network interface, the front-end cameras' IP address is automatically configured to transmit a live view and store video. Moreover, this NVR supports HDMI and VGA output at up-to 1920x1080p resolution, which benefits users with high-definition video image viewing. Incorporated with customization of tags for video information, this NVR further allows users complete control over their systems to locate key events more efficiently. The DS-7600NI-SE(/P) supports HDD quota management for video storage optimization, and 2 SATA hard disks are equipped with capacity of up to 4TB each.

As well, the three new HD network products all support open protocols to expand integration with other devices. The DS-2CD2012-I and DS-2CD2112-I are both ONVIF, PSIA and CGI conformant; while the DS-7600NI-SE(/P) supports third-party network cameras, to provide versatile solutions for different surveillance needs.

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