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Mobotix welcomes outdoor lighting tech partner Totus Solutions

Mobotix welcomes outdoor lighting tech partner Totus Solutions

Editor / Provider: Mobotix | Updated: 1/31/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Mobotix, an provider of high-resolution, network-based surveillance systems, announced that Totus Solutions, a manufacturer of outdoor lighting-based security platforms, has joined the Mobotix global technology partner network. Participation in the program ensures seamless integration of Mobotix IP surveillance devices with Totus technologies.

The global partner network is designed to help Mobotix partners take advantage of the business opportunities within the fast growing IP video surveillance market. Partners benefit from direct contact with Mobotix for sales and marketing tools, as well as professional training, technical support and the latest developments in IP video technology and home automation from Mobotix.

Totus' security platforms use LED lighting as a deterrence mechanism in commercial and government applications. The Totus technology incorporates Mobotix megapixel IP video surveillance, multi-day media storage and communications options to provide reactive capabilities and evidentiary support.

Robust IP video surveillance capabilities are provided by Mobotix Q24 hemispheric cameras, which deliver 360-degree views and feature a compact, weatherproof design. The Mobotix Q24 hemispheric camera is an ultra-compact, IP network dome camera with a special hemispheric lens. When mounted on the ceiling, the camera is capable of providing a complete 360-degree all-around view or when mounted on the wall, provides a 180-degree panoramic view. The Q24s high image quality is achieved through the use of a 3.1 megapixel sensor. An integrated Micro SD/SD card provides up to 80 hours of continuous recording with audio. Furthermore, the Mobotix Q24 includes MxControlCenter, a professional video management system with event search, image processing, lens distortion correction, PTZ support and more, at no cost.

The Totus security platforms also benefit from video analytics built-in to the Q24 to trigger lighting control and audio functionalities. When a Mobotix camera detects motion according to user-defined alarm parameters, the solution flashes lights, plays pre-recorded messages and sound, and emails video clips to predefined users. Since the Mobotix cameras feature edge-based recording, all data is processed within the camera to lower network bandwidth, which maximizes the use of virtual PTZ, video analytics and 360-degree hemispheric technology with panoramic view.

"Totus security platforms incorporate ‘green' LED lighting optimized for video surveillance. These purpose-built platforms transform passive surveillance into a deterrent to provide an all-in-one solution for a vast number of market opportunities," said Gregory G. Williams, President and CEO of TOTUS Solutions. "As a leader in the IP surveillance space, Mobotix is an ideal partner to help further improve upon the robust capabilities of our products."

"The Totus security platforms are highly effective for crime deterrence in remote and perimeter applications," said Steve Gorski, GM for Americas at Mobotix. "Our partnership with Totus will capitalize on their innovation by adding evidentiary support, powerful analytics and 360-degree surveillance. We look forward to being able to serve even more customers by integrating our surveillance technologies with this feature-rich solution."

UK solar farms prevent vandalism and theft using IP system and VCA

UK solar farms prevent vandalism and theft using IP system and VCA

Editor / Provider: Agent Vi | Updated: 1/30/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

Wirsol Solar UK is a globally active company that installs photovoltaic systems to generate electrical power from solar radiation. Wirsol has multiple solar farms throughout the UK, and sought an affordable surveillance solution for four of these 5-megawatt solar farms, each measuring some 200,000 square meters. Specifically, Wirsol wanted to prevent intruders from entering and stealing the highly valuable solar panels.

There are many challenging conditions at the sites, including the length of the extensive perimeters. The large sites are unmanned, not illuminated, and situated in remote, rural locations. Accordingly, Wirsol required a surveillance system that could detect intruders in real-time, send events to a remote monitoring station, and warn off intruders via an on-site speaker system.

The original design for the sites was an analog system, based on the assumption that an analog system would be cheaper and better suited to the available budget. However, certified systems integrator WT Parker became involved in the project and proved that the level of surveillance offered by an IP solution was higher, and more?over, that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IP system was actually lower.

WT Parker deployed Vi-System, Agent Vi's real-time video analytics solution, inte?grated with Axis Q1921-E thermal network cameras. The outstanding range and performance of the thermal cameras enabled the placement of a minimal number of cameras (10-12) along the lengthy perimeter at each site. The thermal cameras were embedded with Vi-Agent software component, and activated with the following detection rule: Person moving in an area to detect and alert to unauthorized person?nel entering the site and moving in restricted areas. The combined solution enabled the creation of a protective zone around the perimeter fence to detect intruders by day or night, and regardless of whether they climbed over the fence, under the fence, or even cut directly through the fence.

The sites employ Milestone XProtect Enterprise as their VMS recording and viewing application, which is fully integrated with Agent Vi's software. All perimeter intru?sions detected by Vi-System generate an alert, which is displayed in the Milestone XProtect Smart Client.

Vi-System has detected multiple instances of intruders climbing over the fences at the solar farm sites. After detecting the perimeter breach, Vi-System generates an alarm in the Milestone XProtect Smart Client that is viewed by a security guard at a remote monitoring station. The guard makes an announcement via the speakers at the site to warn off the intruder, and if necessary, instructs police to attend the site.

With its superior detection capabilities, Vi-System successfully differentiates between irrelevant movement and genuine perimeter breaches, ensuring a very low false alarm rate. This is important, bearing in mind the remote locations in rural areas, and the associated movement of small animals around/in the site. Moreover, the combination of Vi-System and Axis thermal cameras ensures detections in all weather scenarios; intrusions, acts of vandalism and theft are detected in challenging conditions such as heavy rain and fog.

Gary Harmer, Director of Sales, Electronic Security at Mayflex, states that “having Agent Vi's analytics on Axis' thermal cameras extends the effective detection range of the cameras, enabling the deployment of only one third of the number of cameras proposed in the original (analog) plan. Combined with Milestone's video recording and management solution, Mayflex delivered an integrated solution that proved competitive on features and price.”

Neville Thompson, Project Manager at WT Parker, adds that “the TCO of this project was significantly reduced by adopting an IP system. The original design featured analog cameras, codecs, cabling (analog and power cables), audio devices and illumination, as well as considerable infrastructure and substantial labor costs. For example, to introduce surveillance at these remote sites, poles needed to be erected in order to mount the cameras.

Under the original analog plan, poles were required every 40 meters (the camera range), and each camera required an illumination source as well. In contrast, the IP surveillance solution that we proposed and deployed eliminated many of these associated costs. The 140 meter range of the thermal cameras meant that less poles were required around the perimeters of the sites and that no illumination devices were needed.”

Stan Dominey, Project Manager from Wirsol Solar UK, says “we were pleasantly surprised to discover the benefits of IP surveillance over analog systems. The use of thermal cameras with Agent Vi's real-time analytics software is especially appropriate, as our large sites do not have lighting and are difficult to guard. We have peace of mind with this sophisticated solution that protects our investment.”

Ariel Frischoff, VP Sales EMEA & APAC at Agent Vi, comments that “Agent Vi's seamless integration with Axis and Milestone, alongside the logistical and installation expertise of Mayflex and WT Parker, enabled rapid deployment in line with the customer's tight schedule. This best-of-breed solution is now being rolled out at additional solar farm sites across the UK.”

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu, | Updated: 1/30/2013 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

2012 would be remembered as the pivotal year for home security. A perfect concoction of investment, technology and new entrants has now changed the market landscape forever. Service/business models, ubiquitous broadband and smartphones have finally colluded to make home security and surveillance a more than affordable and viable solution. According to Frost & Sullivan, even the cash-strapped European region is expected to witness a CAGR of 7.7 percent in the home automation and security segment, to surpass US$450 million by 2017.

In 2012, Vivint was sold to The Blackstone Group for more than US$2 billion, and ADT in North America was spun off from Tyco International to form the independently operated ADT Corporation. Of course, everyone now recognizes that the big play here is not just security but home automation; offering numerous services with little extra "cost per user" required, by virtue of cloud computing. "This is the opportunity that has got markets and investors excited," said James McHale, MD of Memoori Business Intelligence. "But for all the hyperbole and talk of doubling residential penetration, have the ‘big boys' really embraced the revolution? Or, have they left the door open for smaller and more innovative companies to gain a foothold?"

Mark Richards of Hive Labs certainly thinks so. "Our vision is that everyone should have home security and not at $30 to $50 a month. The alarm business models are still exactly the same as they ever were, and it won't last forever. Long-term contracts, not being open and honest with pricing, and salespeople knocking on doors are from another era." Richards puts forward a persuasive argument, in McHale's view. Almost all the smaller companies entering the market have a background in software. They understand it. Web services, cloud, agile programming techniques and third-party APIs, for example, enable companies like Hive to offer video surveillance services for $5 per month with no contract. "It's services like Hive that have a shot at growing the US market to 40-percent penetration, not the incumbents," Richards said.

According to McHale, the home automation market in 2013 is up for grabs. “Winners will be the ones that can offer the same seamless experience that consumers have come to expect from the likes of Apple.”

While the market is seeing a shift in technology and increased demand for innovative products, the supply chain is also responding to such developments.

Tech Development
Home automation installation has always been of interest almost exclusively to professional home automation specialists. However, more manufacturers are currently determined to simplify home automation, and spread installation and programming know-how to more participants in the supply chain, according to Frost & Sullivan's latest European home automation and security market report. They have intensified their focus on training traditional electrical contractors, and are exploring other routes to market in order to reach a wider customer base.

"We expect to see continued expansion of home automation services, with lifestyle enhancement playing a major role as an additional offering to home safety and security," said Merlin Guilbeau, Executive Director and CEO of the Electronic Security Association. "These services are making customers' lives not only safer and more secure, but simpler, more energy-efficient, convenient and entertaining." Recent examples include the home automation/security panels, launched by the likes of Google/Motorola Mobility, Honeywell Security and SMC Networks, residing in tablet/pad form factors and remotely controllable/viewable via smartphones. "At the association, we're stressing the importance of being ahead of the game. Whether it's the 2-G sunset, the disappearance of POTS, or the continued rise of home automation as a source of RMR, it's important to be proactive rather than reactive," Guilbeau cautioned. "Even though none of the issues is a surprise to anyone, what remains to be seen is how security integrators and businesses can turn these trends to their advantage."

What follows is a helpful list of things to look out for when sourcing and implementing security systems for three different dwelling types: single house, apartment building and gated community.

Single Houses
The most critical requirement is the migration of backup dialers to 3-G/4-G, as the sunset on 2-G nears. Additionally, the price war on system equipment and services will only intensify, with more mobile technology providers and service carriers entering the scene, said Balázs Rózsás, Head of IP Cam Technologies, a Hungarian surveillance dealer that is also branching into home automation and security with its partners. "With the global economic backdrop, affordable price/performance will be sure to come up in every conversation and inquiry."

Other alarm system considerations include:
- WCDMA/HSDPA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900/2100MHz for remote setup and viewing
- Preconfigured and remote arming/disarming
- Wireless motion/intrusion detectors with adjustable sensitivity levels, independent zoning and arming/disarming
- Integratable with nighttime megapixel cameras (video at UXGA or 1,600×1,200 or stills at QVGA or 320×240, with onboard audio/video storage and motion detection with proper timestamps
- Auto dialing, texting, video texting, emailing, voice/video over IP and mobile apps, and a combination of the above while notifying the security service provider or authorities

Apartment Buildings
Video door phones and video intercoms are increasingly blurred. Key purchasing considerations include the following.

Main Gate
- Aesthetically pleasing, vandal-proof, weather-proof video cameras with easily adjustable viewing angles
- Ergonomically adjustable keypads or touch panels
- Intuitively designed, easy-to-use pads or panels that visitors do not need to squint and study for a few minutes and can find whom they want to reach and where to press in seconds

Property Manager/Guard Unit
- Easy-to-use interface for visual/audio verification of visitors/guests, preferably available on a mobile unit (with GPS), and for paging a specific tenant (without looking into their home)
- Mass notification capability where there are multiple managers/guards, without affecting system reliability and cost
- Centralized management software, with digital maps, for overseeing multiple buildings and guards

Apartment Unit
- More discreet wall-mount
- 4” to 7” color displays (TFT-LED)
- Wireless handsets or pads that are open to home automation integration and software upgrades

Gated Communities
Access control of tenants, visitors and vehicles can be extremely complex, so the No. 1 requirement would be scalability and versatility. Reliability of IP networks can also be shaky at times, so a dedicated VPN architecture must be put in place, with auto system diagnostics, backup power and emergency maneuvers.

Equipment Security

- Tenant/visitor/vehicle management open for building automation and guard/service management integration

- Open platform for various software and communication protocols, with readily available standardized parts, modules and apps

Vivotek IP cams integrated with Elan home automation and A/V systems

Vivotek IP cams integrated with Elan home automation and A/V systems

Editor / Provider: Vivotek | Updated: 1/30/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Elan Home Systems, an industry provider in home automation and A/V technology, has integrated Vivotek's 8000 series IP camera lineup into its award-winning g! Entertainment and Control System. The cameras are supported in core module version 6.1 or newer, which allow for video streaming, PTZ, motion detection, and image flip functions in the cameras. The g!Tools Network Manager can be used to discover Vivotek cameras on the network, which, once configured, can be used to view video from a residence or premises to deter intrusion or view family members.

Vivotek's IP camera line ranges in image resolution from VGA to HD to 5-Megapixel, including models that provide many advanced features such as supreme night visibility, H.264 compression, removable IR-cut filter with built in IR illuminators, P-iris, remote zoom & focus, and much more.

"We are very excited about this new partnership with Elan," said Harry Hu, President of Vivotek USA. "Everyone has seen the convergence of voice, video, and technology that new innovations are bringing to the industry. Now, Vivotek has further broadened the scope of this convergence with Elan's exciting platform."

According to Elan Home Systems Brand Manager Robert Ridenour, "Elan partners with best-in-class entertainment, climate, security, lighting, irrigation, and custom home electronics manufacturers to make sure our products and theirs work together seamlessly. Our dedication to third-party component integration makes the Elan g! system a powerful foundation for any home control or entertainment system, including the Vivotek line of IP-based security cameras."

"The ability to easily integrate high-definition video cameras and microphones that can be controlled and viewed remotely has broadened the appeal of complete home control solutions," Ridenour explained. "Elan and Vivotek are on the cutting edge of home security, and Elan will stay on the cutting edge by always integrating the industry's best third-party solutions."

Bosch IP cams compatible with Digiever NVRs

Bosch IP cams compatible with Digiever NVRs

Editor / Provider: Digiever | Updated: 1/30/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Digiever, a manufacturer of Linux-embedded standalone NVR, is pleased to announce that Digiever DIGISTOR NVR series supports Bosch network cameras. Integration of cameras from Bosch Security Systems, a manufacturer of network cameras, and Digiever DIGISTOR NVR provides various segments surveillance application especially in high multi-megapixel definition, from SOHO to enterprise level, presenting extraordinary quality of surveillance recording systems. With the easy-to-use interface, Digiever DIGISTOR NVR can satisfy surveillance scenarios requests, and users can easily adapt the operation for various projects.

DIGISTOR NVR series provides outstanding performance in local display. For instance, DS-4200 Pro series, the 4-bay NVR, and DS-8200-RM Pro series, the 8-bay rack-mount type NVR, support 1/4/9/12/16/20/25-channel display modes and enable megapixel resolution hardware decode for video output via HDMI and VGA connector. Users can record in high multi-megapixel resolution and reach the local display performance up to 200fps at Full HD (1080p) or 300fps at HD (720p) resolution, and experience up to 25 channels real time outstanding performance of local display.

The throughput of above-mentioned models are capable of reaching up to 360Mbps which perfectly brings out high megapixel video transmission meeting the essential of HD IP cameras, the arriving trend of high megapixel video surveillance nowadays. Furthermore, Digiever DIGISTOR NVR series offers advanced event management for the diversified event types and the event handling options such as event triggered recording, e-mailing snapshots and video clips, SMS and user-defined actions by HTTP URL commands, etc. The event handling options also includes digital outputs reaction on built-in digital input and digital output interface of DIGISTOR NVR.

As for security purpose and avoiding unauthorized manipulation, DIGISTOR NVR comes with the digital watermark in recording video and snapshot files of live view and playback. While DIGISTOR NVR is recording video and snapshot files, the digital watermark will be embedded automatically in the images. Furthermore, Digiever also offers DIGICheck, a useful application for users can simply verify if the images were originated from DIGISTOR NVR. DIGICheck can be obtained when backup files or downloaded from Digiever official website. The digital watermark protection enhances not only the reliability, also security and genuine-prove of videos and snapshots from DIGISTOR NVR.

"We want to bring our customers a powerful integrated solution that combines the unique features of the complete Bosch product portfolio and of DIGIEVER products," said Rudolf Spielberger, Head of Integration Partner Program of Bosch. “The collaboration with Digiever and the ease of integration tools results in the fastest integration we have had to date- allowing us to focus on fulfilling the needs of our customers.”

"Digiever keeps continuing to support camera partners. As a provider of professional Linux-based open platform NVR solution, it is essential to cooperate with camera partners for providing high quality and reliable surveillance solutions." declared by Allen Tseng, Product Manager of Digiever. "Today, we are pleased to announce a remarkable integration with Bosch Security Systems. IP camera users of both parties will have a much more reliable and flexible bundle recording surveillance solution when choosing IP surveillance system."

Mobotix cams now compatible with Quintron PSIM platform

Mobotix cams now compatible with Quintron PSIM platform

Editor / Provider: Quintron | Updated: 1/28/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Quintron Systems, the recognized supplier in interoperable enterprise-class systems for security command, control & communications, is pleased to announce that its UC3 and AccessNsite interoperable security management solution are both seamlessly integrated with the advanced Mobotix video surveillance, alarm, and communications product line.

As security, surveillance, and communication devices become smarter by moving power and performance to the edge of the network, the ability to integrate and leverage some of these capabilities is often under utilized by command and control systems. UC3 was created by Quintron to UNIFY command control and communications in situational awareness and response circumstances. A prime example of this effort is the ability for a UC3 command conference to support 2-way communications to any model of the advanced high-resolution Mobotix video camera product line that also contains a SIP voice channel.

From a multi-tech door entry Mobotix station, to an indoor or outdoor surveillance camera, or to a hemispherical 360 degree Mobotix camera mounted on the ceiling of a high security data-comm closet, UC3 now supports outgoing voice messages in response to a detected alarm or event at the door, a call in by a user at a door requesting access, or an emergency 2-way call between a person within the view of a surveillance camera during a developing situation in order to direct an immediate response.

Mobotix cameras provide a unique blend of high resolution video, in-camera storage and analytics, A to D sensor inputs, as well a bi-directional SIP interface for communications. The cameras have been configured to trigger an event via a change in one of the video motion detection windows. The camera has many event triggers, but the event configured is to call a specific UC3 voice circuit on the UC3 clients. The camera can also be configured to trigger on multiple events using the camera's passive infrared motion detector, and be triggered from remote input, audio detection, and a number of other methods. One or multiple actions can be taken based upon the event(s) to call multiple phone numbers and UC3 clients, if required.

Quintron selected the Mobotix camera for UC3 integration for these reasons and has successfully installed them in high secure government contractor facilities leveraging all of these features alongside of Quintron's powerful enterprise-class PACS AccessNsite that manages physical access and alarms across multiple sites of the same enterprise.

IndigoVision integrates Ipsotek VCA capability

IndigoVision integrates Ipsotek VCA capability

Editor / Provider: IndigoVision | Updated: 1/25/2013 | Article type: Security 50

IndigoVision, the manufacturer of complete IP video security solutions, is proud to announce its integration partnership with Ipsotek.

The partnership will offer end users a complete solution specific to their needs by incorporating Ipsotek's advanced video analytics product, VISuite with IndigoVision's security management solution, SMS4.

Ipsotek's video content analysis solution, VISuite, receives video streamed from IndigoVision's SMS4 and identifies predefined events and behaviour using patented Scenario Based Detection (SBD) rule engine. SBD allows multiple behaviour detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences providing a detailed understanding of behaviour which dramatically reduces false alarms.

Video is analysed by Ipsotek's hardware and software and once the preconfigured behaviours are detected, linked alarms are automatically raised in IndigoVision's control center, the client interface to SMS4. Together Ipsotek and IndigoVision are able to offer end users solutions to; perimeter protection, intrusion detection, traffic management, crowd management, business intelligence, and advanced people and vehicle tracking.

"At Ipsotek, we focus on providing the industry with solutions which are performance driven and cost effective. This partnership gives both companies the opportunity to offer end users a unified and simple ‘out of the box' solution. Together we aim to create and provide solutions that will improve operational efficiency and security, targeted through shared markets and the global security industry" said Sateesh Pedagadi, Senior R&D Engineer at Ipsotek. Alex Swanson, Head of Engineering at IndigoVision comments "Integrating with Ipsotek expands the range of video analytics available within SMS4. Incidents detected by VISuite trigger alarms within control center which greatly assist with the efficient response times of surveillance staff to security threats."

10 under 40: security unlocks next generation of excellence

10 under 40: security unlocks next generation of excellence

Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 1/24/2013 | Article type: Hot Topics

a&s salutes young leaders in security for our inaugural “10 Leaders Under 40” feature.

Security attracts people from all walks of life. We recognized 10 up-and-coming security professionals under age 40 who are in executive positions, either in manufacturing, distribution or system integration. They were invited to share their experience as well as secrets for success.

Our coverage spans the globe, with an average age of 31.1 years. This list is by no means exhaustive, as there are many qualified young people in the field. The youngest person was 25, while the oldest person turned 40 in February. While most did not study about physical security, at least two start-ups — Fluidmesh Networks and Keeneo — were founded as a result of graduate research. Both companies have since been acquired, while retaining the original leadership.

Physical security may not be a formal academic discipline, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have top marks. The Class of 2012 is dominated by engineering majors, along with finance, business and oceanography. Most were unaware of the security industry before graduation, but this is changing with more internships and college recruitment. As IP blurs the line between IT and security, the industry is ready for new blood.






Andrew Martz, Former COO
Age: 28
Family: Married
Education: High school degree, studied three years at the University of British Columbia
How you got involved in security
I met Avigilon's CEO, Alexander Fernandes, while working at a company he started prior to Avigilon. I put university on hold and joined Avigilon as a developer in 2005. I am responsible for the product development, manufacturing and customer service departments. I stayed in the security industry because I believe in Avigilon's mission and get the opportunity to work with incredibly talented and passionate people in a dynamic, high-growth environment that provides exciting new challenges every day.

Has your age ever been an issue?
Youth brings a fresh perspective. What I have found in my career is that age won't matter if you perform and deliver great results.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
There have been small mistakes along the way, but there is no single move I would take back.

Best professional decision
The best decision I ever made was taking a risk to help start Avigilon while I was completing my postsecondary education. It was a big risk but it has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

How you want to be remembered
When Avigilon becomes No. 1, I would be happy if I am remembered for being an important part of making that happen.

Ways to attract more young people into security
The security industry is on an exciting path, which will attract more talent. Young people are drawn to industries where they can work with cutting-edge technology, create change in the world and enjoy the rewards that come along with that.






Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Global Business Development Director
Age: 31
Family: Divorced with a child
Education: Master's degree in mathematics and mechanical science from Moscow State University, studying for a master's degree in business administration at Vienna University
How you got involved in security

Right after university, I was a developer and programmer, then entered ITV. It was spun off as a new company under Murat Altuev, AxxonSoft President. I started in 2003 as quality assurance engineer. Now, I handle global business development, including sales, technical support and presales service.

Has your age ever been an issue?
No. Even if you're young, age isn't an issue in conversations. The experience and the expertise are what really count.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
I worked on expanding into a new market for nine months, only for the local partner to walk out. What I learned is before you start a business relationship, you need to understand the partner's mentality, attitude and background. It helped me to be careful in countries where you don't know the native language or traditions.

Best professional decision
The people I hire would be the best decisions I make. Creating a team with transparency and an inspiring atmosphere is the base of the company's success.

How you want to be remembered
As a successful top manager of the world's leading IT company in security management.

Ways to attract more young people into security
As we continue to move toward IP, more young people will be naturally attracted to the security industry. Besides, it's fun to work in the industry of James Bond!






Fluidmesh Networks (CarrickBend)
Cosimo Malesci, VP of Sales and Marketing
Age: 29
Family: Single
Education: Master's degree in ocean engineering from MIT
How you got involved in security

Malesci and his brother Umberto Malesci started the company while studying at MIT in 2004. We were able to create a niche. It was good timing and there was a need for it.

Has your age ever been an issue?
Age was actually one of our strong skills. We're promoting an innovative technology and people expect us to be young and know about it.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
One mistake was not dreaming big enough. If I had to do it again, I would have risked it all in the beginning to achieve growth. It's the only way to make the company successful.

Best professional decision
The best thing is to stick your neck out. When we threw wireless into the security industry, people were skeptical. They said the video looked crappy and the network could only support five cameras. Now we have hundreds of cameras and HD. If we had listened to the guys in the first place, we wouldn't have developed these things.

How you want to be remembered
We can be remembered as guys who decided to revolutionize security with wireless for video and voice. We want to be a professional wireless company that makes it reliable and affordable for people.

Ways to attract more young people into security
If you like technology in security, that will bring young people and help speed things up. [NextPage] 







IP Vision (a Hymatom company)
Nicolas Jdanoff, Sales and Marketing Director
Age: 31 Family: Married with a son
Education: Master's degree in international business from Jean Moulin University Lyon 3

How you got involved in security
I entered electronic security in 2004 after graduation and a three-month internship at Sorhea. Sorhea's CEO offered me the position of regional sales manager to cover a third of France's territory. I've been with IP Vision since 2009. I'm based in Morocco and manage a team of four salesmen in the development of our system integrator activity.

Has your age ever been an issue?
Age has never been an issue, once the ice was broken with customers.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
I've made mistakes in delivering a quote to a customer, forgetting an item, ordering a noncompliant product on a specific project, but every time I learned a valuable lesson, which evens it up for me.

Best professional decision
The best decision I've ever made was not to compromise myself, my company and my set of values to gain a project, even though pressure was sometimes high.

How you want to be remembered
People who know me can attest I'm a dedicated individual with integrity.

Ways to attract more young people into security
Attracting young talent will be done naturally, as managers reach retirement age and need to be replaced with younger people.






Johnson Controls
Brandon Arcement,Security Products Sales Manager
Age: 30
Family: Married with a daughter and another child due in July
Education: Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin
How you got involved in security

I was originally introduced to the physical security industry while being recruited by Johnson Controls as a college senior. I accepted a sales representative position. After a few years in integrator sales, I transitioned to manufacturing.

Has your age ever been an issue?
I recognize that a young face makes people question experience and credibility. I address lingering questions by dressing conservatively for business. And I establish credibility virtually by phone or WebEx prior to an in-person meeting.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
Early in my career, I did not invest in developing my skills, aside from the training that was made mandatory by my supervisor. Now, I always set aside time at the beginning of the year to evaluate my career development path and select activities which will enhance my development as a business professional and leader.

Best professional decision
The best decision I've made professionally has been to grow within Johnson Controls. I've developed relationships that make me a more credible colleague, a more impactful leader and a more valuable asset.

How you want to be remembered
I'd like to be remembered as someone who leads with integrity and a steady focus on the customer.

Ways to attract more young people into security
The best way to attract more talented young people to the security industry is through college and university recruiting programs.






 Digital Barriers
Benoit Georis, France MD, CEO of Keeneo until acquired in 2011
Age: 34
Family: Single
Education: Doctorate in computer vision, Inria (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control)

How you got involved in security
When I was a Ph.D. student, I found a good technology that no one had commercialized. I've always been interested in transforming this industry into a modern industry.

Has your age ever been an issue?
It could have been, but I managed to surround myself with a team of older people.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
Two years after incorporation, we decided to address the Chinese market. However, we were too young and couldn't support distant customers. Thanks to this experience, we made our software compliant with Chinese characters.

Best professional decision
The best decision was to have sold my company Keeneo. Digital Barriers was the perfect match between a technological company and a strong financial institution.

How you want to be remembered
As the guy who introduced intelligent analytics to the industry. Our main asset was customer service. Simplicity of use is another asset, because there is no setup of parameters.

Ways to attract more young people into security
The most important thing for me is making every effort to attract students for a six-month internship. The second thing is to make security attractive to young people. With super resolution or 360-degree cameras, it's exciting stuff.






Vivek Bagri,CEO
Age: 31
Family: Married
Education: Bachelor's of engineering in computer science, University of Mumbai
How you got involved in security

I founded Livedarshan while I was still in college. Initially the company was just me, and we specialized in webcasting solutions for temples and mosques. After I graduated, I diversified into physical security with a project from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. We set up cameras and software to monitor truck movements at Mumbai's dumping grounds.

Has your age ever been an issue?
Yes. My father Prakash Bagri handled relations with senior officials, while I provided technical solutions and service.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
My worst business move was when I relied heavily on the success on a single government project. I learned the hard way that one should not invest everything in a single opportunity and should keep working with an open mind on multiple projects.

Best professional decision
The best decision I ever made was to become an entrepreneur, found Livedarshan, and not give up when things were difficult initially.

How you want to be remembered
I want to be remembered as an honest, hardworking person who contributed to the betterment of the security industry.

Ways to attract more young people into security
Education is an important part of any industry and I feel security has a dearth of an organized education programs to train young talented people. Security companies should also have internship programs, where young graduates can get firsthand experience in the industry. [NextPage] 






Mark Hsu, Director of Overseas Sales
Age: 32
Family: Married with a child
Education: Master's degree in business management from California State University-Los Angeles
How you got involved in security
Merit LILIN is a family business. My father is C.C. Hsu, President. I went into R&D and studied management While LILIN is a family business, I wasn't pressured into joining the company. It was a match for my interests.

Has your age ever been an issue?
If you work hard and improve your professional expertise, you will prove yourself.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
As I manage overseas branches as the president's representative, I sometimes find an imbalance between what the president wants and what the branch office wants. At first, I noted their concerns but did not truly manage these offices. Now, I will respectfully listen to their opinions. If they say I don't know their market, I will go there to learn.

Best professional decision
The best decision I've made is to shake up LILIN internally.

How you want to be remembered
My dream is for Merit LILIN to be internationally recognized. We're well-known overseas, but we could become even greater. We want our brand to be identified by high-end quality solutions.

Ways to attract more young people into security
The fastest way to attract young talent is for security companies to work with universities. Once you train interns, the best ones will join your company.






Brian Lohse, Cofounder and VP of Business Development Age: 25
Family: Single
Education: Bachelor's degree in economics, Loyola College in Maryland

How you got involved in security
My background is in investment banking. I was approached by Eugene Szatkowski, cofounder and VP of Operations for Secure-I. I took a leap of faith and left banking. It was the best decision I ever made.

Has your age ever been an issue?
In the Mark Zuckerberg generation, new technology is expected to come from young, ambitious talent. Persistence and industry participation have allowed me to succeed despite my age.

Worst business move to date and what you learned from it
Before, I was focused on the technology, product and features. That was a mistake. What I learned was to sell the business model. You have to understand the customer's business.

Best professional decision
The best thing I learned was to trust my employees to do their jobs. When we started, it was just the three of us. Now, we've got a larger team. When they have ownership, they feel good about it.

How you want to be remembered
I would like to be remembered as an innovator and a thought leader.

Ways to attract more young people into security
I think it's a good industry that's not going anywhere and is bound to get much bigger in a short amount of time. The biggest and most successful security companies don't have fancy offices. But people are happy, and the ownership can make good money.






Samir Samhouri, President and CEO
Age: 40
Family: Married with three children
Education: Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from McGill University and executive education in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania

How you got involved in security
I left a public company in the U.S., after doing a company turnaround from a low valuation to a high valuation. Once you do that, you get interest from companies. One of the companies was Xtralis. I thought it was an amazing company that protected almost every important infrastructure in the world.

Has your age ever been an issue?
My age has not been an issue for me since I became a CEO four years ago. I was promoted to be a GM of multimillion dollar division in Lucent Technologies at 28. I hope to provide such opportunity for young people in my business.

Worst business move to date and wha t you learned from it
The biggest mistake many business leaders made 10 years ago was that we did not prepare for tough economic times. The lesson is to always prepare for the worst and plan for the best.

Best professional decision
Never compromised our core capability. Removed everything else and focused on what differentiates Xtralis. That resulted in much stronger position after the market collapsed and came back a little bit.

How you want to be remembered
My dream and hope is to make Xtralis the Cisco of security. It's not so much I want it to be a multibillion-dollar company, but it's to change how business is done in the safety and security niche.

Ways to attract more young people into security
No industry is too old to grow, as long as you have a niche and differentiation.

NuSkin goes wireless wrinkle-free

NuSkin goes wireless wrinkle-free

Editor / Provider: Fluidmesh Networks | Updated: 1/24/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

When Sentinel Systems, a leading Utah based security integration company specializing in IP Video solutions, put in a cold call to NuSkin, a huge company that distributes 200+ anti-aging products in 53 international markets, they were hoping for an opportunity to serve the company's security needs. Instead, their call was forwarded on to NuSkin's A/V department. The timing could not have been more perfect.

Russ Belliston, Producer/Director and Video Specialist at NuSkin, was preparing to work on a time lapse HD video documentary that would chronicle the progress of the construction of a new addition to its corporate headquarters building. NuSkin planned to use the video as a sales tool to showcase its growth and expansion and send it to their 800,000 + distributors around the world. They had just one little problem: Where to start?

As Belliston explains, NuSkin hired Sentinel Systems to come up with a way to record an entire city block from many directions at once. The system also had to be portable enough to be easily moved as old buildings were demolished and new office buildings and parking structures were built. The objective was to provide a working solution for NuSkin to make HD video recordings for advertising purposes. The beauty of it was that when the buildings were finished, the products and system could then be used by NuSkin's Security department.

Fluidmesh Technology Increased NuSkin's Productivity and Decreased Costs
Randy Bathemess, CEO and Pete Floor, Installation Manager of Sentinel Systems had some challenges on their hands. "Finding a wireless product that would do the job was a major issue," Bathemess points out. "We tried a few products that failed miserably, mainly because of the noisy environment in downtown Provo, Utah. There are just too many networks in that area, between the courthouse, police and fire departments, hotels, offices, and restaurants." Wireless mesh, he contends, was the only way to go on a job like this without recording at individual cameras. "Fluidmesh' wireless technology increased NuSkin's productivity and decreased their costs," he adds.

This relieved a lot of production headaches for NuSkin's Video Specialist! "The Fluidmesh antennas were able to safeguard our cameras, so now we have our wireless cameras delivering the video to our server," Belliston reports. "We are super happy with Sentinel Systems and the system. It's meeting our needs beautifully. The video is still in production, but when it is completed, the system will be ready for use by our Security department."

Sentinel Systems' call to NuSkin proved a productive one for all. "The system has exceeded NuSkin's expectations for reliability," Bathemess adds, "Without the cooperation of the other downtown businesses that allowed the RDUs to be temporarily placed, this video could not have been produced like this. Some images in NuSkin's production were shot from a block away with complete clarity and no loss of video because of network drops. Bravo Fluidmesh!"

Magal acquires WebSilicon to expand into cyber security

Magal acquires WebSilicon to expand into cyber security

Editor / Provider: Magal Security Systems | Updated: 1/24/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Magal Security Systems announced that it is expanding its business proposition with integrated physical-cyber protection solutions.

As part of this strategy Magal acquires Websilicon - an Israeli-based company in the rapidly growing network management and monitoring markets.

Magal's new cyber security solutions will monitor, detect and protect against abnormal network activity, both landline and wireless, within and close to protected sites. Cyber and physical events will be managed by the same platform - the Fortis4G, which is already installed in hundreds of sites.

The cyber security market
Since digital electronic technology has permeated every aspect of the business, critical sites are now exposed to new threats. The core production technology within sites, utilities, the information systems and even the security system itself - everything is now connected to the cyber world, and thus exposed to cyber threats due the bad and old motivations – terror, crime, hooliganism, espionage, etc. Therefore critical sites can no longer suffice in physical security and IT firewalls; essentially everything has to be protected.

Magal's cyber solution
The core solution will be based on advanced communication monitoring – wire-line, mobile wireless and satellite – which will intercept and alert for attacks, worms and other threats. The "sensors" will report into a unified Security Operation Center (SOC) into Fortis4G – a top notch centralized threat command and control platform. The unified SOC will eliminate the current silo approach which artificially disconnect the network security from the physical security and thus save resources and strengthen the overall security.

Since every site is different Magal will use its homegrown products as well as 3rd party products and tailor a turnkey solution for each site, supported by the full span of services: cyber risk and threat analysis, site survey, holistic cyber security Solution design, integration and post sales cyber monitoring, reviews and upgrades.

"The traditional physical threats to sensitive sites are now exacerbated by cyber threats, which have the potential to jeopardize the mission of our customers. Unlike the physical space, deterrence barely exists in cyberspace, and therefore in this cyber decade, seaports, airports, power utilities, cities and in fact, any business cannot be left protected with only physical security." said Eitan Livneh, President and CEO of Magal S3.

"Magal chose WebSilicon due its strong executive and development team, as well as its successful product sales to intelligence and other cyber protection players. Together, we are now positioned to lead the convergence of the physical-cyber security for critical sites."  Livneh said.

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