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Airbus Spain Select Legic Integrated Access Control

Airbus Spain Select Legic Integrated Access Control

Editor / Provider: LEGIC | Updated: 11/14/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Zucchetti Axess recently implemented an employee time & attendance system for Airbus Spain using multifunctional LEGIC read & write terminals.

Airbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer with operations in 80 countries, recently upgraded the employee time & attendance system at its Spanish factories in Madrid and Seville. Italy-based Zucchetti Axess linked up with its Spanish partner, SoftMachine, to implement a comprehensive and multifunctional LEGIC advant based system.

Airbus and Zucchetti Axess established their initial contacts at a LEGIC meeting. That encounter developed into a challenging partnership, as the global aircraft company began to purchase LEGIC badge readers from Zucchetti Axess.

In 2010 Airbus drew up a shortlist of qualified suppliers for an upgrade project at four military aircraft factory buildings in Madrid and Seville. The project's objective was to harmonise these facilities with Airbus Group security standards by replacing existing hardware devices with new LEGIC equipment. The system requirements were quite ambitious: multi-application capability, integration with the existing system, flexibility and functional modularity.

Zucchetti Axess enlisted a local partner, SoftMachine, to deliver 120 EtherTRAX+G terminals with LEGIC readers. They were specially configured to read the proprietary Airbus segment from advanced security LEGIC badges. The Zucchetti Axess-certified connector module was used to interface the terminals with the SAP HR module. In addition, Zucchetti Axess software was deployed for comprehensive online monitoring of terminal status and for real-time data transfer to the main server.

Although the customer requirements were highly complex and demanding, it was possible to complete the project within a short time frame. Thanks to excellent customisation by the supplier and the professional service delivered by the local Partner, more than 10,000 Airbus employees can now benefit from a cutting-edge time & attendance system. Encouraged by this first important LEGIC reference in Spain, SoftMachine elected to join the LEGIC Partner Network as a means of winning further business opportunities.

China's Oldest Tobacco Company Streamlines Management With Axis Network Video

China's Oldest Tobacco Company Streamlines Management With Axis Network Video

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 11/11/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Wuhan Tobacco Factory is China's oldest tobacco company, established in 1916. It is now over 90 years old, and is currently the core business of Hubei Tobacco Industry. The video surveillance system for Wuhan Tobacco Factory utilizes advanced and mature technology and equipment to meet future development needs. Through intelligent systems application integration, it achieved the management, collection, analysis, processing, alarm link-up control, and resource sharing of information, to ensure that project planning was realized. However, there was a need for a further upgrade of the existing video surveillance system.

Axis Communications suggested a solution for this project after an in-depth analysis of the customer's needs and market development. Different cameras are used in different environments and locations, while the original analog cameras are connected to the IP system with video encoders, thus forming a complete IP video management system.

After the system was completed, the image quality of the Wuhan Tobacco Factory has become clearer, brighter, and richer. In combination with powerful application software, image retrieval has become faster and easier, and the original analog surveillance cameras are also integrated into the existing network. The different management levels no longer have to go to the workshop or the surveillance center to investigate the situation in key areas; instead, they now have the possibility for remote viewing from their offices or the conference room. This greatly improved supervision and work efficiency, and provided real-time protection for production safety.

Anson Delivers Customized Solutions With Strong R&D

Anson Delivers Customized Solutions With Strong R&D

Editor / Provider: Aiven Zhang | Updated: 11/10/2011 | Article type: China Corner

Anson transitioned from an access control provider to a solution provider, integrating video, alarm, access control and intercoms together. Based on a profound understanding of global demands and state-of-the-art technology, the company launched its embedded security integration products. a&s International China Best Buys talks to Bin Zhao, GM of Anson, to unveil its strengths in innovating technology and understanding the market demands.

Anson, founded in 2007, concentrated on the development of access control and was led by Bin Zhao, GM of Anson. His technical expertise comes from working more than 15 years in security. “When we set up the company, we understood that access control requires technology and innovation, which are our core competence,” said Zhao.

“We would like to deliver self-developed quality products with a better experience for our users,” continued Zhao. “We always focus on creativity instead of manufacturing me-too products.”

R&D Investment
Technology-driven innovation has long been Anson's strength. Four years ago, Zhao gathered a group of experts with ample experience in security to develop access control solutions. “All of our R&D employees have been in the access field for several years,” Zhao said. “We continue to introduce experienced personnel in hardware and software.”

Continuous investment is another driving factor for the company's development. “We invest a major part of our profit into our R&D team to bring more technology-added solutions to market,” Zhao said.

Customized International Offering
Continued international experience gave Anson the opportunity to understand markets and product demands outside China. “At the beginning, we distributed security products for international brands in China,” Zhao said. “From these global business dealings, we enhanced our overseas partnerships and learned about international demands.”

Zhao added that customized solutions and technology investments were among the two distinct characteristics to stand out from the competition. “We decided to manufacture our access products after we have gained ample experience by working with these international brands,” he said. “We built up our own R&D team.”

To provide value-added products, satisfying customer demands was the top priority. “We apply customer demands at the stages of product design and development,” Zhao said. “With previous experience, we understand the market better than our competitors in China and provide products and solutions catering to specific needs.”

“We embed our security philosophy at the beginning of our R&D process and design integration into our products,” Zhao said. “We have spent three years developing an embedded integrated security system, the NSR, to combine all functions of access control, video surveillance, intrusion and intercoms together.”

Anson continues to improve products after their release by collecting feedback from distributors, integrators and end users. “At least 70 percent of our products are exported to markets such as the U.S., Europe and South America, and received very positive comments,” Zhao said.

Chinese Security Providers Safeguard Shenzhen World University Games 2011

Chinese Security Providers Safeguard Shenzhen World University Games 2011

Editor / Provider: Aiven Zhang | Updated: 11/10/2011 | Article type: China Corner

The Universiade 2011, or World University Games, took place in Shenzhen, China. A number of Chinese security players actively participated to secure the events, athletes and spectators. A comprehensive robust security system was deployed throughout the stadiums. a&s International China Best Buys talked to these providers to find out how they combined their technologies for a winning solution.

Security for the Shenzhen Universiade Games was a largescale project. There are more than 20 stadiums involved in the world event, with 1.8 million spectators and 20,000 athletes, coaches, referees and officials from 180 countries and regions. Considered to be the biggest event ever, it presented many challenges for surveillance, identification and crowd management.

“To meet potential challenges, we needed to implement a high-level security system with stable equipment for the International Games,” said Sam Yu, Planning Manager at Santachi Video Technology. “In this large-scale surveillance, high quality video and constant wide-area monitoring are needed.”

All of the security equipment used in the stadiums came from different Chinese and international providers, bringing integration challenges. To ensure stability, interoperability was taken into consideration, said Qingrui Hu, Technical Manager of Hikvision Shenzhen office.

“Our products adopt an advanced SRM CPU and FPGA platform and are compatible with more than 40 management platforms,” said Zhigao Zhou, Technical Engineer of Sunell Technology. “They also are ONVIF-compliant with open SDKs, enabling more flexibility and connectivity.” Michael Archer, PM of Sunell Technology emphasized that reliability came first in security and quality images were essential for image detail in analysis and monitoring. To secure the event, a comprehensive solution with video surveillance and access control was deployed.

High-Quality Images
The Universiade event welcomed large crowds. To ensure the safety and security of spectators and players, quality video surveillance is of great importance. Moreover, high definition (HD) images provided more detail for further analysis.

The cameras needed to provide HD images for identification of individuals. As the Games were held in large stadiums, seeing clearly was vital for surveillance, Archer said.

“HD analog dome cameras were deployed in 20 stadiums and 12 training gymnasiums,” Zhou said. “They deliver high resolution images of up to 1,280 by 960 pixels, providing more detailed information for analysis and viewing throughout the games.”

“We designed an HD solution with our high-resolution speed domes for wide-area surveillance,” Hu said. “The cameras capture and record megapixel video when the perimeter intrusion detectors trigger an alarm in the stadiums. This ensures image clarity and provides high quality images for forensic evidence.”

With wide-area coverage requirements, this brought difficulty for viewing and identifying the scene. “We chose PTZ domes to work in low-light environments using wide dynamic range (WDR),” Archer said. “These cameras were specifically designed for wide-area monitoring in airports, stadiums, seaports and banks, and their positioning accuracy is precise to ±02 degrees, even at low speeds.”

“ The PTZ speed dome sare positioned at the entrances, corridors and spectator stands for wide-area applications,” Yu said. “Owing to their WDR capabilities, they make adjustments according to lighting conditions and produce quality images for surveillance purposes.”

Yu continued, “The adoption of low-lux and IR features makes sure the cameras deliver clear images of dark areas so operators can see them, even if there is no light at all.”

Along with quality images, HD monitors were used for better video performance. A variety of 20-, 42-, 46- and 52-inch LCD panels and video walls were supplied. “They can automatically eliminate ghosting and self-adjust the picture size, providing sharp video output without trailing,” said Yongshuang Fang, Regional Manager of Marketing Department at Skyworth Qunxin. These panel monitors respond quickly with no noise and low power consumption.

Intelligent Monitoring
High image quality provides more possibilities for intelligent analysis. In such large spaces, crowd management and identifying suspicious behaviors can further enhance stadium security.

Video analytics plays a crucial role for proactive security. “With video analytic algorithms, the system provided real-time alarms for various incidents by automatically detecting, tracking and classifying specific objects and people,” Hu said.

Behavior analytics monitored and detected subtle suspicious actions. In densely populated areas, intelligent analytics measured the crowds, estimated change rules and analyzed risk level, resulting in a combination of real-time warnings and crowd management, Hu said.

For critical places, intelligent analytics detected abnormal and suspicious behaviors, such as loitering, theft and other threats, enhancing security without human supervision, said Xianpeng Zhang, Manager of Planning Department at Bellsent.

Zhang pointed out the intelligent solution supported both analog and IP-based video, providing real-time alert notifications and on-alarm events for recording and visual verification. Its robust and proven analytic capabilities provided highly accurate and reliable detection indoors and outdoors, even in severe weather.

Authorized Access
Access control increased the stadium's safety and security by preventing unauthorized persons from entering restricted Universiade sites. In each important entrance, a person needed authorization for access.

“Our networked access control system includes 22 four-door controllers, 86 card readers and 86 electronic locks to proactively and effectively prevent unauthorized entries,” said Ping Zheng, Technical Manager at Neatech. “It supports unlimited access control points, along with cross-segment and cross-node hybrid access.”

For crowd control purposes, the system integrated people counting to enforce capacity limitations. People were automatically restricted from entering sites once they reached capacity, while they gained access before the venue's capacity was filled, Zheng said.

The access management system was integrated with video surveillance to capture and record images when individuals swiped their cards. Stadium security was improved after the integration of access control, image capture, video recording, e-map and alarm, Zheng said.

Additionally, the participating providers took the world event seriously by establishing on-site technical support. Archer said, “We set up a team for emergencies to secure the main stadiums and respond promptly to emergency events. Together with our technicians, the Universiade was under complete surveillance and we won't allow for carelessness or mistakes in securing the event.”

Yu said, “Our team stood by 24/7 from the opening of the event and examined the equipment to make sure they worked. We also stocked backup devices to respond to any situation in a timely fashion.”

Fang said, “Our monitors were used in more than 20 stadiums throughout Shenzhen. We have calculated exactly how many devices are in every stadium and backed up spare parts. Should any of the equipment fail to work, our technicians there will see to it immediately.”

US Quick-Serve Restaurants Improve Operations With Envysion Managed Video

US Quick-Serve Restaurants Improve Operations With Envysion Managed Video

Editor / Provider: Envysion | Updated: 11/8/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Envysion, the leading Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS) provider, announced that GBV, a franchise of Carl's Jr., has selected Envysion Insight to drive operations, loss prevention and profit improvement.

“We were excited to find that Envysion has a tailored video-based business intelligence solution based on a deep understanding of the Carl's Jr. concept, operations and requirements,” says Gary Vick, President of GBV. “Envysion's easy-to-use, brand specific exception reports allow us to keep a close eye on areas of risk in our restaurants, quickly identify incidents of possible loss and rapidly investigate whether fraud or theft occurred. As of a result of the Envysion solution, we have seen significant improvements in our bottom-line profitability.”

Envysion easy-to-use, video-based business intelligence enables quick-service and fast casual restaurants to drive 10-15 percent profitability improvements. Using Envysion's video point of sale integration, GBV easily tracks and identifies suspicious transactions, such as unwarranted discounts, refunds, voids and deleted items. GBV users then review the video footage of the event in question side-by-side with the receipt to determine whether there was an instance of fraud, operational error or training issue that requires attention. One area where GBV has used the system more than expected is investigating guest issues, including accidents and complaints, Vick adds.

“We are excited to add GBV to our growing list of Hardee's and Carl's Jr. customers. Our work with CKE Restaurants and many CKE franchisees will enable us to provide GBV with exception reports and best practices specific to Carl's Jr. so GBV can realize immediate profitability improvements,” says Carlos Perez, VP of product and marketing for Envysion.

New Jersey County Deploys Quantum Secure Solution for Identity Management

New Jersey County Deploys Quantum Secure Solution for Identity Management

Editor / Provider: Quantum Secure | Updated: 11/8/2011 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

Quantum Secure, the leading provider of enterprise software to manage and streamline security identities, compliance and events across disparate physical security systems, announced that it has deployed its physical identity and access management software solution for New Jersey's Cape May County.

With Quantum Secure solution, Cape May County has simplified the management of their physical access process by automating key manual processes regarding access credential issuance, access privilege assignment and visitor identity management across their physical access control systems. Located on the southern tip of New Jersey and facing the Delaware Bay, Cape May County includes 16 municipalities and has approximately 100,000 residents. The county offices span four major campuses and support a wide variety of employees including police, judges, nurses, county workers, contractors and other third-party employees.

To manage all cardholders in Cape May County as well as their physical access rights, the county was looking for a solution to help streamline security processes and policies regarding granting, managing, revoking and provisioning physical security identities and access privileges.

The project was initiated and managed by the County's Facilities Department. Working closely with Cape May County's prime integrator North American Video along with Unlimited Technologies, the County selected the Quantum Secure solution: a scalable, custom-configurable COTS software suite that works with their existing physical security infrastructure to integrate disparate physical security systems, automate key processes and simplify control of employees, visitors, vendors and other third-party identities across their global organization.

“With Quantum Secure software suite, Cape May County has significantly streamlined their access provisioning and visitor identity management efforts,” said John Palumbo, VP of Sales for Unlimited Technology. “Quantum Secure solution has not only simplified processes regarding the on- and off-boarding of identities and their access, but has provided their security team with executive-level unified reporting regarding physical access across their entire facility.”

As part of the deployment, Cape May County has realized the following benefits of the physical identity & access management solution:

● Cape May County security managers can automate key security processes and policies to grant, manage, revoke and provision physical security identities and access privileges for Cape May County C-CURE system

● Provisions appropriate identities to the Flex Systems Guard Tour 3rd party system as part of new employee onboarding

● A Self-Service portal enables Cape May County employees to request and perform their own physical access change requests and approvals, invite and manage visitors

● Provides unified reporting for physical access and reports for the facility

Additionally, Cape May County has integrated Quantum Secure Visitor Identity Manager, providing a Web-based self-service tool that unifies all of their global visitor management, visitor check-in, printing and centralized reporting functions.

Quantum Secure Visitor Identity Manager provides flexible enrollment, validation and processing capabilities for individuals in need of temporary or long-term access. The solution also enables authorized host personnel to pre-announce visitors, which initiates a customizable visitor workflow that includes emailing hosts and visitors, identification, check-in, provisioning, and check-out functionality.

“This effort is the result of a great partnership between North American Video, Unlimited Technologies and Quantum Secure,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO of Quantum Secure. “Their insight and integration capabilities, combined with our award-winning Quantum Secure physical identity and access management software, have created a dedicated solution for securing identities and access for any part of our nation's infrastructure.”

Sports Retailer Selects Mobile Surveillance

Sports Retailer Selects Mobile Surveillance

Editor / Provider: mobiDEOS | Updated: 11/7/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Video surveillance and remote monitoring company mobiDEOS announces that Summit Sports, a Michigan-based outdoor recreation and sporting goods retailer, is now using MobileCamViewer to monitor activity at its 50,000-square-foot distribution and receiving center in the Auburn Hills area.

Summit Sports operates five retail locations and ten websites — all serviced through the company's Auburn Hills facility. The facility stores valuable sports merchandise and is consistently monitored for intrusions and unusual occurrences through onsite and mobile surveillance.

Craig Burns, warehouse operations manager for Summit Sports, notes that MobileCamViewer has saved many personal late-night trips and police visits for security-related events. Burns uses the MobileCamViewer application on his Verizon HTC Incredible 2 smart phone to monitor 32 cameras and two digital video recording (DVR) systems.

“It's hard to put an exact number on it, but MobileCamViewer has saved us a lot of time and money,” said Burns. “I have a 90-minute round trip to the warehouse, and MobileCamViewer has eliminated many trips to the building in the middle of the night to inspect false alarms.”

Burns added that he recently used the application to prevent his alarm company from dispatching the police to the warehouse one Saturday afternoon while on vacation in Florida.

The open-platform nature of MobileCamViewer has helped Summit Sports minimize the costs of launching a mobile surveillance system. The application works across all 32 cameras installed on the warehouse property, proving compatibility with an array of vendors.

MobileCamViewer offers secure, reliable carrier-grade cell phone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions, providing “anytime, anywhere” mobile surveillance for virtually every situation. Its compatibility across almost all smartphones, tablets, cameras, DVRs, NVRs and video servers — as well as simple integration with PC and MAC-based iOS systems — enables MobileCamViewer to comply with both new and existing network infrastructures.

Hikvision Enhances Surveillance Offerings With Hosted Video

Hikvision Enhances Surveillance Offerings With Hosted Video

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 10/11/2011 | Article type: China Corner

Hikvision strives to develop its product lineup and applications. It worked closely with NeoVSP, a global provider of carrier-grade VSaaS platforms, to deliver an affordable plug-and-play hosted IP solution. Hikvision provided its encoders and megapixel cameras in retail stores throughout Macedonia to protect them from theft.

Plug-and-Play Solution
Hikvision is committed to providing value-added surveillance solutions. It partnered strategically with NeoVSP to offer plug-and-play video management.

“Hikvision's high quality cameras complement our management platform and provide our distributors a more complete range of OVS-ready and plug-and-play surveillance cameras.” said Oded Ilan, Deputy CEO of NeoVSP.

“The integration of network cameras and management software brings greater value and functionality, benefiting both parties' customers,” said Tony Yang, International Marketing Director of Hikvision. “We are please to cooperate with NeoVSP to build a long-term partnership.”

Hikvision's IP surveillance offerings were integrated with OVS cloud technology from NeoVSP, providing customers with a video software as a service (VSaaS) platform. This integration enables easy plug-and-play functionality of Hikvision network cameras, without requiring on-site technicians or IT knowledge for installation. The cameras can automatically connect to the OVS VSaaS platform when plugged into the router.

Surveillance in Retail
The new solution was rolled out to users. Makedonski Telekom selected Hikvision encoders and cameras for its retail stores in Macedonia. It is a provider of fixed network services, broadband and TV over Internet Protocol (IPTV). The company deployed Hikvision surveillance to monitor and protect its stores. Its high-value stock included iPhones and other smart phones, which are compact and attractive to thieves. Cameras had to be discreet, since frequent shoplifters already knew where the camera coverage areas were.

NIKOB Security, the consultant and installer for the project, used 150 video encoders without replacing the coaxial cabling. The encoders feature embedded Linux OS and support H.264 compression, variable bit rate and frame rate. They deliver digital streams of 4CIF resolution at 25 fps (PAL) and 30 fps (NTSC).

Quality images play a vital role in detecting thefts, as thieves can easily conceal mobile devices. To provide sharp and clear pictures, 1.3-megapixel cameras were deployed for a networked surveillance system. The cameras were controlled at the corporate headquarters in Skopje, using iVMS client software developed by Hikvision.

The cameras were installed at the store floors and storefront display, where there are shadows and strong lighting. Operators can see clearly by adjusting the saturation, brightness and contrast through the client software.

Camera frame rates can be adjusted from 12.5 fps, 15 fps, 25 fps to 30 fps. Bandwidth can be reduced when image quality is adjusted according to location. Use of bandwidth and RAID resources can be optimized further and eventless footage minimized, if recording is triggered by motion detection.

As a technology company, Makedonski Telekom is forwardthinking. It considers potential for integrating video surveillance with complementary solutions such as electronic point of sale (EPoS), RFID and intelligent building management. The fact that Hikvision cameras are ONVIF and PSIA-conformant was therefore an advantage over other offerings

New Zealand's Second-Largest Airport Relies on Gallagher Access Solution

New Zealand's Second-Largest Airport Relies on Gallagher Access Solution

Editor / Provider: Gallagher | Updated: 11/4/2011 | Article type: Infrastructure

Christchurch International Airport Limited (CIAL) is situated on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island and receives more than six million passengers a year. It is New Zealand's second largest airport and the busiest and most strategic air connection from the South Island to the world's trade and tourism markets. With such high numbers of passengers going through the airport, providing a safe and secure environment is an important part of CIAL's vision to be recognised as New Zealand's leading tourism gateway.

In a legislation driven airport environment, CIAL is mandated by a number of Civil Aviation rules and regulations to provide control and monitoring of all access to restricted security areas. Gallagher protects all primary areas of aviation activity within the airport - terminal, airfield, support buildings and infrastructure. The Gallagher perimeter security system provides monitored electrical fencing for a small section of CIAL's 16km of fence line protecting over 300 hectares of land.

CIAL Operations Manager Tim Morris says the desire to operate a modern and reliable access control system prompted the need to upgrade CIAL's access system to Gallagher in 2007.

“We needed something to provide the required security functionality today and allow for easy integration for more advanced requirements for the future,” he says. “We followed a robust evaluation process and found the Gallagher product was the best value for money and the best support structure for our site. In-house capability was a feature that set it apart from other systems.”

Residing on the existing Local Area Network, using TCP/IP, the Gallagher system features peer-to-peer communications, so if communications with the head end need to be taken down, those on the airport using the system are not affected. This means if the airport experiences network communications problems, security and access control of the site won't be compromised. Multiple workstations access the database to manage cardholders, events, check on the status of doors, override doors and trace activity. System division is used to enable the airport to be divided for management and monitoring purposes.

With more than 5000 cardholders accessing more than 400 doors, gates and fences, cardholder management has to be efficient and allow for changes to be applied easily to groups of cardholders. The Gallagher system manages cardholders by groups for cardholders who share the same access requirements. A cardholder may belong to one or more access groups to get their full access privileges.

All service elevators are operated with an access card and once an area of the airport has been “sealed” for security (i.e. international departure lounge), access to these floors is automatically denied, so the areas become accessible only via a particular security clearance entryway.

There are three auto gates which allow authorised vehicles access onto the airfield at various points. When a vehicle drives up to the auto gate, the driver badges the access card and the information and photo of the cardholder pops up on the operator's screen. Granting access requires the operator to check the driver against the photo on screen, as well as ensure their competencies are up to date. If the driver's Civil Aviation ID or airside driving permit is due to expire soon, the operator is notified on screen and therefore able to advise the driver of the expiration date. The main auto gate is manned 24/7. If someone requests access at an unmanned auto gate, their photo and competencies are checked by the operator at the main auto gate and access is either granted or denied, saving on staff and running costs.

CIAL takes advantage of Gallagher's reporting functionality by running automatic shift change reports. These reports print at set times of the day at shift change, to provide the new shift with a variety of information relating to the previous eight hours of site activity.

Tim Morris says the system has also assisted in increasing in-house knowledge and driven down the annual costs associated to access control. “The system performs extremely well with no significant outages to date,” he says. “Our expectations were met overnight. It is easy to use, modern, innovative, and flexible with high quality installations and we have an excellent channel partner.”

CIAL intends to make a number of additional Gallagher installations to accompany their three-year terminal and aircraft apron expansion project. One significant application will be a Gallagher controlled swing gate area, where 14 doors will either automatically open or lock, to allow an aircraft to arrive as a domestic flight and depart as an international flight (or vice versa) without the need to move the aircraft. Tim says this installation means both the airport and airlines will save time and costs.

Dahua Aims to Become Total Solution Provider

Dahua Aims to Become Total Solution Provider

Editor / Provider: Tim Shen | Updated: 10/11/2011 | Article type: China Corner

Dahua Technology posted strong growth of more than 50 percent, reaching US$ 123 million for the first half of 2011. The company's domestic and overseas sales were respectively US$ 89 million and US$ 34 million, with overseas markets growing nearly 91 percent. a&s talks to President Fu Liquan and Vice President Michael Chen to discuss what makes the company successful.

Some experts believe the security industry in China is on the verge of a new phase. As more players talk about customization for specific vertical markets and projects, this requires more resources and integration between different security systems. Product suppliers used to manufacture a single product, but now they must adapt to be solution providers for versatile and specific demands.

Fu Liquan, President of Dahua Technology, has his own opinion on industry developments. “There is no doubt the market d e m a n d s s o l u t i o n providers,” he said. “Some people believe that in a few years, there will only be few big players remaining on this stage. I think otherwise.”

Fu pointed out that security is not like the telecommunications industry in China , which is dominated by Huawei and ZTE. “The Chinese security industry emphasizes government projects and specific customized projects, which are not easy to replicate on a mass scale,” Fu said. “For example, traffic monitoring solutions might be different, depending on the region. It takes industry players to invest more resources but may not yield corresponding profits.”

Furthermore, China is a society that greatly emphasizes relationships. Therefore, Fu believes the Chinese security industry will surely move to system integration, which could eliminate unfit suppliers in the long run. But it will not be dominated by a few major players. Greater integration requires “co-petition,” as no one player can do everything by their own efforts.

Continuous R&D Investment
Fu pointed out that the company relies on its core value — technology. The company continues to invest in R&D, ensuring its product competitiveness. In Fu's opinion, Dahua's products should be unique and superior to anything else. The company plans to increase its R&D budget. Its R&D team will recruit to 1,000 staffers, from its existing 800. Furthermore, the company's long-term goal is to develop other security products, such as alarms or intercoms. Fu pointed out that all individual products must be outstanding to work together as an outstanding solution. “All products need to be designed for usage in solutions from the outset,” he added. “Therefore, we are setting up a R&D team for solution products.”

The company remains open to technology partnerships. However, there is one condition before any means of cooperation is undertaken. “We need to understand new technology and have our initial in-house R&D capabilities,” said Fu. “Then, we can better develop and integrate new technologies into our products. If you do not have a basic understanding, you cannot ensure your product will deliver better performance.”

The company will showcase new products with its enhanced R&D capabilities. These include a full series of 960H cameras, a wide range of HD-SDI DVRs as well as network cameras.

IP Brings Opportunities and Challenges
From Fu's standpoint, video surveillance will be focused on intelligence, high definition (HD) as well as integration. When it comes to IP and integration, the importance of software cannot be underestimated. For most hardware manufacturers, IP brings more opportunities but also new challenges. “In an IP world, it requires a software platform,” he said.

For example, the company just partnered with video processing expert NetPosa, a Beijing-based company, to develop software and hardware for demanding security users. “This partnership does not mean we have given up on our in-house software development,” Fu said. “We are working to combine our hardware with NetPosa's management software, which will upgrade product development and bring greater opportunities for both parties.”

Promising Overseas Market
At the overseas front, the company enjoyed nearly 91 percent revenue growth in the first half of 2011. Fu believes success came from its strong sales team. “We see great potential in the overseas markets,” he added. “We hope that by connecting with foreign buyers, it helps us to better understand international applications, as these applications are ahead of China. These product requirements give our R&D team a good reference to refine our products.”

“We would like to work with our overseas partners on every front,” said Michael Chen, Vice President of Dahua. “The key reason for Dahua's success was our products cater to user needs and different market requirements, thanks to our R&D capabilities and an ideal ratio of price-performance. This truly gave us an edge to penetrate challenging markets, such as India, Brazil and other emerging markets.”

From Chen's standpoint, a video system symbolizes a circle connecting everyone. With more possibilities and potential growth, the larger the circle will be. Dahua's ultimate goal is to help customers realize their business goals by partnering with the company. Chen believes Dahua has the complete product lineup to satisfy buyer needs, enabling customers to enjoy high performance and quality products from entrylevel to high-end.

This year, the organization will enhance its front-end devices. “We will promote our solution in overseas markets,” Chen said. “With our strong and highly performance back-end devices, we offer our customers a complete package. Our new analog and network speed domes are already in our portfolios.” Lastly, Chen added the overseas sales team will also recruit more people to better serveits customers.

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