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Samsung Techwin partners up with Red Hawk in N. America

Samsung Techwin partners up with Red Hawk in N. America

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 3/8/2013 | Article type: Security 50

As part of Samsung Techwin's Certified IP Partners Program, the company announces that Red Hawk Fire & Security, a fire, life safety and security services company, will add Samsung's line of video surveillance and security products to its cutting-edge technology portfolio. Samsung's IP-video, analog and hybrid systems will now be among the industry technologies Red Hawk Fire & Security incorporates into their integrated, turnkey business solutions.

"Red Hawk's team of industry experts delivers integration services, customer focus, and a high level of technical expertise that will ensure effective integration of Samsung's products into seamless, high performance solutions," said Frank De Fina, Senior VP t of Sales and Marketing, North America, Samsung Techwin America.

The strategic collaboration of Red Hawk and Samsung will target midmarket commercial customers in retail, banking, education and healthcare. Samsung's benefits including HD imaging, intelligent camera features and value pricing will enable Red Hawk to maximize customer satisfaction in these markets.

"Working with Samsung, we can deliver video technology solutions that offer high-end functionality and live up to their reputation for dependability and long life," said Ardy Azhir, VP Security at Red Hawk Fire & Security.

Tyco/Software House adds mass notification capability

Tyco/Software House adds mass notification capability

Editor / Provider: Tyco/Software House | Updated: 3/8/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Software House, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, has announced that it is working with Lynx Systems, a solution from Micro Technology Services, to provide Duress and Instant Alert Notification systems to universities, healthcare facilities, and other heavily populated, dispersed organizations who are hungry for a solution that helps them to protect students, patients, visitors, and employees.

The Lynx system, which will be sold exclusively through Software House, is a turnkey solution that links dozens of alarm devices such as panic buttons, police call systems, remote alarm fobs etc., to a variety of audible or visual warning outputs. A simple push of a panic button can activate a flashing LED display, strobe lights, group text messages, automated lockdown procedures, and much more.

"Lynx Duress and Instant Alert Notification Systems have proven to be extremely cost-effective and powerful alternatives to other expensive and restrictive critical notification systems," said Timothy Lee, VP of Lynx. "The potential to answer the critical needs of thousands of customers is now more of a reality by teaming up with Software House and the vast reach of their global channels."

Initially, Software House will offer the Lynx system as a stand-alone product; the next phase will include a tightly developed integration through the C.CURE 9000 security and event management system, where access control events (e.g. door forced open, lock disabled, etc.) can be broadcast through standard mass distribution mechanisms such as broadcast to existing security radio systems, PA and other media.

Kentucky university unifies video, access, PA systems for enhanced security operation

Kentucky university unifies video, access, PA systems for enhanced security operation

Editor / Provider: Next Level Security Systems | Updated: 3/6/2013 | Article type: Education

Next Level Security Systems (NLSS) is providing a unified security solution to the University of Kentucky to help protect students, faculty, staff and campus assets. Included in the solution is the NLSS flagship security management system (available for one inclusive price with no-license fee structure) to oversee more than 2,000 surveillance cameras and 40,000 cardholders across 800 acres (35 million square feet) of campus property. With the assistance of integrators Dallmann Systems and BCCLT Consulting Engineers, the university will maintain a high level of safety and streamline communications across its infrastructure.

Correlation of video surveillance, analytic alerts and access control data on a single interface enables the university to automate alerts and response, which allows personnel to focus on more critical risks. The browser-based interface and 11 built-in video analytics provide customized real-time alerts, which increase the efficiency of campus security personnel. Additional NLSS cloud services will also enable the university that consists of hundreds of buildings and a medical center to perform remote access and multisite security management from any location. Based on open standards, the NLSS system will be integrated with the school's mass notification system and emergency call stations to further streamline situational awareness and management.

“The integrated appliance approach … allows the University of Kentucky to rapidly pinpoint potential issues and respond quickly,” said Peter Jankowski, Chairman and CEO. “The integration of video, access control and other systems into one appliance creates a tremendous amount of cost savings and sustainability."

Mobotix partners with wireless backhaul specialist Radwin

Mobotix partners with wireless backhaul specialist Radwin

Editor / Provider: Mobotix | Updated: 3/6/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Mobotix announced that Radwin, a provider of advanced wireless broadband solutions, has joined the Mobotix Technology Partner Program. Participation in the partner program ensures seamless integration of Mobotix IP surveillance devices with Radwin's wireless solutions.

There is an ever-growing need for high-quality, wireless video surveillance to serve a variety of applications, including municipal surveillance, perimeter security, critical infrastructure protection and transportation security. Due to its unique decentralized concept, Mobotix cameras are uniquely positioned to perform well over wireless networks due to lower bandwidth requirements.

“Radwin's product portfolio offers the quality and performance necessary to support both fixed and mobile broadband wireless video transmission networks," said Mike Cook, GM at Radwin North America. “By partnering with Mobotix, VARs and joint end-customers benefit from carrier-grade wireless solutions together with top-notch surveillance cameras to address public safety agencies and private security companies' needs."

Mobotix pioneered the decentralized, edge-based approach to video surveillance. The intelligent Mobotix cameras incorporate a high-speed computer and internal MicroSD flash memory card to enable all recording and storage to occur within the camera, reducing the need for a separate server. All data is processed within the camera to lower network bandwidth, which maximizes the use of virtual PTZ, video analytics and 360-degree hemispheric technology with panoramic view.

"Radwin has a vast portfolio of wireless broadband technologies that deliver reliability, robustness and cost effectiveness while easing complex installations," said Steve Gorski, GM for Americas at Mobotix. "By working closely with Radwin, Mobotix can meet the needs of surveillance users and VARs that seek high-quality, cost-effective wireless solutions for remote and perimeter surveillance needs.”

Asia Update: GKB evolves with passion and trust

Asia Update: GKB evolves with passion and trust

Editor / Provider: Christine Chien, a&s International | Updated: 3/5/2013 | Article type: Hot Topics

In the security industry, it is imperative for manufacturers to establish long-term relationships with each of their partners and clients based on trust. They must take into consideration the needs and demands of end users. Based on the belief that security products are meant to protect people, GKB makes customers its priority.

Solution Provider
Around 2006, Peter Jen, President of GKB, realized that security is not just about selling products. With the introduction of IP, clients may encounter integration problems for meeting specific application requirements and providers must be able to address these problems. A successful company should be able to provide a total solution for clients instead of single products. At the time, if GKB wanted to compete with other global brands in the long run, changes had to be made. Jen decided to reposition the company as a solution provider. However, GKB had been regarded primarily as a manufacturer of analog cameras, making the transition to being a branded solution provider difficult. Though many doubted him, Jen insisted on guiding his company in a new direction.

Undeterred by discouragement from internal and external sources, Jen continued to emphasize the importance of the transition, while simultaneously changing GKB's corporate culture. Jen stressed the importance of strong teamwork to his employees in order to succeed, just as solutions are able to function based on the ability of the products to integrate with each other.

Being a solution provider requires deep-seated patience, according to Jen. It cannot be rushed. The same applies to brand management. To understand each client's distinctive needs, GKB started working with local integrators in Taiwan. GKB repeatedly adjusted its products according to client feedback for deeper integration with other products according to marketspecific requirements. Finally, the staff was able to grasp customer demands and build internal teams. As systems involve hardware, software, and firmware, the company significantly increased the amount of experts required in those departments. GKB also worked with many R&D institutes and other security companies to boost its technologies. Its IP solution delivers a comprehensive network-based surveillance solution for video collection and management required by large and multi-site security installations by incorporating its cloud NVR, self networking cameras, and managing software.

Trust and Communication
GKB's emphasis on trust and integrity were a great fit for the integrator-centric market and brand marketing. For system integrators, product reliability is top priority. Meanwhile, there is frequent communication between them and their manufacturing partners. Once there is absolute trust between the SI and its partner, full and effective communication can be achieved. In the project market, where customizable solutions are expected, only teams who are passionate about what they do are capable of providing the necessary solutions.

In order to benefit several long-term ODM clients in America, GKB does not have many other partners. To mainly promote its clients' products, GKB agreed to an open cooperation in order to create maximum value on both ends.

Complete Product Lines
GKB manages its EMEA branches and its new Phillipine branch established last year. In 2013, GKB plans on opening three more branches in Europe. Currently, GKB has four business units: analog products, IP products, fleet management, and early detection fire alarm systems. The fleet management systems are jointly developed with its Canadian partner in charge of markets outside of America and Australia. Its early detection fire alarm system, which took six years to develop, received the Factory Mutual Award from America and is EM54-certified in Europe. Traditional smoke detectors sense a fire when it is already too late. The early detection system targets this problem and pre-empts fire-related disasters especially in large, spacious areas through the detection of fire and smoke with existing video surveillance systems to replace traditional smoke detectors.

HID now compatible with Amag management software

HID now compatible with Amag management software

Editor / Provider: Amag Technology | Updated: 3/4/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Amag Technology, an access control, IP video and intrusion detection solution provider, announces that certified partner, HID Global, has certified its EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management (SVM) v10 software with Amag's SymmetryTM v7.0.1 Security Management System, which combines the latest generation of visitor management software with Amag's newest version of Symmetry access control software. Amag and HID Global cooperatively tested and certified this integration.

"Our customers will find true value in having Symmetry v7.0.1 integrate with HID's EasyLobby SVM software," said Amag Technology, Extended Business Solutions Program Manager, Shae Taylor. "We are thrilled to be working closely with HID on this integration and look forward to continuing our relationship and providing our customers with such a sought-after solution."

"HID Global is pleased to extend our partnership with Amag Technology through the integration of our EasyLobby SVM software with their Symmetry software," said Howard Marson, VP and GM with EasyLobby, an HID Global business. "In addition, HID's collaboration with Amag Technology allows them to be a valued EasyLobby SVM software reseller partner."

The Symmetry/EasyLobby integration offers many features: 
- Automatically populate visitor/cardholder information in Symmetry from the EasyLobby 10 client
- Automatic creation of visitor/cardholder credential with pre-defined access code
- Automatic enable/disable visitor/cardholder credentials
- Options to define multiple customer codes and multiple company assignments
- Easy and intuitive user interface for configuration of the integration
- Requires DataConnect license
- Ability to issue a temporary access card to employees who may have forgotten their ID badge for the day

Keeping an eye on Southern California sights

Keeping an eye on Southern California sights

Editor / Provider: LILIN | Updated: 3/4/2013 | Article type: Government & Public Services

The US branch of IP video specialist LILIN partnered with local integrator and installer Controlled Key Systems (CKS) to provide an HD video solution on the historical Salvation Army headquarters building in Downtown Long Beach. CKS is a licensed lock and security equipment contractor specializing in the integration, installation and servicing of safes, master key and key control, access control, architectural hardware and video surveillance systems. CKS has focused on the commercial, industrial and asset management sectors since 1983.

The project takes place at a prime location overlooking several city landmarks. CKS strategically positioned a 3-megapixel, 60-meter IPR7334SX5 IR camera overlooking the Long Beach harbor, where the Queen Mary is docked, providing a live video feed for local news stations to pipe into and display for their weather segments and live area views. The company also installed a 1.3-megapixel IPS6224 PTZ camera next to the 3-megapixel one, as pictured, to provide an overview of the harbor and a tour sequence of several local attractions, including the Long Beach Grand Prix track, the Queen Mary, Terminal Island, the Vincent Thomas Bridge, and, on clear days, Catalina Island.

Robert Melendez, LILIN's Regional Sales Manager for the U.S. in charge of the project, is pleased with how the cameras are performing and looks forward to other projects with partners like CKS. "The view from the cameras is remarkably clear. We are truly honored to be part of the city's skyline and have provided a solution for a reputable organization like the Salvation Army. We are receiving nothing but positive feedback from this joint venture, and know that this is not the end to the partnership," Melendez boasted.

Sponsored by:
LILIN, dedicated to innovation, creativity, progress and excellence, is a global developer and provider of IP video solutions with more than 30 years of experience.

Synectics concludes Indanet acquisition

Synectics concludes Indanet acquisition

Editor / Provider: Synectics | Updated: 2/26/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Synectics, a provider in the design, integration and control of advanced surveillance technology and networked security systems, is pleased to announce that it has now acquired 100% of the issued share capital of Indanet ahead of schedule following a renegotiation of the original terms of the acquisition of the business.

In July 2011 Synectics agreed to acquire 100% of the issued share capital of Indanet, a German provider of integrated surveillance and security management systems to the transport industry, for a maximum total consideration of US$13 million (€10 million). Under the original terms of the acquisition, consideration of $2.6 million in cash was paid on completion for an initial tranche of shares equivalent to 51% of Indanet's issued share capital, and further consideration of between $1.3 million and $10.4 million for the remaining 49% of Indanet would be payable in three tranches between 2013 and 2015, dependent on Indanet's profits for the period from completion to 31 May 2015.

The Group has agreed to vary the original acquisition terms so that the entire outstanding share capital in Indanet was purchased for a total consideration of $2.14 million in cash. Therefore Synectics now owns 100% of the shares of Indanet AG which it has acquired for a total consideration of $4.75 million, with no further earn out payments to be made.

John Shepherd, Chief Executive of Synectics, said: "We are delighted to take full control of Indanet at an earlier date than originally envisaged and at an attractive price. Among other benefits, this move will enable us to simplify the operating structure of Indanet, and to increase our investment in accelerating the sale of Synectics' branded systems into Germany and other markets."

IT-centric players on the rise

IT-centric players on the rise

Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu, | Updated: 2/26/2013 | Article type: Hot Topics

Advances in physical security technologies and system migration to IP networks have ushered in a new breed of IT-savvy distributors and system integrators, while blurring the distinction between the two at the same time. With a more in-depth understanding of network capabilities and software development and deployment, these “new players” are offering more possibilities in terms of solution offerings, applications and business models, which are particularly appreciated in times of uncertainty and slow growth. This feature looks into one such player that is able to bring more to the table — and perhaps something to be modeled after.

An IT systems integrator and managed services provider in Germany and a value-added distributor worldwide, Controlware made physical security part of its portfolio since 1997 when owner Helmut Woerner invested in a German company called VCS. VCS was a developer of IP video products known for Videojet encoders, network cameras and Vidos management system, so this was a natural progression for the company. IT security and communication solutions are still the core of Controlware; the introduction of physical security solutions was more of an extension to the core products and services than a transitional move, since both sit happily side by side.

Adding value to both worlds is the ultimate goal. Controlware is not a “box mover,” but with value-added services and support engineers. The Controlware ethos is about helping integration and installation partners deliver advanced systems that meet customer expectations on all levels. It is all about assisting partners as much as possible and making them look good in the eyes of their customers and end users. Dedication to IP-based security systems and the specialist IP knowledge and experience developed over the course of more than a decade set Controlware apart from the others. It does not have its own branded product range like some distributors, which allows it to be more agile and provide independent, best-of-breed solutions for installers and integrators.

Not only does Controlware provide products from well-known names such as Axis, Bosch, Cisco, Genetec, JVC, Samsung, Sanyo, Siqura and more, but it also adds value with system design and support services. Controlware also has IT specialists for networks, security, IT management, applications, operation and service.

Riding the Wave
Controlware's internal strategies and policies are highly flexible and constantly adapted to meet actual business requirements and conditions. Inventory levels have not had to be altered as a consequence of the recession, since agility in the back end of the business has been a fundamental ingredient for Controlware from Day 1. Continuity and long-term customer loyalty, as well as varied/extensive know-how in information and communication technologies, are crucial to ensure that it has the flexibility to meet challenges head on.

Building long-term relationships with customers and understanding user requirements allow Controlware to identify the products and solutions that are truly needed. This is achieved chiefly through its value-added services that include design and consultancy. By working alongside installers and integrators and adding value and support services, Controlware gains a better understanding of the solutions that users require than traditional distributors and box movers. Controlware also maintains close relationships with suppliers, by understanding what its solution partners' products can do and how they fit into the overall project while meeting customer needs.

Controlware bench tests hardware and software rigorously in order to understand them thoroughly and identify their strengths and weaknesses. This enables the company to identify at what level to position the products and specify the correct product for clients. It often arranges hardware “shootouts” or soak testing in challenging environments to prove or disprove manufacturers' claims. It actively tests and retests equipment in different scenarios to see how equipment performs and what the limitations are.

Ironing out the Kinks
Obviously, adoption differs from region to region. In high-density markets, such as the U.K., which have large amounts of legacy analog equipment, adoption is slower due to equipment churn. In real life, IP-based systems are not for everyone. For very low camera counts, there is still room for cost-effective DVRs or recent HD-SDI products; but for the majority, IP-based systems and the benefits they bring are the way to go. A couple of years ago, one manufacturer claimed that IP surveillance systems are expensive and unreliable compared to analog/hybrid CCTV systems. According to its marketing material, an IP-based system for 750 cameras would cost US$2.9 million, and the hybrid system proposed would only cost $1 million. Controlware put these claims to the test by developing a new system based on the components and products specified in the article. The result was a much more cost-effective IP system than the proposed hybrid system, with a new control room fit-out on top.

That is not to say everything with IP is fine and dandy. Too often, we have manufacturers blaming the bit of kit that does not have that manufacturer's name on it, like the switch for instance; so, we would like to see more interaction between complimentary manufacturers such as switches and servers/storage on one side and camera manufacturers on the other, for approved/certified compatibility. Also, IP-based video surveillance must become more plug-and-play as sometimes manufacturers make products too complex or add too many features, and they think that is the only way to make the products stand out from the crowd. There should be more interaction with other IP devices, as too often security systems drop into silos of their own fields rather than thinking about how they can work together to better alleviate end-user headaches.

Winning Combo
After 2009, the company has seen a few projects put on hold, but continued growth in the physical security sector is still anticipated as the market continues to move to IP-based systems. Positioned with the right business model, the right skills, and the right people and experience, Controlware will continue to incorporate new ways and hardware/software to help installers and integrators take advantage of the benefits of converged technologies.

Revenues are expected to grow in line with the general growth of the IP market share. Users are starting to see the benefits of IP but are not being given clear guidance and direction due to a massive knowledge gap in the industry from some consultants, system integrators and installers. The Controlware IP product line will also be expanded through the additions of IP access control and other IP-enabled technologies, such as ALPR, VCA, intrusion detection and unified management systems, so that it continues to ensure that the needs of its customers and its customers' customers are met.

UK spray maker upgrades access control and fire safety on IT platform

UK spray maker upgrades access control and fire safety on IT platform

Editor / Provider: TDSi | Updated: 2/25/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

To integrate its security, access control and fire safety systems and provide the most rapid of response times, leading producer of spray finishing technology, Finishing Brands UK is using TDSi's controllers and access software, installed by security expert Onetec.

Finishing Brands UK, based in Bournemouth, Dorset, is using the powerful integration ability of TDSi's access software and highly reliable and user-friendly access controllers to provide a secure building services solution, protecting the firm's manufacturing and Research and Development facilities from intruders and the threat of fire.

Reflecting on the completion of the project, Dave Feast, Director at Onetec commented, "Finishing brands UK has a reputation for excellence and its state-of-art facility in Bournemouth requires a modern, highly organized and efficient security, access control and integrated building services system to protect its people and investments. Having carefully surveyed the site we recommended the company use TDSi's controllers for controlling doors and access software to oversee the site's full security network."

Onetec's installation encompasses 20 doors at the site and caters for 300 authorized users who use TDSi proximity mullion readers to gain entry. With excellent reliability and a reading range of up to 150mm, TDSi readers are highly reliable and make it simple for permitted staff to move easily around the building, whilst being vandal resistant to frustrate any attempts at vandalism or unapproved entry.

To offer a cost-effective installation process, Onetec installed TDSi access software on Finishing Brand UK's existing IT system, using a virtual server setup. This means the security system is still kept safely separate from the rest of the company's IT storage, but didn't require the installation of additional unnecessary IT hardware. The installation also includes TDSi access controllers which are ideal for the application, as Dave Feast explained, TDSi controllers offer a powerful, user-friendly and cost-effective way to remotely control doorway access via either a WAN or LAN connection. They are also straightforward to install, being commissioned through a TCP/IP port and are fully integrated with access software for constant monitoring at a central point  which means doors can be sealed or opened either to deal with an intrusion or to protect occupants in the event of a fire or other emergency situation.

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