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Hikvision launches HD IP WiFi Kit for homes and SMEs

Hikvision launches HD IP WiFi Kit for homes and SMEs

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 5/16/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision is determined to make CCTV surveillance easier and quicker for homes and businesses with the launch of its versatile HD IP WiFi Kit. Featuring a simple 2-step start-up, each kit includes an advanced WiFi camera and DS-7104NI-SL/W NVR together with Hikvision's iVMS-4200/4500 video management software that enables users to monitor activity from anywhere, at any time.

The straightforward, wire-free installation and high-performance products make the HD IP WiFi Kit ideal for homes, offices, stores and any small-to-medium sized enterprise. No networking knowledge or experience is required and the automatic WiFi connectivity means users simply need to ‘Turn On' and 'Log In' to begin recording. Connections for all available cameras are established automatically for instant sharing of images via WiFi.

Sophisticated Wireless NVR
At the heart of the new kit is the DS-7104NI-SL/W NVR, which can be connected with up to four network cameras from Hikvision or third-party manufacturers. The IEEE 802.11b/g/n NVR supports live view, storage, and playback of connected cameras with a resolution of up to 5 megapixels, simultaneous HDMI and VGA output at up to 1080p resolution, and synchronous playback of two channels at 1080p and four channels at 720p resolution.

Advanced Video Management
Also included in the kit is Hikvision's iVMS-4200 client software and iVMS-4500 mobile phone software that offer users the advantage of for video management. Both software versions offer users the advantage of watching their home, office or business from anywhere and at any time.

Choice of Five IR Camera ranges
Five high-performance camera ranges are included in the HD IP WiFi Kit, all equipped with motion sensors and 3D DNR, Digital WDR and ICR for clear images even under challenging lighting conditions. The DS-2CD2Q10FD-IW Mini IR PT Network Camera and DS-2CD2C10F-IW Alarm Pro Cube Network Camera are both one megapixel units ideal for homes and smaller business installations. Both cameras boast up to 64GB on-board storage capability through the integrated Micro SD/SDHC/SDHX card slot and the DS-2CD2Q10FD-IW is also capable of being configured with up to four ROIs (regions of interest).

A choice of higher resolution 1.3 and 3 megapixel, 1/3” CMOS cameras are available in either mini dome (DS-2CD25xxF-IW series), fixed dome (DS-2CD21xx-IW series) or cube network (DS-2CD24xxF-IW series) configurations. With maximum image resolutions of up to 2048x1536 pixels, each of these six cameras also features zone-configurable backlight compensation.

Versatile Consumer Options
The Hikvision HD IP WiFi Kit recognizes that although different consumers and business users share the desire for easy, trouble-free installation and user-friendly operation, they have individual operational needs. By combining the DS-7104NI-SL/W NVR and video management software suites with a choice of up to eight camera models, Hikvision is ensuring that they can find a configuration that exactly matches their needs.

EverFocus new eZ Tracker provides upgraded wide-area surveillance

EverFocus new eZ Tracker provides upgraded wide-area surveillance

Editor / Provider: EverFocus | Updated: 5/16/2014 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus has unveiled " eZ Tracker", combining EverFocus network fisheye camera (EFN3320) and EverFocus network speed dome camera (EPN series) for wide-area surveillance without compromising the optimal image quality.

The eZ Tracker allows users to control the speed dome camera through fisheye camera Web UI. This function can be easily operated using a mouse. Clicking a desired location on the 360° surround view from the fisheye camera will trigger the speed dome camera to track the location. With eZ Tracker, users now can utilize the smooth PTZ function on the speed dome camera view to zoom in or focus on areas of interest. Meanwhile, users can monitor all the movements 360-degree surrounded.

More about EFN3320 and EPN series:

EverFocus EFN3320: it is a 3-megapixel fisheye camera designed to monitor a location with 360° surround view (ceiling / desk mount) and 180° panoramic view (wall mount). The fisheye camera provides up to 8 cropped regions of view with changeable angles, allowing users to monitor a location from all angles simultaneously by one single camera.

EverFocus EPN series: the network speed dome cam series supports up to 30x optical-zoom, offering real pan/tilt/zoom function for detailed and smooth video images. With these features, users can expect more cost reduction on surveillance system set up, including the reduction on numbers of cameras, manpower cost, and maintenance fees.

TOP10 most popular security products for April 2014

TOP10 most popular security products for April 2014

Editor / Provider: Erica Lin | Updated: 5/15/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics would like to introduce the TOP10 popular products for April 2014 in this report.

Have a quick look first: This month except for OB Telecom, the Top 10 most popular products are from the brand ranking of Security 50. Compared to last month, most of the products make first presence in the TOP10, two seats, unsurprisingly were taken by Hikvision's IP cameras, as previous winners in the last three months. With two products from Hikvision, the other most-clicked products were coming from Bosch, Dahua, DSC, EverFocus, Honeywell, MOBOTIX, OB telecom and VIVOTEK.

According to this ranking list, the attention of user market stays on those features including IR / Thermal detection, and 1.3 MP / 3 MP resolution. More importantly, easy-to-use designs that enable end users to save time, means reduction of total cost.

1. Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera
The first place of the TOP10 for March goes to Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera, with a leading 529-click from all around the world. Among them, more than half viewers came from America. This has been the third month in a row since this camera was first honored in December 2013. This cube camera comes with passive infrared sensor (PIS) and is capable of detecting objects within a range of 10-meter; meanwhile, this IR Cube camera is able to sustain a weather of -30 °C ~ 60 °C (-22 °F ~ 140 °F).

2. VIVOTEK IP8355EH WDR Bullet Network Camera
Right after, as a new comer in April, VIVOTEK IP8355EH wins the 2nd place with 354 clicks, receiving most of the clicks from America and Asia. This 1.3MP IR camera, with enhanced WDR, WDR Pro II (140dB), provides high image quality of 1280*1024p at 30fps even in low-light condition. Moreover, it is equipped with smart focus system, reaching the weather-proof level of IP67 for tough outdoor conditions and remote control.

3. Bosch DINION IP imager 9000 HD
As another new comer on list of TOP10 for April, Bosch DINION IP IMAGER 9000HD takes the 3rd place with 265 clicks, with nearly half of viewers from America. This Bosch active infrared 1080p30 HD camera is dedicated for 24-hour perimeter surveillance. Its remotely adjustable high power infrared illumination delivers no-light detection performance up to 120 m (394 ft). The embedded Video Analysis firmware turns the camera into automated detector.

4. DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2-Series Control Panel
Closely right behind as No.4 is DSC PowerSeries Neo HS2. Receiving 256 clicks,this new comer had the highest click-through rate from America in this rank. DSC, since acquired by Tyco in 2002, becomes an individual brand under Tyco Fire & Security. The PowerSeries Neo gives a hybrid feature-rich platform with more reliable communication through 2-way wireless PowerG technology. Not just user-friendly, the HS2-Series control panel can effectively lower operating cost by reduction of false alarms, and remote diagnostics and maintenance.

5. Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) 3MP IR Cube Network Camera
Coming closely after is Hikvision IR Cube Camera. This model—DS-2CD2432F-I (W)— definitely not a stranger to the TOP10 ranking. Since it first appeared last year, this IR Cube camera has been one of the hot products on the TOP10 throughout the past three months with a steady click-through rate. In a total of 254 clicks, most came from America.

6. Dahua IPC-K100/ K100A/ K100W 1.3MP HD Cube Network Camera
With a total of 250 clicks, Dahua 1.3MP HD cube network camera takes the 6th place in the TOP10. This all-in-one DIY home security system is designed for smart home fanatics. It has built-in PIR sensors that detect motion and tampering. Also, it supports wireless Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity. The camera features a wide-angle lens that records 1.3MP video, and works well under low-light conditions. It sends notifications to users' smartphones whenever an activity is detected along with Dahua DMSS APP. The alarm is armed or disarmed with manual controls via smartphone or web app.


7. Honeywell IS-4500 IP Video Door Phone
The 7th place goes to another smart home device—Honeywell IS-4500 IP Video Door Phone. As a new comer on TOP10, it received 221 clicks, with over half viewers coming from America. This video door phone provides property owners and safety guards multiple communication with visitors and neighbors. Full screen visitor display and a support of 2 door cameras make this video door phone a handy and easy-to-use security device.

8. EverFocus ENVR8304E 8-Channel Plug & Play NVR
Closely right behind with 209 clicks, the No.8 is EverFocus ENVR NVR. It is also a winner of Secutech Excellence Award 2014 early this year. EVER8304E features 8-channel real-time recording and playback at 1080p resolution. The supporting of megapixel cameras and adoption of the H.264 compression format insure a smooth, high-quality video recording and viewing. Mostly, it makes operating easier with the plug and play design, and monitoring / playback of video from mobile devices via MobileFocus / MobileFocus Plus Apps.

9. OB Telecom 9331DM Mini HD-SDI Optical Converter
Taking the 9th place is OB Telecom HD-SDI optical converter. Out of the total 217 clicks, half viewers came from America. This 1-channel mini converter, supporting up to 1080p@60HZ resolution, transmits one channel of HD-SDI video plus optional one channel return RS485 signal over one single mode or multimode fiber cable. Its operation condition reaches an industrial grade of -30°C  - 75°C .

10. MOBOTIX M15D AllroundDual M15 Thermal camera
Last but not least, coming to the 10th place is MOBOTIX M15D Thermal Camera with 208 clicks. This high-end thermal camera from Germany, takes a design of M15D system platform, ensuring maximum flexibility for the MOBOTIX thermographic camera. The M15D comes with thermal sensors of typically 50 mK and a temperature measuring range of -40 to +550°C/-40 to +1022°F.

 * Please note that the above statistics are not based on the sum of clicks but the accumulation of IP addresses.

For last month's TOP10 products, click here.

Tampa Int'l Airport boosts surveillance system with Genetec VMS

Tampa Int'l Airport boosts surveillance system with Genetec VMS

Editor / Provider: Genetec | Updated: 5/15/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is located six miles from Downtown Tampa in the state of Florida, United States, and handles over 16 million passengers annually. Equipped with an analog-based DVR and access control system, the Public Safety and Security department at TPA followed strict security policies and procedures to safeguard passengers. So when TPA was able to secure funding from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), decision makers seized the opportunity to undertake a major security upgrade across the airport.

“It was all hardware based, so if we lost a component, we would lose a whole series of cameras and video,” said Safraz Samad, Security Project Manager at TPA. “It became difficult to pull up archived/recorded video, and it was hard keyed, so our team had to punch in codes to get to the camera.”

After drafting the system requirements and shortlisting a few different solutions, TPA finally decided that Genetec Security Center, which includes the Omnicast IP video surveillance system, was the right fit.

Taking a More Unified Look at Security
Today, the Omnicast video surveillance system manages over 800 cameras, and TPA has been pleased with the results. According to Samad, “Our police use Omnicast extensively and have archived over 100 cases in the last seven months. They are able to find video, open cases with more information and then close these cases faster. At the checkpoints, we have daily recoveries of lost or forgotten items which are resolved within minutes.”

Pulling up cameras at the click of a mouse has also helped the Tampa Airport security team respond to incidents much faster. Using Plan Manager, the map-based interface in Security Center, agents are able to quickly pinpoint cameras from a map of the building for immediate response. Samad elaborated, “We can easily find cameras by using many different tools like entering in text, looking through a tree list, or pulling them up from the maps. With Plan Manager, we can say ‘I'm on the south end of the airport, what cameras are here?' and then easily find what we are looking for. Under Security Center, Omnicast has also been unified with their existing access control system, so the Public Safety and Security department is now able to receive access control alarms within the same graphical user interface where video is being monitored. “It has made our jobs a lot easier in terms of managing alarms and for general usability,” explained Samad. “We have much more camera coverage and the cameras are linked to the access control system triggers, so we get recorded video instantaneously alongside alarms. The video replay is programmed however we want it, either 15 seconds or 30 seconds behind, and so we are able to mitigate these alarms and show that we didn't have a security breach, and if we do, get the appropriate people out there.”

Extending Operational Efficiency and Cutting Costs
Thanks to partitioning features in Security Center, both TSA and contractors like the parking management company can remotely access the cameras in the parking garages and at the screening checkpoints. Operational teams at TPA also use the cameras to help streamline the flow of traffic in and out of the airport, and anticipate crowds in security, customs or baggage.

 TPA's operational team also worked with Genetec to develop a unique custom application which provides secure video feeds of their airport tarmac on their website. The objective was to provide plane spotters and the general public with an extra little perk of viewing incoming airplanes as they land. “Genetec was extremely responsive in helping us accomplish this project, and we were able to save a lot of money through this custom application, as we didn't have to install an entirely new system,” commented Samad.

In the end, TPA is very happy with their security system upgrade as Samad concludes: “For our public safety and security operations, mitigating alarms and dispatching police is our priority number one. We have to maintain a certain response time to any alarm in the airport and handle these alarms appropriately. Now, with Omnicast and Security Center, we are able to do that much faster than ever before.”

Infrastructure at a Glance
The Omnicast video surveillance system manages over 800 cameras from manufacturers including Arecont Vision, Axis Communications, Pelco and more. The Arecont Vision cameras include 180 and 360-degree multi-imager devices, which provide 4 video feeds under a single camera license in Omnicast, pushing the number of video feeds up to over 1000. Over one petabyte of storage is available for video recordings on over 60 Pivot3 servers distributed in six locations throughout the airport.

According to Kevin Richmond, the consultant hired to design the video management system and oversee the system implementation, “We regionalized data storage within seven regions throughout the airport. The only time video has to be moved through the core of the LAN is when an individual outside a region where data is stored requests access to archived video.”


Pelco by Schneider Electric updates Lenel NVR factory certification

Pelco by Schneider Electric updates Lenel NVR factory certification

Editor / Provider: Pelco | Updated: 5/14/2014 | Article type: Security 50

A number of newly released Pelco by Schneider Electric Sarix IP cameras have received factory certification from Lenel Systems International under the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program.

“We are pleased that the development and certification effort to establish interoperability between Pelco's Sarix IP camera offering to Lenel network video recorders (NVR) is now complete, which includes Pelco Thermal, Enhanced and latest Spectra HD series,” said Stephane Lantoine, director of integration operations with Pelco by Schneider Electric. “This certification continues a long-lasting track record of maintaining up-to-date certifications and continues to demonstrate the Pelco by Schneider Electric commitment toward openness.”

Lenel established the OpenAccess Alliance Program to enable its customers to easily interface its OnGuard system to third-party technologies — which now include the Pelco Sarix IP camera family and compatible Spectra HD domes with Sarix technology.

“Schneider Electric has completed required factory testing to validate the functionality of the interface of their Pelco Sarix IP network cameras to the Lenel NVR. We look forward to their continued involvement in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program,” said Gidon Lissai, director of strategic alliances, Lenel.

Hikvision provides safer schooling environment in South Africa

Hikvision provides safer schooling environment in South Africa

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 5/14/2014 | Article type: Education

It seems there isn't a week that goes by where some type of horrific school-related incident is in the news. This phenomena isn't linked to any country, but the unfortunate script usually includes someone - often a student - arriving on campus intent on doing harm to fellow classmates and faculty.

While this represents the absolute worst case scenario, there is also a less dramatic variety that has recently gotten a great deal of traction: bullying.

A great deal of effort has been put into the elimination of student bullying. Much time has been spent on the best possible methods to reduce this phenomena, and one tool that is gaining popularity is the usage of professional CCTV solutions.

South African Campus
In South Africa's Western Cape Province lies the town of Strand. Known for its beautiful beaches, the town also has excellent academic facilities, with one of these being Strand High School.

Fortunately, Strand High School offers a peaceful learning environment to provide an excellent Afrikaans school education for its student body.

Recently however, as a proactive measure, school administrators drew up plans for a security solution that would:
* make sure that school rules and regulations are adhered to
* decrease occurrences of bullying
* offer clear video surveillance of school entrances and exits
* monitor any individual entering onto, or leaving, school property
* offer clear video surveillance over athletic fields and general school grounds

From Idea to Reality
In essence, administrators wanted a CCTV solution that would provide surveillance over access control and the school's general grounds.

To turn this idea into a reality, Hikvision's Official South African Distributer, Sensor, and South African security installer Cam Live Vision combined to design, and install, a solution that addresses these security goals.

Ben Bekker, Director of Cam Live Vision, noted, "It became clear in the initial stages that the specifications of the client, combined with school budget concerns, required that very specific cameras were used ... we had to be very intelligent about designing a solution that addressed these often disparate goals."

PTZ for Close and Far
Mr. Bekker opted for a PTZ model to cover surrounding school grounds (including playing fields, outdoor cafeteria, and parking garage), as well providing optimal viewing of school entrances and exits.

Specifically, Hikvision's Smart PTZ — DS-2DF7284 Series 2MP Network IR PTZ Dome Camera was chosen. With units placed on the front and back of the school building, PTZ functionality offers a full 360° of coverage.

However, this PTZ functionality is only one piece of the puzzle. Another was a 20x optical zoom that provides the coverage needed for all the school, in its entirety. Yet, "It's the DS-2DF7284's 2MP resolution that allows the school Principle and Vice Principle to accurately identify an individual ... regardless if they are at the main front entrance or behind the rugby field," explained Mr. Bekker.

One additional bonus is this model's Smart IR capability and 150m of IR range, a tool "that is definitely of use during the night, to give us security even if students are not present," Mr. Bekker added.

Box Cameras for Indoor and Other Areas
Hikvision box cameras were chosen for indoor locations and specific outdoor areas. The DS-2CD864F-E(W) 1.3MP Network Box Camera was combined with Hikvision's TV0309D-MPIR Lens to view indoor school hallways, indoor cafeteria, and outdoor courtyard space. As this courtyard is largely covered, weatherproofing was not a camera issue.

As with the previous speed dome, great megapixel resolution was also a must. However, with the addition of the TV0309D-MPIR lens, spaces that experience difficult lighting are properly addressed. This is due to the lens' vari-focal IR function and auto iris - providing clear images in quickly-changing lighting environment. One example is "Strand High School's interior hallways," said Mr. Bekker. "These hallway doors open directly to the outside ... so when a door is suddenly opened, normally dark areas are immediately saturated with bright sunlight, requiring this Hikvision lens ... and IR functionality when returning back to the dark."

A Sense of Security
Since Strand High School's Principle and Vice-Principle use their PCs to conveniently monitor this IP solution, Hikvision's iVMS Software was combined with the DS-9632NI-ST Embedded NVR. As this NVR supports 32 IP camera channels, it is an excellent tool to allow these administrators access to whichever camera that is currently needed.

This comes in particularly handy during peak hours, such as the morning (with students arriving) and the afternoon (with them leaving for the day). And the results are already in: after only one week using this solution, instances of bullying decreased. Mr. Bekker noted this was confirmed by both students and Strand's principle. Furthermore, teachers can now review high-quality video to easily identify students who break school rules, such leaving school grounds during breaks.

Importantly, everyone entering and exiting school premises is closely monitored - bringing Strand High School both security and a sense of confidence during these changing modern times.

GKB safeguards hotel in Medina

GKB safeguards hotel in Medina

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by GKB | Updated: 5/12/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Hotel Al Fayroz Season is located in the central area in Medina, Saudi Arabia, within a short walking distance from where the Prophet's Mosque is. The hotel provides 506 rooms and suits and is able to accommodate more than 1500 guests. In order to have better protection of guests' safety and optimize hotel quality, the management team proposed the needs for a more reliable and flexible surveillance system. GKB professional IP solution, including Diplomat IP cameras and most featured Cloud Platform secures Hotel Al Fayroz Season with an additional layer of security.

GKB team has already installed 140 network cameras in total with two 720P models: GKB D44624 and D34724 cameras. D44624 is a bullet outdoor camera with IP66 water-proof and 2 way audio functions. D34724 is a vandal-proof dome network camera. Both IP cameras support 8 video streams and PoE functions; GKB's remote monitoring software, NVR-10 and Viewer-11, enable hotel to operate on a centralized system for better efficiency and effectiveness with superior image quality and situational awareness.

* Easier integration with other security devices – GKB provides an open IP platform making it much easier to integrate with other security devices such as access control.
* GKB's IP solution can be extended to as many IP cameras as users want without extra license fee, saving much more cost for the users when needs grow.
* With the GKB's Cloud platform, users can manage all their own surveillance equipments anytime and anywhere.


Sponsored by:

About GKB GKB Security Corporation is a global security solutions provider with a full range of CCTV, IP, Mobile, Video Fire Detection System and Home Automation products and support services designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized system integrators and security installers.

LILIN secures upper-scale apartment complex in N.Taipei harbor city

LILIN secures upper-scale apartment complex in N.Taipei harbor city

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 5/12/2014 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

An upper-class apartment complex with spectacular harbor view, located along the coast of Northern Taipei city, Taiwan, has over 380 apartment units, library, karaoke room, sporting facilities including a tennis court, gym facility, outdoor swimming pool, spa room, and other amenities. The apartment complex was completed in 2013, and the committee of the apartment complex was in particularly looking for system that is able to perform video surveillance from a central monitoring room and facilitate remote access to images captured at various points throughout the facilities.

With its large-surface area and concentrated sporting, social, and cultural activities, this apartment complex found it necessary to install a flexible, modern, and agile video surveillance system that would allow real-time monitoring over perimeters, access points, and public areas, in order to provide greater protection for critical areas of the entire residential community.

LILIN Stood Out
LILIN Video Surveillance could be easily deployed over a wide geographical area with no network bottlenecks. The solutions also had to deliver high quality live and recorded video from multiple viewing stations anywhere in the site. Therefore, the committee of the apartment complex chose LILIN to provide their residents reliable and dependable security solution.

LILIN network camera, fitted with an IR illuminator, offers superb video performance and provides images with better depth of field (DOF), resolution, and clarity. The harbor-view apartment complex has deployed dome cameras – IPD2122, vandal-resistant cameras – IPR7424, PTZ speed domes – IPS212, CMX video recorder – CMX1108, and coupled with ANPR software allows registered vehicles to access the multi-story underground parking structure without the hassle of access cards or security breach risk of tags. License Plate Recognition is able to effectively reduce bottlenecks caused by misplaced security devices, and also help to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Products at a Glance
* 36x Dome camera, IPD2122
* 52x Vandal-proof IP66 rating camera, IPR7424
* 1x PTZ speed dome, IPS212
* CMX video recorder, CMX1108
* ANPR software

Results & Customer Feedback
The customer is very impressed with the LILIN products. Its advanced system design gives an impressive degree of control over entire complex facilities, and video verification provides clear proof of whether an intruder has broken in. LILIN supplies such elegant industrial design combined with intuitive software. LILIN combines software and hardware together in one ecosystem that offers an absolutely end-to-end experience for end-users.


Sponsored by: 
LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

Pharmaceuticals giant installed IndigoVision VMS in Asia

Pharmaceuticals giant installed IndigoVision VMS in Asia

Editor / Provider: IndigoVision | Updated: 5/8/2014 | Article type: Security 50

As part of Mylan Inc., one of the largest generic and specialty pharmaceutical companies in the world, Mylan Labs Limited manages nine manufacturing facilities across India and China. These sites employ various different makes of camera, and Mylan needed a solution that would allow them to manage these disparate systems.

With its open policy on third party camera integration, IndigoVision was the ideal choice. The cameras on all sites are now managed through IndigoVision's Control Center Video Management Software (VMS), meaning video can now be viewed from anywhere. IndigoVision's unique Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) removes the need for any management severs, removing any single point of failure and making it easy to add new cameras to the system.

Belgium hospital increases scalability by Axis IP upgrading solution

Belgium hospital increases scalability by Axis IP upgrading solution

Editor / Provider: Axis | Updated: 5/8/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Hornu-Frameries Hospital, located in Hornu, Belgium, only had analog cameras inside the building and in a few departments. This minimal system did not make it possible to optimally secure the hospital's patients, staff, and property.

Digital, an Axis Solution Gold Partner in Belgium and one of the market leaders in IT-based electronic security, developed a custom solution for Hornu-Frameries Hospital by adding to the existing indoor and outdoor surveillance system. Digital enabled the hospital to keep its existing cameras by connecting them to the new system via Axis video encoders.

All the cameras are now accessible from a single interface, which makes it possible to quickly analyze events and act accordingly. By keeping the existing cameras, the Axis video encoders enabled Hornu-Frameries Hospital to save part of its initial budget which could consequently be dedicated to an expansion project. The hospital is particularly satisfied with the result.

“Thanks to the Axis video encoders, Digital was able to connect our old cameras to the new network, thus reducing costs in terms of new cameras. We can therefore dedicate the remaining budget to the project's second phase and equip the entire hospital.“
--Jacques Ferir, Technical Service Manager, Hornu-Frameries Hospital.

The Hornu site of the Hornu-Frameries Hospital was built in 1979. It is a general hospital with 391 beds, with standard specializations: surgery, medicine, pediatrics, maternity, intensive care, etc. “We already had surveillance cameras in radiology, maternity, and pediatrics. But they were obsolete, even broken-down, analog cameras. Following recent events that occurred in other hospitals – child abductions, equipment thefts, etc. – we decided to upgrade the network and install additional cameras,” explains Jacques Ferir, Technical Service Manager for Hornu-Frameries Hospital. Digital reactivated the old analog cameras in the radiology department and added Axis network cameras to supplement the installation, bringing the total number of cameras to around 40. Daniel Van Doveren, Digital Project Manager, adds: "Hornu-Frameries Hospital wanted in particular to secure the building's exit points. Therefore, we used different cameras so we can alternate views from inside and outside. If needed, we can follow the route of any person acting suspiciously. For certain areas, we also have a motion detection function on the cameras.”

To secure the inside of the building, Digital opted for AXIS 216MFD Network Cameras. Compact and discreet, they can be installed easily on walls or ceilings and offer effective protection against tampering. The building's exterior is equipped with AXIS 211 Network Cameras, which are specially designed for outdoor surveillance and remote monitoring. These two models are powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet), which reduces installation costs because the camera is powered using the cable that transmits data. Therefore, it does not require an additional electrical supply. In order to connect the reactivated analog cameras to the network of new cameras, Digital used Axis video encoders. These encoders make it possible to easily use the images from the existing analog cameras, transmit them and exchange them over the hospital's computer network without loss of quality. Beyond convergence, they provide advanced functions such as motion detection and event management.

For Hornu-Frameries Hospital, Digital selected AXIS 241Q Video Encoder, which manages up to four analog video channels.

The installation of the new network required two months of work. The Hornu-Frameries Hospital managers have been particularly satisfied with the result: “The main exit points of the hospital are now secured, which reassures both our staff and our patients. Aesthetically, the new cameras blend in perfectly with the landscape and are hardly noticeable. Thanks to the Axis video encoders, Digital was able to connect our old cameras to the new network, thus reducing costs in terms of new cameras. We can now dedicate the remaining budget to the project's second phase and equip the entire hospital.” concludes Jacques Ferir.

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