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Organizations today generate truly massive volumes of data from their business systems, personal interactions, and electronic media – much more data than individuals can collect, correlate, and assess.

But it’s not just the quantity of data that challenges government and commercial organizations today. It’s also the speed with which all this data is generated, as well as the diversity of the data, much of which is unstructured and can’t be easily analyzed using conventional analytic solutions. Verint Makes Big Data Actionable

Organizations today require sophisticated, analytics-based solutions for distilling the most timely and relevant information from “big data”. The Actionable Intelligence that such solutions provide positions these organizations for better informed and effective decision making.

Since 1994, Verint solutions have enabled organizations worldwide to collect and analyze huge volumes of voice, video, and unstructured text. Our solutions deliver a wealth of insights that allow our customers to more thoroughly understand their business challenges and achieve key objectives.

In the Enterprise Intelligence market, Verint solutions enable customer service operations to enhance the customer experience while increasing revenue and improving profitability.

In the Security Intelligence market, Verint solutions enable security organizations to leverage Big Data to enhance security and prevent terrorism and crime.

Verint Big Data/Actionable Intelligence
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