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Veracity’s TIMENET™ Pro provides an essential element within any CCTV system. Network time synchronisation is critical for maintaining IT and surveillance networks, but within a closed network, such as CCTV, it is not practical to synchronise your NTP using a public Internet Time Server because a permanently open port leaves the network open to cyber-attack.
Veracity’s TIMENET™ Pro is a GPS Master NTP Server and, of its type, the smallest form factor model available in today’s market providing maximum flexibility for installers and end-users. Connecting directly into the network as an ultra-low powered device, it can switch between 3V and 5V to enable the use of a wider range of GPS antennae, such as those used in Marine systems. Powered by network POE, or locally by a low-voltage power supply, the 5-metre-long antenna included in the kit can be supplemented by using two 10m extension antennae, depending on the distance to the nearest view available of the sky. TIMENET Pro offers a clean and simple browser interface for setting-up the IP address and configuration password, with a status tab for system up-time, GPS lock, UTC and local time. Satellite availability and signal strength metering are also presented in separate tabs, allowing for quick visual assessment of the current signal status. TIMENET Pro’s updated NTP software provides improved security including field upgradeability, protection against DDOS, plus encrypted password protection.
The growing recognition by many end-users that their installed closed circuit television system is not actually closed, and has a port left open to retrieve time synchronisation from the internet, or a 3rd party provider, may often come too late. Taking steps to mitigate this issue often results in retro-fitting larger 1U-sized solutions with the added complication of significant re-cabling and rackspace adjustment. Aside from the beneficial price point differential, by integrating this GPS receiver-based NTP clock server into a compact space only 90mm long, Veracity have designed TIMENET Pro for either retro- or first-time installations to be carried out quickly, simply and effectively with little or no disruption to the existing rack elements.
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