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Key Specifications

VDC6000 series cards provide real-time video decode and extensive video post-processing, scaling and captioning capabilities. The new cards are integrated with existing DVR applications to provide multistream, multidisplay capabilities without the need for increased host processor performance.

The first card in the series, the VDC6004, uses a single Stretch S6100 processor to decode up to four, independent, H.264 encoded D1 streams for display via its four NTSC/PAL audio/video analog outputs.  A video pass-through mode allows multiple live video feeds to be scaled and displayed alongside feeds decoded from network cameras or from disk storage.

The VDC6000 series uses the same application programming interface used across the entire portfolio of Stretch DVR add-in cards, making integration with existing host application software fast and straightforward.  Firmware for the VDC6004 is stored on the host system and loaded during boot time.  Feature upgrades are as simple as downloading a new firmware image to the host computer.  This ensures that the VDC6004 will remain compatible with the latest CODEC standards and third-party streams.

VDC6000 series cards are delivered with system firmware, host drivers, and the Stretch DVR SDK, giving designers access to the rich API.  They are available as full reference design kits that can form the basis for highly differentiated derivative product or in multiunit packaging for OEMs and system integrators.

Stretch VDC6000 Series PCIe Decode and Display Cards
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