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Key Specifications

The IOM tablet fuses access-control readers, biometrics, keypads, intercoms, cameras and more to establish a new benchmark for cost-effective value and functionality. This user-friendly product delivers the gold standard of biometric identification – iris recognition – on a flexible Android platform, enabling superior multifactor access control, workface management, communications and messaging.


High Accuracy for Secure Access Control

Security experts know that iris biometrics provides highly stable and accurate identify authentication—approximately 1,000 times more accurate than fingerprints – and cannot be shared or stolen like access cards. This cost-effective tablet makes it easy to implement improved access control. Plus, it integrates with new or existing systems.


Greater Functionality with Less Equipment

Built on a versatile, upgradeable computing platform, this tablet-based offering can replace a range of purpose-built devices. For example, the iris-recognition function can be used for access control to a restricted area, but the same device can also provide a backup keypad and two-way video communication with a guard at the main building entrance. Functions can be updated, added or moved to meet business needs without having to purchase new equipment.


Single Device for Access Control and Much More

* Access Control: Unlock doors for any interior controlled area

* Network Access: Provide network access only when authorized user is present

* Visitor Access: Use a temporary keycode to grant time-limited access

* Attendance: Capture time and attendance data with speed and confidence

* General Messages: Display notices and reminders for all to see

* Individual Messages: Display personalized messages to specific users

* Intercom: Provide two-way communications with guards



* Unlocks doors for any interior controlled area

* Provides network access only when authorized user is present

* Uses a temporary key code to grant time-limited access

* Captures time and attendance data

* Displays notices and reminders for all to see

* Provides two-way communication with guards


SRI IOM Access Control Tablet
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