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Key Specifications
1. CE and FC Certification/Full Test Report

2. High-Stability, High-Reliability, 2 Years Product Warranty& Lifetime Technical Support,

3. 18x/22x/23x/26X/27x/30x/35/36x/37x optical Zoom Modules available

4. Support Manual-tracking /Auto-tracking / Area tracking / Timing tracking/ Alarm tracking/ Activity detection tracking

5. In the stand alone (no operator) recording, video sequences recorded in the intelligent tracking mode have much more chances to capture significant events with enough details to enable identification

6. Fast Installation and Disassemble Configuration, adopt AMP socket, Support Hot Plugging

7. New High Die-cast Aluminum Construction, Effectively Prevent Deforming and Keep Surface Bright;

8. Newly-Designed Black Shield Inner Cover, More Concealing.

9. Hi-precision stepping motor providing stable and precise performance, Low heat, image is not shaking when camera moves during high speed pan/tilt/zoom operations,

10. Turn-on Protection and Pre-heating; Zoom Camera Module will not be switched on in low temperature environment until the temperature return to the normal state by the internal heater, This will protect the Zoom Camera Module from freezing.

11. Built-in IP Module, users are able to access and configure the IP dome’s parameters through a web browser

12. Multiple encoders (H.264&MJPEG), Dual Stream Support at the same time

13. Network self-adapting to match the network bandwidth for the bit rate and frame rate.

14. Support dynamic IP address, LAN and Internet (ADSL、Cable Modem).

15. Support max 10 users visit it at the same time.

16. Up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions ranging up to 720x480,Support Digital Zoom in on web browser

17. Support Bi-directional real- time transmission of audio talk-back &broadcast.

18. Support many network protocols, for example, HTTP, TCP/IP, UDP, SMTP, DDNS, DNS, SNTP,BOOTP, DHCP, FTP, RTSP, SNMP, and so on.

19. Support CDMA1X,GPRS and 3G mobile network and surveillance via the mobile phone

20. Support video masking, can be set 4 video mask areas.

21. Provide alarm message for Video Lost, Motion Detection (sensitivity and area can be set) and Sensors. The snapped picture or alarm message can be sent out via email or FTP server.

22. 256 Presets (Title Settable), Call 95th Preset to Enter Into the Comprehensive Functional OSD Menu of Autotracking High Speed Dome, It will display and amend the information and index of the dome. All the settings such as preset, auto-tracking, Cruise, Patterns, Auto-scan, Random scan and Frame scan, show area and camera parameters can be operated by OSD menu.

23. 8 programmable area (Title Settable), support auto-scan in the area; 4 patterns with PTZ routine record, and each record time is more than 300s; Support Smart Programmable Cruise, at most support 30 presets., and Can Set the Dwell Time for Each Preset. Support Auto-scan, Random scan and Frame scan in the area;

24. Support to set Tracking Area. Support to set Tracking Sensitivity, Support to set the size of the tracked target beforehand in the screen

25. This cutting-edge Auto Tracking PTZ will follow a Moving object or a Person upon 360 degrees, and auto return to home position/preset and keep tracking state after object moving out of target area,

26. Park action function, can auto-call presets or start-up tour, pattern and scan after dome idle for a period of time

27. Auto-recovery function if exception occurs and auto-connection if the network fails

28. Provide RS485 serial port and built-in several decoder protocols, supports transparent protocols.

29. Built-in TVS3000V, thunder-proof, surge-proof, protect cover for 24 hours.

30. Fully compatible with SONY, HITACHI ,LG, CNB and Samsung Zoom Camera modules

31. Support remote configuration, remote upgrade, and remote error testing

32. Free Digital Surveillance Central Management Software can manage 1728 channels of audio and video simultaneously

IP AutoTracking High Speed Dome
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