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Key Specifications
By adopting the most advanced IVS technology, VAD01 will accept video signals from surveillance cameras and analyze the behavior of objects appearing in the monitor. When defaulted security rules are violated and a threat is detected, the system will send out an alert to surveillance server over the TCP/IP Network and a real-time action can be taken before any loss or damage.

The Multiple Analytic Functions of VAD-01:

*Intrusion Detection: Monitor and alert within multi-perimeters to prevent people, vehicles or objects crossing the defined tripwire.

*Loitering Detection: Monitor loitering objects in the given area and send out an alert once default time is passed.

*Theft Detection: Detect any irregular action approaching or moving important assets without permission.

*Foreign Object Detection: Detect foreign objects such as unattended bags or suspicious items left in the area over the pre-defined time.

*Direction Monitor: Monitor the direction of people or vehicles upon entering the building. Directions can be setup along a specified way.

*Vehicle Monitor: Monitor the parking of vehicles/boats in the given areas as well as monitoring people entering or leaving vehicles/boats.

*Multi-View Monitor: Allow multiple surveillance camera views/positions defined by their own unique set of analytic rules.

Video Analysis Device (VAD01)
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Video Analysis Device (VAD01)
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