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Key Specifications
iDo108 is an intelligent switch, which adopting PIR detective and photoelectricity technology, can auto-control the electric appliance on and off. It is used for smart-home system widely. When someone enters the room, the light or music or appliances would be turn on. And that will be turn off without people.

Two types:

iDo108 for wall mounting

iDo108C for ceiling mounting

Main features:

1. Auto control: when people enter into the room, iDo108 will turn on the light automatic; iDo108 will turn off the light automatic without people move in the room.

2. Auto survey brightness: the iDo108 won''''t work when the environmental light enough. It can be adjusted to the brightness as you need.

3. Auto-delay time: iDo108 will turn off automatic after a while, except someone is moving in the room. The delay time can be adjusted from 16 to 360 seconds.

4. Switch features: iDo108 is bipolarity and three-wire connection to access.

Sphere of Application:

Typical case:

Auto survey light or electric-fan in the corridor, passageway, toilet, basement, garage and so on.

Patulous case:

Auto on-off the music or other electric appliances and burglar alarm


1. Operation voltage: AC110-250V (50/60Hz)

2. Operation temperature: -20℃~50℃

3. Power consumption: <0.016W

4. Load: Light or other electric appliances

5. Operation power:0-1000W(PS: to connect inductive load, ultimate output will reduces 40%)

6. Output type: positive output is NO, reversed output is NC

7. Brightness adjustable: 5Lux-500Lux ± 20% (default at 5Lux ± 20%)

8. Delay time adjustable: 16-350 seconds ± 30% (default at 16 seconds ± 30%)

9. PIR coverage: 10 meters for wall mounting and 8 meters for ceiling mounting.

Intelligent Switch-iDo108
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