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Key Specifications
Main Features

· 8 programmable zone

· Control Keyboard with LCD LCD

· One key rapid system deployment, a key to rapid deployment perimeter, password disarm

· Keyboard comes with three emergency zone (button): robbery police [1] + [2], fire [4] + [5], medical alarm [7] + [8]

· LED display alarm, power supply, deployment, disarm, fire,

isolation, anti-demolition

· System fault indication

· Can connect up to four control to operate the keyboard while the host, programming

· Stress Code Alarm

· A clock, power-down without losing programming parameters

and host state information

· Group 4 following the telephone, group 2 Alarm Center Tel

· Built-in digital communications device, compatible with

international standard Contact ID, 4 +2

· Built-charging circuit, extended battery life

· Keyboard backlight Tips

· Keyboard Anti-cut / split

· Automatic day deployment

· Automatic test report to the alarm center

· Event Record 50

· 10 Group 4 classification code

· Comes all the way relay output

· Host and the maximum communication distance of 1500m


Save installation time, easier to work

RP208CN equipped with the most popular LCD

keyboard (Chinese, English optional), 8 programmable

zone, with networking and Alarm functions, compatible

with internationally popular communication; products,

functional, installation, programming, use very convenient

. Free to write any address information, the factory setting

values, can greatly reduce the limits of the installation,

programming, operating time

8 Zone Control Panel-RP208CN
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