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Key Specifications
Main Features

iDo503CM is a photoelectric

s m o k e d e t e c t o r , w h e n t h e

smoke exceeds the prescribed

concentration, the detector will ring

the buzzer, provide digital outputs

and sent alarm message to the

system. LED indicates working

status and alarm status.

· Low power consumption;

· Anti-interference

· Adaptability to various environments

· Sensitivity can be adjusted

· Electrode protection

· NO/NC available;

Specifi cation

Induction gas: smoke

Alarm concentration: meet the UL standard No. 217

Factory standard: when the smoke concentration of one

cubic feet more than 3.2%, the sensor must be alarm

Alarm mode: network signal

Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +50 ℃

Working humidity: ≤ 90% RH

Stability: Long-term alarm concentration is less than

± 5% LEL

Repeatability: Repeat test, the alarm concentration is

less than ± 5% LEL

Alarm concentration: not more than ± 5% LEL

Buzzer volume: ≥ 70Db / m

Working voltage: DC9-18V

Working current:: Static current less than 10uA,

Alarm current: 10 ~ 30mA;

Dimensions: Φ140X70mm

Ceiling Smoke Detector-iDo503CM
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