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Key Specifications
· Dual Passive Infrared Detective Technology

· Pet Immunity, Can Prevent the False Alarm

being Caused by the dog of 20KG, 2 Cats

or Other Rodents

· Microprocessor Design Improves False

Alarm Immunity

· Dual Polarity Pulse Count is Adjustable

· Resist Interference of white Light

· Power Consumption is Low

· Professional Optical Pigmented Lenses

· Installed on Wall & Ceiling/Corner Mounting

· Suitable to Swivel Brackets

· Convenient for Installation

· Pulse Count is Selectable

· Resist Fluorescent Interference

· Memory and Form-C Relay

· Smart and Elegant Design is Ideal

Selection for Residential Installations.


Operating Voltage: 9-16VDC

Current: 12mA

Contacts of Alarm: NC,12VDC,100mA max

Contacts of Tamper: NC,12VDC,100mA max

Time to Alarm: 2.2s min

Time to Warm: 2 minutes

RFI Characteristic: 22V/m at 10Mhz to 1Ghz

Operating Temperature: -5℃ to 50℃

Storage Temperature: -20℃ to 55℃

Size: 89×52×39mm

Suitable Swivel Bracket: RA93

Height of Installation: 2.4m

Coverage: 8m

PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity,10M-iDo301PT
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