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Get much more from your video management solution

Video is everywhere. Its powerful benefits and value have made it a cornerstone of security operations, with advancing technologies such as video analytics making it even more valuable. Today more than ever, video is center stage, becoming the most critical element inside the control room for security management, VisionHub provides the necessary holistic approach to make sure VMS power is fulfilled to the maximum.


VisionHub extends core video management system (VMS) capabilities with additional functionality and an improved browser enabled user experience. This redefines how operators use and leverage video to manage security. And then it goes beyond video management by fortifying it with enhanced situational awareness and incident management capabilities.



VisionHub is a high end IP video management system that is also PSIM-enabled. And it's pioneering a new era of security solutions. Based on our 20 years of experience and its robust video management core, VisionHub leverages capabilities that make your video handling extra powerful.


STRONG — you'll never lose video with VisionHub's powerful redundancy and resiliency. Using the highest standards of IT security and advanced video recording software, you'll get extreme performance, 24/7.


SMART — get your video delivered smarter. VisionHub comes with advanced, homegrown and field-proven Video Analytics, including the patented, award-winning Suspect Search. In addition, value-added capabilities can also be provided to any camera, like AVMD, Camera Tampering and Visual Parameters Optimization, guaranteeing optimal video quality.


SCALABLE — fits any size and any architecture. Covering single critical locations such as airports and healthcare facilities, as well as multiple independent sites from a centralized management location – ideal for organization's with branches and remote or dispersed locations.


SIMPLE — designed for simplicity. Advanced deployment and configuration tools making it easier to deploy and integrate with VisionHub – simply.

A video-centric hub for effective security management


VisionHub leverages video as the main sensor in the control room, while uniquely integrating 3rd party Access Control Systems (ACS) using a dedicated module, which comes with ready-made integrations. In addition, through two-way integrations with other security sensors and map enabled visualization capabilities you'll be able to increase your situational awareness.  Moreover, you'll be able to optimize your physical security operations and gain efficiencies through automation, enhanced collaboration tools and dynamic workflows that are automatically presented to your operators. VisionHub will also improve your investigation capabilities for faster resolutions and continuous improvement efforts.


VisionHub was designed for flexibility. That means operators are able to personalize the system without compromising simplicity. Rich data containers provide access to more information, while web-based technology enables easy deployment and flexible operations – making your operators and security operations more effective.


* Access control management – vendor agnostic integration to access control with built-in two-way rich management module

* Openness – integration with key security systems such as intrusion detection, fire detection and alarm panels

* Visualization – GIS-enabled mapping to track incidents and sensors

* Incident management – collaboration, automation and workflows

* Easy deployment – enhanced capabilities for faster and easier deployment


Qognify VisionHub IP VMS
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