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Key Specifications
POE-S2016GFB (16FE POE + 2GE Uplink, 150W/300W Built-in Power, 16G Bandwidth, IEEE802.3af/at)


POE-S2016GFB is 16 ports 10/100Mbps unmanaged Power over Ethernet switch with 2 port Gigabit RJ45 uplink, complying with IEEE802.3af/at and equipped with 150W/300W internal power supply source, which enables it compatible with lots of powered device such as VoIP Phone, IP Camera, Wireless AP, Intelligent Access Control, Portable device, etc.

Every single PoE output power up to 30W max and goes through pins 1,2 "+" and pins 3,6 "-" over standard Ethernet cable requiring Cat5 least, and Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6e or those in higher quality that will greatly reduce power loss in the transmission especially for the Ethernet power system that has a long distance between Power Source Equipment(PSE) and Powered Device(PD).

There are two different system modes (Free communication, VLAN port isolation) switchable in front panel of the PoE Switch in accordance with different conditions or requirements.

Key Features

- 16 port 10/100Mbps POE + 2 port Gigabit RJ45 uplink.

- Compliance with IEEE 802.3af/at.

- Auto MDI/MDIX, Store-and-forward, 16G bandwidth.

- Fluid Control: Full-duplex: IEEE 802.3x, Half-duplex: back pressure.

- Max 30W for a single port, implied 150 built-in power supply and 300W is optional.

- Two different system modes include free communication and VLAN port isolation switchable as required.

- Supports wire speed switch and jumbo frame up to 9KB transmission for all ports.

- Plug and play, self-adaption, lightning protection, 19’’/1U rack mountable.

- POE working status can be read and analyzed through LED indicators on front panel.

- Applied to CCTV IP camera, wireless AP, VoIP phone, etc.

Please find more detailed info about the POE-S2016GFB by the link

POE-S2016GFB(16FE+2GE) 16 Port 100Mbps IEEE802.3af/at PoE Switch 150W/300W Built-in Power Source
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