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  • Qognify Pte. Ltd.

  • Country: Singapore
  • City: Singapore
  • Address: 120 Robinson Road, level 9, #S0929, Singapore 068913
  • Contact Person: Mr. Arthur Veinstein

Key Specifications

* Secure and monitor the entire campus environment, including perimeters and remote locations
* Monitors and extracts valuable information from open sources such as websites, social networks, forums, blogs, talkbacks, ‘Deep Web' sites, documents and virtual databases.
* Assure round-the-clock security with the NICE Zero-Points-of-Failure mechanism * Proactively, automatically identify events as   they unfold with NiceVision Video Analytics
* Move from detectors to decision-makers, and responders to event resolvers
* Achieve low TCO by consolidating control rooms and reusing existing infrastructure
* Ensure consistent response according to organizational procedures and regulatory compliance

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