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Key Specifications

The Smart Video Recorder (SVR) provides:
* Full flexibility— no need to define analytics channels in advance
* Edge device agnostic— eliminates dependency on peripheral equipment
* Centralized server— for both recording and analytics processing, low TCO and energy consumption
* Simplified maintenance— storage and analytics on the same server
* Future ready— analytics can be applied to any new channel
* Implementation options— available as both a turnkey project and software kit solution

NiceVision Video Analytics not only alerts potentially hazardous situations, it also notifies situations that can contribute to their occurrence. Take pre-emptive measures with the fewest number of resources with these NiceVision applications:

* Intrusion detection– Ensures perimeter control for sensitive or restricted areas such as permit parking and limited-access buildings. With NiceVision Video
* Analytics-enabled channels, the surveillance system will automatically detect, track and alert the possibility of intruders.
* Crowd management– Monitors for the build-up of crowds based on occupancy measurements, ensuring that the operations run smoothly and customers aren't impacted by uncomfortable and potentially unsafe crowds.
* Situation indication– Protects security systems by automatically identifying camera tampering, alleviating the necessity for costly and time-consuming manual inspections.


Nice Video Analytics SVR
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