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Key Specifications

NICE Situator, the leading Situation Management solution, integrates and correlates information in real time from multiple and diverse systems across the enterprise.

At the same time, it coordinates the most effective responses, ensuring that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening, where it's happening and how to respond. NICE Situator provides the tools necessary to address every aspect of the control room management lifecycle.

NICE Situator's ability to optimize the security control room management allowed a major US electric utility company to improve their incident response time by 75%. Having detection, verification, automated response and workflows in place for real-time action dramatically reduced their safety, security and operational risks.

Almost 2,000 weekly ‘gate access denied' alerts consumed the time and resources of security personnel at a large corporate complex. NICE Situator made instant verification of these alerts possible, and reduced them by 75%, allowing personnel to focus on essential activities.

NICE Situator's ability to effectively monitor remote facilities 24/7, allowed one customer to save $1.4M in labor costs by consolidating the management of those remote locations. Not only did the customer gain a huge savings, the actual monitoring of all locations substantially improved.

With NICE Situator, a large US-based utility company went from managing 14 sites to 250, all without increasing headcount. Through capabilities such as the automation of tasks, integration of systems, and remote viewing and verification, NICE Situator allowed the organization to expand and improve, while using the same resources.

* Manages assets and resources across a vast number of locations
* Unifies incompatible systems and avoids costly ‘Rip & Replace'
* Enables consistent responses across all facilities
* Consolidates resources
* Anticipates illicit intentions and mitigates their risk and impact
* Ensures regulation compliance
* Shares information effectively and immediately with external agencies
* Resolves incidents quickly and efficiently
* Facilitates the investigation and prosecution of offenders
* Provides a smooth migration path from legacy to new technologies

NICE Situator Management Solution
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