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Key Specifications
The new functionalities in AEOS 2.2 provide security managers with more options to monitor and control the flow of people on their premises. AEOS 2.2 makes it easier to control the movements of people with temporary access rights and give security managers more control of access to their premises in crisis situations. In AEOS 2.2, operation, management and control have been made more effective and user-friendly. Extra filters, such as schedule and locker filters, have been added. In another improvement, the photos stored in the security management system can now be given limited validity. This helps guards and receptionists to determine whether the person carrying an access badge is indeed the owner of that badge. As peopleˇs faces change over time, outdated photos make it difficult to judge their legitimacy. AEOS 2.2 includes a search by fingerprints option, which prevents people having multiple fingerprints with different names in the database. AEOS 2.2 allow security managers to put more restrictions on the movements of people with temporary access rights. Extended Visitor Management shortens waiting times at reception desks and reduces corruption of the database through human error.
AEOS 2.2 Enterprise Edition
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