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Key Specifications

The AEOS Security Management Platform is the only system in the world that not only meets today’s security requirements, but is also prepared for the security issues of the future. Where other solutions are based on fixed hardware, Nedap Security Management has based its solution on versatile software. AEOS combines processes like access control, visitor management, intrusion detection and IP video control. With AEOS software components it is easy to extend and evolve functionality when needed, and all can be implemented on one Nedap Security Controller.

AEOS 3.0 – a truly user-friendly system.
Nedap Security Management launched AEOS 3.0, featuring a fully upgraded user interface. This makes the far-reaching and flexible functionality of the security controller for intrusion detection, video management and access control available to its users in the most user-friendly manner possible. As a result, AEOS has a new interface and a fresh look, which you can expect of a modern security management system.

The unique multitasking technology of AEOS 3.0 increases the efficiency of your security processes. Employees can immediately switch between the various tasks, without losing any information already entered. This ensures that an improvement of the service - when receiving visitors, for example - is immediately noticeable to your customers. Working with this new user interface is simple and easy to learn, resulting in a significant reduction to the costs of training receptionists or people who work in badge centres, for example. The use of ingenious dialogue screens keeps the input of incorrect information to a minimum. This creates a safe situation for your employees and visitors.

Usability = security.
With AEOS 3.0, the unique open architecture and various functionalities come into their own, to an optimum extent. This simple user interface ensures that users easily accept and are able to use the system.

* One server environment for access control, intrusion detection and video.
* AEOS identity and authorization management automatically ensures system compliance with internal policies and external regulations.
* AEOS video complies with ONVIF specifications and gives you freedom of camera choice (MJPEG, H.264) without use of drivers.
* AEOS intrusion detection is EN 50131-1, grade 3 certified.
* AEOS 3.0 has a truly intuitive user interface, which reduces training costs, makes multitasking possible and has an adaptable interface to suit your workflow.

Nedap AEOS 3.0 Security Management Platform
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