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Key Specifications
-Key specifications:

OS: Windows

Selectable image compression: MPEG4 (default) or MJPEG

16 video and 4 audio channels per card

2 D-sub 15-pin connectors

16 sets digital TTL GPIO with pop-up status table

Resolution in NTSC: 320 x 240, 640 x 480; in PAL: 384 x 288, 768 x 576

Frame rate: 120fps per card up to 2 cards, 240fps per PC

Supports maximum four IDE HDD''s or DVD mass storage

Audio sampling: 22 volume levels, PCM 16-bit 44.1KHz, 22.05K, 11.025KHz

-Local application:

Ease to activate and de-activate views by pop-up controller

Enable recording, audio, control PTZ, camera setup by simply clicking the mouse

Simultaneously view and control up to 32 different DVR displays (with AV data or without)

5 levels of compression ratio with 1 to 100% quality adjustment

Able to set 1 to 16, 16 to one 16 to 16 I/O setup

Accurate motion detection by area, sensitivity and noise immunity

User defined before, actual and after motion or event timer settings

Continuous, motion, scheduled, trigger, alarm and secret recordings with watermark

Time lapse: immediate playback for the last 10 seconds

Use MPlayer to playback downloaded files and transfer to AVI

Filter video records by day, event, time and set alarm type using media files or voice

Multiple download function and JPG snap shot

Simultaneously recording and playback

4 levels of user name and password control under various network environments

Real-time notification by e-mail and view via mobile phone (fixed IP)

View all cameras via I.E. (fixed IP, XP user needs to install MS Java)

-Remote application:

View and control up to 32 different DVR''s cameras

PTZ, AV recording on/off, motion detection, scheduler and channel parameters setup

Simultaneously playback up to 16 channels, download, snap shot, playback speed control, freeze picture and frame by frame

Adjustable frame capture rate to secure the best effect for different internet speeds

Alarm cancellation, time synchronization and reset/power off DVR (optional)

KPC-1016W Windows Specific Video-Capture Card
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