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Key Specifications
LWIR Thermal Imaging Module IR Thermal imagine Camera Cooled Core Module

Ultra Long Range Night vision Thermal MWIR Cooled Infrared Surveillance Thermal Military Camera Intensifier starlight Gyro Night Vision PTZ Zoom Laser IR Cooled uncooled Thermal Infrared NIR SWIR Shortwave MWIR Middlewave LWIR Longwave Infrared Zoom Telephoto Continuous Surveillance Camera System Auto Tracking GPS LRF Laser Range Finder Digital Magnetic Compass IP 67 Radar Integration Lens Optics Marine Extreme weather Outdoor Wireless ONVIF HD Resolution Focal length Electro Optics Detection Recognition Identification Human Vehicle Ultra Long Range Day Night Vision imager Sensor module core camera Gyro Stablized PTZ Camera Systems law enforcement Pan Tilt Zoom Electro Optical Infrared systems UAV/Drone Detection, security & Surveillance Zoom Camera Thermal IR Imaging PTZ

High resolution

High sensitivity

Gain adjustable

High frame rate

Dead pixel calibration

Long distance detection

Small dimension, light weight

Digital image enhancing function

Electric cross hair overlay/elimination

Single and Two point NUC calibration

Technical Specification

Spectral range 7.7~9.5μm

Detector 384×288 LWIR FPA

Pixel pitch 25μm×25μm

Cooling system Sterling cooling

F № 2

NETD ≥25mk@30ºC

Non Uniformity ≤ 5‰

Dynamic range 60dB

Start up time ≤8min @25ºC

F F2,F3

Focal length Long focal: 200mm; short focal: 50mm

FOV Narrow field of view: 2.74°x2.06°; wide field of view: 10.97°x8.23°

Field switching Switching time<1s

Video output CCIR 625 PAL

Gain/brightness adjustment Automatic/Manual

Polarity White heat/black heat

Focus Manual

Froze Available

Bilateral image/Inverted image/Flip flip Available

NUC Internal/external reference temperature calibration

Power DC 28(±2)V, power consumption<16W,start up time<=6MIN, start up current <1A

Communication RS-422

Video PAL, frame rage: 25HZ(optional to 200HZ), delay<25ms

Operation temperature 40ºC~+60ºC

Storage temperature 55ºC~+70ºC

Jaoinc AOILWIR384 Thermal Imaging Module IR Thermal Imagine Camera Cooled Core Module
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