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  • Infiniti Electro Optics (Long Range Thermal & CCTV IP Cameras)

  • Country: Canada
  • City: Cranbrook
  • Address: 12-10 street north
  • Contact Person: Tim Troxel

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Key Specifications
Long Range PTZ camera systems with HD day night optical or LWIR/ MWIR thermalinfrared imaging cameras, or EO IR multi sensor cameras systems that have both as well as ZLID laser IR infrared illumination and LRF laser range finders.

Infiniti Electro Optics Viper PTZ Camera Series

The Day night visible/ optical camera system is an ultra HD CMOS IP sensor that has a verity of extrme long range telephoto continuous zoom lens, and active NIR laser IR illuminator that syncs with the zoom lens to illuminate up to 3 miles or 5km at night with identification level performance.

High Definition Long range Identification

See faces, read license plates, identification of numbers, letters and logo''''''''s, identify vehicles in complete darkness

Utilizes ultra HD IP CMOS day night surveillance optimised cameras for 24/7 imaging.

Ultra HD Resolution camera system 2~12MP full video

Long Distance Telephoto 128x continuous zoom lens optics

Laser IR Active Infrared & spot light Invisible illumination

LRF 1-25km Laser Range Finder for GIS/ GPS mapping of Targets

LWIR Uncooled Thermal Infrared Night Vision 1~25km

MWIR Cooled HD Thermal IR Infrared Cameras 1~55km

SWIR Short wave IR 400~2200nm fog penetrating cameras

Gyro Stablized multi axis pan tilt drivers and PTZ Gimbals

Slew to Cue Auto Tracking Radar Integration

NIR Near Infrared Night Vision to see through Fog, haze smoke

Wireless IP Mesh Networks LAN up to 200km line of sight

RDK: Rapid Deployment Kits with display, power and Tripod

MAST: Mobile Autonomous surveillance Trailers off grid Solar, Wind, Generators

3G/4G Cellular and satellite communications and over the internet video and control

UAV & Drone Auto tracking and jamming up to 3km

Long Range Coastal and ground Surveillance Radar

Rugged IP 67 MIL-810-STD Extreme Environmental Enclosure -55~75C

Rugged Vehicle Mounted Vibration and Shock Proof Mobile PTZ Camera Systems

Communication: Rs 485, Rs 232, Pelco D, IP Ethernet, Extended, SDI, Analog, ONVIF Profile S

Non ITAR long range Night Vision cameras

Laser Pointer and Designators

LRAD Long Range Acoustic Hailing Device

EO/IR Multi Sensor Surveillance Camera Systems

Infiniti electro optics custom builds Thermal uncooled LWIR & Cooled MWIR, SWIR, INGAS, MCT, INSB, and HD Visible and NIR multi sensor long range PTZ camera system that are affordable and military grade designed around the customers budget and application.

Contact Information:



Phone: 1.866.200.9191

Best Long Range Night Vision IR PTZ Camera Thermal Infrared Night Vision 128x Optical Zoom ultra HD
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