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  • Infiniti Electro Optics (Long Range Thermal & CCTV IP Cameras)

  • Country: Canada
  • City: Cranbrook
  • Address: 12-10 street north
  • Contact Person: Tim Troxel

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Key Specifications
Infiniti Electro optics custom builds ultra long range multi axis gyro stablized EO/IR PTZ camera system and motion control pan tilt Gimbal systems.


Force Protection

Perimeter Security

Embassy Protection Forces

Mobile/Fixed Command Centers

Ruggedized Surveillance

Tactical Command and Control

Day/Night Situational Awareness

Anti-Pirate systems

Wireless Secured Communication

Enterprise Video Management

GPS Enabled Video Analytics

Threat Detection Technologies

Radar, Microwave and Electromagnetic

Ranger Finders and Target Acquisition

UAV Equipped with Multi-Sensor

Sniper Detection


Extreme Low star light Progressive Scan & EMCCD imaging

Ultra HD 12MP 4k Resolution Day Night Zoom Cameras

SWIR Short Wave Infrared Cameras

LWIR Long Wave Infrared Thermal Imaging 7~13um

MWIR Mid Wave Infrared Thermal Imaging 3-5UM

EO/IR Electro Optical & Thermal IR imaging multi sensor Systems

ZLID 1-5km IR Laser Infrared Illumination

Gyro multi-axis active stabilization and Vibration Mount

IP, SDI, Camera Link, USB 3.0, CVI, Digital and Analog Video outputs

Continuous GE Thermal and Visible Optics Zoom Telescopic Zoom Len''s

Non ITAR export free Thermal Night Vision cameras

10~40km LRF Laser Range Finder

Fiber Optic Gryo Stabilization

Laser Pointer and Designators

LRAD Long Range Acoustic Hailing Device

Radar Slew To Cue Auto Target Tracking

Custom built solutions based on budget and performance requirements.

Custom Built Precision engineered:

Infiniti has a long track-record of building multi axis Gyro-Stabilized gimbals and camera systems for Military, Marine, UAV''s boarder security, coastal surveillance and have EO IR PTZ cameras that can weigh up to 500 pounds and as low as 160 grams.

Dual Elliptical Synchronous Drive:

The Viper has Gyro Stabilized a weapons systems grade positioner designed for military applications and is able to withstand shock and vibration for use on tanks and navy vessels. The pan tilt implements a strain wave gear for high torque to handle large payloads while providing micro steps as precise as 0.00026° for smooth manual control or automatic slew to cue tracking when used with Video Analytics, VTMS systems, Radar, AIS and weapon systems. The integrated multi-axis gyro stabilization uses a high-rate MEMS gyro in combination with the pan/tilt to mechanically stabilize the payload, reducing the effects of vibration, oscillation, pitch and roll for unparalleled stabilization on tanks, humvees, assault vehicles and more.


Gyro Stabilized IP 67 Marine HD EO/IR CCTV/Cooled Thermal infrared Night Vision PTZ Camera system
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