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  • Infiniti Electro Optics

  • Country: Canada
  • City: Cranbrook
  • Address: 12-10 street north
  • Contact Person: Tim Troxel
Key Specifications
Turn-key 24/7 long-range surveillance system
Military Vehicle Mount Gyro Stabilized
HD Star light 2MP Visible/NIR HD CCTV ONVIF IP
128x 2050mm Zoom Lens + auto Focus & Fog Filter
HD MCT Cooled Thermal MWIR Infrared Sensor
1400mm Continuous Zoom 25X MWIR Thermal Auto Focus Lens
55km Of vehicle detection 35km of human detection
1-5km of ZLID IR Laser Illumination
LRF+ DMC + GPS Auto Tracking and target locating
Radar Slew to Cue
Wireless IP Control

Custom Built EO/IR PTZ Camera

 55km Cooled Thermal Camera Infrared Thermal PTZ IR Night Vision Multi Sensor Infrared Surveillance
Other Products
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Best Long Range Night Vision IR PTZ Camera Thermal Infrared Night Vision 128x Optical Zoom ultra HD
Ultra Light 165g UAV Gyro Stabilized Gimbal Infrared Thermal/Visible EO IR PTZ auto Tracking Camera
Gyro Stabilized IP 67 Marine HD EO/IR CCTV/Cooled Thermal infrared Night Vision PTZ Camera system
Cooled Thermal Infrared Night Vision 55km Vehicle Detection Military Surveillance PTZ EO/IR Camera
Rugged Mobile Vehicle PTZ Surveillance Thermal CCTV Infrared HD IP 66 extreme weather  IR camera
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