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Key Specifications
The huperEyes 3D Counter combines a state-of-the-art stereo camera-huperEyesand an exclusive 3D people counting algorithm to capture three-dimensional images, and count people with much greater precision.

huperEyes 3D Counter further provides distance and height measurements that easily distinguish people with different heights, and sense whether the objects are moving toward or away from the camera in the depth dimension.

huperEyes works in a similar way to human vision, without requiring lasers or sensors.

huperEyes 3D Counter provides useful information that can further be analyzed for the use of business intelligence. For example, retailers are able to understand customer shopping behavior, improve customer satisfaction or evaluate store layout based on the information provided by huperEyes 3D Counter.For certain locations with height limits, like amusement parks, huperEyes 3D Counter can prevent people who are not tall enough from entering restricted areas.

huperEyes 3D Counter ensures easy and flexible camera installation. It works with other surveillance systems for video recording.

-More accurate people counting and clear facial images

-Measures the distance between the object and stereo camera

-Measures the object''s height

-Recognizes individual objects even at close proximity

-Less affected by light and shadow variation


huperEyes 3D People Counter
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